my hood april - june 2017

selfies april - june 2017:

love my hood*



selfies april - june 2017

selfies april - june 2017:



some postings which I created on facebook 25th may - 12th june 2017
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25th may: ^^rich&sexy^^ *DAMN* which glam&fab car is that? :* <3

25th may: one of the most beautiful & intense compliments I got because of my pictures is: "you look like, how someone imagines how a painter looks like." <= this compliment touches me veeeery deep inside of me ... and tells me: that I was born to be a painter! ... and I looove that feeling* <3

Thank You A Lot* :* <3

25th may: tbt in 2011* wonderful Musk Ming photographed by Patrick Bartsch* ... it´s not photoshopped* it´s 100 percent pure photography* <3 and YES! we did this photoshooting at around 5 a.m. in the morning in summer* short after the sun rised ... and almost no people have been there* <3 this picture even got published in a chinese magazine* <3

26th may: (Kommentar zu Lenor Werbung): HAHAHA =D do you remember HOW I started to do workout some months ago? ... NOW there is a suuuuperfunny video about it about someone who does it the same way* :) BUUUUUT he has muuuuch more muscles than I have* <3 ( thx Dale for sharing that glam glitzy video with me* :* <3 )

28th may: "some years ago ... drawings of Tom of Finland ... could have been bought for some hundred euros. today they are sold for up to 100 000 euro."
*didl didl di*
... and in some years they will say the same thing about paintings of Patrick Bartsch*
*didl didl di*

:* <3

28th may: on 5th june it will be three years that Brian left this planet. I think about him almost every day. I had no bigger love in my life as him. so he was my biggest love of my life so far. I miss him <3 those days around the 5th june are especially hard to handle. today three years ago he was still alive ...

29th may: Brian asked for my camera and started to run around on the street and took ... while running ... kind of "high speed" pictures of his impressions on the street: architecture, animals, humans, ... ... I think those pictures shouldn´t be forgotten ... ? (Artist Brian-Tennessee Claflin Dec. 2. 1980 - June 5. 2014 "Free Spirits Never Die")

30th may: ^^ rich&sexy ^^ loooove those glam glitzy cars in front of my studio ... eeeevery day* :* <3

1st june: ^^ WHOLE BODY PORTRAITS ^^

okokok caaaan´t keep that plan as secret anymore: will start sooooon with WHOLE BODY PORTRAITS ... 100 in oil on canvas in Patrick Bartsch style are planed! and YES! H U U U G E SIZE! * <3

I think those face portraits look quite good already ... and soon I will be ready for whole body portraits. I want to hold our time: want that future generations are able to see: which haircuts we had ... which cloths we wear ... what kind of shoes. and yes! every portraited person in his unique moving style too* <3

I think this is a plan for the next five years ... ... caaaan´t wait to start* <3

but yes! first I will paint some more face portraits* loooove them* and THANK YOU A LOOOOOT for loving them too* <3

pls get in contact with me, when I may create a portrait of you too* Thank You* <3 (for the portraits it´s necessary pls to visit me in my studio in Berlin and I will take a photograpy of you, which one I will use as basis for the painting.)

1st june: hey my woooonderful looovely New York friends* :* <3 pls don´t miss THIS * “Who The Fuck Is That Guy? The Fabulous Journey Of Michael Alago.” first screening sold out, but another one on 19th july at the Nitehawk Cinema in Brooklyn. and one more in L.A.* <3 I LOVE Michael Anthony Alago <3

2nd june: "Hackers are free people like artists" Mr. Shady Putin pls DON´T USE THE WORD "artists" in your explanation for your shady politics!
full text he said yesterday: “Hackers can be anywhere, they can lurk in any country in the world. Of course, the general context of inter-state relations should be taken into account in this case because hackers are free people like artists. If artists get up in the morning feeling good, all they do all day is paint. The same goes for hackers.”

2nd june: ^^ being a "free" artist ^^

it may look easy ... perhaps some people think, that I´m an "free" artist with an very easy living ...
in my case: it´s the opposite!
I have to pay my price for creating "free" art. Never I wanted to depend on the selling of my art to pay my bills. for that reason ... indeed ... I have a regular job: working night shift in a hotel 11times a month. this job pays my bills and gives me the freedom to do the art ... which I do since 14 years ... since I live in Berlin.
tonite I managed my 9th night shift in a row, because someone is on vacation. that was a lot! ... and during the day I do my work at home and need to find time to create the art, which I want to create. similar like Joanne K. Rowling who wrote her first stories besides doing a regular job.
it´s a lot to handle both! but it gives me the freedom I need.
but NINE NIGHTS IN A ROW was definatly a looot*

2nd june: ^^rich&sexy^^ glamorous in front of my balcony* OMG I looooove jaguars with a jaguar sculpture on it* :* <3

2nd june: <3 my syrian bodyguard <3

he was a syrian kickbox champion. he was stunning beautiful ... like from a syrian fairytale ... of course muscular ... and his body was hard as steel.
we worked together for some months at GAP in Cologne in 2003. we laughed together and told stories to eachother ... we became kind of good friends.
at the same time my three years affair with a turkish streetfighter ended, when he robbed my flat for two days. He was high on dr*gs when he did it. in that moment I was really afraid of him, because I knew how strong he was.
I was afraid leaving my flat for the way to go to work and I was afraid leaving GAP to go home by myself. Without asking ... my syrian friend offered to escort me. I was veeery happy about it and accepted his generous offer.
We didn´t go straight home because we enjoyed eachothers presence. we walked through Cologne´s Schildergasse, went in some shops and went in a McDonalds.
and there was my turkish ex-lover too ... accidentally. my body felt like frozen and I started to sweat. My syrian bodyguard and I sat some tables away from him. I told him, that "he" is here too. my syrian bodyguard turned around and then he said to me, that he knows him and that I don´t need to be afraid of him. further he said to me, that I should stand up right now and go to my ex-lover and just say "we spent a good time together. you owe me nothing and I owe you nothing. now we go different ways!"
I felt safe with my syrian bodyguard and with shaking knees I went to the other table ... and said what I should say ... turned around and went back to our table.
Of course my ex-lover recognized my strong syrian bodyguard and obviously he knew him too.
my syrian bodyguard escorted me home again ... and never again my ex-lover tried to find me.

