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love that new serie <3

"100 portraits
in oil on canvas Patrick Bartsch style"

--------------- price on request for each painting of that serie ----------------



selfies october - december 2017

selfies october - december 2017:

after painting session: some oil colors next to my eye

at the door in Ficken3000

after the hair dresser

at the BALENCIAGA store in KaDeWe

next to Rembrandt in phantastic Gemäldegalerie


some postings which I created on facebook 30th november 2017 - 6th january 2018
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stories mix posted on facebook

30th dec: tbt* at my age 21 to meet this spectacular 53 y.o. man was THE BEST thing happened to me in Vienna* <3 my mentor Gunther <3 he gave me all answers I needed/need to know for my whole life!*

2nd dec: and THIS is my aaaaalll time moooost favorite color for cars: glamorous fabulous amaaaaaazing IVORY-WHITE :* <3 omg I loooove that color for cars since foreeeeever and foreeeeever <3

2nd dec: <3 it´s christmas time <3

I know I know I know that some of you are veeeery angry about those streethustlers here in my hood. BUT please let me tell you, that I see, that almost all of them wear the same cloths which they wear two months ago! obviously they didn´t spend those 20 bucks and those phones which they stole out of your pockets for the right things! it´s f*cking cold meanwhile here in Berlin ... especially at night. they wear the same thin jeans and the same thin jackets. they freeze! there exists the organisation "Hilfe fuer Jungs" in Berlin which takes care of them. if you have some warm cloths left please bring them there! Thank you!
How did Truman Capote say, when he talked about those two guys who he visited in prison: "we were born in the same house, but I left it through the main door and they left it through the back door!" <= somehow I feel the same*


2nd dec: Happy Birthday Brian <3

3rd dec: am I the only one who watches facebook videos only some seconds ... till the ad comes ... and then switches to the next video?

4th dec: Diesen Sonntag gibt es etwas gaaanz besonderes in meinem Atelier: die wunderbare, großartige Mona Lisa von Allenstein wird ein einzigartige Adventslesung halten. Von mir gibt es dazu selbstgebackene Kekse und natürlich Glühwein. Da die Plätze hier begrenzt sind, bitte ich bei Interesse um Zusage per PM an mich. Danke sehr! Ich freue mich* <3

4th dec: normally I don´t share such stuff, BUT T H I S version of Dalida´s ´je suis malade´ is just AAAAMAZING ^^ ´Elle fait pleurer tout un pays avec sa voix!´ means: she makes a whole country cry with her voice! ... and YES! I´m sure she did! <3 WHAT A STAR !!!

4th dec: <3 Berlin in oil on canvas <3

my new phantastic teacher for oil on canvas told me, that I need an artist statement for my work. so far my philosophy was ´Art Loves´, but I think, that is too much in general.
<3 Berlin in oil on canvas <3 ... and yes, with hearts <3 ... fits perfect as artist statement for my work, because this is what I do: I paint Berlin in oil on canvas ... even the abstract paintings are at the end <3 Berlin in oil on canvas <3

5th dec: j´ai réalizé, que parler francais et écouter la musique francais fait très bon pour ma tete!^^* j´ai oublié beaucoup des mots. je comprends mieux que je parle. et pour maintenant j´ecoute la musique francais comme Dalida, Mireille Mathieu, ... j´aime bien la langue francais <3 et j´adore Paris <3

5th dec: it´s the first time in my life that I know that I want to do it forever ... for the rest of my life!
I did a looooot of wonderful things in my life, but always I knew that all of those things I don´t want to do forever.
with the creation of paintings in oil on canvas everything became different. THIS ... I want to do forever!
it feels like, that for the very first time I felt in love with my own life <3

5th dec: perhaps you were wondering WHO my new phantastic teacher for oil on canvas is!
it´s actually a whole group of phantastic teachers! some of them belong to the best and most experienced painters on that planet! they live in America, Asia, Australia, ... and OF COURSE many of them have own youtube channels and are willing to share their knowledge! I´m veeeeery thankful for that! and I belong to their most interested students! because I want to paint <3 Berlin in oil on canvas <3 better and better and beeeeeetttttter! <= this is the reason why I photographed the glamorous Berlin since 2003. NOW I have to paint it!

