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------------------- price for each painting of this serie: 80 euro --------------------


selfies february 2016


my studio february 2016

some impressions of my studio ... in february 2016


some postings which I created on facebook 23rd january 2016 - 13th march 2016
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stories mix posted on facebook:

24th jan: a painter´s sunday maths

Picasso created about 4000 paintings
van Gogh left about 800 paintings to his daughter
I created about 400 paintings so far (more than 100 of them are sold)
and each months I create about 10 new paintings

OOOH it looks like that I will be busy the next years of my life
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and I LOVE IT <3

26th jan: eine Hummersuppe am Morgen vertreibt Kummer und Sorgen :)

26th jan: I´m healthy
but sometimes ... I don´t care
I have enough money to life
but sometimes ... I don´t care
my body is well grown and I have arms and legs
but sometimes ... I don´t care
I life in a rich country where every luxury exists
but sometimes ... I don´t care
I have a wonderful family and amazing friends
but sometimes ... I don´t care
I´m a good painter and I have success
but sometimes ... I don´t care
I have a flat to live in
but sometimes ... I don´t care
I don´t know what war means
but sometimes ... I don´t care

I should care
I should care about everything

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my todays painting looks as if the painter has been completly drunk while painting XoP (it´s noon: I´m sober. but the painting is GREAT that way

28th jan: today I felt to paint A STATEMENT^^ ... in oil on canvas <= what means to me FOREVER ^^

29th jan: +++ IMPORTANT message to all QUEER ARTISTS IN BERLIN +++

the lesbian gay streetparty with about 600 000 visitors will happen again this year! as every summer.
there is a kind of ´new situation´ in Berlin and Germany. and I think that it is VEEEERY IMPORTANT to be visible as queer artist!
I had an own booth at that lesbian gay streetparty for maaaany years ( I think about 7 times I was there ). as artist you get AWESOME good conditions! so please queer artists: BE PRESENT WITH YOUR ART AT THAT EVENT! do it alone or with friends together! SHOW YOUR ART AND YOUR MESSAGE! GET IN CONTACT WITH THE ORGANIZERS! they are veeeery nice there
heart emoticon

you can reach them (normally) on monday, wednesday & friday between 11 a.m and 3 p.m. (they are located in the middle of Schöneberg: Fuggerstraße 7 (pls see the contact info in the comments here)
hope to see you this year! ^^* either as artist
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or as guest
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let´s make a sign!

29th jan: "but for some mega rich people ... the expensive art collection is more important than their own family" <= OMG this is just what they said in a documentary about billionaires ...

31st jan: do you know that feeling, when you watch a plant day by day and after 6 months the plant looks completly different?
do you know that feeling, when you watch how the daylight shines longer every day after winter and after 6 months you have sunshine almost all day long?
do you know that feeling, when you watch your life day by day and after 6 months your life looks completly different?
do you know that feeling when every day seems to be the same, but it isn´t?

2nd feb: * THE BOOK OF LIFE * chapter 7: Dead Friends

loosing close friends belongs to the most difficult things happening in someone´s life. <= this is what I realized in the past months.
within some months (nov. 2013 - june 2015) three of my closest friends died unexpected (my mentor Gunther age 67 from a heavy illness. the biggest love of my life Brian age 33 in a tragic ´accident´. and my wonderful artdealer Alexander age 43 got murdered).
since that time I´m ´working´ on ... to find a way back to a new life. my old life doesn´t exist anymore without them being alive. sometimes I thought, that I just need to find ´new´ close friends. but it´s not working that way. I realized that it is not possible to pick up new best friends the way you buy a new t-shirt.
that fact makes me act weird. since some months I´m not able to communicate with people ... in a ´normal´ way. everything I do is kind of ´too much´. either I´m too silent or I´m too offensive. it´s a result of feeling lonely and lost.
I´m walking on thin ice right now and little things keep me alive and give me the strength to look forward ... and not too much looking back on things which are not possible to change anymore.
right now I´m watching every day how the daylight lasts longer. I have the feeling that I need more light ... I need spring and summer. I need it to survive. to calm down.
nothing will bring back my friends.

5th feb: most of the time, when I´ve finished a painting, then I look at it and think: "who did that!? how did it happen, that this painting exists right now!?" ... and most of the times I like those paintings ... and sometimes I hang up them in my flat ... and then I´m happy to have a new painting in oil on canvas on my walls.

