"Am Anfang war die Irritiation" @ Werkstattgalerie 1st april 2016
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"Am Anfang war die Irritation"

Opening at Werkstattgalerie with Hansa Wißkirchen (on the pic above) & Hannu Prinz

it was P H A N T A S T I C ^^ I LOOOOVE those kinds of openings :*

and I met Isa Genzken* I LOVE HER <3



some postings which I created on facebook 25th march 2016 - 27th april 2016
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stories mix posted on facebook:

25th march: *WHHHOUUUIIII* more than 10 000 clicks on my little blog website* I´m really happy about it
grin emoticon
and BIG THX to eeeeveryone <3
( www.thisismyartlife.com )

26th march: fetish easter in Berlin ... Respect!

they are here again
some thousands of them
those fetish people running around in full leather and full rubber
some are wearing kinky pig masks
some are running around handcuffed

I know those people since two decades
they are from all around the world
America, Brazil, Japan, Sweden, Denmark, South Africa, ...
I know that many of them pay about 200 euro per night for a central located room / hotel
I see their big cars ... Mercedes, Volvo, BMW, ...
I know that some of their handmade leather outfits cost about 15 000 euro and more
I know that many of them are very well educated and have leading positions in economy
I know that they treat EVERYONE with full respect, are always friendly and YES! are even funny*

and then I hear non-stop other people talking about those fetish people ... laughing about them and saying shady things and do shady postings here on facebook.
most of those people who are laughing about the fetish world don´t even know how to do their own tax declaration.

fetish people know what they do, when they are travelling to Berlin and running around in their leather outfits.
so please show them ... our guests ... Respect!

27th march: the dream is O V E R: leading gay politicans in Germany

it was like a ´dream became reality´ ... those years between 2001 and 2013 ... when openly gay politicans could have been found eeeverywhere in Germany: as mayor of Berlin, as mayor of Hamburg, ... and even as minister of foreign affairs in the cabinet of Angela Merkel.

they made me feel good ... of being gay in Germany. Klaus Wowereit, the mayor of Berlin, was even the reason that I hurried up that much fast to move to Berlin in 2003.

I met them and they made me feel ... ( ... even when I don´t like to use that word, but ... ) ... they made me feel ´proud´ of being gay and living in Germany.
those years between 2001 and 2013 seemed veeery colorful and free to me. the ´problems´ have been if the mayor drank champagne of a woman´s shoe or not. pls let me say it that way: we didn´t have ´real´ problems.

those years are gone and they stopped in tragic ways:

one more time and last time ... I want to say THANK YOU to four people, who made my life in Germany ... just B E T T E R :

Klaus Wowereit: mayor of Berlin between 2001 - 2014 and alternate director of SPD. resignation on 11th dec. 2014 after some years of heavy troubels with the unfinished airport Berlin Brandenburg.

Ole von Beust: mayor of Hamburg between 2001 - 2010. resignation on 18th july 2010. because of whatever: was it because of political stuff or because of his private stuff and relationship with a some decades younger boyfriend.

Volker Beck: one of the leading politicans of the political party ´Die Grünen´ between 2002 - 2016. resignation on 2nd march 2016 after they found some dr*gs (it´s is said, that it was Cry_st*l M*th) having with him.

and last but not least:

Guido Westerwelle: one of the leading politicans of Germany and minister of foreign affairs from 2009 - 2013. on 18th march 2016 he died because of blood cancer.

27th march: ... aaaaand since today ... *BÄÄÄÄÄM* ... my ... or pls let´s say better: OUR balcony is open
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with table and chairs and and and
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... and on my plate today: *myuuuummmyyy* pasta with ham and tomatoes
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*Happy Easter <3

28th march: *WHHHOUUUIIIII* that was nice: one of the best and most successful galerists of Berlin ... just called me, because he wanted to let me know, that he is completly phascinated about my paintings and my paintings are great for him. ... and he wants to visit me in my studio in the next weeks. ^^*

30th march: my today´s painting is dedicated to one of the most important words of my life: NOW

2nd april: I love her a loooooot* it is always amazing to meet her and to spend some hours with her* she is such an awesome inspiration* I
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5th april: The POWER OF ART grows and grows and grows ... inside of me*

The whole monday I spent with an street graffiti artist from Athens. he told me about the situation in Athens and Greece. and he told me about his creative reaction to that drama in his country. he even created a painting in my studio.

