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Live painting performance 18th january and 7th february 2018
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wonderful great artist Tracey Snelling invited me for a live painting perfomance inside of her awesome live sized installation in Künstlerhaus Bethanien.

I enjoyed this phantastic experience of painting live while people are watching*

here you can see two paintings which I created during the performance

and I was wearing my golden leather mask again for that very special event*



some postings which I created on facebook 7th january - 12th february 2018
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stories mix posted on facebook

7th jan: <3 Happy 50th Birthday Shirley Bassey´s ´this is my life´ album <3 created in 1968*
as many other gay men on that planet ... I had TO FIGHT FOR MY LIFE too! ... my life as gay man! ... so there were no doubts, that when I was looking for a name for my life diary, that Shirley´s words needed to part of it. in 2008 I started to create my public diary at

Thank you Shirley <3

Thank You Frank <3 for reminding me the 50 years celebration <3

"Funny how I often seem, to think I'll never find a dream
In my life
Till I look around and see, this great big world is part of me
And my life
This is my life"


7th jan: my patrickbartschberlin instagram profile disappeared :(
pls does anyone else has ever experienced a disappearance of an instagram profile?


candygreenberg (<= whoever that bitch is!?) stole my patrickbartschberlin instagram profile *AAARRGGHHHSSSS* YES! the whole profile!

<= this means: whatever bitchy Candy Greenberg is posting with my profile ... IT WASN´T ME!


8th jan: one of the most important songs for me during the past years ´If I can dream´ <3 Happy Birthday Elvis <3 loooooove you* :* <3

8th jan: pls what do you think: so far all my paintings have no titles. pls do you think it would be better, when I choose titles for my paintings ... or do you think that´s somehow better, when my paintings exist without titles ... ? and perhaps you could explain your suggestion ... for the reason that I´m able to understand your answer*

Thank You* :* <3

8th jan: ´busy with art industry homework´

it´s time for me to become more and more serious with the whole art industry: at least step by step: started today with ´learing´ names of famous museums, famous galleries, ... and of course art collectors*

I looooove those fierce glamorous international names! <3 especially art collector names sound AMAZING^^ from China, America, Greece, ... and of course Germany ...

I think this homework with knowing those names needs to be done*


9th jan: Danke Frau Birkenbihl! <3

Jetzt habe ich damit begonnen die groooooße Welt der Kunst mit der Birkenbihl Methode zu lernen!
Unzählige teils seeeehr komplizierte chinesische, griechische, russische, brasilianische, usw. Namen von Museen, Galerien, Sammlern, ... machen es einem nicht einfach einen Durchblick zu bekommen, ABER mit der Birkenbihl Lernmethode klappt dies tatsächlich!

Fühle mich gerade wieder wie in Schulzeiten! ... und es macht großen Spaß, da ich den Rest meines Lebens in der Kunstwelt verbringen möchte und mir somit das Aneignen von Wissen darüber große Freude bereitet!

Danke Frau Birkenbihl! Ihre Lernmethode funktioniert! <3

9th jan: okokok^^ just found THAT: Jermaine Jackson ... yes! Michael´s nearest brother* ... some days ago he gave a concert with two of his sons ... and one of them ... Jaafar Jackson has a veeeeery similar voice as his uncle Michael Jackson* :* <3

looks like, that The Jackson Clan Story continues* <3

10th jan: it´s a great pleasure for me to announce that wonderful glamorous lovely <3 MONA LISA VON ALLENSTEIN <3 will say some words at the opening in ´the ballery´ this friday* <3

see you aaaalll this friday 6 p.m. - 10 p.m. in fabulous ´the ballery´ <3

eeeeeveryone is welcomed* <3

10th jan: perhaps some of you might be a little bit confused: this friday in the gallery ´the ballery´ it will be a DOUBLE VERNISSAGE with my wonderful artist friend Rinaldo Hopf <3 yes! two exhibitions in one gallery^^* Rinaldo shows some of his erotic photo portraits of queer artists and celebrities. And I may present some new paintings* see you soon* <3

eeeeverybody is welcomed* <3

10th jan: as I mentioned already: someone stole my instagram account (first he changed the name in candygreenberg and now it´s changed again in danniewinkler) whatever! I don´t mind!
yesterday I talked with a programmer and he told me, that it´s not difficult to hack an instagram account with a simple password. and I had a simple password, because I never thought about it, that someone would steal it! but NOW I have the new account patrickbartschpainter with a new difficult password!
eeeveryone is welcomed to be friends with me there* :* <3