I was very happy with my syrian bodyguard. He was married with a woman who still lived in Syria. For myself I decided to leave Cologne within the next months and moved to Berlin.

<= this story came into my minds again today. and today Syria is destroyed. a lot of Syrian refugees came to Germany and I just thought about it how wonderful a friendship between someone from Syria (in that case "my syrian bodyguard") and someone from Germany (in that case "me") can be. <3
when I moved to Berlin ... we lost contact to eachother ... but one day we will meet eachother again ... somewhere* <3

THANK YOU* :* <3

3rd june: ^^rich&sexy^^ loooove those glam speedy glitzy cars in front of my balcony ... eeeevery day* :* <3

3rd june: <3 JAZZ <3

it needed 43 years, that I got really into Jazz** <3
sometimes in my life I listened to it, but today I listen to it all day and all night. It seems that ... finally ... I understand it* ... and LoVe It* <3
what a stunning awesome great music* :* <3
... and veeeeery sexy* :* <3

3rd june: OH^^ ... aaaand btw Dmitry Averyanov is one of my mooost favorite fitness models here on facebook* what an awesome inspiration* :* <3

3rd june: OMG^^ look whom I met just right now* <3 LEEEEGEND <3 former Berlin mayor <3 Klaus Wowereit <3 LOOOOVE HIM <3 and he looks stunning veeeery good* <3

4th june: glamorous fabulous Théo Laurençon is one of my moooost favorite male models here on fb* just amazing* :* <3

4th june: ^^ Patrick Bartsch paintings sold for 10 000 - 50 000 euro ^^

THIS is my real motivation!
THIS is my real goal!
because the little village in the deepest black forest ... where I come from ... named Schluchsee ... NEEDS to build a "Bartsch Museum"! <= this is my part of being a citizen of that village, which is that much connected with my family.
they don´t understand phrases such as "Patrick is a good artist." or "Patrick is know from New York to Tokyo." ... ... the only thing they understand is the phrase "a Patrick Bartsch painting is worth 10 000 to 50 000 euro." <= and for that reason I have to reach that goal as long as I´m alive. because I want that museum there! I owe it to my father ... I owe it to my family ... and I owe it to myself!

I hope I can make it to age 80 ... and I think till then my goal should have been reached.

NOW you all know where my motivation comes from* I´m a proud forest village boy who loves the place where he grew up* :* <3

and okokok ... if I should really make it to become successful&famous ... of course some of my paintings will stay in Berlin too* ... because I love Berlin too* :* <3

so pls cross fingers, that I can make it* :* <3

Thank You* <3

4th june: today I put my easel (Staffelei) in my working room. it´s the first time that I created a whole painting on my easel. before I used my easel just a little bit and most of all had it as decoration in my living room.
the first painting is a portrait of my three years affair ... that streetfighter who robbed my flat, while being in a dr*g rush. (I wrote about him a little story here on facebook some days ago). I feel no hate for him. we had a great time together and somehow he is the most important reason that I left Cologne and moved to Berlin in 2003.
his portrait which I created today looks good ... it contains all emotions, which I have for him.


6th june: OMG^^ THANK YOU AAAALLLL* <3 for satisfying my facebook addiction and bringing my DOPAMINE LEVEL higher 68 000 times* =D <3 loooove you aaalll* :* <3 Thank You* <3

7th june: ^^ Mein erstes graues Schamhaar ^^

eigentlich ist es ja garnicht "grau" ... es ist "weiss". Ich mag weiss! Weiss steht für Stil und Eleganz ... und natürlich auch die Unschuld ... und die Reinheit. Vom Ältersein habe ich noch keine Ahnung und somit passt sogar das Sinnbild der Unschuld ... und der Reinheit.
Aber wie geht man nun mit diesem ersten weissen Schamhaar um?
oder doch Färben?

Ich habe mich für die Variante entschieden, es mit Freude willkommen zu heissen! Es ist nicht selbstverständlich älter und alt zu werden. Altern ist schwierig und ich sehe es auch als eine Art Privileg ... alt zu werden. Vor allem sehe ich die Freuden des Alterns. Die Reife in mir ist aufregend. Die zunehmende Ruhe genieße ich. Eine gewisse Weisheit habe ich mir auch bereits mit meinen 43 Lebensjahren angeeignet. Der Körper und der Geist fühlen sich irgendwie stark an ... eine Art von Stärke wie ich diese bisher noch nie erlebt hatte.
In Würde zu Altern habe ich zu meiner obersten Priorität gemacht. Ich möchte mich selbst im Spiegel ansehen. Ich möchte Vorbild sein. Ich möchte noch sehr viel lernen und erfahren. Ich möchte die Jahre des Alterns als Feuerwerk erleben.

Mein erstes graues Schamhaar entdeckte ich nicht mit Schock oder Verwirrung. Eine tiefe Ruhe machte sich beim Anblick dieses Schamhaares in mir breit.

Sollte ich ihm einen Namen geben!? Ich denke ... Nein ...
Aber die Erinnerung an diesen Moment wird mich wohl den Rest meines Lebens begleiten ...
Es war ein aufregender und sehr schöner Moment.


7th june: <3 Adam Kraft @ ICKY <3

Adam Kraft´s music was stunning^^ fresh^^ powerfull^^ superfun^^
I asked someone what kind of music this is and he described it as "cool kids music" ... and that fits perfect to me! Perhaps that music is popular at some places in San Francisco (where Adam comes from), but I can tell you: this style of music is completley unkown in Germany and the Berlin club scene. I felt absolutley privileged to listen and dance for ever to Adam´s music. because of the angle of dj desk and door ... Adam couldn´t see me dancing till I sweat*
when was a teenager ... 25 years ago ... and lived in Austria. it was said, that it needs about 10 !!! years till new music from America reaches Austria. today it´s perhaps a little bit faster, but it still needs yeeeaaaars till new music from America reaches Austria, Germany ... and even Berlin*

perhaps Adam does dj again in Berlin ... then PLS DON´T MISS IT^^ and YES!^^ ICKY is Berlin´s BEST PARTY :* <3

I looooove it, when on wednesday ... I still feel the vibes of T H A T sunday night party* :* <3

THANK YOU* :* <3

7th june: ^^ my mouth ... ^^

actually many people who don´t know me are surprised when they meet me the first time live* because I´m very quite ... and I don´t talk ... or just a little bit. the connection between my brain and my mouth doesn´t work very good ...
this is why I need other ways to express myself ... such as: paintings, photography, some short movies, ... and I love to write. I would say: in real life I´m the complete opposite of how my facebook page looks like ...

but that´s ok* that´s how I am* that´s my life*

7th june: ^^^whooouuuuiiiiiii^^^ 200 selfies reached on my instagram selfie account* :* <3

7th june: love my fresh renovated flat&studio <3 and love those very wonderful portraits on the wall* <3 one third of 100 planed portraits in oil on canvas Patrick Bartsch style are done already* ...

