*hmmmmpf* 6th september 2016
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^^ lentils with sausage ^^ after 8 hours on the stove *hmmmppppffff*

... and yes! I think that something like that happened to almost everyone of us =OP

what happened? : I felt asleep XoP


book "the story of Master Patrick" 1st september 2016
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just started with the brainstorming for my new book "the story of Master Patrick" ... it´s very rare that I do journeys into the past of my life ... but when I do it ... then it´s always intense ...


some postings which I created on facebook 19th july 2016 - 21st august 2016
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stories mix posted on facebook:

19th july: OH* look what I found while cleaning the flat: a cd which Brian-Tennessee created for me in the year 2008* those songs have been some of his most favorite songs at that time and he played them non-stop when he startet PORKparty* I think someone of you would perhaps like to see that song list too <3

19th july: OMG that was mmjammmmy goooooood =P ^^ Schillerlocke ^^ ( strip of smoked rock salmon ) =P

20th july: Berlin CSD after afterhour at ICKY =D :* <3

24th july: ^^ no mobile phone, no television, no cd player, (almost) no laptop ... an eremite´s life ... MY eremite´s life ^^ ... and I´m not in a hurry to change that situation ...

my laptop felt on the floor ... one week ago. and now it needs to get repaired.
I have no television since 14 years, no cd player since 6 years, no mobile phone since 1 year, and now no laptop too. (just using my old laptop, which is working only about 1 hour per day, because it heats up very fast.)
and now my life feels that much "good" as I haven´t felt it since maaaaany years. I meet people on my balcony, at my weekly open studio and at the weekly Icky party.
my life feels completly relaxed: I realize more the color of the sky, the taste of the air that I breathe, I take more time for eating, ...
my senses get more and more sharpened. I realize more my surroundings ... my flat, the street, the people, ... when guests come to my flat (especially when they stay several hours), then it is a completly special situation, because we look into eachothers eyes, we listen to eachothers stories, ... <= all of that is a feeling which I had about 35 years ago, when I was a little child and there was almost no technic around me.
I´m a painter and I need sharpened senses <= I think this is part of my job and expected! ... and as you perhaps know: I want to be one of the best ... THE BEST PAINTERS
one of my best friends (since school* and btw: neeeever underestimate the power of "old" friends. I love you Martina<3 ) made me realize that most of my paintings look kind of "dark" (even when I don´t use black in my paintings). and now ... in future ... I plan to create more colorful and bright paintings. <= it´s actually the feeling I have with almost no technical things around me.

let´s see how long my eremite´s life phase will last ... I mean: other people go for that in the forrest or on an little island ... and I do that IN THE CENTER OF BERLIN =D ... and it feels goooood <3 :*

26th july: just another ... *ääääöööhmmmmm* SELF PORTRAIT =D (the DADDY painting)

27th july: my paintings are not about being "beautiful" ... my paintings are "real" ... and being "real" is "beautiful" <3

27th july: ^^ ignored ^^

not one magazine wrote about my work as painter. even not mentioned it somewhere. <= that makes me feel ... being ignored *hmmmpfffff*

I mean I do it now since about four years ... created about 500 paintings in oil on canvas. and about 120 of them found owners in many parts of that world.

I feel ignored by media ... *hmmmpppffff*

31st july: Brian teached me, that the only right answer for every ... eeeeeevery question ... is: <3 L O V E <3

5th aug: sometimes in life ... you meet someone ... someone special ... and the most important reason, why you meet that person, is ... that he is opening a new door in your life ... a door to a another level in your life

I met such a special person some days ago ... in the morning on an empty street. we know eachother since some months and on that morning we decided to spend the whole day together and have just a good time. we listened to Beethoven ... we talked and laughed together ... we did some hypnosis. ... or better to say: he did some hypnosis with me. and it was A M A Z I N G ^^ he took me literally on another level with my life.

and now ... I feel different ... somehow NEW *

5th aug: in the past weeks I wasn´t really in the mood to finish paintings. I just started with paintings. and now there are about 30 unfinished paintings in my studio ... and I should really think about it to finish them*

7th aug: just finished* ... an interpretation of a photography which I took in the year (I think it was) 2006 in Berlin of one of my moooost favorite French fashion designers ... GLAAAAM Naco Paris <3

