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with mega glamorous Andrej Vile <3

the day after mega glamorous Andrej Vile <3 celebrated his glitzy birthday at ICKY party ... I posted those words on fb:

<3 ^^* ICKYparty Berlin *^^ <3

there are reasons, why I´m there every sunday night. it´s because ...
<3 I LOVE ...

Quality on the highest level
Creativity on the highest level
Passion on the highest level
Style on the highest level
Glamour on the highest level
Fun on the highest level

yesterday night it was again such a veeeery special night. it was that much phantastic, that it needs a genius writer to find matching words for it. for me it was again to best place to be that night.

pls let me ask someone who was sitting at the door there even BEFORE I did it: " Nathan Duc Koestlin <3 isn´t every word true which I wrote above? ... and Thank You for the bottle Veuve Clicquot champagne last night for all of us. it was veeery delicious to put a glas of champagne on top of the emotions which happened last night."
(yes! I´m still sober since seven months. I think a glas of champagne for the perfect moment ... is just ok*)

responsible for those nights is fabulous Jared Abbott <3 Thank You for being the promoter and creating those stunning great sunday nights every week^^*
and of course Thank You to Charlie <3 and Thorsten <3 for being lovely at the bar and last but not least: glitzy Frank <3 the owner of the legendary Club Ficken3000^^*

those people there and aaaaaalllllll DJs (such as wonderful Absinthia <3 last night) & guests <3 , who I loooooove thaaaaat muuuuuuuuch ... are: MY GLAMOROUS BERLIN STYLE FAMILY <3 :* <3 THANK YOU FOR THAT :* <3 LOVE YOU AAAAALLLL :* <3 ... and see you next sunday night :*

at ICKY party in the club named "Ficken3000"



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with looooovely Jose Vigers <3

THIS posing was Thorsten´s idea* :* <3

every sunday night I spend my time at ICKYparty in the club named ´Ficken3000´ (´Fucking3000´)




PANSY presents HALLOWEEN at Südblock on 29th october2016
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Pansy Presents Halloween at Südblock: ^^ BEST HALLOWEEN NIGHT EEEEEVER ^^ phantastic shows <3 bound with an aaaawesome Stevie Nicks (YES! Fleetwood Mac) night <3 fiiiiieeerce music by Jared Abbott <3 ... and when woooonderful Gieza Poke <3 took me to her show on stage A DREAM BECAME TRUE <3 THANX PANSY <3 and eeeeeeveryone <3 :* for THAT GLITZY GLAM PHANTASTIC HALLOWEEN NIGHT

yesterday it was halloween and I decided to go to a party of Brians´s loved friend Parker. Jared, one of Brians closest and longest friends invited me to come there. Jared did DJ that night and told me that it would also be a night dedicated to Fleetwood Mac´s singer Stevie Nicks. Fleetwood Mac has been one of Brian´s moooost favorite bands. he loved them and many times, when I think about Brian, then I listen at home to Fleetwood Mac.
I wasn´t sure about it ... to wear my golden mask, because I stopped wearing the mask with Brians death. only for very special moments (it were about a handful of them in the past 2 1/2 years) I wear it. on that halloween night I decided to wear it, because I was sure that Brian would have loved that party and somehow I had the feeling that ... on a way ... from veeery far away ... he also "organized" that party.
When I came there I found a place in a quiet corner and it didn´t last long, when someone next to me almost "whispered" in my direction "are you Patrick?". I answered "yes", but it needed a while till I recognized him, because he did wear a very wonderful extravagant halloween outfit. I was very happy to meet him, because we shared many beautiful moments together ... together with Brian. he continued talking ... with a slow, sad voice "good to see you again with mask. ... it has been a long time ago."

today I realized that for other people it feels like it happened a long time ago. but for me it feels like as if it was yesterday. I wasn´t able to find any distance ... from my years with Brian ... till now. I know that I have to learn to live without Brian, but it is very painful.