5th feb: about 25 years ago ... when I was 16 years young ... I created fashion jewellery (made of fimo) ... I sold it also on a weekly market ... next to the river Danube in Vienna ... in a HOT summer. placed next to me was a guy from South America ... about 28 years young ... with wild, long, curly hairs ... and wild hairy bare-chested. he looked like the prototyp of a wild & free young man. he travelled around the world and sold his fashion jewellery too (I´m sure you know that kind of handmade metal ear rings ...). we became friends. eeeeeverything was magic with him. and he listened non-stop to the same music. a music which I never heard before. the music was magic as he was. I remember that I was wondering about the band name ´Earth, Wind and Fire´. the band name fit perfect to my friend too. at that time everything was magic and most of all I remember that song ... THANK YOU FOR THE MUSIC R.I.P. Maurice White

5th feb: ^^ The Master Student ^^ some years ago ... magazines from Poland till America wrote about my work as artist. I think it´s time that they do it again ... with me as PAINTER ^^ ( today a friend of mine brought me that page from a magazine from the year 2008. ... to remind me since when we know eachother* )

6th feb: today I needed some FOOD P*RN
tongue emoticon
^^ Original Hungarian Pörkölt ^^ Gulyas with Pork and a loooot of onions and even mooooOOOORE GARLIC *mmmmjammmmmyyyy
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and YES! I ate all of it
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I was huuuuungry ... and I need to work on my daddy belly =P

7th feb: * sunday words *

those two phrases go along with me almost all my life:

" to the right person you can´t say anything wrong. "
" that one who seems to be a fool, but acts wisely. that one is really wise "

9th feb: those days, when ... THE REAL LIFE is more exciting than any fortune cookie
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*DAMN* what a life*

11th feb: ^^refugees ... thoughts^^ : is it perhaps possible ... that the real reason why leading German politicans ... want as much as possible refugees in Germany ... people with a looot of children ... because Germany needs SOLDIERS ... soldiers for the reason to be more active in wars all around the world ...

13th feb: just found that sculpture ... which I created in the year 2004 ... and YES! to do it that way was my own idea ... I haven´t seen it before. at that time I loved David & Bondage & Sneakers*

16th feb: ^^ refugees in Berlin ^^: and again I met 4 refugees in a gay bar in Berlin. 2 wonderful transgender girls with their beautiful boyfriends. I tried to imagine what nightmare lives they had so far. with living in a homophobic country and then that nightmare journey to Berlin. they survived. and it was possible to feel how much they enjoy it ... finally to be on a safe place ... where they can life their lives ... and feel home.
we couldn´t talk to eachother, because they just spoke arabic. but I smiled many times in their direction and all of them smiled back.
this is the reason, that I say and write and paint ... again and again and again:
heart emoticon
refugees welcome <3

16th feb: today I feel confused ... so the painting looks confused too ... ... and I´m fine with that*

17th feb: I LOOOVE traditionel german food
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today ^^ lentil soup with a loooot of bacon, onion, garlic, ginger, lemongras,...
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served in an about 100 year old plate from my grandma <3

17th feb: today just a little bit background work* for Marlene Dietrich´s grave in Berlin and for my most favorite young french fashion designer Naco Paris and the third one for a portrait of a world famous tattoed guy* I LOVE MY MODELS
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and my work :*

17th feb: *thoughts about the oscars and myself* Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone,... never received an oscar. because an oscar is an award for an actor ... for an actor who played a role ... who played someone else in a perfect way.
Marilyn, James, Arnold, Sylvester, ... are unique. they are themselves. they played themselves. they never played someone else. this is the reason, why they never fit in a category for an ´actor´.
people ... actors who will play THEIR lives in a movie ... they will be able to win an oscar for their role.
Marilyn, James, Arnold, Sylvester, ... are on another level.

and they are ... and always have been MY INSPIRATION ... I always wanted to create my own life as an artist ... and never did and do an interpretation of someone else´s life and art.
I know that the world has never seen an artist as I live my life ... my style, my paintings, my work is unique ... and perhaps I will never win an award for that ... and I´m fine with that* :*

18th feb: ... and then it happens ... that moment in someone´s life ... that special moment, when a stranger ... a very beautiful stranger gives you as present a big box with delicious sushi ... that kind of present, which makes you melting ... and after some minutes that stranger leaves you again ... but you know, that it is that moment ... that sign from the universe ... which tells you that from now on ... everything in your life turns into good

( OMG those sushi have been *myummmmmy*
tongue emoticon
and okokok: to explain it more exactly: sometimes I´m working in a hotel for nightshift. and just right now a guest came here and told me, that he ordered too much sushi and that he wants to give me one big untouched box. OMG what a present from such a beautiful beautiful beauuuutiful guest ... he really touched my heart and made me smile
smile emoticon

19th feb: Was ist DEUTSCHE LEITKULTUR?