9th aug: Brian´s words forever* ... when Brian had the feeling, that someone wants to think/say/do something "bad", then Brian always said with a very special vocal sound those words before: DON´T EVEN TRY

10th aug: ... and sometimes ... while painting ... I feel that stubborn little child inside of me ... which screams " I DON´T CARE IF SOMEONE LIKES MY PAINTINGS! I PAINT WHAT I WANT TO PAINT! " ... and I´m capricorn born ... I know what it means to be stubborn =D

11th aug: it´s " I <3 U " written on it <3

11th aug: this saturday will be THE LAST OPEN STUDIO on a saturday* ... because then the Open Studio will happen EVERY WEDNESDAY*

12th aug: Patrick Bartsch´s the last Open Studio on a saturday

solitude was the most important reason, why I started with that event about 3 1/2 years ago. before I was completly alone at home ... almost nobody came here to visit me. I felt lost in a big city.

actually I know it from old people, when they meet eachother one time a week for drinking coffee and eating cake. <= and that should have been the solution for my misery. it was an absolutly win-win situation. if someone came here then it was AWESOME and when no one came, then I had at least my flat cleaned and some fresh cake here to eat. and from those about 180 times I did that Open Studio ... perhaps just 8 times no one came here. that means: on 172 saturdays in the past 3 1/2 years ... I had AWESOME guests here. I would say about 300 people came here to visit me ... eating cake with me ... and watching the progress of my painting work.

I remember uncountable amazing saturday afternoons and evenings. most of the time we have been just a handfull of people. it started on 9th march 2013 and when great Henry de Winter was one of the first guests, then I knew that I will love those Open Studio saturdays. very important for me was also that my love Brian-Tennessee Claflin loved it ... he even shared it on his facebook wall (and that meant a loooot!). I remember fierce moments with lovely Kim Dallesandro and wonderful Jason Harrell. I remember wild party nights with Matt Lambert and Jannis Birsner and their awesome friends. I remember chilled evenings with <3 Smeeta Narang ... I remember phantastic moments with people who brought their beautiful dogs here ... such as Christa Joo Hyun D'Angelo and Jared Abbott. I remember that the youngest guest was a some weeks old baby and the oldest guest was 90 years old. I remember moments with <3 Friedrich Lippe and <3 Nathan Duc Koestlin and <3 Ralf Schlegel and <3 Alexander Huber and <3 Ira Kormannshaus and <3 Mati Lempart and many many maaaaaaany more <3

THANK YOU! you healed me! you healed my body and my soul! I´m not feeling lonely anymore ... here in Berlin! because of you <3 ... all of you <3

this saturday it will be the last time on a saturday, because you also invited me ... and finally it is time for me, that I follow YOUR saturday invitations^^*
... and for that reason the weekly Open Studio will now happen every wednesday.

THANK YOU <3 :* <3

13th aug: today it´s the last Patrick Bartsch´s Open Studio on a saturday* the following Open Studios will happen each wednesday*
and now the Studio is OPEN <3 =D :*

13th aug: the last Patrick Bartsch´s Open Studio on a saturday was again veeeery glamorous ^^* even PHANTASTIC Henry de Winter with Bobby ... who was here at the very first Open Studio about 3 1/2 years ago ... came also to the last one* THANK YOU ALL <3 I LOVE YOU <3 :* <3

16th aug: let freedom be a revolution for the whole world <3

18th aug: perfect

of course ... some of my paintings are not perfect.
normally painters destroy those paintings which seem not to be perfect to them. almost every painter did it that way.
but why should I destroy my not perfect paintings!? why should I destroy the evidence that I´m not perfect!?
nobody and nothing is perfect ... and that fact is perfect

18th aug: flags in Patrick Bartsch style:
the Austrian flag because it´s the country of my mother
the Hungarian flag because it´s the country of a friend of mine
the Czech Republic flag because it´s the country of my first love

19th aug: MY WILL
give all paintings from my studio to a queer institution in Berlin. (gay museum or whereever). They should give my paintings away as present. but just one painting per person.

I have no plans to leave that planet. but I´m realist enough to know, that every moment "something" could happen. for that case I want to prepare my family, what to do with all those canvases in my flat ...