6th dec: My year 2017 was G R E A T <3

some of my HIGHLIGHTS 2017:

* Thank you Jose for creating a new tattoo on my body <3
* I´m very glad, that I could support ´Artcharity´ by Elledorado e.V. with one of my paintings <3
* renovated my whole flat from the floor to the ceiling. and renovated a loooot more in my life <3
* visited my father in Augsburg <3
* I´m very glad, that I could support VelsPol with one of my paintings <3
* being part of Rebecca Goyette´s ´Lobstaporn´ was suuuuperfun <3
* having a video installation of my paintings at < GEGEN FUTURE > in KitKat Club was just amazing <3
* finding new owners for about 80 of my paintings at lesbian gay streetparty was phantastic <3
* the photoshooting with wonderful Jaap de Jonge was awesome <3
* to be part of lovely Mika Minetti´s new book ´It Happened In Berlin´ is fabulous <3
* being with one of my paintings in BLU magazine is wonderful <3

B I G THANK YOU to sensational friends, who made that year 2017 SUUUUPER FIERCE for me: Nathan Duc Koestlin <3 Florian Filtzinger <3 Marco Klingberg <3 Pascual Jordan <3 Matt Lambert <3 Francesco Macarone Palmieri <3 Frank Wilde <3 Ralf Schlegel <3 and maaaaaany more <3



but this year isn´t over yet and one more HIGHLIGHT 2017 is going to happen this sunday in my studio: when fierce glamorous Mona Lisa von Allenstein will do her reading "MEIN BERLIN - ERLEBTES UND GELIEBTES" (in german language)
pls join this event* I´m sure it´s going to be FAAABULOUS*


6th dec: after watching about 50 !!! hours (and I´ve just started) of ´how to paint in oil´ tutorials. One thing is for sure: my future paintings will look different and hopefully ´better´, but on the other side, another thing is for sure too: I´ll never be able to create paintings as I did it in the past years. paintings which I´ve created almost without having any knowledge.
But those past years are the basis of my future work, because I´ve created my own style. and now with this new knowledge ... I´ve to find a new way which combines everything together.
I´m excited already!^^
and now I continue watching the next youtube video ... named ´REMBRANDT FOR BEGINNERS´ =D :* <3

pls stay tuned!*

7th dec: with that hood in front of my balcony ... I never feel lonely* I <3 my famous infamous hood* :* <3

7th dec: a painter´s homework ´doodles´ " ... the creation of doodles has the meaning to train the connection between eyes - brain - hand ... doodles aren´t sketches or drawings. doodles are doodles ... and aren´t meant to be shown to anyone" <= okokok* this is the official description. I doodle passing by people, which gives me between 5 to 10 seconds for one doodle and many of them I try to create with looking as less as possible on the paper. it´s about to concentrate on the person I´m looking at. these are my first doodles and yes! I love my new homework* <3 I think they look funny* :) :* <3

7th dec: the best art teachers ... by far ... in the internet ... are Americans in America!!!

Germany and all other countries on that planet were really missing in the past years HOW TO BE FOCUSED ON QUALITY !