Heute Nacht hat mir ein junger in Deutschland geborener Dichter genau diese Frage gestellt. Seine Eltern stammen aus Pakistan und da er, nach eigenen Worten: "wie ein Asylant aussieht", hat er sein Leben lang mit Vorurteilen und Anfeindungen zu kämpfen. Er liebt Deutschland und es ist sein zu Hause.
Da ich ihm auf seine Frage keine rasche Antwort geben konnte, habe ich nach unserem Gespräch, "Deutsche Leitkultur" auf Wikipedia nachgelesen. Als Antwort bekam ich dort, daß es dazu (kurz ausgedrückt:) keine einheitliche Antwort gibt. es gibt "Leitkultur", "Europäische Leitkultur", und blablabla
Ich finde es jedoch wichtig, genau auf diese einfache Frage "Was ist deutsche Leitkultur?" eine einfache und verständliche Antwort geben zu können. Die hunderttausende neu zugewanderte Menschen aus Syrien, Irak, Afghanistan,... und auch Pakistan, werden UNS diese Frage stellen! Sie wollen wissen, wo sie sind ... wer wir sind ... und was von ihnen erwartet wird. Der Begriff "Deutsche Leitkultur" wird ... wie ich es heute Nacht erfahren hatte ... ohne Wertung verwendet. Aber was ist die Antwort darauf? Hat da bitte jemand eine Idee, was ich dem jungen deutschen Dichter mit pakistanischen Wurzeln antworten kann?

19th feb: * the real life *

sometimes I turn off the computer. then there is no facebook around ... no music from the laptop ... no light from the screen.
in those moments I realize my life again ... my real life.
when I moved into that flat ... about 12 years ago ... at that time I was no one and had almost nothing. at that time I found a leaf from that baobab (Affenbrotbaum) on the street. just one leaf. and since that time I care for that leaf and for my life too.
tonite with the computer turned off ... I watched that tree ... how big it grew already ... and realized again ... how big my life grew too*
I love that tree and my life.

23rd feb: perhaps I would have failed eeeevery painting class ... because perhaps I´m not a painter in a traditionell way. I paint people, events,... which happened in Berlin in the past years. as today a painting of legendary Muay Thai Fighter Buakaw ( Banchamek Gym ) when he visited Berlin*

25th feb: * pure practice creates an own style * the left one is finished ... 1974 the drama started ... and the right one is background work in progress*

27th feb: today I put some varnish on some little paintings: shiny and dull. and as you can see: eeeeevery centimeter of my studio gets used* I can´t even leave the flat right now^^*

27th feb: The best person in your life is the one who comes first in your mind after reading this sentence.

(posted by wonderful Arnold Schwarzenegger. .... and YES! I got a wonderful person who came first in my mind
heart emoticon

27th feb: in that world of today ... I feel like a rebel ...
because ... I love myself
because ... I don´t judge people because of their bank account or car
because ... every human is the same to me ... no matter what skin color someone has or which birthplace
because ... I live my every day´s life without a phone and a television
because ... the name of my ´god´ ... is universe
because ... I believe in love

28th feb: Big THX to the cast of the german state ballet at the Schiller theater. I loved watching the refugee themed performance "Herrumbre". it was AMAZING^^. Those moments of best culture belong to the highlights in my life. Love you <3


2nd march: * The Flag of Romania * in Patrick Bartsch style ... on special request ... for someone ... for someone of the most important persons of the past 2 years in my life ... for someone who literally changed my life in a good way. he likes my paintings and asked me if I could paint the flag of romania in oil on canvas for his new flat for him. and *TATATATAAAA* HERE IT IS*

2nd march: ... now in the 4th year of creating paintings in oil on canvas. in general they are based on my own photographies (most of them taken between 2003 and 2015 in Berlin). my paintings have their own style and reflect the feeling of the life in Berlin within those years.

