Exberliner interview 2015

a little interview for Exberliner magazine*



"Into The Flat" by Mathias Lempart 2015

*Ein Besuch bei Patrick Bartsch von Mathias Lempart*
48pages BOOK ... named ´Into The Flat´ about the life and work of the artist Patrick Bartsch ... a book created by stunning artist Mati Lempart ... for the Karlsruhe University of Arts and Design (Hochschule für Gestaltung Karlsruhe)



my studio october 2015


some impressions of my studio ... in october 2015

the wall with some paintings of the serie "My Life" ... ´100 paintings within 100 days´



ICKYparty october 2015
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every sunday night I spend my time at ICKYparty in the club named ´Ficken3000´ (´Fucking3000´)

it was FIERCE ^^ loved her show <3 ... her name: :* Untitled Queen :*



my hood ... october 2015
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some postings which I created on facebook 23rd october 2015 - 14th november 2015
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stories mix posted on facebook:

23rd oct: bald is´s soweit* und ich freue mich jetzt schon auf Ralf Schlegel´s ´Szenen Berlins´ - poetische Beobachtungen

23rd oct: what a beautiful heartbreaking picture
heart emoticon
... everyone who knows X-Japan, Yoshiki, Hide, Visual Kei, ... will understand that* ... and to everyone else: GET THOSE STORIES ^^ it´s worth it*

23rd oct: I love the magic of an unfinished painting ... watching just the background*

24th oct: .... aaaaand for today: *** BIENENSTICH *** ... I don´t know the english word for that cake ... perhaps cream cake with honey =P

25th oct: most of my paintings are not created for a decorative purpose. my paintings tell stories ... real stories which happened in Berlin in the past 12 years.
there exist enough designers which create art as kind of decoration. and I want to do something different. I love Berlin and live here since 2003. those colorful glamorous years should be always remembered: Berlinale, parties, concerts, CSD, openings, people, animals and buildings.
I started as photographer, which carved my way in that direction.
Manet, van Gogh, Nolde, Warhol, ... they all worked as witness of a time period ... and I want to be with them in a row ... (not more and not less. ... I know that I have BIIIIIIG GOALS ... but I only live once*)

26th oct: the creation of magic backgrounds continues ... ^^* the size of the canvases are constantly growing ... meanwhile I feel comfortable working with size 120 x 100

28th oct: wednesday 28th october ... full moon:
at the moment I work on paintings not every day. I reached my goal for that year already ... to create every months minimum 10 paintings ... this year there exist more than 140 new paintings already.
I will go to bed now and prepare myself to continue on paintings tomorrow. I need to be relaxed for that action. working on portraits is the most intimate process, which I ever realized. I´m literally touching every centimeter of someone´s body. with the brush ... I touch ... I create someone´s eyes ... someone´s nose ... someone´s lips ... someone´s hands ... someone´s feet ... someone´s skin.
this intimate process needs every energy possible, which I´m able to screw out of myself.
I love everyone created on my paintings*
heart emoticon
have a good night everyone <3

29th oct: the magic of working on background continues* BTW: when you know how to paint and/or draw ... and you are interested in teaching that to me .... PLS DO IT! :*

29th oct: Patrick´s vision for the near future:

okokok, at the moment, when we watch the news, then it´s all about ´Islam against Christianity´ and ´Germans against Refugees´ and ´Bavarians against the rest of Germany´ and and and . it´s obviously, that some serious crashes will happen in Germany in near future. But what is it for?
Answer: first of all: we should be busy enough, for not thinking about fighting against the Elite. because they have some plans for us: right now: no one is talking about those little micro chips which exist and can be put under everyone´s skin.
when the disaster is big enough in Germany, then they will offer us those micro chips as solution. with those micro chips under everyone´s skin, everyone can be hold ´under control´. then it makes no difference if there live 90 mio people in Germany or 150 mio or 200 mio or more. from economic view: the more people are here to ´work´ ... the better it is. I mean: China allows now, that families can have 2 children. <= that means that Europe really has to think about it, how stay in any competition with China and other areas, such as India, America, ...
those millions refugees are needed in Europe, BUT everyone has to be under control. we are not useful for the economy, when we ´slaughter´ eachother. we have to work ... and those micro chips in combination with all that other stuff, such as cameras everywhere, of course internet with facebook, and and and . What I mean is: BE PREPARED!

the future will be soon our every day´s reality ... and I will be part of that.