11th jan: a short message to those people who are responsible for ´STEALING MY INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT´:

the reason why your action doesn´t affect me is: I HAVE A LIFE OUTSIDE OF THE INTERNET! and this life has my main priority! I love the internet, but I do not depend on it!
I suggest you to: GET A LIFE! because stealing an instagram account ... just shows how much you want a life by yourself! but another one´s life ... another one´s instagram account is NOT YOUR LIFE! pls find your own life! I commiserate you! I feel sad for you and I´ll put you in my prayers! <3

11th jan: tomorrow at the opening in ´the ballery´ there will be also Mika Minetti´s brandnew spectacular book ´It Happened in Berlin´ ´ART, LOVE & FASHION´ pls be sure that you find it there* <3 I LOOOVE IT* <3

see you aaaaalllll tomorrow* <3

eeeeeverybody is welcomed* <3

12th jan: TODAY: with loooovely <3 Simon Williams and Otto <3 in their glaaaamorous gallery ´the ballery´ opening of the double exhibition: Rinaldo Hopf ´Untouched´ and Patrick Bartsch ´Oil & Canvas´ with special guests: wooonderful Mona Lisa von Allenstein <3 and aaaaawesome Mika Minetti <3

see you aaaaallll later* <3

eeeeeverybody is welcomed* <3

6 p.m. - 10 p.m. in Nollendorfstr. 11 in Berlin* <3

12th jan: getting in the right mood for toooooniiiiiite with one of my aaaaall time moooost favorite bands* <3 Blonde Redhead <3

13th jan: THANK YOU! <3 DANKE! <3 MERCI! <3 GRACIAS! <3 GRAZIE! <3 KIITOS! <3

photographed by wonderful Juergen Haussecker* <3

14th jan: OH^^ btw* my glaaamorous ´wearing a message outfit´ at my opening in ´the ballery´ was inspired by wonderful VIVIENNE WESTWOOD <3 ... some years ago she wore a protest ´free Chelsea Manning´ picture on her dress* ... I love that picture that much, that I chose to wear a message (in form of a self created painting) at my openings now too* thank you Vivienne <3

14th jan: Essen mit Musk Ming - "Aubergine mit Chorizo" <3

14th jan: YES! I´ll bring *mmmjaaammmyyyy* homemade <3 CHOCOLATE CAKE Sacher Style <3 eeeeveryone is welcomed* :* <3 see you aaaallllll this tuesday 6 p.m. - 10 p.m. in ´the ballery´ <3

14th jan: ^^ WHOOOUUUUIIIII ^^ a black leather mask on the catwalk of Dominatrixes at Moschino : see the Fall/Winter 2018-2019 <3 LOOOOVE IT <3

14th jan: ^^ the german television and my black leather mask ^^

in 2010 a group of television producers wanted to do a report about ´my life with my black leather mask in public´. but the boss of the production team stopped the idea, because .... with his words: ´a black leather mask isn´t appropriate for the viewers of german television´! ... and today in 2018 black leather masks even can be found on huge international fashion catwalks ... and today even VOGUE PARIS shared it* <3