3rd march: ... und weil´s gerade passt: *tbt* Patrick Bartsch aka Master Patrick trifft Volker Beck im Jahr 2006* ... und ja! Ich mag den Hr. Beck sehr gerne ... er ist offen, direkt, ... und menschlich. <= so etwas schätze ich bei Menschen und auch bei Politikern.

3rd march: *to grow in your own style needs experiments* I like the painting below. and the 2 paintings above: YES! I´m counting my years of life in oil on canvas :)

8th march: today a little new one and perhaps it is even easy to realize who it is* ... and YES! almost all of my paintings are inspired by photographies, which I took in Berlin between 2003 till today*

9th march: thoughts about ´murder´ ´women rights´ ´turkey´: yesterday ... here on fb ... someone shared a video ... where it was to see how a woman in Saudi Arabia gets beheaded on the street. a group of men arranged it ... included a man dressed in white (the traditional outfit for the executer ... the MURDER) ... who chopped off the woman´s head.
I decided not to share that video. BUT at the same time I know that the world has to know about it!
I want to write here: that EVERY CULTURE IS JUST WRONG!!! WHERE WOMEN GETS TREATED AS ´OBJECTS´ and HAVE NO RIGHTS AT ALL. countries as Germany have to fight against countries such as Iran, Saudi Arabia, ... and also every ´deal´ is WRONG with a country such as Turkey ... a country which cuts down women rights more and more.
WOMEN RIGHTS ARE HUMANS RIGHTS <= and there is no discussion about it!

10th march: perhaps ... one day ... they will title me `The King of Bad Paintings´ ... and then I would be suuuuperhappy about it ... because I know how difficult it is to create a really BAD PAINTING ^^*

11th march: some people

some people just know me from wild partying ...
... they think that I´m crazy.
some people just know me from working in a hotel ...
... they think nothing really interessting is happening in my life.
some people just know me as artist ...
... they think that everything is going easy.
some people know literally nothing about me ...
... they think that I´m lazy or stupid or boring or whatever.
some people just got some gossip from some people ...
... and they believe it.
some people just are my whole world ...
... and I love all of them <3


Patrick Bartsch´s Open Studio my bday 16th january 2016
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this time it was exactly my birthday on an Open Studio saturday*

we had a loooot of fun and fierce Matt Lambert took that photography during that evening =D

BIG THX to everyone <3



Patrick Bartsch´s Open Studio

every saturday from 3 p.m. - 10 p.m. at Kleiststr.37a in Berlin - if u r around pls join us*



my hood ... january 2016
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selfie january 2016

at the moment I feel veeeeery confused ...
... and this picture shows exactly my emotions, which I have those weeks.



some postings which I created on facebook 23rd december 2015 - 22nd january 2016
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stories mix posted on facebook:

23rd dec: * christmas with my family ... with my family ´the street´ *

on tv ... in magazines ... I see how families celebrate christmas.
I don´t know that feeling. I never really had a family to celebrate christmas with. all those years I was my own family. I was my own father. I was my own mother. I was my own brother and sister. I was my own child to take care about and giving presents to myself.

it´s nothing about ´good´ or ´bad´ about it. I just don´t know another way of celebrating christmas. on christmas eve I usually stay at home or I go to a bar or I work somewhere ... or I just go out on the street ... and those few people on the street are my family for that evening ... just for that evening ... and I love them ... they are by themselves ... as I am.

I can´t say that I don´t like christmas ... I just don´t like the darkness.

23rd dec: booooored
... the guy I felt in love with ... ´disappeared´ since yesterday.
... I think I should go to BULLbar and prepare myself for christmas eve.
... I think, that I should go there ... RIGHT NOW
grin emoticon

*Merry Christmas to eeeeeveryone <3

28th dec: * I lost control *

since some months I´m looking for boyfriend ... for a man in my life.
I did everything to find someone. I told to more than 30 amazing men that I love them and want to share my life with them.

I lost control

meanwhile I´m in love with 3 wonderful men ... at the same time. those 3 wonderful men love me too. each one in a different way.

I lost control

one man is my favorite ... he looks and acts like the man of my dreams. I love him
heart emoticon

I lost control

never in my life ... I had a serious relationship with man on my side. I don´t know how to do it. I don´t how to handle a boyfriend. I try not to be frightened about it ... but I am.

