Live painting performance 18th january and 7th february 2018
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wonderful great artist Tracey Snelling invited me for a live painting perfomance inside of her awesome live sized installation in Künstlerhaus Bethanien.

I enjoyed this phantastic experience of painting live while people are watching*

here you can see two paintings which I created during the performance

and I was wearing my golden leather mask again for that very special event*



performance "Mona Patrick" at the party ZIRKUS 5th may 2012
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performance parties

this time I did the performance "Mona Patrick" at the party ZIRKUS where people could put their heads through my photography/artwork and I took pictures from them




performance "Golden Eggs" at the party ZIRKUS 7th april 2012
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performance parties

at the party ZIRKUS I did a performance with Golden Eggs - means I played games with people and the Golden Eggs - the message of the performance has been:

to get more in direct contact with people

it has been a lot of fun and I enjoyed it a lot hanging around and playing with that much wonderful people :)



party "Syntax Error" + performance "Photoshooting of a Spider" 12th november 2011
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performance parties

...and a again a performance at the party Syntax Error in ZMF

this time the performance "Photoshooting of a Spider" where I photographed guests in a net of a barrier tape

on the pic u c the very wonderful musician Karla Stereochemistry



party "Syntax Error" + performance "hearts" 22th october 2011
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performance parties

had a blast on the party "Syntax Error" in ZMF ^^

G R E A T party with VERY G R E A T people *

at this party I got invited 2 do a performance: I showed the performance "hearts" <= this performance is just about love, love, love, hearts and love <333



opening "In Between" + performance "Sweeping" 6th october 2011
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performance openings

opening of the exhibition "IN BETWEEN" by Werkstattgalerie curated by Pascual Jordan. with the artists: Mary Bauermeister, Clément Borderie, Alexander de Cadenet,
ter Hell, Pascual Jordan, Rudolf zur Lippe,
Ingeborg zu Schleswig-Holstein, Hartmut Stielow


spent some days & nights in Hamburg and enjoyed it a loooot

on the last I´ve been almost alone in the building and did my last performance with the black mask: "SWEEPING" inspired by Joseph Beuyss - Isa Genzken once told me the story, when she met Joseph sweeping the street and she asked him "what r u doing!?" and Joseph answered "I am doing art."




"5 YEARS MASTER PATRICK" 4th march 2011
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the audience @ Werk9 was V E R Y WONDERFUL
moderated by JOHN FAHBI CROW at its BEST

some of the bands I shared their ways since years - performed that night:

Chock On A Cock
The Wake Woods
Euphoria´s Cage


later that evening I did the performance "Isle Of Freedom" as intro 4 the WORLD PREMIERE of singing on stage with the MOST PHANTASTIC BAND ^^ on the pic below

Leo - Bass
M. P. - Voice
Malte - Drums
Domi - Guitar

the song "change" got written by Hannes and Domi
the lyrics are by M. P.

It has been one of THE BEST MOMENTS in my life being with that band on stage and performing that song. In that moment a dream became true - a dream which started in the age of 12 when I wrote the first time some lyrics about my bird and sang them.

it has been also the night of "3 Years BMA" - since 3 years we work together and about 100 bands got on stage because of BMA and I photographed all those bands

reasons enough 4 THAT AWSOME ROCK PARTY NIGHT ^^

on the pic: the performance - B I G THX 2 the helping hands TIMUR, TOM & BRUNO


Performance "Isle of Freedom" @ bookstore Prinz Eisenherz 30th november 2010
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Performance "Isle of Freedom" @ bookstore Prinz Eisenherz

the performance showed how the freedom in Berlin has changed in the past years due to law & money

YEAH part of the performance has been outside in the snow ^^

on my body is written: Berlin, 2010, Freedom
and on the legs: law, money



Performance "In Love With A Photography" @ Harry´s Versteck in Vienna 16th july 2010
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Performance "In Love With A Photography" @ Harry´s Versteck in VIENNA

as u can see on the picture, I had a very good feeling during my first performance in another country then Germany: in AUSTRIA in VIENNA


here u can c a video of the performance:


Performance "ARTIST ATTACK" @ Goodbye Galaxy Party 19th feruary 2010
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performance bands


Performance "ARTIST ATTACK" @ the Goodbye Galaxy Party in Silverwings

@ the Performance I had a big collage of pictures of Katy Perry (which I took @ a show in Vienna) and taped the photographs - I have been VERY GLAD that I had 3 helping guys on the stage during the show - B I G THX 2 U

directly after the performance started the concert of the JIGSAW VS. HYDE (on the pic below)

it has been a M E G A F I E R C E night ^^ also with the shows of EUPHORIA and RUMMELSNUFF

THX 2 all guests & BMA

PS: the club Silverwings is VERY LEGENDARY because this club is in the old airport Tempelhof and after world war II the Americans had their parties and a lot of American stars from this time gave there concerts in front of the American Soldiers


Performance "ARTIST ATTACK" @ SLUMparty 30th december 2009
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Performance "ARTIST ATTACK" in the darkroom of Ficken3000 @ SLUMparty

German Nr.1 female artist Isa Genzken on a photograpy whiped out

2 show the established artist generation and the new young artist generation


photoshooting-show @ SLUMparty 6th august 2009
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Live-Photoshooting-Show @ SLUMparty with models Stevie and Tennessee