20th aug: all my life I loved to be "underground" ... I mean ... to be on those places where everyone ... eeeeeveryone told me not to go there.
those "underground" places have always been very special to me ... many times I kept them as secret ... just for me. because I felt very comfortable at those places and wanted that they stay "underground" ... they should have stayed as places, where people don´t go. people in "underground" places are normally people who fit nowhere else ... and this is the reason why they go there ... ... as last exit.
people like me are there

20th aug: I was 2 years old ... maximum 3 years. my parents put me in my bed every day at 6 p.m. ... they thought it is good for a young child. of course I couldn´t fall asleep immediatly ... especially in summer, when the sunny days last long. the sunshine felt through little splits from the roller blind made of wood and the "broken" light created several color combinations. those rainbow colors are my very first memory in my life.

today I had a great moment in my life. everything can be a "great moment". but for me it was ... : since I started painting I thought about which color attracts me most. I couldn´t find a special color for the last several years. it really made me think if it was blue or red or pink or green or orange or ...

and today I found it: I got remembered that when I was a child ... in the age 4 ... 5 ... till perhaps 14 ... 15 ... till the puberty started ... I wasn´t attracted in just one color! I was phascinated by the color combination of blue and yellow.
I´m so happy that I realized it today, because of course I will plan a whole serie with blue and yellow ... and that´s me! those are MY COLORS! ... every big painter has "his" color and today I remembered my colors ^^

20th aug: today was perfect
and I accepted it as that ...
... a perfect day
and the new thing was ...
... that I enjoyed it

21st aug: " actually I bought that painting as a present for someone, but I think I will keep it for myself! "
" looking at that painting gives me goosebumps! "
" I would like to buy 5 of your paintings! "
" that painting is some kind of new impressionism! it´s shimmering! "
" your painting found a place in my bedroom! "
" you are the best! "
" it needed some time, but now I understand your work! "

OH! those have been some of <3 YOUR <3 reactions to my paintings! ... they are one of the reasons ... why I continue to paint for ever and ever and eeeeeever :*



CSD Berlin 23rd july 2016
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with wonderful artist Nestor Perez




Patrick Bartsch *new paintings* august 2016
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Patrick Bartsch - paintings

------------------- price for each painting of this serie: 150 euro --------------------



me in june/july 2016

me in 2016:



lesbian gay streetparty 16th + 17th july 2016
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being present with an own booth at the lesbian gay streetparty was very intense*

it was the first time, that I presented my paintings and myself as painter to an big audience as it happened here with about 350 000 people on that weekend.

B I G THX to eeeeveryone involved <3 :*

this is how it looks like in the innerside of the booth*



Patrick Bartsch´s Open Studio june 2016
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with fabulous legendary photographer Rüdiger Trautsch

the most important day/evening is the Open Studio*. this is the day, when I open my private flat and my studio for friends and eeeeveryone who is interessted to get a closer look into my world of art.

it happens since more than 3 years ... and since then ... EVERY SATURDAY was and is SPECIAL to me*



Patrick Bartsch´s Open Studio

every saturday from 3 p.m. - 10 p.m. at Kleiststr.37a in Berlin - if u r around pls join us*



some postings which I created on facebook 9th june 2016 - 18th july 2016
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stories mix posted on facebook:

9th june: FIRST female candidate for President of the United States was VICTORIA CLAFLIN WOODHULL ^^^ An activist for women's rights and labor reforms, Woodhull was also an advocate of free love. and YES! Brian-Tennessee Claflin´s grand aunt. Brian told me a lot about her and normally SHE (and her fabulous sister Tennessee Celeste Claflin (where Brian´s "Tennessee" comes from) should be mentioned in media today non-stop ...

9th june: what people said to me in the past weeks:

"you are very beautiful. ... when you don´t talk!"

and another one:

"what are you doing with all your paintings!? ... you eat them! ... right!"

I love those people around me <3 =D

14th june: I´m 42 years old. just took a bath. I´m gay and I´m alive.
50 queer people lost their lives in Orlando. I am deeply saddened. My condolences.

almost all my life I´m completly aware of it, that this form of hate could hit me too ... any time ... get beaten up or even killed ... just for being gay. this form of hate is almost impossible to imagine for a straight person.
gay people are not able to live their lives in a free way. almost the only place to be free is in gay bars and gay clubs. almost no one judges us there. we are able to be free.
the murder of Orlando hit all of us. every gay person on that planet.