I´m loosing control

30th dec: info for Open Studio saturdays:
*äähhhmmmmpffff* .... I just don´t know, but it seems like, that it is just possible to invite 50 ... YES! just 50! people for an event.
and if you want to invite more people, than fb suggests you to create an ad. ... BUT sorry fb!: I just don´t have money to create ads!
... whatever: all of you are INVITED!
eeeeeEEEEEVERY saturday*
heart emoticon
kiss emoticon

31st dec: and most of all: THANK YOU to eachone who bought a painting in 2015*
heart emoticon
mean eeeeverything to me, because
heart emoticon
make it possible that I´m able to buy new canvases & colors.
heart emoticon
make it possible that I may continue to create new paintings (and the sizes of the paintings will become BIGGER in 2016).
heart emoticon
make me smile
smile emoticon

heart emoticon
make me healthy
heart emoticon
let me grow
and that YOU
heart emoticon
believe in me ... that means EVERYTHING to me!
kiss emoticon

heart emoticon

5th jan: pls let me start 2016 with 2 paintings ... tribute some of my most favorite colors: emerald green and ivory white*

5th jan: sunting

that pain inside of me ...
... that pain which makes pain-ter out of me ... to create pain-tings.
but it´s not the pain which is to see and to feel on my paintings.
... it´s the light ... it´s the sun ... which is the result ... when I use beautiful colors on my canvases.
so shouldn´t it be better called sun-ter ... and the product: sun-ting?

6th jan: *my new years eve night in Berlin with refugees*

first of all: YES! when I think that someone is nice or good looking, then I go there and tell it to that person.

my new years eve night started at a wonderful AMAZING private party. I enjoyed it a lot being there. at around 3 a.m. we decided to go to Chantal´s ´House of Shame´. I haven´t been there since years and enjoyed it being there again. first I got in contact with a sexy guy from the Philippines ... he was a friend of Ismelda Marco´s grandson. it was fun with him and yes! I wanted to know eeeevery news about Ismelda and her 2000 pair of shoes collection^^.
later I saw another guy sitting there ... alone. he seemed quite shy. I sat next to him and told him how hot he is. it turned out that he was a refugee from Syria. he knew just a little bit of english and german ... just some words. immediatly I tried to help him as much as possible ... talking with hands and feet. I gave him adresses where to go in Berlin. he was litteraly here since some weeks and still lives in a refugee camp in Hoyerswerda. I realized that the most difficult thing is: to take away his fear. he told me, that being gay is illegal in Syria. I told him several times that being gay is legal in Germany and he has the right to ask for aaaaany help. after a while a ´friend´ of him came and he followed him. I hope that he is going good with his new live in Germany.
at around 6 a.m. I went to Bullbar and also there I met a guy ... OMG what sympathic sexy guy. also he was a refugee. from Iraq. his english was quite good, which made it more easier to explain him the same things which I said to the other refugee before.

I write that story here, because: whatever the news in television and the internet write and say about refugees. MY PERSONAL first contacts with refugees are AMAZING. they are wonderful lovely people and we should give them aaaaany help they need. they are coming from hell

8th jan: * In The Moment Paintings * <= actually this is the best description which I got for my work. a wonderful friend of mine said it to me while looking through my paintings. I am from that "I do what I want to do - generation" WE could do whatever we wanted to do ... and I did it in an extreme way. and now with those paintings: I paint what I want to paint and when I want to paint. and today the painting became: just gold ... with a structure in it*

9th jan: knows that he slept good, when ... Iris Apfel was in my dreams
grin emoticon
I met her in an underground station =D

9th jan: PLEAAASE *kind of URGENT* ... is there anyone (or knows anyone) who is interessted to come here and cut my hair in exchange for a painting (oil on canvas size 24x30 ... of course you can choose one by yourself) ... nothing special: just need short hair*

10th jan: when dreams become reality

when I dream ... sometimes I get sick ... because I have the feeling, that my dreams will never be more than just ´dreams´. I get sick because I can´t find answers how to make them real.

when my dreams become reality ... sometimes I get sick ... because it is very hard to handle when dreams become true. finally it is possible to see ... to touch ... to smell a dream.

when a dream becomes reality ... then it is impossible to continue to dream that dream ... because reality is always better than ´just dreaming´.

actually I never believed that dreams can become true. I thought a dream is a dream and reality is reality.

and again I was wrong: another dream became reality

10th jan: outfit change ... *Diva style*

last night I went to Bullbar ... at around 10 p.m. ... it was nice there ... as always
smile emoticon