15th jan: <3 Geburtstagsgeschenk <3

MORGEN Dienstag, am 16. Januar werde ich eeeendlich 44 Jahre alt! JA!, das ist das magische Alter ... weil 4 + 4 = 8 ... also die 8 quergelegt ist ja das Unendlichkeitssymbol, usw.* jajaja, ich glaube an solchen ´Schmarrn´ =D :* <3
also mein aaaallergrößter Geburtstagswunsch ist, daß mich die gaaaanze Welt als Maler kennenlernt* Wenn Du mir morgen einen interaktiven Wunsch erfüllen möchtest, dann wähle doch bitte ein Gemälde (Du findest diese überall in meinem Profil) aus, welches Dir besonders gut gefällt und teile dies mit Deinen Facebookfreunden! Danke sehr* <3

<3 Auf die Unendlichkeit* :* <3

15th jan: loooove those glamorous ´hidden message´ cars in front of my balcony ´LEBEN1´ :* <3

15th jan: <3 Rinaldo Hopf <3 belongs to the first artists I met in Berlin, when I came here in 2003* a loooot of my knowledge about art and how to create art are based on his teachings* THANK YOU Rinaldo* <3

15th jan: tomorrow on my maaagic 44th birthday ... my biggest wish is, that the world gets to know me as painter* if you want to give me an interactive present ... it would be awesome, when you choose one of your favorite paintings of mine (which can be found everywhere in my profile) and share it with your wonderful facebook friends* <3

thank you a lot* <3

16th jan: WOW^^ what an aaawesome birthday present: I may be part of Tracey Snelling´s SPECTACULAR lifesize installation in Künstlerhaus Bethanien* pls come to the opening this thursday* I may be part of the installation between 8 p.m. - 9 p.m. ^^ see you* <3

16th jan: HAPPY APPY BIRTHDAY <3 KATE MOSS <3 ... did I mention already, that we are born on the same day in the same year* 16. 01. 1974* ... and yes! we have a looooot in common* :* <3 one day I would looooove to celebrate with her together our birthdays* <3

16th jan: OH* btw^^ be sure to see Tracey Snelling ´s SPECTACULAR INSTALLATIONS in Künstlerhaus Bethanien* at the opening this thursday 8 p.m. - 9 p.m. I will be part of it* <3

16th jan: this day is veeeery emotional for me! <3 a similar feeling as ´being in love´ <3 THANK YOU to eeeeveryone* I really need it this year that way!* looove you* :* <3

17th jan: THANK YOU to eeeeveryone for a veeeery wonderful birthday* <3 love you* <3

17th jan: YES! ... aaaaand one more event in the glaaaamorous ´the ballery´: Ballery artist talk & salon with Rinaldo Hopf and Patrick Bartsch* The talk will be lead by MYP magazine editor Katharina Weiß. <3

17th jan: loooove Johnny Alexandre Abbate ´s phantastic work* <3 ´After 50 years there are still the same holes on the wall´ :* <3

18th jan: see you aaaalllll later ... at the opening in glamorous ´Künstlerhaus Bethanien´ ... at Tracey Snelling ´s phantastic life-sized installations ... I will be part of it between 8 p.m. - 9 p.m.* <3 it´s going to be SPECTACULAR* :* <3

18th jan: Q&A for tonites spectacular installation of awesome Tracey Snelling <3 in Künstlerhaus Bethanien (yes! that´s very close to Kottbusser Tor)

q: what will be your part there?
a: I will paint there. live*
q: and what else will you do?
a: I will lift weights! live*
q: and will there be anything special about it?
a: I will wear my golden mask all the time. my part at the installation will last between 8 p.m. till 9 p.m.

see you aaaallllll later* <3


the installation of Tracey Snelling is PHANTASTIC ^^ I´m veeeery happy, that I was part of it* my veeeery first live painting performance felt gooooood* veeeeeery goooood* <3
wonderful guests have been there* I met a looot of art friends there ... and found new friends such as the great painter Rory Price ... and I met my loooong years friends there surprisingly <3 TEAM PLASTIQUE <3 for sure one of the most influencual Berlin underground bands of the zero years* OMG I was soooo happy to meet them again tonite* <3