I´m veeeery glad, that I may reach through youtube the wisdom of those art teachers in America !

they make me grow*

thank you a lot*


7th dec: hahaha :) my father just sent me all those mini me pictures which I´ve never seen before* my parents never hit me, so I think that black thing close to my eyes happened from playing in the forest non-stop*

8th dec: wenn ich Berichte von Kunstmessen à la Art Basel Miami usw. sehe, flutscht mir immer sofort das Wort "Bastelverein" in den Kopf =D

10th dec: heute <3 Mona Lisa von Allenstein LIVE <3 Lesung ´MEIN BERLIN - ERLEBTES UND GELIEBTES´ Diese heutige Adventslesung kann ich allen ans Herz legen! Diesem einmaligen Ereignis sollte man unbedingt beiwohnen! Für Kurzentschlossene bitte eine kurze PM an mich! Meine Ateliertüre öffnet sich um 17 Uhr und die Lesung beginnt um 18 Uhr. Ich freue mich schon sehr! <3

10th dec: also ich wär´ dann soweit* <3 ... bereit für die Lesung ´MEIN BERLIN - ERLEBTES UND GELIEBTES´ von Mona Lisa von Allenstein <3 ... für all jene welche diesen Namen noch nie gehört haben: die wundervolle Mona gehört bestimmt zu den wundervollsten und liebevollsten Menschen in dieser großartigen Stadt Berlin* Es ist eine einmalige Gelegenheit Mona in diesem Rahmen zu erleben. Alsoooo bevor Du alleine zu Hause den 2. Advent verbringst ... mach Dich schnell fertig und komm vorbei! Die Lesung beginnt pünktlich um 18 Uhr* <3 Bis gleich* <3 Ich freue mich* :* <3

10th dec: DANKE SEHR allerliebste <3 Mona Lisa von Allenstein <3 es war eine unvergessliche wunderschöne Adventslesung* <3

11th dec: <3 Hustlaball Berlin 2006 <3 I´m just going through my 120 000 pictures archive of the glamorous zero years of Berlin^^ looking for pictures which I plan to paint in 2018* pictures which I took and which reflect best <3 the glaaaamorous zero years of Berlin <3

11th dec: *how to succeed as an artist*

okokok^^ meanwhile I´m getting veeeeery deeep into the art videos on youtube! Paul Klein´s video with more than 350 000 views (and only 108 dislikes on it) is actually really good! it shows me that I do a lot of things right and some things not. BUT watching that sort of video ... shows me, that I REALLY WANT TO SUCCEED AS AN ARTIST ^^ and as I promised it! I´m working veeeeery hard on it, that this is going to happen! hopefully in 2018!

12th dec: omg^^ thaaaat much new wisdom, knowledge and secrets for oil on canvas, which I learned just from watching youtube videos! YES! the old masters style is it what I´m focused on! I want that my new paintings go in that direction ... combined with my own style. That´s my plan!

pls stay tuned to see if it works out!


13th dec: okokok it´s MIDLIFE-CRISIS time for me^^ soon I´ll turn 44 years old* pls does anyone has any advice how to handle a goddamned Midlife-Crisis? *aaaarrghhhsss*

13th dec: just doing a superpower meditation ceremony* with Elemi (one of the best ingredients to delete bad energies in the room you live in), Perubalm (used by aztecs for healing the soul), Tonka beans (supports financial success), White Sage (used by native Americans, to bring clarity in someone´s life and protection against bad energies)

THIS mixture is exactly what needed today* glamorous glitzy Cleopatra would have looooved it* :) :* <3

14th dec: I <3 my famous infamous wonderful glitzy hood* <3

14th dec: SUPER MEGA GLAAAAMOUR <3 WHITE MUSTANG <3 ALAAAARM in front of my balcony* =D :* <3

15th dec: so far I watched about 150 !!! youtube videos about ´how to paint in oil on canvas´. 2 min till 3 hours videos. I watched them in the past 3 weeks. I plan to watch some more within the next week.
then I do a little christmas break. and then I hope that I feel ... to continue with creating new paintings ...

caaaan´t wait^^*

15th dec: Vorweihnachtszeit ... Zeit für mein aller aller aaaaaller liebstes Lieblingsgedicht:

Was es ist ... (Erich Fried)

15th dec: I love BIG DREAMS for myself* such as: my fabulous photographies of the Berlin´s glamorous zero years ... being painted in a style of Caravaggio and Vermeer. I want to see my photographies of you being painted that glitzy way! ... and because no one else does it ... I have to ... and WANT TO DO IT! this awesome period of time of Berlin should never be forgotten!


