Berlin for Orlando june 2016
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Berlin thinks of the victims of the terror attack in Orlando



my dad in Berlin june 2016
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my dad was in Berlin*

we were busy doing stuff in my flat: new floor in the kitchen und balcony, new parts for the bed and a new washing machine.

I love my dad <3



some postings which I created on facebook 11th may 2016 - 8th june 2016
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stories mix posted on facebook:

13th may: ^^ THE ONE AND ONLY ^^ ... at the age of 20 ... he picked my up from the streets of Vienna and teached me everything ... everything about society ... about myself ... about life. actually I knew literally nothing before I met him. Gunther was my mentor. OMG WHAT A MAN <3 LOVE 4EVER <3


14th may: with those streethustlers in front of my balcony ... I feel never lonely

15th may: Patrick´s Inner Monologues: ^^ now I feel myself being real ^^

when I was a kid and teenager ... I felt like a puppet. I did everything they told me and expected to do.
as early twen when I lived in Paris and Vienna ... I felt like living a dream. I experienced the most beautiful things and the worst nightmare. on a way ... everything what I experienced was too much to handle.
as late twen I moved to Cologne. I wanted to escape from my own life. I had a good life there, but I felt that everything I did and what happened to me was completly wrong. it was just not me. I lived a life which society expects to see.
in the early thirties I started to build up a new life in Berlin. I choose different names and hided my face behind masks. while hiding myself from society I started to get to know myself from deep inside. I was shocked what was possible to do for me. I felt like a circus attraction and I enjoyed it. I enjoyed the moment without thinking one second about my own past and future.
in the late thirties I started to be me: with my real name, with my face and my real passion. I started to paint.
now in the early forties ... I feel myself being that much real as I never felt it before. and I don´t know if this is good or bad

16th may: tears

tears, which leave the eyes because of happiness ... are different tears then other tears. they are little tears ... like little drops ... they seem very light ... and they leave the eyes drop by drop. those tears because of happiness seem to be that much cute, that it seems, that they are happy just with themselves ... even if their lifetime lasts just for a second. those little drops seem to smile.
when they fall down they are similar like sweating drops. it feels cute when they land somewhere on the body or on cloths.
and there exist just few of them ... normally there are just about five to ten of those tears. even if they are that much little ... they have the massive power and the energy to reach the whole body ... every part of the soul.
tears of happiness happen very rare in a lifetime and it is worth it to remember every time it happened.

thanks to that beautiful stranger who made it happen for me today*

117th may: I PROMISE

10 euros for a painting in oil on canvas size 30 x 24
20 euros for a painting in oil on canvas size 30 x 40
30 euros for a painting in oil on canvas size 40 x 50

there are about 350 paintings in oil on canvas here in my studio. my studio is full ... I almost can´t move here anymore *aaarggghhhssss*

I have no gallery ... I have no art dealer around me ... I have almost no connections to (art) magazines. pls let me say it that way: the world doesn´t know of my existence as painter.

I want to paint ... and I want to continue to create more paintings and other paintings ... and I feel more and more that my sovereignty in style grows and grows.

I PROMISE that I will give my best to be a good painter & artist
I PROMISE that I work on it, that in some years you can sell my paintings and with that money go on vacation somewhere

I hope, that I can sell this summer as many paintings as possible. and if you like my paintings or just want to help me, then PLEASE don´t hesitate and do it!


(OH! I think, that is a kind of an s.o.s. posting. ... and I mean it that way*)

19th may: (comment for: How to get your life back after being depressed): I´m one of them ... I´m not ashamed about it ... and I´m on my way back since about 4 years. I think that one is a good article*

20th may: Wenn heute Wahlen wären ...

dann wäre ich wohl ein Protestwähler.
Die SPD und Die Grünen, welche ich bisher wählte sind für mich zur Zeit nicht wählbar.
Die CDU ist es auch nicht.
Somit bleibt nicht viel ...
Hr. Gregor Gysi habe ich vor einigen Jahren schonmal im Backstagebereich des Berlin CSD beim Brandenburger Tor getroffen. Ich fühlte mich mit ihm gut aufgehoben.
Die aktuellen Videos von Fr. Sarah Wagenknecht sehe ich mir gerne auf facebook an und sie trifft mich mit ihren Worten, ihrer Stärke und ihrer Schönheit.
die anderen Mitglieder der Linken sind mir nicht besonders vertraut, aber ich würde wohl all meine Stimmen den Linken geben.

