some postings which I created on facebook 1st september 2015 - 17th september 2015
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8th sept: * little Damascus in Berlin *

actually I can´t wait having a sort of * little Damascus in Berlin * with about 1 mio Syrian people living here ^^*

I remember when I was a child ... about 35 years ago (now I am 41). at that time Damascus was a city far far away ... for me ... too far away to reach. BUT those stories about that woooonderful, colorful, mystic city ... always reached me ...

and today: they have "Chinatown in L.A." ... sort of "India city in London" ... sort of "arabic world in Paris" ... and and and

YES! I would LOOOOVE to have a *little Damascus in Berlin* ... and they should teach me, what they are AWESOME about: creating art ... cooking food ... and and and

and ... perhaps perhaps perhaps they will help us to rebuild Berlin again ... as much beautiful as it was before it got destroyed in WWII.

9th sept: btw: when you are around here in my area and when you want to visit me, then pls aaalways write me before here on fb or call me. I NEVER react when someone knocks at my window or rings the bell and I don´t know who is it out there.

but: YES! I appreciate always some nice suprise visits
:* <3

10th sept: 10th september 2015: soon I will start to paint again ^^* I needed those some weeks off. ... I checked out my photo archive (with about 140 000 photographies which I took in the past years) and found 39 photographies (such as the photogaphy below) which I plan to paint in oil on canvas ... soon ... very soon*

11th sept: okokok his greatuncle is John F. Kennedy and his father is Arnold Schwarzenegger ^^ Patrick Schwarzenegger is one of the REAL KINGS in our world =P

12th sept: * don´t fear the Islam in Germany *

tonite I thought about ´the Islam in Germany´ . most people NEED religions ... something to believe in. even my own mother is mormon. a religion as radical as Islam. it doesn´t matter if someone names himself as ´Christ´ or ´Muslim´ or ´Mormon´ or ´whatever´
as it is realized in America: let everyone practice his own religion!
it´s about to accept it!
AND when someone does a criminal act, then judge this person. it doesn´t matter which religion he belongs to. PUT A CRIMINAL PERSON BEHIND BARS! and when someone needs to hide behind a religion and use religion to practice a criminal act, then punish this person even more.

... and when Saudi Arabia offered Germany to pay for 200 new mosques for the refugees, then let Saudi Arabia do it. Saudi Arabia which takes NO REFUGEES in their own country just shows one more time, that Islam as religion is not working at all. it fits in one row with THE EXISTENCE OF BANGLADESH (which did belong to Pakistan ... and if the Islam would work, than Bangladesh would still belong to Pakistan).

whatever: don´t fear Islam in Germany and pls accept voices from leading political people who say, that ´Islam belongs to Germany´, because he does as much as EVERY OTHER RELIGION.

17th sept: today I was in the mood for some mixed lunch *** French escargots and garlic baguette and Russian mini pumpkins and Black Forrest ham *** =P

17th sept: watch him to become one of THE BIGGEST STARS IN BODYBUILDING ^^ just 20 years old AAAAAAWESOME ATTILA ^^ ... and I am sure: in some weeks his fanpage will hit the one million fan mark* and YES! I am his BIG fan already <3



Patrick Bartsch ´my life´ 100 paintings within 100 days. july and august 2015
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fantasy48 - paintings

this projet belongs to my best and most intense projects,
which I ever did^^*

Patrick Bartsch paintings ... oil on canvas

* My Life * painting number 95 ´sechs´

´sechs´ or ´sex´

* My Life * painting number 97 ´R.I.P.´

in memory of my wonderful friend Alexander Tiburtius who died on 27th july 2015. R.I.P. Alex

* My Life * painting number 100 ´THANX´

it´s done ... the end of that project


------------- price for each painting of this serie: between 20 euro and 500 euro --------------



Photoshooting in august 2015
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it the past years I almost stopped doing photoshootings with people. but with that wonderful guy I did it again. and YES! it is planed to get paint in oil on canvas




my hood ... august 2015
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selfies july and august 2015

and mooooooooooooooooooooooore selfies:

my homemade cakes ...

since today I am the owner of a personal KaDeWe customer card =D

new haircut ...

my homemade food ...



some postings which I created on facebook 6th august 2015 - 31st august 2015
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stories mix posted on facebook:

10th august: just woke up* ... and thinking ... *WOW* what a PERFECT NIGHT it has been again at Berlin´s BEST PARTY ... ICKY ^^ ... that maaaaaaany wonderful beautiful fierce people* ... you all make my life perfect
heart emoticon
heart emoticon
... aaaaand: oooooh Christa did you put those stamps all over my body !? =D :*