7th june: pls save the date: "Art is Resistance" Opening at 21st june 8 p.m. at fabulous Werkstattgalerie* <3 with Luca Carboni & Gabriel de Costa, Pierre Juve, Friedrich Lippe, Rudolf zur Lippe, Andrea Mazzola, Bruno de Panafleu, Nacoo Pariis, Ingeborg zu Schleswig-Holstein, Rainer Spitz, Klaus Vogelgesang ... and last but not least: Patrick Bartsch* would love to see you aaaallll at that glamorous opening* <3

8th june: habe ich übrigens schon erwähnt, daß ich bei der nächsten Wahl unsere Bundeskanzlerin MERKEL WÄHLEN werde* JA! sie hat gegenüber Putin ihren Mund aufgemacht und das rechne ich ihr seeeehr hoch an! ... und weiters: jedes Teilen von Artikeln auch auf Facebook ... über die Verfolgung Schwuler in Tschetschenien und Russland ... erhöht den internationalen Druck!

9th june: ^^^ depressions ^^^

sometimes they come to visit me.
I have everything what I want to have.
I arrived with my life at an awesome place.
I have everything what I want to have.
but sometimes depressions come to visit me.
It´s summer. It´s warm outside. the sun is shining.
I have everything what I want to have.
but sometimes depressions come to visit me.
I have friends. wonderful, lovely friends.
I met one of my best friends for dinner yesterday.
we know eachother since 29 years and she told me that never before I looked that much good and healthy ... as I do it right now.
I have everything what I want to have.
but sometimes depressions come to visit me.
they feel like monsters ... bad monsters ... very bad monsters ... in my head.
they go away. I just need to wait. sitting alone on my balcony helps me. I will sit there right now ... and wait ... ... till the monsters in my head go away.
I have everything what I want to have.
but sometimes monsters in my head come to visit me.

9th june: okokok* you wanna see my workout bulking mode body incl. belly* :* <3 I weigh almost 80 kilograms now* that´s absolut record in my life* I feel good* I eat a lot* and I do workout as many times as possible* just stopped posting it eeevery week* now in the 35th week* <3

11th june: R.I.P. David Rockefeller ... just realized it today that he died some months ago. doesn´t matter if he was "good" or "bad" ... I followed his life almost all my life.

12th june: OMG^^ I will be in a group show together with fab Friedrich Lippe, glam Nacoo Pariis, fierce Ingeborg zu Schleswig-Holstein, awesome Klaus Vogelgesang, and maaaany more <3 looove them aaaallll* <3 pls save the date 21st june at 8 p.m. in phantastic Werkstattgalerie* <3 eeeeverybody is invited to join that glitzy event* <3 see you soon* :* <3

12th june: loooove to do selfies with my paintings in oil on canvas* <3 PASSIONATE <3



protest against the killing of gay people in Chechnya 1st & 2nd may 2017
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21st april: . tortured in Ch*ech*ya.

since some days&nights I try to put myself in the situation of those gays imprisioned in Ch*ech*ya. the more I try it ... the more I realize ... that it´s impossible for me to feel what they must go through right now. BUT I´m sure that some of them wait for help from outside and I´m sure some of them lost every hope for help already ... and prepare themselves to die ... while they get tortured.
THIS TIME it´s not the time for us to stay silent! there is a major protest planed in Berlin and the organizers need some more helping hands. if YOU want to support it, then pls write me your name in a private message ... so I will redirect your name to the organizers. because of safety reasons: pls respect, than I´m able to accept only names of people who I know personal.



1st may: sometimes ... the only thing matters ... are facts: It´s the minimum I could do: being there for 4 hours and supporting the protest against the killing of gay people in Chechnya. If you want to support it too: till tomorrow 8 p.m. in front of the Chancellery building in Berlin ... you have the possibility to do it! Thank You* <3 and THX glam Frank Sperling for the picture* <3

2nd may: a handfull of people CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE^^* <3 someone spit on us ... others ignored us ... a gay guy from Chechnya came to say how thankful he is ... and at the end the goal got reached: Merkel urges Putin to intervene for gay rights in Chechnya. THANK YOU to the faaaabulous organizer Florian Filtzinger and his glamorous team with Nathan Duc Koestlin and maaaaany more <3 LOVE YOU FOREEEEVER <3



glamorous beautiful cars march - june 2017
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since some months I realize cars on the street
and especially in front of my balcony.
since 13 years I live now in that flat,
but never before I realized those amazing cars.
I love their design.
I love their glamour.




some postings which I created on facebook 17th april - 24th may 2017
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stories mix posted on facebook

18th april: like an exhibition ... in front of my balcony ^^ ... and not just today ^^ ... almost eeeeevery day such cars are here in MY STREET =D ^^ ... and yes! I love great design ^^ ... and I love beautiful cars <3

19th april: ^^ WHHOOUUUUIIII ^^ some nightshift work done* ... just finished my eeeemergency "Patrick Bartsch Painter" folder* ... in some days is gallery weekend in Berlin* ... and therefor I need something in my hands to hand out* ... OMG that folder looks veeeery "whatever" ... but it was the best what I could do with my photo program from 2003 ... :* <3

19th april: after the renovation of my body and flat ... it´s time NOW to renovate my company^^* <3 oh, yes! I own a cute little company since 2005 ... called "PHOENICS PEOPLE" ... I created everything at that logo ... even the font* :* <3

20th april: ^^ there isn´t that one true religion ... but there is that one real world. ^^

it´s time for the world to realize: that those illusions of different countries are OVER ... that those illusions of that one true religion are OVER.
there is only place left for ONE WORLD ... without boarders ... and everyone should be able to believe in whatever someone wants to believe in ... WITHOUT JUDGING another person for believing in something/someone different.
there isn´t that one true religion ... but there is that one real world.