In the past years I talked also with street graffiti artists from Vilnius, Berlin, ... I talked with famous artists such as Isa Genzken, Bruce LaBruce, Rosa von Praunheim, Rainer Fetting,... I talked with amazing talented artists such as Pascual Jordan, Musk Ming, Brian-Tennessee Claflin, Gio BlackPeter ... I talked with almost everyone ... students, cab drivers, politicians, street hustlers, royals, ... with almost eeeeeeveryone ABOUT ART. at the PORK / ICKY parties every sunday where creative people from all around the world meet eachother . at my weekly Open Studio.

Never I read a book about art, never I read a biography about an artist, and I haven´t been at art school/university (<= because I didn´t have the possiblity.)

During those conversations and discussions ... I looked into people´s eyes ... I watched their gestures and mimic ... I realized their outfits ... and looked at their mouths while we talked about art.
All that input ... all that knowledge and wisdom ... found a place in my ears, my brain, my heart, my soul, ... I bring it non-stop together ... which is the basis for the art, which I create.

... and more and more ... I realize how powerful art can be and is.

last but not least: also about 90 percent of my facebook friends are artists, art friends and supporters. I read your postings and watch your videos. I learn a loooot from you too ... and want to thank you for that <3

6th april: heart emoticon
like butterflies around a cherry tree
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today I painted a painting based on a photography, where both guys seen on it ... left our world far too soon. they have been far too young. one guy wears a sign with written on it * Just Married *. perhaps they are now married ... as butterflies ... flying around in a forrest ... and looking for a wonderful cherry tree <3

11th april: Bravo Böhmermann !^^*

13th april: so viel Presse hatte Erdogan wohl noch nie in Deutschland *LOL*

... und JA! Ich bin GEGEN Präsidenten, welche Menschenrechte, Frauenrechte und queere Rechte mit Füßen treten !

15th april: Grand Hotel Vienna ... between the age of 22 and 25 I worked in that hotel at the bar. I had a great time there ^^ and even met stars such as Pavarotti, Spice Girls, Dalai Lama, ... BUT now I´m a painter and the next time I go there, then I go there as guest :)

16th april: +++ ATTENTION PLS +++ today the Open Studio starts at around 6 p.m. ^^ in the afternoon I´m not at home, because I will support the CSD BERLIN e.V. with the photoshooting*

18th april: 467 paintings in oil on canvas <= that many I created in the past 5 years. and there is no end in sight. and YES! I´m in a hurry, because I want to paint as many paintings (which are inspired from photographies which I took) as possible. I want that the world gets reminded of the glamorous years of Berlin (2003 - now). the world should get reminded how FREEDOM looks like.

21st april: ^^ WOW ^^ *applause* *applause* what an AWESOME evening with Gülây Akin and Wolfgang Tillmans at the event *Meeting place* THANK YOU* pls join the next event (next thursday ... discussion will be in english) and find more information at the Between Bridges website http://www.betweenbridges.net/

21st april: (nothing compares 2 U) THANK YOU for one of the most important songs of my life* that song which will aaaalways remind me to my first love of my life Roman
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R.I.P. Prince <3

22nd april: and sometimes ... I need to calm down ... to relax.
sometimes I need to empty myself ... that much empty ... that the universe is able to fill me up with energy ... with that energy, which one I need to create paintings.

