CSD Berlin Photoshooting 16th april 2016
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I was veeeeery excited, that I got an invitation for the official CSD Berlin photoshooting*

I loved it <3 Thank you* :*


Photoshooting with Matt Lambert august 2015
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what a STUNNING GREAT photographer: Matt Lambert catched my soul in that photography^^*

at the presentation of the magazin ´hello mr.´ (where the photo was published)

on the way to do some afterhour at Larry´s (bar)
OOOOOH that was a GREAT night =D

and this happened some weeks before, when Matt invited for an exhibition,
where he presented about 100 polaroids.
on the pic you see Matt with his man Jannis and his assistent Luca and some woooonderful models*


selfies september/october 2014
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selfies eeeeeeverywhere ^^*^^

since I decided to show my face ... it is GREAT FUN to me, to take selfies everywhere and very often




portrait by Matt Lambert 8th february 2013
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what a wonderful Open Studio on the BERLINALE weekend*

spent some wonderful hours with director/photographer Matt Lambert and his partner.

... and we did a photoshoot too - one of the results you see above*
I like this portrait a lot, because it got my soul - sometimes feeling little, shy and confused ...

fantasy48´s Open Studio

fantasy48´s Open Studio happens every saturday from 3 p.m. - 10 p.m. at Kleiststr.37a in Berlin - if u r around pls join us*


self-portrait 26th august 2013
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in the past weeks I saw a photography of Isa Genzken playing with a puppet and Vivienne Westwood playing with a puppet.

this self-portrait shows me playing with my monkey puppet who is part of my life since I am 1 year old



self-portrait 22nd february 2013
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this are my NEW trousers ^^ original Muay Thai Fighter trousers ^^ YES, I like them A LOOOT ^^



portraits 7th november 2012
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another AWESOME photograph from the photoshooting with talented photographer

Ceven Knowles



... and here some thoughts written and published on facebook:

"Mask Patrick is many times very sad about all that money-capitalism-stuff :(
ok, german cars are very beautiful, BUT what would life be without *mjammmy* olive oil from Greece!?
what would life be without wonderful hot nights and full of spirits Spanish people drinking Porto and eating Paella!?
sometimes I have the feeling that capitalism trys to destroy wonderful people, mentalities of amazing regions, spirits, food,... BUT I am sure that people ARE STRONG ENOUGH to go through that VERY BAD TIME!!!
I can imagine living without Mercedes cars, BUT I want NEEEEVER live without *mjammmmy* olive oil ..."



portraits 25th september 2012
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In the past weeks I had two very fierce photoshootings:

with Ceven Knowles in my studio
and with an anonymous photographer

and Alexander C. Cornelius put a portrait in one of his fabulous paintings





selfportrait "The Poor Artist" 20th july 2012
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Selfportrait: "The Poor Artist 2012" - everything on that pic is real: yes it is raining in Berlin and yes it is good to enjoy a hot bath in a cold july. the artist is that much poor that wonderful artist friends such as Henning Von Berg and Salome Cihlarz filled up the fridge with food and drink. and the artist himself: he is completely lost in his dreams, creativity and illusions - and phascinated by reading in the old book "Chronik of the year 1890" ... The Poor Artist 2012



Master Patrick Photoshooting with Stephan White 4th february 2012
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FIRST PORTRAITPHOTOSHOOTING with NEW Golden Mask by fierce artist Stephan White ^^

today Stephan sent me the first artwork of our photoshooting and YES, I AM PHASCINATED ^^



Master Patrick Photoshooting with Stephan White 31st january 2012
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FIRST PORTRAITPHOTOSHOOTING with NEW Golden Mask by fierce artist Stephan White ^^

on the pic u c the last pic of the photoshooting - I just wanted to have pic with this wonderful, colorful game for children & adultchildren*



Master Patrick Portrait by Stephan White 25th march 2011
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very cool portrait and artwork of Master Patrick made by Stephan White



Master Patrick portraits by several international artists 17th april 2010
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in those weeks some new artworks with Master Patrick has been realized:

- Drawing by KOBE LEAH from Portugal (above)
- Painting by ALEXANDER C. CORNELIUS from Germany (below)
- Painting by JANNE RÄISÄNEN from Finland
- Photoshooting with 4 photographers from Photoclub MANNSBILDER
- and some more


photoshooting "à la Andy Warhol" 15th january 2010
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Photoshooting "à la Andy Warhol"


selfportrait Master Patrick 24th march 2009
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time 4 another selfportrait

u c one corner of M. P.´s working studio


new myspace-mainpic 14th july 2008
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time to work out a new myspace-mainpic. V E R Y colorful*




Master Patrick portrait by Rinaldo Hopf 9th july 2008
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some weeks ago the artist Rinaldo Hopf invited M. P. for a portrait-photoshooting.

it was kind of strange to stand half naked in the middle of the city next to a heavy frequented road. some cars hooted*


the reuters.com - portrait 30th may 2008
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reuters.com photographed this picture: the Berlin Mayor Klaus Wowereit is photographed by Master Patrick during the inauguration ceremony of the new memorial to homosexuals persecuted by the Nazis.

it is a B I G honour to be presented at the reuters.com-website


walk in the Tiergarten 19th april 2008
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time for another walk in the park. today in the Tiergarten. i took some more pictures 4 my new flowers-serie.

this picture of M. P. was taken by my manager Rainer


New York´s SPUNK art magazine 12th april 2008
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the V E R Y COOL New York artmagazine SPUNK is getting in contact with me. SPUNK is working together with artists as David LaChapelle,... *fierce*

check it out at www.myspace.com/598743