16th dec: BMW BMW Benz Benz BMW Benz ... I wanna see FERRARI !!! aaaand LAMBORGHINI !!! in front of my balcony =D :* <3

16th dec: ´phthalo yellow green´ ´Alizarin crimson´ ´asphaltum hue´ ... I looooove all those new maaaagic words which I learn while watching non-stop youtube videos about ´how to paint in oil on canvas´ ... I think it´s already more than 100 hours which I watched in the past three weeks. a handful of videos are still on my list to watch ... aaaaaand then I start to use my new knowledge ... with creating BRANDNEW paintings in oil on canvas Patrick Bartsch style*

16th dec: Patrick Bartsch´s inner monologues: I´m literally shocked! ... it feels like I woke up after a loooong dream!
I created about 700 paintings in oil on canvas without having any knowledge! literally, I had no idea what I do! ... all those years since 2011, when I started to paint.
the first 500 paintings I created even on the floor ... till my knees started to hurt that much, that I needed to learn to sit and paint in front of an easel. Till today I don´t own a painter´s palette. I blend my colors in little soya sauce bowls.
And THEN three weeks ago it happened: for the very first time I wasn´t happy with a painting which I´ve created! further more: I couldn´t find a way out to fix it and to continue. This was the moment, when ... for the very first time ... I choose to watch a video on youtube about ´how to paint in oil on canvas´. I was hoping to find an answer.
While watching that video ... I realized, that I listen to someone who really knows what he´s talking about. So ... I watched another video ... and another video ... and another video.
Within the past three weeks I watched more than 150 youtube videos with an estimated lenght of more than 100 hours. I felt ... how I was longing for wisdom! Hungry for knowledge! I paid attention every minute watching those videos! It was phantastic!
Now I feel somehow ... ´newborn´ ... and finally ready ... to ´start´ to paint! :) :* <3

17th dec: ´learning the basics´ ... feels like being at school again* :) :* ... I <3 those sensational fabulous youtube teachers <3

18th dec: Leonardo da Vinci and I ... we have the same technique to paint! :*

OMG^^ CAAAN´T BELIEVE IT! ... but it´s true: Leonardo da Vinci blended his colors directly on the painting ... and I do it the same way!
the opposite is for example Rembrandt: he blends his colors on a painter´s palette and you can see the brush stroke on the canvas.
on Leonardo da Vinci´s paintings and also on my paintings you can´t see the brush strokes.

I felt always weird with having my technique, because everyone´s knowledge is: to have a painter´s palette and blend THERE to find the right color. I don´t even own a painter´s palette!

But since yesterday I know that Leonardo did it the same way. ... and that fact feels veeeery good. Now I don´t feel lonley anymore with my techique* <3

18th dec: dear diary*

oil on canvas, classic music & muay thai fights

my life feels like a movie. I live that life, because this is the movie I want to see*

in those days before christmas I spend most of the time to improve my painting skills. inbetween I listen to classic music ... prefered Beethoven, Chopin, Smetana, ...

and then I love to watch muay thai fight videos. I watch them almost every day. I love to see fights between two men and one of them wins. those fights seem to be wild, but they follow strict rules. I love that fact! my actual favorite fighter is Superbon. I follow him since some years and right now he became number one.