19th jan: Happy Birthday <3 Janis <3 ´Freedom's just another word for nothin' left to lose´ <3

20th jan: inside of Tracey Snelling ´s magical installation ... starting my first painting performance in public* <3 it was great^^* :* <3

20th jan: here is one more picture of my performance inside of one of Tracey Snelling ´s awesome life-sized installation boxes in Künstlerhaus Bethanien* <3 lifting Cola bottle weights* :* <3

20th jan: R.I.P. Paul Bocuse

at age 16 when I did backpacking ... I traveled also to Monaco. I was phascinated by those glitzy cars, those huge yachts, ... and I was sad because they didn´t let me in the casino, because I wear short trousers. but next to casino ... in front of the Hotel de Paris I realised a group of about 60 kitchen staff members posing in front of the hotel. they looked great in their glimmering kitchen outfits. everyone took pictures of them ... and so did I. some years later I realized, that it was Paul Bocuse with his stuff posing in front of the Hotel de Paris.
today I´m glad that I have that picture in my archive, because I plan to paint it too.
one of my professions is cook ... and I know what the fabulous name <3 Paul Bocuse <3 means!


20th jan: <3 my new little orchid collection <3

today there exist NEW things in my life which make my life beautiful* <3

some days before my birthday I bought myself a little orchid. for the very first time in my life. It was my wish to have such a beautiful flower in my flat*
and then at my little birthday party two friends brought me orchids too* without I told them before, that I found a new love with those flowers* <3 ... and now I have a little veeeeery beautiful orchid collection in my flat* they make me very happy* :) <3 they are very beautiful and they warm my soul* <3

today there exist NEW things in my life which make my life beautiful* <3

21st jan: Patrick Bartsch´s exhibition ´Oil & Canvas´ in ´the ballery´

this is the only big exhibition in a gallery EEEEVER going to happen with my ´early years paintings´.
my early years are definately over. which means that this period has the beginning in 2011 and the end in 2017. about 700 paintings have been created within that period and this exhbition ´Oil & Canvas´ in the gallery ´the ballery´ is the only exhibition ever going to happen that way.
pls be sure to visit this exhibition in wonderful ´the ballery´ <3
pls find further information and opening hours on their website*

enjoy it* :* <3

21st jan: my highlight of the day: I chose to start to learn chinese! very slow ... and step by step* I´m not in a hurry, but I think it´s a veeery good idea to get closer with the chinese language and culture <3

22nd jan: <3 CHINA <3

there is no question about it, that China is ´the center of the world of the 21st century´ ! <= reason enough for me to focus my next years on that fabulous country*

a little bit I started already with:
1st: I visited Hong Kong 20 years ago
2nd: I had one of my photographs published in a chinese traveller magazine. THANK YOU for that to Musk Ming <3
3rd: I photographed Ai Weiwei on the street of Berlin.
4th: I own the website . finally I should start to put some content there!

and NOW I decided to start to learn chinese. and it´s actually easier than I thought it would be ... at least the beginning*

I´m excited about it with having ´China ... the wonderful chinese people ... the breathtaking chinese culture ... and much more on my plan for the next years*


24th jan: today I told my mother and my father, that they are the two most important humans in my life, and whenever they need me or whatever they need from me, then I´m there for them.

I said it, because I think, that this fact needs to be spoken out! <3

24th jan: freue mich schon sehr auf den Artist Talk geführt von der wundervollen Kathi Vice für am kommenden Dienstag in der Galerie ´the ballery´ <3 ... und ihr kennt mich ja schon: ich habe ja immer etwas zu erzählen* :) :* <3 natürlich ist jeeede/r herzlichst eingeladen* <3 bis bald* <3

24th jan: somewhere between ´Trainspotting´ 1996 and ´Titanic´1997 ... I stopped watching movies and stopped to go to cinema.