11th august: knows what he is doing this week: WATCHING AAAAALL EPISODES OF ^^ BREAKING BAD ^^
grin emoticon

I had no idea that serie exists ... and yesterday night I discovered it
grin emoticon

... now I am at episode 1 part 4
WHAT A F*CKING HELL GLITZY SERIE ^^* ... I am prepared for my couch
grin emoticon
... what a perfect summer *LOL* =D =D =D

grin emoticon
... there is so much of everything in it ... Trainspotting´ ... ´Priscilla Queen of the desert´ ... and and and
I can´t stop watching it
grin emoticon

now I am at serie 2 episode 11 ^^
serie 3 - 5 are waiting for me for the next days & nights
grin emoticon

heart emoticon
kiss emoticon
<3 :*

13th august: now: at around 1 a.m. on 13th august 2015:
I am in my flat ... I lay on my couch ... the windows are open ... I listen to the sound of the street ... voices ... music of bars ... I am online on facebook ... at the same time I am watching one episode after the other episode of ´Breaking Bad´ ... a thriller about family, friendship, money & dr*gs ... the walls of my studio are crowded with my own paintings ... I live the life of an artist ... a life much more thriller than any movie can be ... a friend of mine got murdered some days ago ... what is real? what is fantasy? ... I know what reality is ... I wanted that life ... a life full of action ... but those actions went out of control ... sometimes I wish to hide myself ... perhaps in a forrest ... somewhere in the mountains ... being alone ... but is that a solution? ... I have to live my life ... and today ... right now it happens here in front of my laptop, while sitting on my couch and listen to the sound of Berlin´s night.

14th august: yeah, I know it´s hot and summer in Berlin and eeeeeveryone should be somewhere outside ...
buuuuut I am laying on my couch and continue watching ´Breaking Bad´
grin emoticon

I like that question in serie 3 episode 9 ... when Jesse got asked ´what would you do if you would have enough money?´
... my answer for such a question would be: ´creating paintings and bake cakes´*

smile emoticon
grin emoticon

14th august: and the BEST food is always some food which reminds you to your childhood* ... ^^lecsó with sausages^^ ... as teenager I have been in schools, where I needed to life there ... the whole week ... and this is some food those kids got there to eat* IT´S MMMYUMMMY =D

15th august: this is not a story for facebook:
okokok ... tonite ...
... I met that guy again ...
... what a hoooot sexy guy ...
... I like him very much ...
... and ...
... he likes me too ...
... he´s giving me aaalways more than I expect ...
... he´s a dream come true ...
... he is my favorite guy ...
... I pay him 40 bucks ...

16th august: ´my mom´s words´

yesterday ... late evening ... I did a long telephone call with my mom ... I called her, because I needed to talk with someone who knows me.
it was good to hear her voice ... her tender, loving mom´s voice.
it is very rare that we are in contact ... and when we have contact, then usually we are having fights. but not yesterday.
those days I feel very exhausted ... in my head ... in my soul ... and the summer heat takes away the energy of my body too.
yesterday night I was looking for answers ... again.
perhaps the most important question of my mom was "where are the roots? ... when did start the drama in your life?"
... my life is a BIG DRAMA to my mom. ... and perhaps somehow she´s got right ...

I thought about it ... and realized that a big drama has been the seperation of my first love. I loved him that much as someone just loves his ´first love´. I never really handled it when our relationship failed. 18 years ago.

16th august: I LOOOOOVE Breaking Bad
grin emoticon
it´s like looking at Leonardo´s Mona Lisa or watching the Titanic movie or listen to the Vienna Symphonic Orchestra or *WOW*
... just finished watching serie 4.
now I prepare to go to GLAM ICKYparty ^^
... and tomorrow I will watch serie 5 with 16 !!! *WOW* SIXTEEN episodes ^^
caaaaan´t waaaaaait =D

19th august: ´ Breaking Bad ´ was AWESOME ^^ I needed one week to watch the whole serie*
more than 10 000 000 likes on facebook <= that is for a reason!
one of the best things I´ve ever seen
grin emoticon

... and now I should start to paint again*

23rd august: ... I miss ... the feeling that ...
heart emoticon
heart emoticon

I remember ... when I was a child, than the music charts have been PACKED with songs ... which celebrate the world ... and all Germans did sing those songs. such as: "spanish guitars" (Spaniens Gitarren), "greek wine" (Griechischer Wein), "Fiesta Mexicana", "Moskau Moskau Russia is a beautiful country" (Moskau Moskau Russland ist ein schönes Land) and and and
Where are such songs today, which celebrate the people and the country of Syria, Iraq, Ethiopia, Sudan, ... and YES! again Greece and Spain too

WE NEED such songs ... music ... positive energetic music did always bring the people and the world together <3

26th august: I was a very happy person when Brian was part of my life ...
... I would wish that he would knock at my door ... again ...