21st april: . tortured in Ch*ech*ya.

since some days&nights I try to put myself in the situation of those gays imprisioned in Ch*ech*ya. the more I try it ... the more I realize ... that it´s impossible for me to feel what they must go through right now. BUT I´m sure that some of them wait for help from outside and I´m sure some of them lost every hope for help already ... and prepare themselves to die ... while they get tortured.
THIS TIME it´s not the time for us to stay silent! there is a major protest planed in Berlin and the organizers need some more helping hands. if YOU want to support it, then pls write me your name in a private message ... so I will redirect your name to the organizers. because of safety reasons: pls respect, than I´m able to accept only names of people who I know personal.



22nd april: ^^ DAMN ^^ I loooove those glamorous cars ... in front of my balcony <3 ... eeeevery day I have such cars here* :* <3 ... since 13 years that I live here* <3

22nd april: jetzt ist auch die deutsche Version des Faltblattes "Patrick Bartsch Maler" fertig. da ich keine vernünftigen Layoutprogramme besitze ist das Resultat leider määääääässssig geworden :( aber besser als garnichts ... Bald werdet ihr mich dann bei Kunstevents beim Faltblattverteilen treffen* FREUE MICH SCHON :) <3

22nd april: 28th week doing workout at home* and ^^DAMN^^ it´s F*CKING COLD in Berlin* :* <3

23rd april: ^^damn^^ just found my old twitter account which one I have since 2009`* :* <3

24th april: ^^ RICH AND SEXY ^^ ... those ^^ poor but sexy ^^ Berlin days are OVER^^ loooove those cars in front of my balcony* <3

24th april: ^^ created to become a success machine ^^

I mentioned it already a few times, that I went to one of the best private schools in Europe. There I spent the years of my life between age 14 till 19. and for that reason it will be important for my whole life.
The meaning of that school (Tourismusschulen Bad Gleichenberg) was/is: to create success machines in the capitalistic world. (such as: one of my class mates is director of huge Hilton hotel, another one takes a leading position in an oil company, ... <= yes! they have the same age as I have).
EVERYTHING about "money making" has been our daily subject at school. "unimportant" school subjects just didn´t exist there: music, creating art, ... and even philosophy and psychology.
While those IMPORTANT YEARS between 14 and 19 ... I was starving for EVERYTHING to touch my deepest inner emotions:

° I let friends from other schools give me their philosophy and psychology books, which they used at their school subjects.
° In summer vacation (age 15) I traveled by train through Europe and visited the Louvre in Paris, the Picasso Museum in Barcelona, Venice, Monaco, ...
° ... and and and
° AND I want to THANK my AWESOME GREAT english teacher ... who used songs such as "Vincent" by Don McLean ... to teach us english ... and wanted to make us realize that there exists MORE outside in the world ... as the school wants to make us believe!
that english teacher´s lessons have been like water drops on my dried out soul ... and I think it was literally the first time that I got in contact with Vincent van Gogh* ... and it was LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT <3 with the song and van Gogh´s paintings <3

Thank You* :*

25th april: ^^ rich and sexy ^^ loooove those glaaaamorous cars in front of my balcony .... eeeeevery day :* <3

25th april: that glam moment ... when: I look at my arms and want mooooore muscles ... but at the same time I realize that never before in my life I had such big arms as I have them right now* <3

26th april: ein Trauuum ^^ Ich sag´s euch: der Rhabarber Streusel Kuchen ist ein Trauuuum* *mmmmhhhhmmm*
hab gestern Abend ein ganzes Blech gebacken und über die Nacht einziehen lassen. jetzt esse ich gerade ein erstes Stück* ... und ich muß echt sagen: ein Trauuuum* ... zum Dahinschmelzen ... zum Niederknien* *mmmmhhhhmmmm*

... und wenn ihr euch diesen Text jetzt noch mit meinem Wiener Akzent vorstellt ... dann versteht´s mi bestimmt* ... ein Trauuuuum ^^ *mmmmhhmmmmm*

Bis später zum Offenen Studio* <3 ... und da gibt es den Rhabarber Streusel ... auf Wunsch sogar mir frisch geschlagener Sahne* :* <3

Bis später* <3

27th april: ^^ rich and sexy ^^ loooove those glamorous cars ... eeeevery day in front of my balcony* :* <3

27th april: did I mention already, that my dream is: to become one of the most important artists of the 21st century. ... not one of the richest ... not one of the most famous ones ... my dream is: to become one of the most important artists to bring the whole population of that planet into a better future* <3

27th april: OOOH I almost missed it* =D <3 10 artists who influenced my art and I met in Berlin. ... but one is a lie* :* <3

1. Michael Stipe
2. Prof. Klaus Vogelgesang
3. Brian Tennessee-Claflin
4. Salomé
5. Isa Genzken
6. Pierre et Gilles
7. Nina Hagen
8. Leonardo da Vinci
9. Rainer Fetting
10. Wolfgang Tillmans

:* <3

27th april: in the 29th week doing workout at home* and YES! I bumped up my weights* :* <3

28th april: ^^ "poor but sexy" vs "rich and sexy" ^^

"poor but sexy" was THE slogan for Berlin when I came here in 2003. everything about Berlin was "poor but sexy" and I felt the same for myself too. I felt "poor but sexy".
and NOW after years of feeling "poor but sexy" I have just enough of that feeling! it´s time to feel the opposite: "rich and sexy"
the weird thing is: almost nothing has changed in my way of life. it´s just the way I look at it. especially in Berlin you have the choice of seeing the "poor" stuff or the "rich" stuff. the reality is: I life a rich life! and it´s about to see it ... feel it ... and life it NOW!
it´s time now for ^^RICH AND SEXY^^ ... the new glamour for me! ... and I think, that I really deserve it. I really worked for it.

29th april: ^^ rich and sexy ^^ loooove those glam cars in front of my balcony eeeeevery day <3 is this yours too Christa ? :* <3

29th april: ^^ rich and sexy ^^ ... I loooove it when people sitting next to me and talking about trading art worth 80 000 euro* :*
for some seconds I thought about it ... to interrupt them with a sentence such as: "äääöööhmm ...... btw ..... I have also paintings to sell ... for only 70 bucks!" <= I didn´t say it, but thought about their faces ... if I would have said it* =D :* <3

30th april: I was always wondering how it felt to watch Hitler when he was in power.
I think now I know it: right now: watching Trump talking since more than 30 minutes on CNN live for first 100 days in power.
Even the sound of the screaming people in the back ... reminds me to the noices I know from movies ... when people screamed for Hitler.
It´s weired how he mentioned Germany as first country for being his friend today ...