30th nov: (Renate Künast) okokok ... kann passieren, daß man Lincoln mit Washington verwechselt! aaaaaaber in ihrem Falle, geht das GARNICHT °° ... und JA! ich habe 300 der über 1500 Kommentare gelesen und dabei gelacht
grin emoticon
... und demnächst lasse ich mich auch mal vor VAN GOGH´S MONA LISA fotografieren
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grin emoticon

1st nov: almost finished: the double painting portrait ... titled ´DON´T FUCK WITH ME´ ... and YES! it´s already sold*

2nd nov: that moment, when the FIRST LOVE of your life (actually the BIGGEST LOVE of my life) is P O K I N G here on facebook after 20 !!! years ...

2nd nov: Karin

since about 7 years every sunday evening I take the underground at the same time from Nollendorfplatz in direction Hermannplatz ... to go to the club named ´Ficken3000´

about 4 years ago I realized that also a woman is waiting for the same underground every sunday evening. a beautiful woman with blond hairs, green eyes and age 70.

I started talking with her. she was working in a shop at Nollendorfplatz and was on her way home ... every sunday evening. in all those years we celebrated our very special underground friendship. we laughed together, we discussed, we appreciated eachother. she told me stories about her childhood, her family, the Berlin 50 years ago, ... I looked in her wonderful smiling eyes, when she told me, that she becomes grandma for the very first time. she told stories about the birth of that baby. she showed me pictures and short movies on her phone. she told about her garden ... in winter ... in sping ... in summer and in autumn.

I enjoyed it ... spending about 30 minutes with her in the underground. ... before I entered the wild nightlife in Ficken3000.

yesterday she told me, the it will be the last time, that we spend time together in the underground, because she stops working at Nollendorfplatz. I was very sad about those news and realized, that we never introduced eachother and that I even never knew her name. before we said good-bye ... we told eachother our names ... for the very first time. her name was Karin

3rd nov: Berlin Schöneberg 3rd november 2015

today it was the first time, that I saw how 2 police men pointed their guns on someone. that ´someone´ was a young guy ... perhaps 20 years young. he was high on dr*gs since some days&nights. I saw him several times, when I looked out of my windows.
today in the afternoon: I heard him screaming around on the street for about 20 minutes ... he was looking for fights with some of his ´friends´. suddenly one police car came and 3 police men (acutally it were 2 police women and one police man) jumped out of the car. they stood about two meters away from that young guy and pointed their guns in direction of his body.

I was completly shocked, because I have never seen something like that before. I knew that every second could change the situation and perhaps they would have shot him ... in front of my eyes.

after some seconds they overpowered that guy. it looked like, as if he had a weapon too. this would explain the first reaction of the police.

later several more police car came and an ambulance.

I was happy that nothing ´more´ happened. but it made me realize, that times are changing and are becoming more rough

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kiss emoticon
he deserves eeeeevery support:
"The extreme taboo and harsh criticism of living a same-sex lifestyle, especially as an African- American male, makes it hard to be completely honest and comfortable within yourself," says Yusaf Mack.

4th nov: pls find my little ´My perfect Schöneberg weekend´ tour in the new issue of Exberliner magazine ... on page 28*

5th nov: ooooh* just need to share that, because I loooove the beauty of a naked woman
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... and YES! I SHOULD PAINT THEM TOO ... :* (Nu Couché)

6th nov: * booooored *

perhaps I should lay in my bed and discuss the bored situation with my pillow*

7th nov: today: *** SUPERPOWER MARZIPAN CAKE Lübeck style *** =P

7th nov: Patrick´s inner monologues:

me asking: "where would you put yourself as painter?"
me answering: "somewhere between Nitsch, van Gogh, Picasso and Monet."