26th august: R.I.P. Peter Kern
heart emoticon
Peter Kern was an extraordinary legendary director from Austria. I met him several times ... we laughed a lot together
smile emoticon
Peter Kern one of the GREATEST Austrian artists* R.I.P.

27th august: the world is changing and we all need to accept that.
we have to learn again ... how to live together.
yesterday doesn´t exist anymore. it is TODAY what counts.
my personal wish is:
let everyone live wherever she/he wants to live.
let everyone live in Berlin who wants to live here.
and pls let the queer community BE A COMMUNITY
strong enough to keep Berlin a safe place for future queer generations too.

27th august: ^^ F E A R ^^

right now: people in Germany have fear ...
almost every reaction is caused because of ... fear ...
BUT: there is no reason to have fear at all !!!
it was always a dream, that Berlin is in one row with New York, London, Paris, Tokyo, ... btw: there are living about 10 !!! mio people in Tokyo

PLS GIVE EEEEVERYONE A *WARMLY HEARTFELT WELCOME IN BERLIN* who is coming from Syria, Iraq, Sudan, Eritrea, ...
let Berlin grow to a city with up to 6 or 8 million people !!!
PLS TRUST in that, that good times are waiting for us here in future*
can you imagine the new dimensions of the art scene, fashion scene, and and and of a Berlin with a population size like that!? ... I am able to imagine that!

pls have LOVE in your hearts and in your words and in your hands, when you reach them in the direction of our new friends ... our new friends:
heart emoticon
the refugees <3

28th august: to all CAPRICORNS:

I heard, that this weekend we will get the answers what the REASONS OF OUR LIVES are.
I mean: that sounds veeeeery weird. but I always listen to that astrology stuff *ARGHS*

okokok: again: after THAT WEEKEND I will know what are the reasons ... is the meaning of my life *THATISWEIRD* =oX

and btw: I was born on 16th january* same day as Kate Moss
=D :*

29th august: I LOVE TO EAT
tongue emoticon
pasta with hash beef on my plat ... some plum cake in the oven
tongue emoticon
all my live I was veeeery skinny ... but those years are over ... obviously :)

30th august: that super full moon is veeeeery heavy XoP it makes me feel that I want to be everywhere at the same time and that I want to do all at once XoP
it´s veeery powerfull and it feels good :)


another Opening at The Ballery in july 2015
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another Opening at the gallery ´The Ballery´

on the pic you can see wonderful photogrphies ... created by Dale Grant*



"Into The Flat" by Mathias Lempart july 2015
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it´s a book ... IT´S A BOOOOK ... *WOW* a REAL HANDMADE BEST QUALITY 48pages BOOK ... named ´Into The Flat´ about the life and work of the artist Patrick Bartsch ... a book created by stunning artist Mathias Lempart ... for the Academy of Arts in Karlsruhe (Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste Karlsruhe)



ICKYparty july 2015
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every sunday night I spend my time at ICKYparty in the club named ´Ficken3000´ (´Fucking3000´)

it is AWESOME there =D I LOVE IT THERE <3 the guests, the crew, the music, the light, ... <3

those wonderful people belong to my family :*



some postings which I created on facebook 7th july 2015 - 5th august 2015
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stories mix posted on facebook:

7th july: my hood
heart emoticon
isn´t it beautiful here ... in the middle of Berlin ... oooooh, and yes, it belongs to the most dangerous places in Berlin ...

9th july: <3
Brian inside of me
heart emoticon

I went out yesterday ... visiting my neighbours in the redlight area ... and somehow I was frightened that someone could steal the money out of my pockets (as it happened already twice) ...
... while thinking about where to put my money ... somehow I heard Brian´s voice inside of me ... saying "put the money in your socks ... there where I always did hide my money"
... and I did it that way
smile emoticon
... and at the same time being happy to realize that Brian is always there for me when I need him and his advice

heart emoticon
Brian my love forever <3

11th july: Patrick loves
heart emoticon
heart emoticon
in Berlin * ... if there is anyone named ´a modern Mozart´ ... then it is him: YOSHIKI ^^ what a life ^^ what an artist ^^ what a genius ^^ I
heart emoticon

11th july: .... aaaand this is Roman ... THE FIRST LOVE OF MY LIFE ... it happened about 20 years ago ... HE IS STILL HOT
tongue emoticon
heart emoticon

12th july: find the mistake:

european politicians earning more than 16 000 euro a month ... tell people in Greece (and not just there!) that they have to life with about 250 euro a month

.... aaaaaaaand pleeeaaaase don´t try to argue with: that policitians work more ...