18th dec: winter ... cold ... dark ... some days before christmas: the perfect time for another ceremony with dragon blood (the ultimate resin for love <3 being in love with the universe, being in love with others and being in love with oneself), Copal blanco (used by Aztecs and Mayas; connects the soul with the universe), Styrax (already used in old Egypt; perfect to relax) and eucalyptus leaves (for cleaning process and concentration)


19th dec: ^^ WOW ^^ feels like christmas* right now the unwrap the freeeeesh renovated oooold braaaandnew building on the other side of my balcony* GLAAAMOROUS* :* <3

19th dec: OOOH* btw* did I mention already, that Leonardo da Vinci and Patrick Bartsch have the same technique to paint in oil*

yesterday I needed to screeeaaaam out loud that fact several times in my studio* =D :* <3

the thing is, that I thought for yeeeeaaars, that I do something ´wrong´ with blending the colors directly on the painting (and not as usual on a painter´s palette). with the insight that Leonardo did it the same way ... I got the proof, that nothing is ´wrong´ with my technique to paint ...

I´m veeeery happy and excited now*


19th dec: those burn incense ceremonies are very helpful to handle those evenings before christmas ...

today I did another one with: amber (against restlessness and sadness) Opoponax (brings you back on the ground <= hahaha =D that´s really what I need today*) Yerba Santa (healing) and sandalwood (protection)


19th dec: Bitcoin

... when the internet started I got invited to the backroom of the university in Vienna. I remember how some ´freak´ friends of mine wanted to show me something ´new´.
I was always interested in new stuff ... and an internet currency is the logical FUTURE ^^ ... and I´m starting to get interested in it! so far the whole Bitcoin thing seems veeeery complicated to me ...

right now I watched my first bitcoin video titled ´The Best Documentary Ever - The Bitcoin Phenomenon´

after watching it I still don´t understand it how it works! *aaaarrgghhhssss*
but I´m interested and open to it ...

19th dec: another goal for me for 2018: I want to accept Bitcoin to buy Patrick Bartsch paintings* <= I think, that´s a GREAT IDEA*

just need to figure out how to make that happen. so far I have no idea ...

20th dec: Dieter Padar ist ein ganz besonderer und lieber Mensch <3 Ich schätze seine Engagements sehr! Wie z. B. seine gestrige Mitarbeit bei Frank Zander´s Weihnachtsessen für Obdachlose! Bei der Fertigstellung seines Portraits habe ich heute all mein neues Wissen über die Malerei in Öl auf Leinwand einfließen lassen und es war mir eine besonders große Freude dieses Portrait zu gestalten! Danke sehr lieber Dieter* <3

21st dec: and there it is: finished after one year of renovation! it´s not overpainted! they created the whole stucco new! that´s phantastic! why they don´t do it with eeeeevery building in Berlin!?
loooove my new glitzy glamorous fabulous neighbour building <3

21st dec: my most favorite word 2017 is ´swarm intelligence´ thank you swarm* :* <3

21st dec: ´Patrick Bartsch ... the toddler period´

OH, this was fast, that I was able to match my first years of painting in oil on canvas: those years were nothing else than my ´toddler period´ as painter. this period describes exactly the time between 2011 - nov. 2017. those 700 paintings are characterized by being created wild, free, excessive and with a loooot of visible ´mistakes´. in one word: exactly what a toddler does! crawling around on the floor and just doing!

so ... Picasso had his ´blue period´ and I have now my ´toddler period´!

and with my new knowledge after watching 100 hours youtube videos about ´how to paint´ ... now I reached definitively the next level ... which means: finally I begin to walk as painter*

thank you Nathan Duc Koestlin for your wise comment which one gave me the insight of where I am:
"A young infant rolls, a toddler crawls, and at one point begins to walk. After mastering these beginning steps can one begin to run. Then one day comes the real magic when you take a leap of faith and leap into the air- weightless you learn to soar!"

22nd dec: BREAKING NEWS^^* ab jetzt ist mein BITCOIN account aktiv! Das Erwerben von Patrick Bartsch Gemälden ist somit jetzt auch mit BITCOIN möglich* Ich freue mich sehr* :) <3

besonderen Dank an Julian Nicolas
Für umfassende Beratung in Sachen Bitcoin, Kauf, Einrichtung der Wallets, Sicherheitsfragen und Anlagemöglichkeiten steht er euch gern zur Verfügung. Ihr könnt ihm via PM schreiben.