8th nov: * life is a journey *

the older I become, the more I understand what THAT PHRASE means

8th nov: * being lucky *

in the past weeks ... some amazing wonderful great things happened to me.
that much beautiful ... I even didn´t dream about it before.
right now I´m in a process where I have to learn to accept that. to accept that life is good to me ... that life wants me ... that life loves me ... that life has saved some wonderful, good presents for me.
in the past I could more accept bad things. because that many bad things happened to me, that I got used to it. I could handle much better bad things happening to me, than good things. I was even afraid from good things ... and always thought, that something has to be ´wrong´ with good things happening to me.
it´s a way to go ... to realize ´good things´ as ´good things´ ... 100 percent.
it´s a way to go ... to enjoy ´good things´ and accept them without any doubts.
* being lucky * is now allowed to me*

9th nov: * Gunther my mentor *
the most important reason, why I live my life the way how I live it ... is Gunther. he teached me everything. 2 years ago ... on 9th november 2013 ... my mentor left this world.

10th nov: Brian did a loooot of collaborations with AWESOME FIERCE artists. one of those is Greta Frau. pls come and see the artwork ´The Five SenseS´. I never saw those movies before, but people who watched them already told me, that they are AAAAAAAWESOME ^^ ... I also can´t wait to see them on 27th november at SomoS*

11th nov: the ´WHATEVER´ painting

it´s a BIG honor to me, that I may support the YO! SISSY festival.
many performers and friends from that festival ... I got to know because of Brian-Tennessee Claflin . he was friends with them
heart emoticon

some of my paintings reflect American culture in Berlin. Brian used to say many times ´WHATEVER´ and ´performed´ that word while saying it.
this painting supports now the YO! SISSY festival.
pls please PLEEEEEAAAASE find the painting at that link and get the painting°°

12th nov: and again I felt in love with a guy
kiss emoticon
heart emoticon

that means:
I almost can´t sleep
I´m not interessted in eating
I think non-stop about that person


and it´s already the 4th time this year
and I´m still single *hhhmmmpppffff*

13th nov: it´s a BIG painting of Isa Genzken hanging in my display window now* ... Isa deserves that place
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when you pass my studio/flat pls take a look at that glitzy painting*


another Opening at The Ballery in october 2015
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pic above: wonderful performance by Mikey Woodbridge

pic below: wonderful piano player (sorry, I forgot his name)



selfies september and october 2015

and mooooooooooooooooooooooore selfies:



some postings which I created on facebook 18th september 2015 - 22nd october 2015
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stories mix posted on facebook:

18th sept: I´M BAAAACK ^^
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hello LOVERS&HATERS ... I´m back* ... my holidays are over. I continued to paint again. ... today ... with some background work* ... and: it feels veeeery good to paint again* love you aaaallllll
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19th sept: I WARNED YOU
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today´s cake ingredients are TONS of BUTTER
tongue emoticon
tongue emoticon
tongue emoticon
... it´s a ´Donauwelle´ (´wave of the danube´ <= yes, that´s the name of THAT CAKE) ... COLD & FRESH out of the fridge too of course =P

19th sept: Patrick´s Open Studio is open now* today ... for the Berlin Art Week with "NOTHING SPECIAL" :*

19th sept: of course I don´t know what it means to be a refugee because of war.

but I know the desperate face of mother during an escape when she is looking in her child´s eyes.

I was 8 years young when my mother said to me, that we are going for holidays to Austria. it was just me and my little, fragile mother. we carried as much as it was possible. we took the train and had to change the train in Zurich. I remember when I realized that my fingers changed into colors blue, red and yellow. I showed my little hands into direction of my mother ...
I will never forget the expression in the face of my mom looking at her loved child suffering from pain.

... it wasn´t for holidays. we run away from my violent dad and never returned into the little village in the black forrest. Graz in Austria became our new home.

and today: I feel those refugees when I look into their faces.