12th july: ICKYparty ^^
grin emoticon

just bringing myself in the right mood for tooooonite´s GLAM ICKYparty ^^
grin emoticon
with MILVA and the song ´I AM THE MAN WHO LOVES YOU
heart emoticon
heart emoticon
heart emoticon
grin emoticon
kiss emoticon

see you laaaater :*

14th july: (zum Kulturschutzgesetzesentwurf) ... dumm ... dümmer ... am dümmsten ... ... dieser Gesetzesentwurf spiegelt das Verantwortungslose Egoistische Weltfremde Handeln der Deutschen Bundesregierung wieder! OH BUNDESREGIERUNG ICH HABE DICH SOWAS ... ABER AUCH SOOOOWAS VON SATT !!!

15th july: OMG O M G FOODPORN *** Veal Escalope with mushrooms, onions and baked potatoes *** OH YES! it makes a different: the BIG veal escalope fresh from the market ... he said: it´s bio and it costs 10 euro´
I could neeever afford to eat that in a restaurant ... but sometimes I need to feel ´special´
smile emoticon
... and that is the reason, that I cook such stuff ... just for myself*
grin emoticon

15th july: the technic of paintings of Patrick Bartsch look similar to the paintings of Gerhard Richter, BUT it´s actually complete different, because Richter works on the colors ... and I go UNDER the colors ...

15th july: Happy Birthday
heart emoticon
heart emoticon
... I was 15 years young when I was standing in front of that painting ... it seemed to me as a door to ´another world´ ... a door I wanted to pace too* ... a world I wanted to be part of it*

16th july: today I reached painting number 82 ... this project ´100 paintings within 100 days´ is my way of ´running a marathon´ ... I learn ... I practice ... I feel joy ... and most of all: I am thankful to those collectors who bought and reserved paintings from that serie ... you tell me to continue ... to run ... to paint ... till the goal is reached *THANK YOU*

17th july: you haven´t watched it yet!? ... YOU SHOULD WATCH THAT VIDEO ! ... I watched it already twice and it still makes me learn ... learn to appreciate life ... learn to love
heart emoticon

18th july: anyone who is coming here today ... pls could bring a package of Marlboro for me* ... Thank You
heart emoticon :*

18th july: I think I think I think ... thaaat I found SOMEONE
heart emoticon
... in the past months I saw him sometimes ... aaaand yesterday we talked to eachother for the first time ... and he likes me TOO *WHOOOOHOOOO* ... he is a BEAUTY ... a HOTTIE from Lithuania ... we will meet eachother again
heart emoticon
and again
smile emoticon
and again
grin emoticon
and again
kiss emoticon
... it looks like that I found that someone I was looking for since the past weeks :)

21st july: Patrick´s inner monologues: ´ ... it was the expression in his (my new boyfriend´s) eyes, which fascinated me, when he looked at my wall full of paintings and saying no word. obviously he didn´t expect that ... and obviously he liked what he saw.

and yesterday night when he was here, then we talked to eachother again. he told me about his life ... when he lived as graffiti artist in the streets of Riga/Latvia

we found something more which connects us.´


21st july: it´s a book ... IT´S A BOOOOK ... *WOW* a REAL HANDMADE BEST QUALITY 48pages BOOK ... named ´Into The Flat´ about the life and work of the artist Patrick Bartsch ... a book created by stunning artist Mati Lempart ... for the Academy of Arts in Karlsruhe (Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste Karlsruhe)

23rd july: * Artists in Berlin * ... OH look to whom I did run in today* ... at Hermannplatz in Neukölln ... Patrick loves
heart emoticon
Janne Räisänen <3

23rd july: falling in love ... again

it is here again ...
... the feeling of ... that I found someone ´special´ in that 7,125 billion people world.
it is here again ...
... that time ... when I wait for someone.
I am not in a hurry anymore ... I stopped being in a hurry 18 years ago. I lost my first love because of that: ... being in a hurry too much ... putting someone under pressure. I promised to myself that I would never do it again.
it is here again ...
... that time when I stay relaxed at home. laying in bed and just dreaming. there is no need anymore to run from bar to bar, from party to party, getting out of control, just because of being in search for someone.
it is here again ...
that natural smile in my face :)

25th july: ´anonymous warning´

yesterday I found a letter in my post office box: a warning concerning a person in my milieu. an ´anonymous warning´