22nd april: Patrick´s inner monolgues:

" question: do I really need to know more about Gaius Julius Caesar?
answer: Yes! Isa Genzken teached me to know as much as possible about him.

and now I´m watching non-stop movies, documentaries about Julius. "

23rd april: Patrick´s inner monolgues:

" question: do I really need to know more about Leonardo Da Vinci?
answer: Yes! Isa Genzken teached me to know as much as possible about him.

and now I´m watching non-stop movies, documentaries about Leonardo. "

24th april: B I G THX to eeeeveryone
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for that PHANTASTIC Open Studio Caesar Special Party
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27th april: 4 reasons why you should visit "Patrick Bartsch´s Open Studio" at the Berlin Gallery Weekend:

1st: it´s 100 percent political work to see. paintings show and express the FREEDOM which does exist in Berlin since 2003

2nd: it´s almost unique that a photographer changed into a painter for oil on canvas

3rd: it´s the PRIVATE HOME of the artist what you will see and experience

4th: there is always fresh cake to eat
tongue emoticon

about 300 (of about 500 in total) paintings are here. see you soon <3


Vitium 18th march 2016
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one of the highlights of the month was the presentation of Matt Lambert´s & Jannis Birsner´s new book VITIUM

GREAT dj´s such as Terror Twink, NYYN, Lotic and Herrensauna (on the pic above)

I was invited to do the door and say ´hi´ to eeeeveryone <3 and for that I created that t-shirt and outfit for that glamorous night.

it was the first time since Brian´s death that I did wear that mask in public.

and here: with my woooooonderful friend since yeeeeaaars: Nicolas <3



ICKYparty february 2016
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every sunday night I spend my time at ICKYparty in the club named ´Ficken3000´ (´Fucking3000´)



´The Five Senses´at SomoS 27th november 2015
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and just found some more pictures on my phone: such those from the opening ´The Five Senses´ ... 5 movies show Brian-Tennessee Claflin ... filmed by Greta Frau ... and presented at SomoS gallery ... live music by Snax ... and live reading by Travis Jeppesen




Thanksgiving 26th november 2015
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OH, look what I found on my phone: some wonderful pictures of Thanksgiving 2015 with my lovely Berlin family <3 LOVE ALL OF YOU <3



Patrick Bartsch *new paintings* march 2016
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fantasy48 - paintings


the meaning of my new painting serie "Years":

age is a good thing. there is no reason to give yourself a younger age. it is good when you are born in the year 1981 or 1969 or 1926. life is beautiful and every year counts.

the second meaning of those paintings is: I count my own years of life. this is why I started the serie with the year "1974". since that time ... each year was different ... as each one of those paintings is.

those paintings are veeery personal ... for you <3 and for me <3


------------------- price for each painting of this serie: 80 euro --------------------



some postings which I created on facebook 13th march 2016 - 24th march 2016
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stories mix posted on facebook:

13th march: I <3 Connection Club* a place where I feel being at home* BIG THX to Bork <3 and team <3

15th march: "Schwule gehören verbrannt." ... "Schwule sind für mich keine Menschen." ... usw. Jetzt habe ich doch tatsächlich über 2 Stunden Kommentare unter diesem neuen, viel diskutierten Video durchgelesen. ?

16th march: the meaning of my new painting serie "Years":

age is a good thing. there is no reason to give yourself a younger age. it is good when you are born in the year 1981 or 1969 or 1926. life is beautiful and every year counts.

the second meaning of those paintings is: I count my own years of life. this is why I started the serie with the year "1974". since that time ... each year was different ... as each one of those paintings is.

those paintings are veeery personal ... for you
heart emoticon
and for me <3

17th march: I would like to answer the question: "what means ´Master Patrick´ with that black mask?"
answer: between 2005 and 2014 I did wear a black ( and later a golden) leather mask. I started with that as solidarity with a guy in Paris who burned his head after he had an accident with a bike. he needed to wear a black leather mask in public. and I wanted to know how it feels.
at that time I had a big public interest for that ´performance´ and got many invitations ... such as for Berlinale, Lifeball, openings, concerts, parties, ...
I had always my camera with me and was able to photograph people such as Bill Clinton, Naomi Campbell, Katy Perry, and and and from a short distance. those photographies are now the basis for my paintings in oil on canvas.