20th sept: I think I should just eat some white Magnum icecream right now and then go to bed ... good night everyone <3

20th sept: for many years I met Brian almost every sunday ... those outfits on that picture have been our outfits for the whole night at that time.
He was mormon and my mother is mormon too. that means, that we talked about everything: our mothers, our families, our childhood, our youth, our dreams, ... everything ... we did trust eachother
Brian left that world on 5th june 2014
Brian is part of my heart&soul and every sunday I think a little bit more about him <3

20th sept: more background work today* meanwhile I feel very comfortable with bigger size paintings* 100 x 120 is the size I am talking about ... as contrast: you see my slippers next to it*

24th sept: I LOVE MEAT

... I never wanted to be holy

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26th sept: actually that´s the perfect bodybuilder cake
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... with all that quark in it ^^ the german name is "Käsesahnetorte" ... and with raisins in it because it was a friend´s wish to put them inside =P

28th sept: I love those afterhours ... ending at a punks place ... and everywhere in the flat stuff of Prada, Chanel, KaDeWe, ... can be found
grin emoticon

thank you HOT STRAIGHT b*tch
heart emoticon
I really enjoyed your afterhour party which you made for us
kiss emoticon
(no, not just me and him ... we have been 5 people there
smile emoticon

1st oct: I realize more and more how much I was focused on Brian
heart emoticon
... literally Brian was the center of my life ... for about 7 years. I was interessted in almost nothing else and no one else.
meanwhile I learn to live without him. I have to learn it. it´s a process. and it´s not easy.

2nd oct: of course I would wish to have more space ... especially now that I work on bigger size paintings ... I would love to work on 20 or 30 paintings simultaneously ... ... OH did I just ask for more space IN BERLIN !? I know, I know, I know ... there is no space in Berlin right now. and I can be happy that I have at least that little room to work*

2nd oct: *** sweet spicy Indian curry rice with raisins *** OH I LOVE HOT RAISINS
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if you make it: it´s simple: just put TONS of spices in there ... and aaaaalways olive oil =P

3rd oct: I
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to live in Berlin WITHOUT WALL ^^ ... one of the most important reasons why I moved to Berlin was: east german people have always been more beautiful to me ... and I wanted to be closer to them
heart emoticon
and share my life with them
heart emoticon
... I am from west Germany and there the most important first question was always "what is your job?" ... and when you gave the ´wrong´ answer, then people immediatly stopped talking with you. I GOT BORED BY THAT! people from east Germany (east Europe) have always been interessted in me as human being and their first question has always been "what is your name?"

6th oct: *** welcome autumn depression ***

since 41 years I try to build up a life ... my life.
and it didn´t work at all.

I life in a flat which belongs to others and those ´others´ want to kick me out of here. that´s annoying. normally in my age: to be serious: I should really own a flat!

I work as artist and I am not successful with it. ... I mean: that´s the truth so far! okok, there were some little highlights in the past years, but that´s it. not one serious art magazine even mentioned my name.

my private life is a disaster. I mean: nothing! ... I couldn´t manage it to find someone. I was never with someone ... a "couple"!

and my financial situation: *äääöööhmmmm* forget it! a mess!


*** welcome autumn depression ***

10th oct: *** F*CKED UP LIFE *** listening to ´Best of Otis Redding´ ... baking cake ... taking a bath for 1 hour ... being non-stop online on facebook *** F*CKED UP LIFE *** ... or I´m just getting old*

11th oct: doesn´t it look sad, when someone is eating alone
frown emoticon
... since today my balcony table is inside of the flat again* ... sitting next to my paintings* ... Isa Genzken is watching me ... eating * wild hog with sweet chestnuts and bread dumplings *

14th oct: * punk shoes *

perhaps I was the first person, which said to that 23 year old punk guy, that he is beautiful and a good guy.
we spent the whole day together ... he showed me ´his´ music and what Berlin means to him.
obviously he had a rough life. he accepted me as someone who could be his father. he cried sometimes and I let him cry.
he asked me about my shoe size ... 45 does fit him. he took my yellow Adidas shoes limited edtition. when I saw his shoes, then it wasn´t about my ´limited edition´ shoes anymore. I just knew, that I have 2 pairs of sneakers, and that guy needs one of those.
he asked me for a winter jacket too, because he had almost nothing to wear.
I have just one winter jacket and felt very sad, that I wasn´t able to give him a warm winter jacket.
he left at around 6 p.m. ... it was already dark outside and the temperature was close to zero ...