23rd dec: the terrible facebook effect

every year ... since I moved into my flat in 2004 ... ... about one or two weeks before christmas ... I did a walk ... with some little boxes filled up with my homemade christmas cookies ... I went in all those shops where I go to shop the whole year ... ... where people are working who have been nice to me for the whole year ... I wished them a wonderful christmas time and said ´thank you´ ... ... this year ... today ... I realized that I forgot to do it ... for the first time ... I realized how ´busy´ I was ... especially with being online on facebook ... yes! I want to blame it on facebook ... which made me forget about the people around in my hood ... :(

23rd dec: classic music

I knew it all my life ... that sooner or later the day will come, when classic music becomes the most important music in my daily life!

already as little kid I took piano classes and therefor got introduced in the music of Mozart, Bach, Tchaikovsky, ... This influence was very important for me! I had a great teacher who knew it how to make little kids being interessted for ´The Moldau´, ´Die Forelle´, ´The Magic Flute´, ...

also those moments when I worked in the Grand Hotel Vienna and had the possiblity to meet classic music legends such as Pavarotti, Carreras, Domingo, Barenboim, ... had a strong impact on me.

music created by an orchestra with up to 100 !!! musicians is the most ultimative possible experience! classic music is very difficult to handle! It needs to be a strong person to manage it to be awake for a whole concert! people who can´t handle it: fall asleep or leave such concerts.

At home it was actually very rare, that I listened to classic music, but it became more and more within the past years. since some weeks I reached that moment, which I was waiting for since a loooong time. Classic music is now the most listened music in my privacy. Classic music is now the music which I appreciate the most and need to fill up empty spaces within my soul.


23rd dec: hey to aaaalllll my wonderful capricorn family <3 good news* our new year 2018 starts TODAY and our next 3 years will be FAAAABULOUS* :* <3

24th dec: OH, btw* did I mention already, that JESUS IS CAPRICORN* =D :* <3 Merry Christmas to eeeeeeeveryone* <3 Merry Christmas to aaaaallllll my stunning, lovely, great amazing, glitzy facebook friends* <3 LOOOVE YOU ALLLL* <3

24th dec: soundtrack of the day <3 MERRY CHRISTMAS <3

24th dec: Patrick´s christmas story: <3 the heart surgeon <3

at age 20 I worked in Lech am Arlberg ... a famous ski region in Austria. I worked there because I wanted to ski there and the perfect solution for me was to be there for a whole winter. when perfect weather and perfect snow conditions did exist ... I enjoyed having long ski-runs*
I was fine with working there in a hotel. I worked as waiter and of course I had to work on christmas eve too. we had great guests in our hotel. they have been all very nice to me ... especially on christmas eve. one family came from Italy: mother, father and two children. they talked with me sometimes and I loved to listen to their stories. they told me that the father was a specialist for heart transplantations and therefor they have only a certain radius of how far they can travel, because any time the phone of the father could ring and he has to return to the clinic immediatly.

christmas eve looked perfect in Lech am Arlberg! endless wonderful fresh snow, beautiful decoration everywhere. also the christmas meal in the restaurant of our hotel was perfect. candle lights eeeeeverywhere, a huge, rich decorated christmas tree and everyone in a silent, peaceful mood.
the serving of the christmas meal has just started, when the phone of the heart surgeon rang. he picked up the phone, stood up from the table and without having any delay ... he left the hotel. he went back to his clinic in Italy to save someone else´s life by transplanting a new heart ... on christmas eve.


25th dec: for sure MY BEEEEEST CHRISTMAS PRESENT 2017 ... to announce, that there will be the exhibition ´Patrick Bartsch - Oil & Canvas´ in glaaamorous faaabulous ´The Ballery´ in january 2018* eeeeeveryone is welcomed :* <3

26th dec: this text by ´The Ballery´ warms my heart during this year´s holiday season* <3

On Friday 12th January, The Ballery in Schöneberg invites you to the opening of the exhibition 'Oil & Canvas' by artist Patrick Bartsch.