16th june: !!! MEINUNGSFREIHEIT !!! ob man Hr. David Berger und seine Seite mag oder nicht. eine Sperrung auf Grund dessen, daß er seine Meinung vertritt ist absolut falsch!!! Hr. Berger ist meiner Meinung nach einer der wichtigsten homosexuellen Persönlichkeiten in Deutschland. WEIL: er mit seiner Meinung oftmals eine GEGENSEITE vertritt und somit Diskussionen auslöst !!! Darum geht es meiner Meinung nach: dass Menschen unterschiedlichster Meinungen sprechen und diskutieren. also nochmal: ich finde seine Sperrung ... und ihn für 30 TAGE !!! quasi mundtot zu machen FALSCH !
und noch eines: wenn es um Kirche geht, dann gehört Hr. Berger nunmal zu den Menschen welche sich am besten damit auskennen <= ob einem diese Tatsache gefällt oder nicht.

18th june: today: background work day for a new bigger Brian painting* oh yes! I take care about that, that the world will remember Brian <3

18th june: TONITE

it´s important to stand for yourself
it´s important to stand for something
it´s important to stand for others ... especially when you belong to a minority
it´s important to be visible
it´s important to go on the street
it´s important that queer minorities are visible all around the world with CSD demonstrations
it´s important to be TONITE at the Brandenburg Gate and show our condolences on the killing of 50 wonderful people in a gay club in Orlando

19th june: dear leading German politicans. you missed it! an evening in Berlin ... at the Brandenburg Gate ... dedicated to 50 victims which got murdered in a gay club in Orlando. all your words you said in the past days mean nothing ... NOTHING! not one leading German politican made his way on stage. it´s shameful! there are no words for your behaviour and no excuses.

19th june: today I feel veeeeery similar <3 ... walking like a diva ... alone ... in Germany ... WITHOUT ANY SUPPORT FROM ANY GERMAN POLITICANS !!! ... and RIGHT! YOU CAN`T STOP ME FROM WALKING THAAAAAT WAY :*

19th june: Das Brandenburger Tor im Regenbogen. ... der Tag danach

um was ging es eigentlich an diesem Abend?
Das Brandenburger Tor in bunten Regenbogenfarben leuchtend. Tausende bewegte Menschen davor ... viele mit brennenden Kerzen in den Händen.
ein Hintergrund für unzählige schöne, farbenfrohe Bilder ... ideal um davor zu posieren und/oder einfach so Bilder vom erleuchtenden Brandenburger Tor auf sein facebook Profil zu stellen.
So ist es richtig und so soll es sein! ... Hinaus in die Welt eine Botschaft zu senden ...

um was ging es eigentlich an diesem Abend?
ich war doch selber dort! wollte dabei sein! mit meiner Anwesenheit klar machen, daß ich zutiefst bewegt bin.
ein Abend welcher mich manchmal an einen CSD erinnerte, welcher dieses Jahr nicht im Juni stattfindet. mit einer kleinen, wunderbaren Bühnenshow. mit großartigen Menschen und Pannen welche passieren aber nie wieder gut zu machen sind. es war kein professioneller Tontechniker anwesend, welcher das Mikrofon richtete, somit wurde vieles auf der Bühne Gesagtes nicht im Publikum gehört und verstanden. niemand stoppte Gaby Decker als sie während der Schweigeminute ein Interview gab.
So ist es richtig und so soll es sein! ... niemand und nichts perfekt.

um was ging es eigentlich an diesem Abend?
und heute ... seit Stunden lese ich Kommentare unter Bildern und Beiträgen durch. es wird dort heiß diskutiert, heftigst gestritten ... darum wer dieses Event organisiert hat ... welche Zeitung was schreibt ... und ob der LSVD Berlin gut ist oder nicht. Diskussionen um Latino oder Weiß. Jeder hat recht und jeder weiß es besser. es wird gestritten und diskutiert und gestritten und diskutiert ...
So ist es richtig und so soll es sein! ... es macht mir wieder bewußt, daß die wunderbaren Menschen aus der queeren Community wissen wie man ganze Sätze schreibt ... wissen wie man das Hirn verwendet und die Finger an der Tastatur.