ICKYparty august 2016
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fierce SADO OPERA <3 with Frank <3

every sunday night I spend my time at ICKYparty in the club named ´Ficken3000´ (´Fucking3000´)




ICKYparty april/may 2016
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OMFG^^ my lovely Berlin family: <3 Travis Jeppesen <3 Frank Redieß <3 Bruce LaBruce <3

every sunday night I spend my time at ICKYparty in the club named ´Ficken3000´ (´Fucking3000´)




ICKYparty february 2016
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every sunday night I spend my time at ICKYparty in the club named ´Ficken3000´ (´Fucking3000´)



New Years Eve 2015/2016
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what an AMAZING WONDERFUL New Years Eve night at Frank Wilde´s place^^

with LOOOOVELY guests <3



ICKYparty october 2015
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every sunday night I spend my time at ICKYparty in the club named ´Ficken3000´ (´Fucking3000´)

it was FIERCE ^^ loved her show <3 ... her name: :* Untitled Queen :*



ICKYparty july 2015
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every sunday night I spend my time at ICKYparty in the club named ´Ficken3000´ (´Fucking3000´)

it is AWESOME there =D I LOVE IT THERE <3 the guests, the crew, the music, the light, ... <3

those wonderful people belong to my family :*



ICKYparty june 2015
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with Jared and Francisco

Matt Lambert DJing

every sunday night I spend my time at ICKYparty in the club named ´Ficken3000´ (´Fucking3000´)

it is AWESOME there =D I LOVE IT THERE <3 the guests, the crew, the music, the light, ... <3

those wonderful people belong to my family :*

the corner with memories of PORKparty



ICKYparty 3rd may 2015
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every sunday night I spend my time at ICKYparty in the club named ´Ficken3000´ (´Fucking3000´)

it is AWESOME there =D I LOVE IT THERE <3 the guests, the crew, the music, the light, ... <3

those wonderful people belong to my family :*


ICKYparty every sunday
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ICKYparty @ FICKEN3000

"are you still doing the party at Ficken?" "how is the new party?" "what means ICKY?"


for sure those belong to the most asked questions of the past months which people are asking me. pls here some answers:

Brian was PORKparty and with his death he took the party with him. Brian was unique and his party too! there is no way to copy Brian and PORKparty. Brian and PORKparty are history and there are people around which take care about it that it will never be forgotten!

NOW with ICKYparty a new chapter has started^^ Brian´s looooooong time friend Jared (on the pic above) runs the party. Jared is THE BEST one to do it! he takes as much care for the PORKparty guests (which still come here) as he takes care for the NEW guests. it is as it is: EVERYONE feels comfortable at the new party*

of course it´s a DIFFERENT PARTY! I realize it as:

... and YES! kind of a new FAMILY is growing there

the DJ´s and the music are PHANTASTIC

when you come there, then pls take some time ... mostly the party´s peak happens between 2 a.m and 3 a.m.

the adress: FICKEN3000 in Urbanstr. 70 (near Hermannplatz). for more information pls find the ICKY page on facebook

... and I am sure: Brian would join the party <3


with wonderful Jason <3



PORKparty 1st june 2014
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GREAT and CROWDED night at F3000



PORKparty 2nd + 9th march 2014
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PORKparties nooooon-stooooooop ^^ every sunday ^^


with showacts such as Gio Black Peter (pic above) and one week before with FAB draggirls from Los Angeles (pic below)



PORKparty 16th february 2014
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Travis Jeppesen invited to his reading session at PORKparty

readings on a party are rare and I liked it a lot ^^



PORKparty 15th december 2013
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every sunday night I spend my time at PORKparty °°

different DJ´s and showacts are part of that fabulous party ^^

on the pic you see a live drawing session with artists and Brian as model **



ZIRKUSparty 2nd november 2013
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ZIRKUSparty is always FUUUUUN ^^ and that Halloween night was MEEEEEGAFUN =D

YES, it gets very hot under the mask, while dancing. and for that reason it is very rare that I am dancing, BUT when such GREAT BOYS invite me, then sure I was dancing with them on stage =D and I LOVED IT =D



re-opening PORKparty @ FICKEN3000 6th october 2013
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^^ Fantasy48 The Emperor of Art ^^ had a SENSATIONAL weekend =D saturday afternoon Open Studio, then GREATFUNNY ZIRKUSparty on saturday night. on sunday night re-opening of GLITZY PORKparty and I returned home on monday evening *HOOOLLLLLAAAAAHAAASSSSAAAA* and slept the whole night and woke up early now on tuesday morning. YES, I neeeeded this weekend * BIG THX to everyone <3 on the pic with FABULOUS DJ LEGEND LARRY TEE :*