18th oct: Ja, lieber Ralf Schlegel* danke sehr für die Songnominierung^^* jeden Tag eines meiner Lieblingslieder posten, das werde ich wohl nicht machen. ... ich überfordere so und so schon so manchen mit meinen viiiieeeeelen Postings jeden Tag
wink emoticon
... aber eines meiner immerwieder aaaabsoluten Lieblingslieder poste ich jetzt somit stellvertretend für alle meine Lieblingslieder^^* ... und JA! BITTE GAAAAANZ LAUT HÖREN
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Mr. Fahrenheit is screaming
grin emoticon
DON´T STOP ME NOW ^^ ... wäre ich Boxer, dann würde ich wohl dieses Lied zu meiner Ringhymne machen <3

19th oct: info for all my collectors: as you know, you get all my paintings directly from me. this is the reason because they are that much cheap.
but meanwhile I´m really looking for a gallery or even much more: for an art dealer.
and it looks that way, that I will find that right person for that job veeeeery soon.
then I´m able to focus on creating new paintings much more. <= that´s what I really want.
and then: every art deal goes via ´that´ art dealer.
but it also means, that the prices will be higher.
what I want to say is: when you want to get my paintings veeeeeeery veeeeery cheap and directly from the artist, then you should get one soon.

20th oct: *happiness*

what means *happiness*?
everyone needs something else to reach *happiness*.
I like it simple:
sitting on my own couch ...
... eating homemade cake with fresh whipped cream ...
... and watching Adriano Celentano singing *AZZURO*
all that together gives me the feeling of being satisfied,
creates a smile on my face
smile emoticon

and proves that I life *happiness*

( Gaby
heart emoticon
and YES! I thought about you while listening to that song* )

20th oct: some of the people I know here in Berlin ... they are veeeeery deep in my heart* ... and FAB Matt (Lambert)
heart emoticon
heart emoticon
kiss emoticon

20th oct: just using Grindr for the almost very first time* ... I am sure, that I do eeeeevery mistake possible, what a beginner is able to do =D

21st oct: but actually ... this is how the man of my dreams looks like*^^ I
heart emoticon
David (Lurs)

21st oct: I know that winter is coming soon, when: I cook the first time beef soup ´Austrian style´ with bone marrow (Knochenmark)* ... already the Austrian Emperor ... Sissy´s husband ... liked to eat it that way =P

22nd oct: btw: when you own one (or more) of my paintings, and when you want to get it cleaned. because of dust or whatever. then pls bring it here and I will clean it and put a new varnish on it


22nd oct: * DON´T FUCK WITH ME * today it isn´t my day ... so far. and YES! those are the days when paintings get realized, where in golden letters ´DON´T FUCK WITH ME´ is written on it ... *AAARRRGGHHHHSSSS*
tongue emoticon
( I think they look nice* those 2 paintings got all my energy ... and now I feel relaxed
smile emoticon

22nd oct: okokok ... and then we have living on our planet earth:
heart emoticon
JAY (Alvarrez) & ALEXIS
heart emoticon
... if you neeever heard about them: YOU SHOULD
grin emoticon
kiss emoticon
( I posted one of their GLAM videos in the comment ) ... and the question is right now: DO WE NEED THEM HERE IN BERLIN !? =D



Photoshooting with Matt Lambert august 2015
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what a STUNNING GREAT photographer: Matt Lambert catched my soul in that photography^^*

at the presentation of the magazin ´hello mr.´ (where the photo was published)

on the way to do some afterhour at Larry´s (bar)
OOOOOH that was a GREAT night =D

and this happened some weeks before, when Matt invited for an exhibition,
where he presented about 100 polaroids.
on the pic you see Matt with his man Jannis and his assistent Luca and some woooonderful models*


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