there are many reasons why I stopped it. reasons such as ´my life was out of control´ and ´I worked day and night to realize my dream´ and ´I didn´t let anyone take me to watch a movie together´ ...
today in 2018 times have changed for myself ... ´I have more and more my life under control´ and ´I found my dream´ and ´I´m ready and relaxed enough to watch with someone a movie together´ ...

before 1997 I watched a lot of movies and went to cinema ... as everyone did it. NOW I want to do it again! let´s see which movies I missed to watch in the past 20 years! <3 I think I have to watch a looooot of movies in 2018 ... to be up to date again* :* <3

25th jan: a short message to those people who stole my instagram account: the moment you try to knock me down ... I become stronger!

just posted my new faaaabulous glitzy glaaamorous orchid collection on my new instagram account* :* <3

25th jan: OMFG^^ just found out how they stole my instagram account: actually they hacked one of my email accounts. that one email account which I don´t use a lot, BUT it´s that email account which is connected with my instagram account and google account AND even facebook account! *AAARGGGHHHSSS* ... and as it looks like they´ve been ´nice enough´ just to steal my instagram account ...

my mistake was, that I used always an easy password and always the same one :(

now I´ve changed all passwords into difficult passwords and hope the ´stealing my accounts terror´ ends!


PS: I hope they´re happy now, because of course they´ve been able to read aaaaaalllll my facebook messages. now they saw, that I didn´t write anything bad at all ... because of one reason: I don´t hate! I love! even my haters! <3

25th jan: okokok <3 it´s movie time* <3 yesterday I started to watch movies again with: ´Flashdance´ then I watched ´True Romance´ and now fiiiiinaaaallly I watch my first AMANDA SEYFRIED movie :* <3 I mean I made her pay 5 bucks to enter a club some years ago =D ´Solstice´ I´m veeeery excited* watching it now* :* <3

26th jan: <3 SOBER <3

okokok, pls let´s count it together again:

since I chose to live sober in september 2016:

I fixed my life and BRANDNEW:
* chose to learn chinese!
* chose to watch movies again and go to cinema again!
* chose to practice my drawing and painting skills! my latest portraits look incredible ´better´!

next things to start with again:
* reactivate my driving skills! and getting a car!
* starting to travel again!

OMG^^ I´m sure you realized it already: IT´S INCREDIBLE HOW MUCH MOOORE ENERGY AND TIME EXIST ... when someone lives a sober life*

:* <3

26th jan: ´how to become sober?´

I think, there´s no universal receipt for that. I can only describe how I do it:
most important is ´mental health´. you need to keep yourself mentally strong! let nothing and no one get you down! you need to be strong: find goals in your life! keep social contacts with people who love you! ... in general: get all the hate, fear, ... out of yourself and replace it with ´love´ <= then you are and stay mentally strong!

furhter more: in my case: I never drank coffee and I started to drink one coffee every day since I live sober! I mean: WOW^^ coffee is really a STRONG DRINK! there´s nothing else needed to ´kick your brain´! :) <3

I think those are the two most important points, which keep me sober in a good way: mental health and coffee*


26th jan: also: im deutschsprachigen Raum mit seinen Ideen, Plänen, Zielen und Träumen weiterzukommen, wird einem durch großartige Menschen wie Vera F. Birkenbihl und AKTUELL: Suzanne Grieger-Langer wirklich einfach gemacht!
Es gibt bei diesen Stützhilfen kaum noch Gründe nicht eigene Ideen, Pläne, Ziele und Träume zu entwickeln und diese dann auch Wirklichkeit werden zu lassen!