´Thank You´ to that person who did all that work for sending me that letter ... I really appreciate your worry about me*

but I just can write and say: people warned me non-stop because of other people in my milieu ... especially about those successful and/or famous and/or rich people in my milieu

I never took care about those warnings ... I have just no time for such things

when I meet people then I want to get to know them ... and to warn me about someone makes that person even more interessting to me.

but whatever: the today´s painting number 90 from the serie ´My Life´ is dedicated to you ... to you ´Mr. Anonymous´ ^^*

27th july: btw: the last 10 paintings of the serie ´My Life´ 100 paintings within 100 days´ will be a countdown ...
... yesterday the countdown startet with ´ten´ ... today the spiritual meaning of the number 9 is ´whatever´ ... tomorrow there will be the infinity sign for ´8´ ... and the last 7 days will be a surprise ^^* pls enjoy it :)

28th july: ooooh today´s painting became ugly ...
... sometimes I like to create ugly bad paintings :)

28th july: *inner monolgue*
it´s about making it! ... it is a very hard and very difficult project. I expected it that way!
with projects I was always good to start, but never good with finishing something. and this is the point where I am right now. I feel as if can´t do it anymore ... I feel as if I need a break. it´s a fight with my psychologic conditions.
right now it´s just about ´surviving´ the project ... to bring those 100 paintings within 100 days to an end.
it´s a fight ... it´s my fight ... a symbolic fight, which is symbolising ´My Life´

29th july: *** the N E W Berlin *** means: yesterday someone offered me ´some 10 000 euros´ cash, when I go out of my flat.
it was a serious offer ... I know that millionaire guy since many years.

29th july: luxury babe Patrick needed some *** Wild White Halibut with baked potatoes *** THAT WAS GOOOOOOD ^^ that white fish from KaDeWe (I paid 14 euro) *MMMMYUUMMMYYYY =P

30th july: I´m hungry ... I´m veeeery hungry ... those days°° today *** beefsteak with russian chanterelles (Pfifferlinge) and kraut and baked potatoes ***

30th july: R.I.P. ALEXANDER TIBURTIUS +++ OMG WHAT A SHOCK !!! Alexander was an AMAZING FRIEND AND SUPPORTER of me and my art. he was ´my art dealer´ ... how I always named him in a tender way. I will always remember you as who you were
heart emoticon
heart emoticon
R.I.P. Alex

2nd august: TONITE 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY ICKYparty ^^
grin emoticon
THANK YOU Jared Abbott for giving to us those AAAAAAWESOME sunday nights
heart emoticon
kiss emoticon
grin emoticon
see you aaaaaalllll tonite <3

2nd august: R.I.P. Alexander Tiburtius
heart emoticon
... my friend and ´my art dealer´ ... I miss you

3rd august: it´s done*
my first painting marathon*
a lot happened in 100 days ... good days and bad days ... ups and downs.
of course I used that serie as kind of ´trainings camp´ ... I checked out different techniques ... different color combinations ... did practice with ´how to paint bodies´ ... ´how to paint nature´ ... ´how to use symbols and letters´ ...

now I feel as if I need some days off, but I also can´t wait to work on new paintings ... to use the experience from the past 100 days

4th august: 7 paintings found new owners already ... and some other paintings are reserved. that means 93 paintings are here for the exhibition ´My Life ... 100 paintings within 100 days´ ... so pls join the show this saturday here at the Open Studio ^^*
the exhibition looks veeeeery good ... it´s an early works exhibition (I mean: I do that kind of paintings with oil on canvas ... just since 2 1/2 years ... I am still a beginner*)
see you on saturday
heart emoticon :*

4th august: Patrick´s inner monologues
´like a circle in a spirale´

I was young ... about 3 ... 4 ... 5 ... 6 years old. my mom worked at home as tailor ... and I was sitting on the floor and did drawings ... drawings of pirate ships, animals, ...
with colored pencils and sheets of paper ... I was completly happy and satisfied.

I grew up ... went to school ... played with fire (literally) ... left my home to move to Paris ... and Vienna ... and Cologne. I worked in Bars ... sold Jeans at GAP ... and tried to work as model. I loved parties .... and dr*gs ... and women and men ... and black and golden masks.

and now in the age of 41 ... after a looooong journey ... I realized again that I need just some brushes and canvas ... for being completly happy and satisfied

5th august: the new Roland Emmerich movie " Stonewall" ... aaaaaand btw: we would and still do it: fight again and fight again ... and fight again for OUR RIGHTS !

5th august: ´don´t be jealous´
grin emoticon
since today I am the owner of a personal KaDeWe customer card =D



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