30th april: ^^ rich&sexy ^^ loooove my neighbours <3 since moooore than 13 years* :* <3

30th april: ^^ rich&sexy ^^ looooooove those glam cars in front of my balcony eeeeevery day :* <3

1st may: sometimes ... the only thing matters ... are facts: It´s the minimum I could do: being there for 4 hours and supporting the protest against the killing of gay people in Chechnya. If you want to support it too: till tomorrow 8 p.m. in front of the Chancellery building in Berlin ... you have the possibility to do it! Thank You* <3 and THX glam Frank Sperling for the picture* <3

2nd may: OMMMGGG I NEEEEEED to tell you this: found a radio channel on youtube which plays non-stop aaaallllll songs which I listen to since yeeeeeaaaaaaars* <3 now I don´t want to stop listen to this radio channel since daaaaayyssss&nnnniiiigghhhts* it´s sooooo gooooood <3 named "Just Good Music 24/7" Stay See Live Radio* <3 <3 <3 <3

2nd may: a handfull of people CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE^^* <3 someone spit on us ... others ignored us ... a gay guy from Chechnya came to say how thankful he is ... and at the end the goal got reached: Merkel urges Putin to intervene for gay rights in Chechnya. THANK YOU to the faaaabulous organizer Florian Filtzinger and his glamorous team with Nathan Duc Koestlin and maaaaany more <3 LOVE YOU FOREEEEVER <3

2nd may: OMG gonna looooove it <3 BRANDNEW trailer for "Who The F**k Is That Guy? The Fabulous Journey Of Michael Alago* :* <3

3rd may: OOOMMMGGG ^^ my N E W neighbours really want to know it!^^ =D LOOOOVE IT <3 ... former Lenz ... former Babylon ... former Lieblingsbar ... and N O W "KAFFEE" :* <3

4th may: R.I.P. Daliah Lavi <3 ooooh I loooove her music <3 foreeeever <3 THANK YOU <3

4th may: ^^ rich&sexy ^^ loooove those sexy cars eeevery day in front of my balcony* OMG I loooooove my neighbourhood <3 :* <3 and brandnew: ^^ KAFFEE ^^ =D :* <3

4th may: an interviewer asks the curator about the painter Richard Gerstl:
interviewer: "is it true that this painter was crazy?"
curator: "no! he was an artist!"

OMG* =D hahahahaha =D


4th may: workout in front of my three ORIGINAL blue IKEAbags =D :* ... and YEAHS^^ bulking mood* 79 kg ... the past 20 years I had about 64 kg ... max 67 kg. <= those superskinny times are OVER! ... can´t wait for moooooore muscles on my body* <3 now in the 30th week* <3

6th may: booored* pls anyone wants to play the game "last word first word"? the last word of the sentence above is your first word of a new sentence * :* <3

6th may: "Klopapierblattzähler" und "Spaßgesellschaft" sind wohl die beiden Worte, welche mich in letzter Zeit am meisten zum Nachdenken gebracht haben: "Klopapierblattzähler", weil ich das wirklich bin. Ich zähle aaaaallllles akribisch genau mit und nach. Beinahe übertrieben wie beim Klopapierblattzählen ...
und "Spaßgesellschaft" weil dieses Wort den absoluten Zeitgeist unserer Gesellschaft und besonders dieser in Berlin, widerspiegelt. Alles was diese "Spaßgesellschaft" bedient, zählt und wird honoriert. Dass ich letztendlich mit meinen Performances, Malerei, usw. auch genau diesem Teil dieser "Spaßgesellschaft" angehöre, hat mich ordentlich zum Nachdenken gebracht ...

Habt ihr bitte auch solch bedeutende Worte für euch?


6th may: Patrick´s inner monologues: the pain in my knees became too much.

I knew it from the very beginning, when I started with my first paintings in oil on canvas in 2011. I used to create them in the same position as I created drawings as kid. my mother worked as tailor at home and during the age 3 till 8 ... I sat on the floor next to her and created drawings of pirate ships, flowers, animals, ...

in the past years I created almost 600 paintings in oil on canvas in that position. on my knees on the floor. I´m 43 years old now and my body talks to me. I made my knees suffer too much in the past years. the pain became too much in the past weeks. because of that reason I have to change my painting position immediatly. I will start to work on a table and use more often my easel. I´m sure that a new position will make my paintings look different, but I think that´s ok, because I learned a lot of creating paintings in the past years.

^^ DAMN ^^ I had no idea about it, how painful it is, when knees start to hurt ...

7th may: art events in Berlin?

pls does anyone has any idea about art events in near future?
I have no idea at all, but would really like to go to some ...
artfairs, openings, UdK stuff, ...

8th may: <3 suuuuuper happy =D :* <3 with my new 1100 "Patrick Bartsch Painter" folders english version (german version comes soon too*)^^ pls meet me soooon at the next B I G art events* <3 ... on the pic: wearing glamorous 20 years old trousers and awesome TZUJI shirt by fabulous Larry Tee Thom :* <3

8th may: "KAFFEE"bar ... ^^rich&sexy^^ glam cars ... aaaaaand H O T BRANDNEW "Patrick Bartsch Painter" folder* :* <3

8th may: ^^ the bad side of Patrick Bartsch ^^

pls what is what you don´t like about Patrick Bartsch?
"renovation of life" means more to me, than to renovate a flat and a body ... it means also to renovate the character* <3
nobody likes 100 percent of another person. there are always 10 or 20 or 40 or even 70 percent ... which someone doesn´t like at another person. <= and today I´m interessted in it! pls write it in the comments below and help me to make a "better" Patrick Bartsch out of me* THANK YOU <3

... and tomorrow it will be about ^^ the good side of Patrick Bartsch ^^, because I´m also interessted in that ... what you like about me.