Patrick grew up deep in the Black Forest in a village called "Schluchsee". In 2003 he moved to Berlin and achieved success as a provocative Berlin scene photographer under the guise "Master Patrick'.

In recent years Patrick has been making notable progress with oil on canvas paintings. For those who have been following Patrick over the years it is clear that Patrick is evolving his own very special style of painting. With this exhibition 'Oil & Canvas' The Ballery is excited to present a reflective and very 'Berlin' collection of works by this very empathic artist.

This exhibition will run for two weeks and will close with a finissage on 27th January.

Opening 18-22hr
The Ballery
Nollendorfstrasse 11-12
10777 Berlin

30th dec: <3 Thank You 2017 <3 around 160 new paintings in oil on canvas I created in 2017*

30th dec: <3 Thank You 2017 <3

2017 was a ´hard year´ for me! hard but good!
since I decided to live sober in september 2016... my whole year 2017 was packed with the renovation of almost every part of my life ... ... 2017 was most of all a year of ´standing up again´ ... standing up again with my own life!

after the hardest work was done in 2017 .... I´m suuuuuper excited for an eeeeeaaaaasy 2018*


30th dec: to all Rachmaninoff specialists:

just realized that the instrumental version of ´all by myself´ is on ´the best of Rachmaninoff´. <= this means that Rachmaninoff is the original composer of ´all by myself´ ... right!?

31st dec: my dear perverse aunt ...

... your uneducated words are still hammering in my head! ... you mean ballet is perverse, because the dancers wear thight pants!
pls let me tell you my opinion: ballet is the ultimative evolution of ´how to have his own body under control´! ballet dancers reached the highest point possible to lead their bodies ... inclusive face expressions!
this sort of art is accepted since hundreds of years as one of the most appreciated arts! and you dear perverse aunt ... how could you even dare to tell the people around you, that ballet is perverse!? I think it´s you who is perverse! your thoughts are perverse!
guess what: today I´m watching ´Swan Lake - The Kirov Ballet´ for the very first time in my life! I enjoy the amazing music, the phantastic costumes, the unique dancing skills, ... and it´s absolutly fabulous!

and btw: did I mention already, that Tchaikovsky was gay*


31st dec: if you read this, then I want to let you know you 3 things:

1st: THANK YOU that you didn´t unfollow me during 2017! I know how expressive, sometimes rough, sometimes for sure annoying my postings here on facebook have been! Sorry for that!

2nd: in 2018 my postings here on facebook will be more easy and relaxed! I promise! ... and further more: YES! I will try not to post thaaaat much*

3rd: I LOVE YOU <3

<3 HAPPY NEW YEAR 2018 <3

1st jan: yesterday evening I went to bed at 8 p.m. ... but couldn´t fall asleep ... because it was veeeery loud outside on the street in front of my balcony!
new year´s eve 2017 I didn´t feel to go outside ... because: too loud ... too much action ... too cold ... too many drunk people ... <= I just didn´t feel, that I wanted to handle all that. so I was walking around non-stop in my flat ... between eating something out of the fridge ... laying on the couch ... and looking out through my windows what´s going on in front of my balcony.
this year´s new years eve I was happy just with myself and having a flat I love to live in.
I feel very relaxed and wish my whole year 2018 will go on like that!
but tonite definatly I´ll go to bed at 8 p.m. ... because I love to wake up early ... best at 6 a.m. or earlier ... having a wonderful day with a loooot of day light ... and the creation of new paintings*


2nd jan: ´the old man and my painting´

some days ago an old man came here to visit me. he bought one of my paintings ... last summer at the lesbian gay streetparty. the old man wanted to meet me and talk with me. he told me, that the painting, which shows two young men (painted in silver and blue) who sit on an old tree, ... hangs on the wall next to his eating table.