um was ging es eigentlich an diesem Abend?
Initiativen ... aus unserer Szene ... es wurde geschminckt und gestylt ... es wurde gefilmt und fotografiert ... es wurden tolle Kunstaktionen vollzogen. und es waren viele da. es waren alle da, welche die Möglichkeit hatten zu kommen! weil es um uns ging. um jeden einzelnen von uns. weil wir uns lieben. weil wir wissen, daß auch wir erschossen werden können! aus Hass!
es ging um unsere Familie. es ging um Menschen aus unserer tausende Kilometer entfernten Familie welche erschossen wurden. viele der Toten waren bestimmt so wie wir:
* haben sich an farbenfrohen Szenen erfreut, sich davor fotografiert und die Bilder auf ihr facebook Profil gestellt.
* sind auf Bühnen gestanden und hatten einen schlechten Sound weil kein Tontechniker sich verantwortlich fühlte.
* haben endlose Diskussionen auf facebook geführt und sich bestimmt auch divenhaft gestritten.

Die Ermordeten waren so wie wir. <= und darum ging es an diesem Abend ... und darum geht es am Tag danach ... und darum wird es in den kommenden Wochen, Monaten und Jahren gehen.

Der Himmel hat gestrahlt und ich persönlich glaube daran, daß alle Getöten Seelen gestern auch in Berlin waren und daß es ihnen gefallen hat.

DANKE an Ryan Stecken und Margot Schlönzke

22nd june: another day of background work* ... this is for your dancing portrait painting Mati :*

22nd june: when I was born, then I was a naked boy
then I was the little kid playing with animals in the forrest
then I was one of the outsiders during school time
after school years I was the rebell with long hairs and leather jackets ... touring through Europe
in Vienna I was the guy discovering his gay being
in Cologne I was the guy who sold jeans at GAP
then I was the photographer and the performance artist with the black leather mask
and since some years I am the doorman on an every week´s sunday party
and last but not least: today I am the Berlin based painter

life is changing ... always
and when I look in the mirror, then I see a naked man

23rd june: Kommentar: viele Deutsche sind dumm und das Deutsche Fernsehen ist genauso dumm

"Gender" war heute eines der Themen beim Sat1 Frühstücksfernsehen. Die "Spezialistin" dazu vertrat die Meinung, daß es nur 2 Geschlechter gibt. Dazu ein höhnisches bejahendes Lachen der Moderatorin.

<= soetwas in einer Sendung mit höchsten Zuschauerzahlen sehen zu müssen machte mich sprachlos und wütend. ... wie dumm doch viele Menschen in MEINEM GEBURTSLAND sind! nichts worauf man stolz sein kann.

1st july: OMG PERFECT ^^ hot supermodel Baptiste moans with pleasure and DAMN SEXY French accent <3 Love to Love You Baby <3 LOVE IT :*

2nd july: some people say, that I bake those cakes every saturday ... because of myself* :) ... *ääööhmmm* YES! they are right =P today: chocolate cake with homemade jam and vanilla ice cream =P

3rd july: * background work day * for a party scene ... outdoors ... afterhour ... LIFEBALL afterhour at club Volksgarten in Vienna <3

3rd july: ... and sometimes ... before I go out to party in Berlin nightlife ... then I listen to german country music ... such as JÜRGEN DREWS =D ... see you later at FIERCE ICKY PARTY WITH GLAAAAM SADO OPERA from St.Petersburg <3

9th july: and then ... sometimes ... I feel the future ... my future ... deep ... very deep inside of me. ... the same way as I feel the past inside of me.

10th july: France vs Portugal ... 3 : 0

12th july: ^^ KUNSTAKTION ^^ this saturday there will be no Open Studio here, because I will have my own art booth at the Lesbian Gay Streetparty. I will do a "Kunstaktion" (I don´t know an english word for that. translated it would be "art action" or something like that, but a "Kunstaktion" is something different.). The "Kunstaktion" will happen for the whole saturday and sunday at my booth. pls come there and visit me and see what my "Kunstaktion" will be.

my booth will be in Motzstraße. close to Martin-Luther-Straße. close to the Austrian restaurant Sissy. pls find me*

13th july: ^^ I´m nervous ^^ sometimes it happens: that I´m extremly "nervous". My knowledge in meditation keeps me quite at those days and nights.
since january ... since about 7 months !!! ... I´m waiting for that weekend. I counted the past months ... the past weeks ... and now I´m counting the days and even hours. <= those are typical signs of "being nervous". and I try to be quite and relaxed ... at least from the outside view.
this weekend I will do an art performance in front of about 350 000 people. during the whole weekend. and I know those guests there: creative and creative interessted people from ALL AROUND THE WORLD! they come to visit Berlin and during the day they will be at the Lesbian Gay Streetparty and hopefully see me with my booth and about 350 FRESH paintings in oil on canvas next to me.