I did wear some levi´s slimfit ... and an old t-shirt with holes in it and ´THE HUNT IS ON´ written on it ... and I had my hair half long.
at around 3.30 a.m. I felt to go home (I live on the other side of the street). ... to go home to shave my hairs on my head ... 3 milimeters.
I put on again the same trousers ... the same t-shirt ... and returned to Bullbar and stayed again till 8 a.m. in the morning.
and YES! of course I LOOOVED it how they looked at me after that outfit change *Diva style*
kiss emoticon

and obviously they loved it too
=D <3

14th jan: that moment ... when ... I was laying in bed today ... and thinking about: what if ... it really would happen, that Donald Trump becomes president *AAAARRRRGHHHHSSSSS*

15th jan: (Zeitungsartikel: "Rheinberg sagt Karnevalszug wegen Flüchtlingen ab") meine Gedanken dazu: "so etwas sehe ich als eine Art ´Supergau´. Natürlich denke ich an ´meine´ Zukunft ... an meine Zukunft als Schwulen in Deutschland. Es wäre ein Wunder wenn alle CSD in Deutschland diesen Sommer weiter zu halten sind. Wenn man es nicht schafft die Sicherheit von Frauen gewährleisten zu können ... wie sollte man dann die Sicherheit von Schwulen/Queeren gewährleisten können!? Die ´Schwule Freiheit´ ist in Gefahr. Das Lebenswerk unzähliger queerer Kämpfer der vergangenen Jahrzehnte steht vor einer Bewährungsprobe. ... ist diese ´Schwule Freiheit´ weiterhin zu halten!? ... ich mache mir Sorgen: ... um uns queere Menschen in Deutschland. ... um mich als Schwulen."

16th jan: THANK YOU for your wonderful birthday wishes* it´s OVERWHELMING how AMAZING you are to me* I LOVE YOU
heart emoticon

tomorrow (or monday) I will answer each one of your birthday wishes*
today I´m busy with partying =D

17th jan: that moment ... when you do a lonely walk in wintertime ... on a sunday morning ... through an quite and peaceful area where you life since 13 years ... where you have stories in your mind ... connected with almost every building and every corner ... and you realize how wonderful that world is where you life ... and you just feel happy
smile emoticon
*Have a wonderful sunday to eeeeveryone
heart emoticon

20th jan: * David Bowie´s Children * ... some years ago I wrote a book. about the Berlin in the zero years. the people, the parties, the city. Brian-Tennessee Claflin is the main character in that book. he knows about that book and said to me "you should have made a tranny out of me!". I´m still looking for someone to translate it and to make a tranny out of him ( hey Jason *
smile emoticon
) and of course for a publisher. the title of the book is because: almost everyone I met in Berlin got influenced by David Bowie ... this is why I took this title some years ago* *David Bowie´s children*

22nd jan: * secret erotic paintings in oil on canvas *

today I finished another ´secret painting´.
almost every successful writer publishes books with erotic content and is using another name. and almost every painter creates erotic work too, but normally they hide them. <= this is what I do too.
sometimes I create erotic paintings ... and I keep them secret. made for private secret erotic collections.
the reason why I keep them ´secret´ is: I don´t want that all my work gets reduced because of those handful TRASHY erotic paintings I did.
if you want to see them: I´m sure that I will do a little show with those paintings this summer ... during an Open Studio at my place.


New Years Eve 2015/2016
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what an AMAZING WONDERFUL New Years Eve night at Frank Wilde´s place^^

with LOOOOVELY guests <3



some postings which I created on facebook 15th november 2015 - 22nd december 2015
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stories mix posted on facebook:

21st nov: tonite it´s going to be veeeeeery special* a reading here ... an hommage to Berlin ... by wonderful Ralf Schlegel
heart emoticon
the reading will be between 7 p.m. and 8 p.m.* (in German) ... Patrick´s Open Studio is open now*

24th nov: mission complied: I kissed a guy and I liked it <3

24th nov: that was *mmmmyyummmmyyyy
tongue emoticon
* deer with wth rice and a loooot of onions and garlic =P

25th nov: my friend from Mosul (Iraq) said to me today: "you have no idea through which suffering those refugees are going to"

and his got right: I have no idea about it.

25th nov: "a little poem, which makes ..."

ridiculous the joy
bored by passion
colors of the city
the bar of freedom
hungry for hope

a little poem, which makes no sense.

