my workout february/march 2017
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busy working on a NEW body :* <3


my workout january/february 2017
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busy working on a NEW body :* <3

busy working on a NEW body :* <3

busy working on a NEW body :* <3


my workout november/december 2016
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for the 10th week jubilee ... one selfie with mask*

and my BEEEEST christmas present eeeeever*
professional weights from Rogger <3


selfies in october 2016

selfies in 2016:
started with doing some exercise at home*

pls here the picture number one ... which one is aaaalways the funniest =D

okokok* how do you name that when men in their forties start to do SPORTS again!? =D it´s not a midlife-crisis *LOL* ... I just realized that I lost my physical power somewhere in the past decades* ... so I started today veeeery simple with 30 push-ups* and plan to continue on a daily basis from now on* ... and here you see picture number one* ( I know! the first picture is aaaalways the funniest =D )

<3 my mom <3 should find a STRONG BOY in Berlin when she is coming soon* I haven´t seen her since more than 2 1/2 years* ... now I´m in the 4th week doing exercises on a daily basis at home* my trainings weights are 4.745 kilogramm fabric coniditioner bottles =P


Berlin Marathon 28th september 2008
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since some years M. P. is taken pictures of the Berlin Marathon. all the runners inlcuding world-record-holder Haile Gebrselassie, the fastest women,...

...and this year M. P. reached the most forbidden area: the area for runners after the marathon. after some time i was sure, that i am the only photographer in the middle of 50 000 !!! exhausted runners

yes this are pictures for museums!


naked athlet 13th august 2008
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the naked woman & man athlet pix made a new visitor-record at . more than 1000 people in the first 24 h checked out the website and the naked athlet pix.

see the pix there uncensored

happy olympia*


european soccer championship 29th june 2008
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600 000 fans at the european soccer championship fanroad. 2 bands invited M. P. to take some pictures there of the concert at the mainstage. on the pic u see the band Splinter X

V E R Y impressive!