26th jan: ^^whoouuuiiiii^^ Patrick Bartsch photographed by wonderful Rinaldo Hopf in 2008* YES! this is how Berlin looked like those days* :* <3

27th jan: ´Sex, Drugs und legendäre Lebenswege´

Diese Themen wünscht sich die wundervolle Kathi Vice beim ´Künstlergespräch´ (<= ich schreib das hier jetzt mal auf deutsch, da die Konversation auf deutsch stattfindet.) ... und weil ich die <3 Kathi <3 toll finde, soll sie diese Themen von mir bekommen* Alle in Bezug auf meine ausgestellten Gemälde*

Eigentlich dachte ich mir, daß ich da dann am Dienstag einfach so hinspaziere und losplaudere. Seit gestern Abend habe ich allerdings realisiert, daß es so einfach nicht funktioniert, und somit bereite ich mich jetzt seit gestern Abend auf das Künstlergespräch vor*

Ich freue mich schon auf ´Sex, Drugs und legendäre Lebenswege´ am Dienstag abend in der Galerie ´the ballery´

aaaaaalllllleeeee sind herzlichst dazu eingeladen*

:* <3

27th jan: after my 700 paintings warm-up period, THIS is my new quality of painting, which you can expect from now on* pls be sure to visit my running exhibition in ´the ballery´, because this is going to happen my only eeeever big exhibition of my early years paintings. the exhibition in ´the ballery´ ends this tuesday with an artist talk. see you soon* <3

28th jan: a short message to all those Lady Gaga haters:

Madonna is faaaaar away of the musical skills a Lady Gaga has!

for me Lady Gaga is a modern mix of <3 Bette Midler (voice) and <3 Elton John (piano skills and extravagance)

someone who plays like THAT on the piano and with T H A T VOICE and with a unique show as she does it ... WILL AAALWAYS BELONG TO THE BEST IN THE MUSIC BUSINESS! :* <3

<3 Happy 10th year pop business jubilee <3


28th jan: ´artist talk + Guglhupf Vienna style´

ooooof course I´ll bring some homemade cake for the artist talk on tuesday* =P

see you soooooon* :* <3

30th jan: ´Sex, Drogen und legendäre Lebenswege´ plus Guglhupf* <3

bis später* :* <3

30th jan: ´bin ich jetzt schon alt?´

also im Klartext: heute abend werde ich über ´meine wilden Jahre in Berlin´ sprechen. Dabei gibt es von mir selbstgebackenen Guglhupf. Ich trinke dazu wohl etwas Tee und generell lebe ich mittlerweile sehr gesund. und obwohl es noch garnicht solange her ist, daß ich wilde Nächte in Berliner Clubs verbrachte, fühlt es sich denoch für mich so an, als stammte diese Zeit aus einem anderen Leben von mir.

Ich kann mich mit meinen ´Absturz Party Jahren´ nicht mehr identifizieren. Zu abstrakt wirkt mein damaliges Leben heute auf mich, ABER ich kann mich sehr gut daran erinnern! Die ganz großen Geschichten ... aber auch die ganz kleinen Details ... haben sich stark in mein Gedächtnis eingebrannt.

während des heutigen Abends werde ich wohl zwei oder dreimal vor die Türe gehen und eine Zigarette rauchen. Eines der wenigen Überbleibsl aus meinen wilden Berliner Partyjahren. ... und bei jedem Zug an meiner Zigarette werden sie für Momente wieder wach und klar ... die Geschichten welche Berlin mir während meiner Partyjahre geschenkt hatte.

bis heute Abend*


30st jan: thank you a loooot for that wonderful evening in glamorous ´the ballery´ <3 love you <3

31st jan: THANK YOU <3 Simon Williams <3 ... with having that exhibition ´Oil & Canvas´ in ´the ballery´ you made my dream come true* <3

THANK YOU <3 Rinaldo Hopf <3 ... it was a special honor for me to have this glamorous double exhibition with YOU together* <3

THANK YOU <3 Ralf Schlegel <3 ... your opening speech was SPECTACULAR* <3

THANK YOU <3 Kathi Vice <3 ... the artist talk with you was suuuuuper fabulous* <3

those two weeks meant a looooot to me! ´opening day´ and ´celebration of my 44th birthday´ and ´finissage with artist talk´

and most of all I want to THANK AAAAAALLLL GUESTS & FRIENDS for having been with me together during those veeeery special days of my life in Berlin* THANK YOU* <3 I LOVE YOU <3