4th dec: thoughts 4th dec. 2015:

I have been on one of the best schools in europe. I have 7 professions. I got teached into leading a business ... a company. I´m allowed to work 100 hours a week as manager or director ... and having 200 ... 2000 workers under my control.
But why should I do that!? Why should I waste my life just for getting a lot of money and success!?

maaaaany years already ... I realized that LIFE and TIME is much more worth and important than anything else.
I decided to do walks in parks ... laying on my couch ... spending time with friends ... and party with them. I decided to look in people´s eyes ... saying nice words to them ... smile at them ... and love them
heart emoticon

and to create paintings

4th dec: *** SALE ***

since today my flat is sold to someone. ... this someone is a rich lawyer. he bought several flats in that building. he is interessted to make money with those flats. he is interessted to heighten the rent as much as possible ... and to kick us out of the flats as soon as possible.

´they´ came here in our area ... in our city ... because of US! WE created those areas in Berlin ... YES! WE CREATED BERLIN
heart emoticon
... the queers, the creative people, the open minded people, the working class turkish families, ... WE CREATED THAT CITY
heart emoticon

we made that city that much interessting, that people from all around the world are interessted to come to that city. ... and now: they kick us out from here! they put us down the toilet ... like a used condom.

´they´ don´t realize that WE MADE BERLIN
heart emoticon

they will never understand

12th dec: ^^ * Hollidays at BULL BAR * ^^

some people spend 3 weeks in Bali or Paris or wherever during the christmas season. ... and I will spend those weeks at BULL BAR
grin emoticon
tongue emoticon
kiss emoticon

I mean, I created more than 140 paintings this year. I worked a lot in 2015.
and NOW ... in december I do nothing ... only the things really necessary. aaaaAAAAaand I will spend as much time as possible at BULL BAR
heart emoticon

I like it there
kiss emoticon
in morning
heart emoticon
... in the afternoon
tongue emoticon
... at night
kiss emoticon

see you
smile emoticon

and YES! even on New Years Eve at midnight I plan to be there =D

13th dec: there is nothing better than a homemade duck with apple and rice
tongue emoticon
OH! and this time my hunger for it was bigger than taking a picture of it
grin emoticon
*** HAPPY 3rd ADVENT to eeeeeveryone <3

14th dec: *** yellow eyes ***

yesterday it was the first time in my life that I saw someone with eye color YELLOW ^^
it was a refugee, who is in Berlin just since about 3 months.
he was that much beautiful
heart emoticon
... I felt immediatly in love with him ... and his yellow eyes <3

16th dec: *DONE* ´ufff´ just before christmas
wink emoticon
... putting all my paintings in oil on canvas on my website* ... that´s a lot of work ... to do almost eeeeverything by myself ... but that means: that website is veeeery similar to the Sagrada Familia ... it´s a non-stop W.I.P. (work in progress
smile emoticon
) and almost neeeever finished* but whatever: pls enjoy to take a look at those paintings on that website :*

17th dec: I don´t like shops
I don´t like money
I don´t like commercials
I don´t like credit cards
always I was interessted in everything which is not able to buy with money.

19th dec: there is ... ^^ NO OPEN STUDIO TODAY ^^

the reason is simple: I met a wooooonderful guy and want to spend the weekend juuuuuust with him
heart emoticon

... pls let me describe it that way: this weekend is a little liiiiiittle christmas present to myself*

thank you all for understanding*
and thank you Santa Claus for sending him to me ... juuuuuust before christmas*

:* <3

19th dec: today there is NO ´Patrick´s Open Studio´ ... BUT I will be here all day long ... if you are interessted to get a painting for christmas.
we can go to the studio area, but not into the living room area, because my wonderful guest is here and I want to accept his privacy. (even he could be a piece of art in Louvre
smile emoticon

21st dec: *boyfriend*

all the time ... I thought, that it has to be ´love at first sight´.
I thought it has to be perfect from the very first moment when two people meet eachother.
but I was wrong.
not one Walt Disney love movie would exist, if everything would have been perfect from the start. ... troubles, difficulties, .... make a movie and stand on every beginning of a love story.
all the time ... I thought, that it has to be ... I have to be: perfect.
but I was wrong.
I am not perfect and this fact makes me human. ... and being human is perfect.

I am in love with that guy ... with that 40 year old guy with muscles and hairs on his body. I am in love with his smile and attitude. and I love to hear his heartbeat <3



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