20th may: * HAPPY BIRTHDAY <3 to one of my mooooost favorite bodybuilders here on fb: STEVE KRIS *

20th may: knows that I live at the right place in Berlin, when ... the first Street Art Museum of Germany is planed to be opened around the corner of my studio* I <3 BERLIN

24th may: " Handsome teacher
I´m gonna impatiently wait for your call.
Can´t wait to start painting!
Thanks for Everything

OH, obviously I reached a point in my life, when people ask me to teach them. I think this is one of the biggest honors someone can get. and YES! I also can´t wait to teach him and give to a younger generation the knowledge I have.

YES! my booth at the lesbian gay streetparty will be close to the Connection stage^^ YES! that´s the techno area of the streetparty^^ and normally people such as Westbam <3 are playing there^^ CAN´T WAIT THAT MY HEAD AND MY PAINTINGS GET HAMMERED WITH TECHNO FOR A WHOOOOOLE WEEKEND =D I? TECHNO
see you there <3 :* <3

26th may: Patrick´s inner monologues: "of course I think about my paintings. perhaps they should be painted more exactly ... or perhaps I should paint other motives. but I come always to the same result: my paintings are wild and extreme as the life in Berlin is. they are wild and extreme as my life is. they are in every way authentic. and that fact makes them perfect the way my paintings are."

29th may: jajaja, ich Klugscheisser =D aaaaaaber wenn jemand "seid" und "seit" richtig auf fb schreibt, dann bin ich wirklich beeindruckt. Denn gefühlte 90 % schreiben es falsch. es tut einfach weh beim Lesen^^
also: ihr seid ...
und: seit 3 Jahren ...
jajaja, ich Klugscheisser =D

2nd june: RONALDO IS GAY !!! <= is it thaaaat much difficult to accept for that world in the year 2016 !? is it that Qatar is the sponsor of Real Madrid !? a country where being gay is "illegal". BUT Ronaldo is portuguese ... a country where it is not illegal at all !!!

today in the news they showed what all the football players are doing right now before the european soccer championship starts ... how everyone is together with their girlfriends and families. but Ronaldo has fun with a bunch of guys on a private yacht ... including his "special friend" from Morocco. YES ! this is how they named him ... they named him "HIS SPECIAL FRIEND" ... that is annoying annoying annoying. with eeeevery straight football player they say immediatly "new girlfriend" or whatever!

it feels like in the ninties, when it was not possible to name someone gay in television and people such as Boy George had to say, that they are BISEXUAL or something else!

RONALDO IS GAY and it shouldn´t be a big deal for that world. especially for the world of football. they are more open minded for gays as many people think ... I mean ... one of their greatest hymns is "We are the champions" ... by Freddie Mercury/Queen ... and they know it and accept it ...

2nd june: "could you come to my place?" said Brian to me on the phone. I answered "no! you can come also to my place!"
some minutes later he called again and said "could you please come here. it is important!"
it was the first time, that he called me twice. I realized, that it is important and took a cab to his place. I brought something to drink, a yellow sun painting (because I thought that he needs more sun in his flat) and some white sage to burn (because he asked me to bring it).
at around 6 p.m. when I arrived at Brian´s place nothing seemed to be really urgent. we just talked as we always did it. some friends came to visit him too and left again. then Brian skyped with his family. it was a relaxed evening with Brian. Brian showed me again his world and somehow it was important for him, that I see it.
at around 1 a.m. I became tired and told him, that I would go soon. before I left we did together that meditation ceremony with burning white sage ... which he asked me for. then he brought me down to the main door. we hugged eachother ... in a lovely way ... as we did it for about 7 years. then I left.
this was the last time that I met Brian. some days later he died. this happened almost exactly 2 years ago. Brian-Tennessee Claflin was the biggest love of my life.