31st jan: R.I.P. Philly Abe

it was a wonderful pleasure to meet you in Berlin some years ago <3 and I loooved all your wonderful lovely postings on facebook <3 you will be missed <3 I love you <3

31st jan: my paintings are ´modern art´ *whooouuuuiiiii*

... by definition I listened to in the video about The Metropolitan Museum of Art: "when a painter creates his own visions then you have ´modern art´! this is why there will be always some sort of ´modern art´. "


2nd feb: busy watching movies ... I missed to watch in the past 20 years* today I watched fiiiiinaaaallly <3 Sex and the City 2 <3 (2010) ... what a great glitzy movie* :* <3

5th feb: <3 Happy Appy 33rd Birthday faaaabulous glaaaamorous Cristiano <3

6th feb: <3 Wowereit für Aussenminister oder Vizekanzler! <3

aaaalso bei all den Querelen in der SPD bin ich für die Rückkehr des Poltikers KLAUS WOWEREIT!
weil: er ein Politiker ist welchem die Menschen aus gutem Grund vertrauen!
weil: er nicht machtbesessen, sondern Politiker mit Herz, Leib und Seele ist!
weil: er nachweislich die Erfahrung hat große Politik zu machen!
weil: usw. usw. es gibt unzählige weitere Gründe um die Liste welche nachweist, daß sich Wowereit als großer Politiker eignet , fortzusetzen!


6th feb: okokok* today I did it: I bought myself a painters palette* so far I don´t know how to handle that mysterious monstrosity* =D :* <3

6th feb: Gianni Versace ... Lady Diana ... <3 FALCO <3

today 20 years ago Falco died! he was the third famous public person (Gianni Versace 15th july 1997, Lady Diana 31st august 1997, Falco 6th february 1998) who died in an unexpected way within a short period of time.
I remember that time very well and I´m sure everyone else (old enough) does it too! Three famous persons who I adored ... died within some months!

as little kid age 8 years old I met Falco the first time. I asked him for an autograph, but he denied it to give it to me, with saying ´while working I don´t give autographs!´. I was shocked about it how rude he was!
some years later I met my mentor Gunther in Vienna. he was a close friend with Falco. the public person Falco teached me for the rest of my life: ´be yourself! be the person you want to be! and don´t care about it if people hate it or love it! just be it!´


7th feb: ´to click the facebook LIKE button´

EVERY TIME when I see a post which I like, then I click the facebook LIKE button, because this is the minimum of human activity I´m able to do!

When I´m able to find time to be online on facebook and scroll down my newspage, THEN I´ve time too ... to press the facebook LIKE button!

EVERYONE likes it, when people like their posts! perhaps someone is surprised, when someone (whom they didn´t expect it to do) clicks LIKE, but at the end everyone likes it!

YES! I belong also to those people who say (in real life) that someone has a beautiful outfit, a fierce haircut, ...



7th feb: today I plan to be guest at glamorous Tracey Snelling´s Performance in Künstlerhaus Bethanien* pls come there too* <3 it´s close to Kottbusser Tor*

7th feb: I know I know I know ... I´m laaate ... fiiiiinally I´m watching the Spider-Man movies* starting right now with Spider-Man (2002) Now I understand why eeeeveryone freaked out about James Franco when he was in Berlin to present his exhibition some years ago ... =D =D =D <3

7th feb: dear diary:

it´s a weird feeling to watch the Spider-Man movies today! when the movies came out in 2002, 2004 and 2007 ... I wasn´t interessted in watching those movies. I mean: I read the spider man comics as little kid ... at around year 1984. I had spider man inside of me! ... because: this is what happens when a little kid reads comics! ... especially in a time loooong before the internet did exist.

watching today those ´new´ spider-man movies makes me think about how people looked at me when I was running around with my black/golden leather mask in public ... which I started to do in february 2006 at Teddy Award/Berlinale.

at that time I did expect, that people would dislike my ´mask show´, but the opposite happened! obviously the world was in a mask rush at that time! ... and I wasn´t aware about it! TODAY ... some years later ... I understand it and I get it!