8th may: ^^ die schlechte Seite des Patrick Bartsch ^^

was könnt ihr garnicht an Patrick Bartsch ausstehen?
"Renovierung des Lebens" bedeutet für mich mehr ... als nur die Wohnung und den Körper zu renovieren. Es geht mir auch um eine Renovierung meines Characters* <3
Niemand mag 100 Prozent an einem anderen Menschen. Es gibt immer 10 oder 20 oder 40 oder gar 70 Prozent welche man an einem anderen Menschen nicht leiden kann. <= und genau daran bin ich heute interessiert. Bitte schreibt dies in die Kommentare und helft mir einen "besseren" Patrick Bartsch aus mir zu machen* DANKE SEHR <3

... und morgen geht es um ^^ die gute Seite des Patrick Bartsch ^^, denn dies interessiert mich ebenso ... was ihr gut an mir findet.


9th may: my new sitting position feels weird* first time sitting on a chair ... instead of kneeing on the floor. but I´m sure that this position is much healthier for my body ... <3

9th may: it´s only eight months since I decided to change my life: since september 2016: the "renovation of my life" includes so far:
* writing the manuscripte for another book
* workout for my body ... and of course: no alcohol and no dr**gs
* total renovation of my flat
* started to renovate my little company
* and new: started to renovate my character

and today: I like to look in the mirror again ...


and btw: if I can do it ... everyone else can do it too*


10th may: R.I.P. Robert Miles :( Thank You A Lot for your AMAZING MAGIC music ... which is part of my life since yeeeeeaaaaarsssss <3 so sad your young death :(

10th may: *hhmmmm* also wenn ich so auf deutsch schreiben würde wie ich dies auf englisch tue, dann würde das so klingen:

DU MEIIIIINNNNNE GÜTE heute gibt´s suuuuuperlekka XoP MARZIPAN-ERDBEER-TOOOOOORTE :* <3 mit extra viel Marzipan und Erdbeeren drin* kann es kaum erwarten heute Nachmittag sooooo viiiiiiieeeeel Torte zu essen bis nichts mehr in meinen Bauch passt =P ... und <3 AAAALLLLLEEEEE <3 sind herzlichst dazu eingeladen mit mir suuuuuperlekka Marzipan-Erdbeer-Torte mitzuessen* :* <3

wenn sich der Frühling mit dem Warmwerden in Berlin sooooo laaaaange Zeit lässt, dann muss man sich das Leben einfach selbst schöner machen* :* <3

Bis später* :* <3

10th may: ... aaaaand T H I S is my protest against that F*CKING COLD WEATHER IN BERLIN* aaaarrrggghhhhhsssss^^ SUUUUPER EXTRA B I G <3 Marzipan Strawberry Cake <3 with Pistachios* :* <3

13th may: Die Freundschaft mit der Familie Köstlin hat auch mir in den vergangenen Jahren sehr gut getan* In besonders schwierigen Zeiten haben sie mich vor allem darin bestärkt den Glaube an mich selbst und meine künstlerische Arbeit nicht zu verlieren. Dafür Danke ich dieser wunderbaren Familie sehr* <3 Margot Köstlin <3 Nathan Duc Koestlin <3 Ulrich Köstlin <3

13th may: "many times ... a good painter ... is also a good cook" ^^ WWHHHOOUUUUIIIII ^^ my first dinner invitation in my "new life" renovated flat ... went veeeery good* <3 Fabulous Original Beelitzer Asparagus for Veeeeery Woooonderful Glamorous Guests :* <3 big THX to Christopher for that lovely pic* <3 ... and YES! more invitations to follow* <3

15th may: gay guy murdered in Berlin: and to all my not german speaking friends who live in Berlin or are sometimes guest in Berlin: saturday night someone got murdered in the Volkspark Friedrichshain. they only know so far that the victim was gay and a student from Italy living in Berlin :( if you have any knowledge about that night which could help the police ... pls get in contact with the police!

16th may: ^^ Die Dotterblume ^^

Das Gänseblümchen, die Seerose, die Gerbera, die Callas oder doch die Silberdistel?
Jede und Jeder hat wohl seine Lieblingsblume ... wie man wohl auch seine Lieblingsfarbe hat. Aber welche sollte es nun wirklich sein? Für welche würde man sich entscheiden, wenn man nur eine einzige auf eine "einsame Insel" mitnehmen könnte!?
Marlene Dietrich hätte sich für die Hängegeranie entschieden. Marilyn Monroe für die Rose ... Dame Edna für die Gladiole ... Madonna für die Gardenie.
Meine Großmutter liebte die Strelitzia über alles. ... aber für welche sollte ich mich entscheiden!?
Viele Jahre dachte ich immer wieder mal über diese ... doch sehr bedeutende ... Frage nach ... und fand immer wieder verschiedene oder garkeine Antworten darauf.
Jedoch gibt es die eine Blume welche mich seit meiner frühesten Kindheit immer wieder verzauberte. Im tiefsten Schwarzwald aufgewachsen entdeckte ich sie immer wieder ... oft an dunklen ... wässrigen ... beinahe moorigen Plätzen im Wald und neben Wiesen. Sie leuchtete wie eine kleine Sonne an diesen Plätzen. Das starke, kräftige Gelb hatte eine magische Anziehungskraft auf viele Tiere und ebenso auf mich. Wenn sie geschlossen war, bildete sie diese wunderschöne, kugelförmige Blütenform ... und wenn sie sich öffnete erstrahlte eine kleine Wunderwelt. Eine sich öffnende Kugel ... gehörte wohl zu den zaubervollsten Dingen in meiner Kindheit. Ich pflückte diese Blume nie ... wußte ich doch, daß sie es nicht lange überleben würde ... entrissen aus ihrem Revier. Ich liebte sie ... wenn ich sie in freier Natur sah. Sie zauberte Freude in mein Gesicht und in mein Herz ... und ^^ Die Dotterblume ^^ ist es wohl, welche auf ewig meine Lieblingsblume sein wird.


16th may: to the history of art .... a NEW name ... needs to be added ^^* 21st century style :* <3

17th may: "... if I want to be part of the B I G art world ... I need to be interessted in the B I G art world" ^^ :* <3 today ... for the first time ... I bought the MONOPOL art magazine ... and YES! 1100 folder "Patrick Bartsch Maler" german version are done too* :* <3 caaaaan´t wait to say "hello!" to the B I G art world* <3

17th may: Frage: "Patrick, warum bist du eigentlich so ein Großmaul?"
Antwort: "Erstens kann ich wunderbar selbst über meine Großmaulkommentare und mich selbst lachen =D . ... und zweitens: motiviert mich mein Großmaul auch tatsächlich ... mehr und härter zu arbeiten, weil ich es im Grunde genommen ja auch nicht nur bei der Großmäuligkeit belassen will."