OH YES! THAT makes me "nervous" and I can´t wait that weekend is going to happen* see you all <3 soon :* ... very soon ...

14th july: I´m very happy and feel honored for being part of Homosurrealism Berlin show in early ish 2017* can´t wait* thx Jack Sanders <3

14th july: ^^ EEEVERYONE ^^ ... already preparing the stuff for my booth* my plan for this weekend is simple: ^^ EEEEEVERYONE of those 350 000 guests who is interessted in creative stuff should talk about PATRICK BARTSCH´s BOOTH ^^ see you soon :* <3

15th july: "Patrick Bartsch" "Kunstaktion" "SUPERSALE"

and THIS is how my "Kunstaktion" will look like on this weekend:

about 350 paintings in oil on canvas will be offered for 10 to 20 euro each.

why I do that:
* first of all: I like to do things, which normally no one does.
* I LOVE <3 KUNSTAKTIONEN <3 This "SUPERSALE" will be a performance for me. ... and perhaps as you know: I LOVE TO DO PERFORMANCES <3
* and: YES! I need space in my studio. and I don´t want to rent a storage for those paintings
* and last but not least: I do it for the <3 people <3 because I LOVE <3 PEOPLE <3 and I want that also people with little money have the possibility to buy art ... paintings in oil on canvas.

I know what it means to be poor and I know what it means to buy art.
this weekend belongs to the poor people ... to the people on the street, which have maximum 10 to 20 euros left for a NEW painting in their flat.

see you tomorrow at the lesbian gay streetparty in Berlin and watch me performing at my "Kunstaktion SUPERSALE"

15th july: Patrick loves <3 Chasen ( Igleheart ) <3 WOW ^^ what an AWESOME NEW VIDEO ^^ STUNNING GREAT ^^ (link to the video is next to the photo)

16th july: pls find me today at the lesbian gay streetparty* my art booth will be in Motzstraße (close to Martin-Luther-Straße) (next to Austrian restaurant Sissy) see you later <3

17th july: thank you to all those wonderful talks*
thank you to everyone who bought a painting*
thank you for the invitation for doing an exhibition in november*

first day at the lesbian gay streetparty was G R E A T :*



17th july: *interim report* ^^ dreams & reality ^^

of course I had dreams about that weekend. and as always the reality looks much different.

my reality for that weekend is that I´m located inbetween an info booth for wonderful&sexy gay rugby players and on the other side an info booth for hemp =D my GREAT neighbours make it easy for me to be there for the whole weekend*
my reality was ... yesterday: that I was able to tell to a lot of people my story: that I paint the glamorous years of Berlin ... in oil on canvas. and those people who took their time to look at the paintings ... they loved them ... they loved my wild "punk style" in my paintings. and made goosebumps while watching them ... as someone told me.
and YES! to sell paintings is always a special moment: because at that moment I send my paintings on a journey ... I have to say goodbye to my paintings and the fact that just AWESOME people buy my paintings makes it easy for me ... to know that my paintings are in someone´s good hands <3

I worked a lot yesterday ... in between I was sweating as hell ... as everyone does who his hard working.
yesterday I was happy ... very happy. because I lived my life again ... the life I was dreaming of ... my whole life.

today will be the second day*

see you later <3 :*

17th july: THANK YOU <3 for one of my HIGHLIGHT WEEKENDS in 2016* I LOVE YOU <3

18th july: ^^ facts ^^

for those who are interessted in total numbers:
* 12 paintings got sold
* I got a serious request to create a Berlin themed painting in size 2 x 2,50 meters
* serious invitation for a solo exhibition at a place in Berlin Charlottenburg in november
* about 30 people are very interessted to buy paintings and they want to visit me in my studio. but on the lesbian gay streetparty they didn´t want to carry paintings in their hands.

I´m happy about that weekend :*


my studio june / july 2016


some impressions of my studio ... in june / july 2016

step by step it starts to look "professional" *



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