PORKparty @ FICKEN3000 28th july 2013
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with Jason, Thorsten, Charly & Brian Tennessee-Claflin

... when the music is over then turn off the light ... 29th july 2013 monday 8.30 a.m. ... last picture of "The Dirty Years of PORKparty in FICKEN3000"

the bar needs a new floor - I mean: everything new: the old wooden floor will be renewed with a floor of cement - and now the bar will be closed for some months

I loved it dirty there :)



ZIRKUSparty 1st june 2013
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ZIRKUSparty is always a very wonderful evening 2 me :)

on the pic u c the H O T BACK of my Berlin´s most favorite gogo Bastian Maan* - YEAHS he did an awesome performance in the shower =oP



15 years FICKEN3000 31st march 2013
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with Brian Tennessee-Claflin, "MISS GLAM" & Bruce LaBruce

fantastic glamorous PORKparty celebrated 15 years of the club freaky named "FICKEN3000"





ZIRKUSparty 2nd march 2013
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at this ZIRKUSparty I produced about 300 ballons*

for the dancefloor, the bar and the darkroom*

yes, it was a funny night :)



PORKparty 10th february 2013
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with <3 Michael Stipe <3 YES, R.E.M. means a lot 2 me since I am a teenager*

those words I posted directly after the party:

^^ NEW YORK SPIRIT IN THE MIDDLE OF NEUKÖLLN/BERLIN ^^ that night was AWESOME ^^ I have never been 2 New York (yes, sorry!), but yesterday night I felt non-stop that this party could b in New York ^^ this perfect combination of PHANTASTIC people + American music which only american dj´s r able 2 play it like that + a GREAT colorful club + a spirit of B I G LOVE ^^ when I am at this party I feel our planet flying around in the endless universe and this is a veeery wonderful feeling* B I G THX 2 Brian, John, SNAX, Mario, Frank, Travis, Nathan, Charly, Felipe, Jose, Joel, Nikolaj, ... and AAAAALLLLL & EEEVERYONE *KISS*

and this some days later as statement, when on many gossip websites all around the world was written about Amanda Seyfried´s night at PORKparty:

°° PORKparty °° Michael Stipe broke my heart twice: first time when I was a teenager with his artwork and now when I had the possibilty 2 realize what an AAAMAZING WONDERFUL guy Michael is ? love at first sight ? ... and YES, when Amanda Seyfried entered the club: I just thought *what a PHANTASTIC beautiful woman* - she got a big smile on her face when opening the door and watching someone wearing a golden leather mask :) I was happy that Brian was sitting next 2 me - doing a little small talk with Amanda - and now I am in love with AWESOME ? Amanda ? too ... and John Cameron Mitchell did a perfect DJ set - such as the DJs SNAX & Brian - PERFECT music 4 a PERFECT night °° John was the beautiful beating heart of that night * we had a lot of fun *B I G THX ? John ? °° PORK I S THE SLEAZIEST AND FIERCEST PARTY =oP as Walter Crasshole wrote it*



PROPAGANDAparty & TEDDY AWARD Warm-Up 9th february 2013
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watching on the dancefloor from the balcony - taking that picture and YES it has been as a magnet: 3 minutes later I danced there in the middle of the crowd =D

fantasy48: B I G THX 2 eeeeveryone 4 that very wonderful night at PROPAGANDA PARTY and TEDDY WARM-UP * it was very beautiful* I met a looot of G R E A T people* danced as hell on the dancefloor* and WOW* what makes a night perfect when: one of the hottest guys in a club is coming 2 u and says "who r u? I don´t wanna leave that party without knowing how I am able 2 get in contact with u!" <3 KISS <3



ZIRKUSparty 2nd february 2013
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every first saturday of the month there is the ZIRKUSparty and I may realize an idea there:

fantasy48 had a veeeery wonderful night @ ZIRKUSparty ^^ YEAHS I brought there about 250 gay white tulips from Amsterdam for the people, the dancefloor AND the darkroom* <3 spring feelings 4 everyone <3 ...and YEAHS, I asked the tulips before "R U GAY!?" and they answered "YES!"

on the pic with GREAT TRISTAN ^^



PORKparty 20th january 2013
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it is always P H A N T A S T I C being @ PORKparty °°

G R E A T people G R E A T shows G R E A T place

on the pic u c the S T U N N I N G performance of MYKKI BLANCO ^^



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