:* <3

17th may: *Mein erstes Mal*

es wurde höchste Zeit, daß ich mir zum ersten Mal das ´Monopol Magazin für Kunst und Leben´ gekauft habe und es mir durchgeblättert und teilweise gelesen habe.
Mein erster Eindruck: Schlägt man die Mai 2017 Ausgabe auf erscheint doppelseitig eine Werbung von SAINT LAURENT. Auf den folgenden beiden Seiten geht es mit einer CHANEL Werbung weiter. Was hätte ich sonst erwartet? Eine Werbung von "Die Tafel"? Vielleicht ja. Doch es handelt sich bei dem Monopol Magazin offensichtlich um ein Hochglanzmagazin, welches nicht weit einer Vogue und Harper´s Bazar angelegt ist.
Die Chefredakteurin Elke Buhr erwartet mich mit ihrem Grußwort auf der nächsten Seite. Eine Frau auf dem Cover, eine Frau als Chefredakteurin und gaaaaanz viel mehr Frauen und Weiblichkeit dominieren diese Ausgabe. Ob mir dieses "dominieren" lediglich so vorkommt oder der Tatsache entspricht, sei dahin gestellt. Ich freue mich! :) Frauen in der Kunst finde ich als äusserst wichtig und bekommen von mir jegliche Unterstützung!
Weiters zu finden sind auf mehreren Seiten Werbung für Auktionen: bei Grisebach, Christie´s, ... dabei wird Kunst angeboten wie: Beckmann für 800 000 - 1 200 000, Helnwein für 70 000 - 90 000, Francis Bacon für 50 000 000 - 70 000 000, ...
In diesem Magazin geht es offensichtlich um gaaaanz viel Geld. Viel Geld für Kunst und alles was irgendwie damit zusammenhängt.
Anne Imhof wird im Portrait vorgestellt, ist sie doch Teil der Venedig-Biennale. Es tut gut einen mehrseitigen Artikel vorzufinden in welchem es um ´eine´ Künstlerin und ihre Arbeit geht. Dies entwickelt eine Art der persönlichen Verbindung in mir.
Ich blättere weiter das Monopol Magazin durch. Finde erwartungsvoll den Kunstkalender mit Ausstellungsterminen Deutschlandweit und hoffe insgeheim irgendwann auf eine Boulvardmäßige who-is-who Seite zu treffen. Auf der vorletzten Seite ist es dann soweit: Die klassische Gesichts- und Namensfotoseite: diesmal mit "Monopol zu Gast auf der Art Basel/Hongkong". Dass ich hier kein einziges Gesicht und keinen einzigen Namen kenne, freut mich, da ich es auch erwarte seeeehr viel Neues kennenzulernen, wenn ich mich in der kommenden Zeit in die Kunstwelt hineinbewege.
Sehr gut finde ich das "SPECIAL ISSUE: Venice Biennale". Es ermöglicht mir einen gewissen Eindruck von den Pavillons zu erlangen. ... und dann passiert es doch: Ich erkenne einen Namen: Boris Pofalla beschreibt mehrere Pavillons. Ich finde seinen Schreibstil großartig und freue mich* :)

Letztendlich stelle ich mir die Frage ob ich wirklich Teil "dieser" Kunstwelt werden möchte. "Ja!" ist meine Antwort ohne zu zögern. Ob ich mit meinen Gemälden in Öl auf Leinwand für 70 Euro und meiner turbulenten Geschichte als Künstler in Berlin, in diese Kunstwelt des Monopols dazu passe, das wird sich zeigen ... Mein Wille und mein Engagement wird auf jeden Fall vorhanden sein.

Auf eine gute Zusammenarbeit! <3

18th may: dear diary* today I realized that it was the first time today that I painted without t-shirt. never before I did it that way. I think this reflects how much free I feel after months of renovating my life. it needed a while to get used to my "new" life, but it looks like that it does good to me. I feel very free right now ... and I think this will be possible to see in my new paintings too. I feel very good at the moment* <3

19th may: today I feel veeeeery similar :* <3 "... I was struck with so much excitement and gratitude for my love of art. I want to share that experience with as many people as possible.” says Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa ^^*

19th may: ^^ verstörend ^^

in den vergangenen Wochen geisterte immer wieder dieser Begriff "verstörend" durch meine Gedanken, wenn ich mir meine Gemälde betrachtete.
Anfangs fand ich diesen Begriff etwas "störend", aber immer mehr freunde ich mich sehr damit an. "Verstörend" hat in der Geschichte der Malerei einen besonderen Stellenwert: Als die Füße von Jesus zum ersten Mal von Sand beschmutzt gemalt wurden, galt dies als "verstörend". van Gogh´s und Picasso´s Gemälde und die viieeeeeler anderer Maler ... galten anfangs als "verstörend". Nitsch´s Schüttbilder galten als "verstörend", ...
Besonders bei meiner Serie "100 Portraits in Öl auf Leinwand Patrick Bartsch Stil" ... wirken einige Portraits als "verstörend".
Manche erinnern an Bilder aus Spiegelkabinetts ... andere wirken wie von Bildern alter Fernseher, wenn das Fernsehbild "flackerte" ... wiederum andere ähneln Figuren, welche wie aus Kerzenwachs gemacht, zu zerschmeltzen beginnen ...
Es ist wohl das Veränderliche ... das Endliche ... dem Aussetzen der Zeit Vergängliche ... welches in meinen Portraits dargestellt wird ... auf eine Art und Weise wie sie vielleicht neu ist ... und dadurch manchesmal ^^ verstörend ^^ wirkt.