17th march: the only way to grow is ... to train your thing (almost) every day. I´m very lucky that I found the most important thing for me: my own style. now it´s just about: growing within my own style by practicing it (almost) every day.

18th march: ... aaaaand THE CENTER OF THE WORLD *BÄÄÄM* will be in Schöneberg tonite ^^ see you later
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Matt Lambert
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and his new book
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18th march: Tina Turner vs Madonna

thoughts: at Tina Turner´s ´Private Dancer Tour´ I have been 12 years old. Tina was my ultimative idol. I collected every little picture from magazines. today I thought about it, what it was, what did phascinate me about her. and I realized: it was the powerful EXPRESSION OF HER FACE and her ultra strong voice. in the age of 12 I had to fight against homophobia at school. I got beaten up there and one time even smashed with my head on a floor made of stone. there was no internet in 1986 and no one who could have saved me. Tina Turner´s hard life ... with a husband who beat her up for years ... that life got reflected in her face. she had a face of surviving. and I was one of her biggest fans.
the age difference between me as 12 year old kid and Tina Turner is somehow similar as the age difference between a 12 year old kid today and Madonna. but when today 12 year old kids see Madonna, then they see a Botox face ... impossible to create any expressions.
I think as kid today ... Madonna wouldn´t be my idol ...

20th march: just another sunday morning ... ... and done: 2 more new paintings* *Happy Sunday to eeeeveryone <3

21st march: *WOW* what an phantastic artist: SYLVESTER STALLONE
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Rocky and Rambo belong to my all time most favorite movies. I know that Sylvester Stallone creates paintings, but today it was the first time, that I watched him talking about it. that interview is in any case STUNNING and worth to watch*

23rd march: WOW ^^ up to 17 degree this sunday in Berlin =D

23rd march: most important for my paintings is: to make them alive. to give them a soul.

23rd march: 42

the magic age

being in between
25 years difference to someone 17 years old
25 years difference to someone 67 years old

my young years are gone.
those years when most people have just been interessted in my young and innocent body.
everybody has a beautiful body in the age of 19.
42 is my reality now.
today people are interessted in my spoken words.
today people are interessted in things which I create with my hands.
it is very difficult to create beautiful things with my mouth and with my hands ... things which are able to be in competition with my 19 years old body.
with 42 I am in the middle of my life
I find bridges to reach young people
I find bridges to reach old people
and I find bridges to reach people in the same age as me.
I life a magic age today.

it is said that an old person has that face, which he deserves.
I like that saying. it motivates me being good in the next years of my life. I want to have a loooot of long and deep wrinkels in my face. I want to have them next to my eyes, because of laughing a lot. I want to have a deeply lined forehead, because of thinking a lot.

42 is my reality now
and I love it


24th march: today I feel veeeery similar
grin emoticon
and sure* YES! I created an INVISIBLE PAINTING too ... in 2015 ... painting number 42 of the serie ´My Life ... 100 paintings within 100 days´ ... is an invisible painting. sometimes to be ´invisible´ is part of my life* AND it is even possible to buy

24th march: no words are able to describe that feeling
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the first time in 2016 ... sitting on my balcony in full sunshine :)


*Herrumbre* german state ballet at Schiller theatre 28th february 2016
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what an AWESOME invitation*

Big THX to the cast of the german state ballet at the Schiller theater. I loved watching the refugee themed performance "Herrumbre". it was AMAZING^^. Those moments of best culture belong to the highlights in my life. Love you <3



my studio ... march 2016
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fantasy48 - paintings

some impressions of my studio


------------ price for each painting in oil on canvas: between 40 euro and 500 euro -----------



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