I told him some more details about the painting ... such as, that it´s based on a photography which I took on a little lake on Teufelsberg and that it´s actually part of a whole photostory. he was very interested in knowing more about the painting, which one he sees almost every day, when he sits next to it and eats.

I love such stories! when I create paintings, then I do it only when I feel good. I try to create some kind of magic ... good magic in them. ... and then when my paintings are done ... then I let them go ... to unknown journeys ...


2nd jan: this is how it looks like when I paint those days* wearing a scarf, a warm leather jacket, warm shoes, ... I paint with open windows, that´s like sitting outside for several hours* :* <3

3rd jan: absolut faszinierend!

den Namen Vera F. Birkenbihl kannte ich bis vor drei Tagen nicht! ... und jetzt kann ich nicht anders als mir einen Vortrag von ihr nach dem anderen auf youtube anzusehen!

eine großartige Frau!

4th jan: ´not impossible´

to paint someone´s eyes is the most difficult! <= they said!
to paint someone´s teeth is the most difficult! <= they said!
to paint someone´s skin is the most difficult! <= they said!
to paint someone´s hands is the most difficult! <= they said!

okokok! I got it: it´s difficult! ... but I´m veeeery glad that no one said ´it´s impossible´!

I´m fine with ´the most difficult´!


4th jan: NEWS OF THE DAY: JUSTIN BIEBER IS A PAINTER NOW TOO^^ ... and I loooove it* <3 because: eeeeverybody who wants to paint should paint! <3

5th jan: ´war - refugees´

one of my friends ... an around 55 y.o. family father ... comes directly from Mosul in Iraq. sometimes we talk about war ... and then he tells me stories about it. recently he told me about those areas, where destroyed buildings are and it´s almost impossible to go there, because of the smell! ... the smell of dead bodies who are still laying under the bombed buildings.
the way he tells me those tragic stories is very important for me! his face expressions and how he uses words to describe something.

... and I realized: exactly THIS I miss in public! I miss refugees to tell their stories in public discussions, on television, in radio, in schools, ...
I remember when I was a little kid at school, when a holocaust survivor came to us and told us about his life.

refugees in Germany and all over the world need to get a BIGGER and LOUDER VOICE! because this makes people understand why they left their countries!

6th jan: hello Porsche* THAT monstrosity car in front of my balcony looks T E R R I B L E ! you are not like Rolls Royce to have the knowledge how to create a HUGE car looking great^^ better stay at creating smaller size FAAAAAST CARS! <= THIS is what we expect and what we looooove ... when it´s about a glitzy glamorous fabulous Porsche <3



Mika Minetti ´It Happened In Berlin´ november 2017
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THANK YOU for the love wonderful <3 Mika Minetti <3 for letting me being part in your latest glamorous, phantastic book "It Happened in Berlin" ART, LOVE & FASHION


Mona Lisa von Allenstein 10th december 2017
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amazing Mona Lisa von Allenstein did the advent reading

´Mein Berlin - Erlebtes und Geliebtes´

in my studio*

it was a veeeery special and wonderful evening*




my studio september - december 2017


working on a logo signature

after renovating and cleaning my studio




publications paintings blu magazine october 2017
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<3 Thank You 2017 <3 in october 2017: for the very first time, that one of my paintings got published in a magazine* Thank You A Loooot Blu Magazine* <3

after creating about 600 paintings in oil on canvas ... THIS is the first time that one of my paintings is published in a magazine* I´m veeeery happy about it and it brought tears of joy in my eyes. <3 that the first painting is a congratulation painting for 40 years SchwuZ makes it even more perfect, because I love SchwuZ and I think this place belongs to the most important places in Berlin* THANKY YOU* to blu magazine <3 .... and yes! I think that my 43 years old body fits for 40 years SchwuZ celebration* see you aaaallll in SchwuZ on 30th october* <3 loooove you* :* <3


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