20th may: ^^ WHOOOUUUUUIIIIIIII ^^ one of my favorite wonderful models for paintings of the past years became *MISTER GAY BERLIN* <3 CONGRATULATIONS Micha Alter <3 <3 <3

20th may: (BMW M1) ^^rich&sexy^^ OMMMMFFFGGG T H I S was THE CAR OF MY DREAMS :* <3 when I was a teenager* I had a huuuuugggeee poster of that car next to my bed when I lived at the college during the week. I was even at the presentation of that car ... this is why I had such a huuuugggeee poster of it. LOOOOVE to see that car today in front of my balcony* :* <3 <3 <3

21st may: ^^ 10 bucks for each painting which I created before 2016. <= I think this is a GREAT idea* :* <3
Queer people and their friends ... are my family and they are part of my life ... literally in good&bad times.
on 14th and 15th july there will be the lesbian-gay-streetparty in Berlin with about 600 000 guests and I will be there again with my ^^ Patrick Bartsch art action booth ^^ <3
I created about 600 paintings in oil on canvas so far (since 2011) and about 200 are sold. <= I think this is veeeery good for an autodidakt. so about 400 are left and my studio is full. those paintings are part of my past and after my ^^ total renovation of life ^^ ... I feel to go new ways ... with NEW paintings.

alternatives would be: to rent a storage <= but I don´t want to waste my money for such things.
or to stop to paint <= this I will never do.
or to give them away for free on the street <= OH! I thought about it already.

I said always, that I create art and paintings for eeeeeveryone. "everyone" means also for people with little money.
If you want to get one of my 10-bucks-paintings ... pls plan to visit me soooon at my booth at the lesbian-gay-streetparty Berlin* <3

and YES! I do it also because I want to give "something" back to my woooonderful queer community <3 ... which one is aaaaalways around me* :* <3

23rd may: dear arab countries ...

... my father has an cardiac pacemaker and the clinical heart center in Munich takes care about him and they do it veeeery good. do they belong to the best medical centers in the world for heart problems.
he told me, that a whole part of the heart center in Munich is reserved for people from arab countries. many signs in the heart center are written in arab writing.
here my question to the arab world: WHY you don´t investe your billions of oil money in eductation!? universities!? ... and YES! to get best qualified people you need to give them FREEDOM! Freedom to study! Freedom to life! for EVERYONE: women, men, ... and YES! queer people too! <= only with freedom you get people to be passionate for their profession! and YES! professions such as cardiac surgeons!
BUILT UP YOUR OWN CARDIAC CENTERS! and don´t be infamous/famous for using your oil money for Disney World style fun cities in the desert, while at the same time suppressing 99 percent of the people who life in your countries.

23rd may: Patrick Bartsch´s 50 cent to the first public lashing of a 20 and 24 years old gay man in Indonesia:

gays belong to the most powerful and richest groups on the planet. many times they have no children and have all their life to spend it on one life task. this is why they become that much successful and for that reason USEFUL for every society! By suppressing gay people ... haunting them ... isolating them ... beating and killing them ... a society faces a huge loss in their progress to grow in every part.
smart leaders know about that fact and dumb leaders ignore that fact.
what the regime in Indonesia sends out as message to gay people is wrong in every way.
from my opinion it needs a worldwide masterplan about how to safe haunted gay men from every part in the world and it shouldn´t matter how rich or poor they are. that a country such Germany gives asylum to gay people is not enough: there needs to be a possibilty to get them out of their countries. Further more EVERY support for gay haunting countries needs to be stopped immediately.
it´s time for a new self-awareness and
it´s time to get ourselves out of that "being a victim corner" and

23rd may: R.I.P. Roger Moore

actually I met him twice. the first time was at the film shooting for "Boat Trip". the movie was a complete flop. but I´m sure the movie is funny. it´s with a loooot of gay stuff in it and Cuba Godding Jr. is part of the movie too. when I lived in Cologne ... sometimes I worked as extra for movies. I remember that one scene when about one hundred extras where in a big room. When Roger Moore entered the room it was about it that eeeeverybody could feel it ... could feel him. He had those very special vibes reaching everybody. (actually you can see me in that clip in the comments. with the blue shirt at the beginning)
The second time I saw him at the funeral of Helmut Newton in Berlin.
Roger Moore was a very special human ... he represented that style ... that class which I love*
Thank You Roger Moore <3

23rd may: OMG JUST DISCOVERED MYSELF IN A MOVIE SCENE WITH ROGER MOORE <3 at the scene in the comments. the guy with the blue shirt at the first seconds* that´s me :)

some years ago I did extra for several movies, but somehow never watched them by myself. and just right now I found that scene with Roger Moore for Boat Trip and discovered myself* OMG Roger Moore was phantastic in that movie shooting ... and everyone else such as Cuba Gooding Jr. too*

R.I.P. Roger Moore <3

23rd may: 44.21 min Film über Sonnenallee, Hermannplatz, ... uuuund irgendwie gehöre ich ja wohl auch mit dazu* ... zumindest seit über 8 Jahren jeden Sonntag Nachts im Ficken3000 als "Türmann" :* <3 ... und JA! der große glamouröse RollsRoyce welcher vor 7 Jahren, zu Neuköllns ´wilden´ Zeiten, regelmässig am Hermannplatz parkte, gehörte natürlich einem unserer Partygäste* :* <3



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with mega glamorous Andrej Vile <3

the day after mega glamorous Andrej Vile <3 celebrated his glitzy birthday at ICKY party ... I posted those words on fb:

<3 ^^* ICKYparty Berlin *^^ <3

there are reasons, why I´m there every sunday night. it´s because ...
<3 I LOVE ...

Quality on the highest level
Creativity on the highest level
Passion on the highest level
Style on the highest level
Glamour on the highest level
Fun on the highest level

yesterday night it was again such a veeeery special night. it was that much phantastic, that it needs a genius writer to find matching words for it. for me it was again to best place to be that night.

pls let me ask someone who was sitting at the door there even BEFORE I did it: " Nathan Duc Koestlin <3 isn´t every word true which I wrote above? ... and Thank You for the bottle Veuve Clicquot champagne last night for all of us. it was veeery delicious to put a glas of champagne on top of the emotions which happened last night."
(yes! I´m still sober since seven months. I think a glas of champagne for the perfect moment ... is just ok*)

responsible for those nights is fabulous Jared Abbott <3 Thank You for being the promoter and creating those stunning great sunday nights every week^^*
and of course Thank You to Charlie <3 and Thorsten <3 for being lovely at the bar and last but not least: glitzy Frank <3 the owner of the legendary Club Ficken3000^^*

those people there and aaaaaalllllll DJs (such as wonderful Absinthia <3 last night) & guests <3 , who I loooooove thaaaaat muuuuuuuuch ... are: MY GLAMOROUS BERLIN STYLE FAMILY <3 :* <3 THANK YOU FOR THAT :* <3 LOVE YOU AAAAALLLL :* <3 ... and see you next sunday night :*

at ICKY party in the club named "Ficken3000"




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