I like those spider-man movies! the creators of those movies did a great job! BUT nothing is stronger than a comic/book creating an own fantasy in someone´s brain!

I think my ´mask - Master Patrick - show´ happened at the right time ... on the right place!


8th feb: I´m veeeery excited starting to watch NOW ´Spider-Man 3´ (2007) :* <3

the difference between ´Spider Man´ and ´Master Patrick´ is: one of them is 100 percent real authentic and the other one is a 100 percent fictional fantasy story*

:* <3

8th feb: *lalalllaaa* all I want for christmas 2018 *lalala* is a

8th feb: ^^W O W^^ ´X-MEN 2´ (2003) and ´X-MEN: THE LAST STAND´ (2006) are AAAAABSOLUTLY PHENOMENAL SPEEECTACULAR movies ^^WOOOW^^

those movies created similar emotions inside of me as the old ´planet of the apes´ movies* which belong to the best movies ever created^^

as I mentioned already: I´ve watched almost no movies in the past 20 years and right now I discover what I´ve missed* I think the next movies for me to watch are some ´Harry Potter´ movies :) and some ´the lord of the rings´ movies :) ... I´m excited already` :* <3


9th feb: glamorous Mika Minetti mit seinem neuen großartigen Buch ´It Happened in Berlin´ im Monopol Magazin* :* <3

10th feb: Patrick Bartsch´s plan for the next months: this march I plan to start with a new painting serie which WILL BLAST PEOPLES MINDS AWAY ^^ <3 ... named ´PASSION´ ... 100 paintings within 100 days* <3 ... a new serie with my brandnew knowledge and brandnew ideas* <3 caaaaan´t wait* ^^


11th feb: see you aaaaalll later in Künstlerhaus Bethanien :* <3 today is the last day of Tracey Snelling ´s breathtaking life-sized installation* ^^ around 5.30 till 7 p.m. I will be part of the spectacular final show* <3 see you aaaaaalllll later <3

11th feb: THANK YOU Tracey Snelling <3 THANK YOU Künstlerhaus Bethanien <3 those phantastic three days together with you, have been unforgettable for me* <3 on this picture you see one of those many great performers sitting inside of one of Tracey´s stunning life-sized installations <3

12th feb: ßartiges Kunstprojekt in der B.Z.Berlin* ... es hat mir suuuupergroßen Spaß gemacht auch dabei gewesen sein zu dürfen! :* <3

12th feb: one of the most important reasons why I moved to Berlin in 2003 was to meet outstanding international artists!

Tracey Snelling is such an outstanding great artist! to meet her and being part of her latest project ... makes me clear again, that I live right now at the right place at the right time! <3


pls be sure to listen to her wonderful speech (starting at 2.45 min) in that video made by ´VERNISSAGE TV´


12th feb: watching right now ´A Knight´s Tale´ (2001) with glamorous Heath Ledger* ... what an awesome lovely movie* :* <3



"Oil & Canvas" 12th till 27th january 2018
filed under exhibitions


THANK YOU <3 Simon Williams <3 ... with having that exhibition ´Oil & Canvas´ in ´the ballery´ you made my dream come true* <3

THANK YOU <3 Rinaldo Hopf <3 ... it was a special honor for me to have this glamorous double exhibition with YOU together* <3

THANK YOU <3 Ralf Schlegel <3 ... your opening speech was SPECTACULAR* <3

THANK YOU <3 Kathi Vice <3 ... the artist talk with you was suuuuuper fabulous* <3

those two weeks meant a looooot to me! ´opening day´ and ´celebration of my 44th birthday´ and ´finissage with artist talk´

and most of all I want to THANK AAAAAALLLL GUESTS & FRIENDS for having been with me together during those veeeery special days of my life in Berlin* THANK YOU* <3 I LOVE YOU <3


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