2nd june: (artsy video comment): is THAT really the business I´m working for !? *hhhmmmmpppffff* ... and I always thought to produce art means: to create a BETTER WORLD <3

3rd june: Meine Güte ist diese AfD Partei gefährlich! ... habe mir zum ersten mal ein Video von dieser Partei angesehen (unten gepostet). meiner Meinung nach beruht diese Partei auf eine brandgefährliche Machtbesessenheit. Fr. Petry erklärt, daß eine Minderheit damit leben muß von einer Mehrheit diktiert zu werden. (das ist ihrer Meinung nach "Demokratie") Sie gibt damit jedem ihrer Mitglieder einen Freibrief Minderheiten zu dominieren, zu unterdrücken und gegebenenfalls ... wird vermutlich sogar Gewalt gegen Minderheiten akzeptiert. <= Das ist die Basis von gewalttätigen Diktaturen.
*HUI JUI JUI JUI JUI* vor dieser Partei muß Deutschland echt aufpassen! Dieser Tage werden die deutschen Wähler immer wütender und gewaltbereiter. ... und die AfD heißt sie herzlich willkommen! <= so etwas endet böse!
... und Freidenker wie ich es einer bin ... erwischt es da immer als einen der Ersten ... *ohje ohje ohje* wenn die an die Macht kommen, dann heißt es für mich gaaaaanz schnell "Koffer packen!" *hhmmmmppffff*

3rd june: ... and then ... sometimes ... when I´m alone ... then I lay in my bath ... with a looooot of hot water and foam ... I light some candles ... and listen to Chopin.
... I do it because it makes me feel as being in a movie ... because I think ... this is what an artist should do ... and then I realize, that eeeeveryone should do that <3

4th june: I LOOOOOVE THAT SONG <3 BERLIN BERLIN <3 by stunning australian group The Blow Waves <3 ... and I´m very happy to be in that video :*


Patrick Bartsch´s Open Studio april/may 2016
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the most important day/evening is the Open Studio*. this is the day, when I open my private flat and my studio for friends and eeeeveryone who is interessted to get a closer look into my world of art.

it happens since more than 3 years ... and since then ... EVERY SATURDAY was SPECIAL to me*


with my photomodel and friend since yeeeeeears Akos <3

4 reasons why you should visit "Patrick Bartsch´s Open Studio":

1st: it´s 100 percent political work to see. paintings show and express the FREEDOM which does exist in Berlin since 2003

2nd: it´s almost unique that a photographer changed into a painter for oil on canvas

3rd: it´s the private home of the artist what you will see and experience

4th: there is always fresh cake to eat =P

about 300 (of about 500 in total) paintings are here. see you soon <3

fierce Konst Yann posing in front of his own created painting

with my lovely photomodel and friend since yeeeeeaaaars Rogger <3


Patrick Bartsch´s Open Studio

every saturday from 3 p.m. - 10 p.m. at Kleiststr.37a in Berlin - if u r around pls join us*



ICKYparty april/may 2016
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OMFG^^ my lovely Berlin family: <3 Travis Jeppesen <3 Frank Redieß <3 Bruce LaBruce <3

every sunday night I spend my time at ICKYparty in the club named ´Ficken3000´ (´Fucking3000´)




Schöneberg Opening Tour 21st april 2016
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first I went to (pic above): ^^ WOW ^^ *applause* *applause* what an AWESOME evening with Gülây Akin and Wolfgang Tillmans at the event *Meeting place*

then I went to (pic below): "the expansion of the drama" ... a wonderful opening by Ingeborg zu Schleswig-Holstein in a great new designed Werkstattgalerie*



me in april/may 2016

me in 2016:



some postings which I created on facebook 28th april 2016 - 10th may 2016
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stories mix posted on facebook:

29th april: Happy *International Dance Day* to aaaaalllll my wooooonderful amaaaaaazing dancer friends all around the world* I LOOOOOOVE AAAAAALLLLL OF YOU
heart emoticon
you make my life BETTER
kiss emoticon
Thank you*

1st may: I
heart emoticon
Spring ... I
heart emoticon
Berlin ... I
heart emoticon

2nd may: I´m veeeery happy
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that I may be a part of Berlin´s BEST sunday night party ICKY ^^* yesterday it was veeeery MAGIC again* B I G THANKS to aaaalllll my AMAZING friends who made yesterday night thaaat much special* I LOVE YOU <3

4th may: pls listen goooooood: ^^ FREEDOM IS TO HAVE NO FEAR ^^ THX NINA
heart emoticon

4th may: *test* *test* ... did I mention already, that I started with dinner invitations in 2016* (no, there are not pictures from them, because I appreciate a certain privacy when eating together*). today I did a test cooking with 2 kg asparagus, Serrano jam,... the test cooking went good, but my lovely ´test guests´ are all busy. so I had to eat it by myself ... or at least as much as I was able to eat* if you belong to my close friends, art friends, collectors, lovers, ... please expect a dinner invitation in the following months* seeee you soooon
heart emoticon
kiss emoticon
tongue emoticon

4th may: what a week ...
what a day ... today ...
it was also a day, when I thought about a time in my life, when the whole world ... everyone around ... gave up on me.
at that time in my life ... I was the only one who didn´t give up on myself.
it was that moment, when I reached the deepest valley possible.

what a day ... today ...
when I realized that it was worth it ... not to give up.
not to give up on my life.
the only life I have.
it was worth it ... to start to climb up the next mountain again.
it was worth it ... to walk through dark and deep forrests.
it was worth it ... to climb up ... higher and higher ... not even seeing the mountaintop ... or just a little bit of sunshine.

what a day ... today ...
when ... finally ... I reached a point on that mountain of my life ... a point where it is possible to see blue sky and a bright sun. finally ... it warms me up from deep inside.
I smile and enjoy ... the sun ... that time in my life.
I can´t see the mountaintop yet, but I know ...

it was good, that I didn´t give up.

5th may: SUCCESS

is it success, that I sold more than 100 paintings, but at the same time either my mother nor my father own one of my paintings

is it success, that since 13 years I life in the city of my dreams, but never I had enough money to leave that city just for one time to go somewhere else for holidays

is it success, that I may life in a queer paradise, where I´m continuously surrounded by hundreds of beautiful men, but I can´t name one for being my partner

is it success, that I still have my dreams in the age of 42 ... and still hope that one day my dreams will become true ... and finally I will have SUCCESS

6th may: one of my BIGGEST models for my work as painter ... is ERNST LUDWIG KIRCHNER ^^ OMG I LOVE HIS WORK <3

7th may: I loooove my Aaaaamazing Open Studio Guests
heart emoticon
aaaaand the new lovely mysterious graffiti
heart emoticon
under my balcony^^* :*

8th may: heart emoticon
Happy Mother´s Day
heart emoticon
I love my mom <3

8th may: it´s my mother who teached me walking
it´s my mother who teached me to stand up again when I felt on the ground
it´s my mother who teached me that I can go everywhere where I want to go
it´s my mother who teached me that love is the most important thing in life
heart emoticon
she is my mom <3

9th may: 1984, 1988, 1996, ... , 2016


yes, I´m absolutly aware of the importance of that phrase above. estimated in 70 % countries of our world it is not possilbe to paint whatever someone wants to paint. and also if I look back in German history, then my paintings would be "Entartete Kunst" (degenerated art). but TODAY I´m free, so painted a plain green painting with the color named ´Maigrün´ (green of may) and a little green freak. I did those paintings because I felt to do it. because I wanted to create them.


CSD Berlin Photoshooting 16th april 2016
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I was veeeeery excited, that I got an invitation for the official CSD Berlin photoshooting*

I loved it <3 Thank you* :*


Patrick Bartsch *new paintings* february 2016
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Patrick Bartsch - paintings

------------------- price for each painting of this serie: 100 euro --------------------




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