classic concert may 2015
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to the highlights of my life belong those invitations to classic concerts in the house of the Koestlin Family

today with Leonard Elschenbroich on Violoncello
Alexei Grynyuk on Piano


Frank´s Barbecue 24th may 2015
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Frank Wilde´s Barbecue was PERFECT ^^ I spent such a GREAT time there ^^ AWESOME people <3

on the pic above: Romy Haag takes pictures of Frank Wilde*

pic below: on the way to Frank ... I passed the Carneval of Cultures, which toke place close to Frank´s home*



some postings which I created on facebook 4th june 2015 - 7th july 2015
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stories mix posted on facebook:

5th june: today: one year ago Brian-Tennessee Claflin died

the past year I was thinking about him almost every day ... as I did it when Brian was alive ... when it was possible to hear his voice ... to hug him

today I cry again ... those big hot tears running down my face

Brian was the love of my life ... the man I was waiting for ... for 33 years ... till we met eachother on my balcony and shared together 7 phantastic years

my love to Brian will never end <3

6th june: Patrick Bartsch paintings ... oil on canvas

* My Life * painting number 42 ´nothing´

today´s painting is named ´nothing´
and as you can see ... it is literally ´nothing´
pls feel it

(from the serie " 100 paintings within 100 days ")

7th june: Pierre Brice aka Winnetou was MY HERO when I was a little kid (around age 4 till 12) . the character Winnetou gave me a looooot ... everything what I wanted to be in that age.

Now Pierre Brice died. R.I.P.

heart emoticon
for all the wonderful moments I will remember all my life*

11th june: Patrick Bartsch´s inner monologs:

´of course I am in one row with ...

Pablo Picasso and Francis Bacon ... we all decided that: to create a portrait of people follows their own rules

Vincent van Gogh ... we love our society ... and realized the phascination for common workers ... because we both belong to them too

Claude Monet ... we both create feelings of impressions when people are watching our paintings

aaaand YES! Caravaggio ... we are both phascinated by the ´gangsters´ in our society and have them as models

12th june: Patrick loves
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River Viiperi
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... I follow that guy since yeeeeeaaaaars and YES! he aaaaalways makes me a goooood time
kiss emoticon
... and YES! he is a worldwide successful topmodel too :)

14th june: THAT MOMENT ... when you join aaaawesome adventures ... everything is perfect ....... ...... and then you wake up and realize that it was A DREAM *uuughssss*

now I go to bed again and will look for those adventures to continue =D

14th june: Patrick loves
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PLSSSSS is anyone in contact with Cody Simpson ? ... pls tell him that he should come to Berlin
grin emoticon
kiss emoticon
*ääHmmmm* I am waiting here for him <3

18th june: ´inspiration´
I know that people, artists, ... get inspired by my artwork since more than a decade ...
I know that, because people, artists, ... from all around the world wrote that to me and still do ...
I like that a lot* it makes me feel a little bit to be a kind of ´professor´ *lol* ... sorry ... I just needed to write it THAT WAY *
some years ago people, artists,... got inspired by my ´mask show´ .... which one I found in my cellar ... and today ... people, artists,... get inspired by the way how I work out my paintings in oil on canvas ... a stil which one I found in my bathroom*


19th june: the mainstage arrived ... in front of my studio ... ^^ that means: my weekend & party starts RIGHT NOW
grin emoticon

see you all tomorrow & sunday

19th june: <3 AAALL 4 U
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... almost finished ´Stracciatella Yoghurt Creme Cake with a looooot of *mmyyyummmyyyy* raspberries´
... now for one night in the fridge and tomorrow ... that cake is waiting FOR YOU
heart emoticon

see you aaaaallllll :*

20th june: (comment attached with a video:) my strong lovely mom said sometimes to me " I gave life to you ... in a place on that planet where you don´t need to suffer hunger and being thirsty "

21st june: <3 GROUPSHOW
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WHAT A SHOW <= that are the right words to discribe it^^
I am very happy being together with those 4 ... *oh* sorry! I mean ... 5 artists ... Smeeta became part of the show too since last night*


today happens the 2nd and last day of that pop-up show ... ... you should watch it today! ... in any case*

let me say already today a BIG THANK YOU to
Jason Harrell
Tommy Camerno
Mati Stache
Alexander Huber
Smeeta Narang


25th june: HOW BEAUTIFUL
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THE QUEEN got as present a painting ... from Germany* I am sure she loves it <3

25th june: 6 years ago Michael Jackson died ... Jacko ... my role model as young teenager ... the artist who teached me what perfection means ... I was his fan ... and still am
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... having been in the first row of Michael´s BAD Tour will be in my memory forever*

25th june: I share that new link and new video because the world needs to know about that.



some decades ago the germans got stopped and NOW ISIS NEEDS TO GET STOPPED!

26th june: baking those cakes ... is similar as a meditation to me ... it reminds me of being alive ... living in Berlin ... being Patrick Bartsch ...
... and YES! I could write the same thing about creating paintings in oil on canvas

the cake for tomorrow is a *strawberry blueberry quark cake* =P

26th june: ... und was machen wir jetzt in Deutschland ... mit dem "BAUCHGEFÜHL" !!!??? *AAARRGGHHHSSSS*
JA, AMERIKA ist jetzt für manche wohl auch zum "NEULAND" geworden *UUUMMMPPFFFFF*

27th june: Life Is Good <3

27th june: " I AM SOMEBODY. "

<= those touching words have been posted 21 hours ago by phantastic Harvey Fierstein (<= this is just the general info link, pls find his private facebook profile by yourself (it didn´t worked to link it here, sorry.))

here in Germany I would wish to write those words too, but Angela Merkel doesn´t allow that, because she has a ´bad gut feeling´ (<= her own words said in television some months ago) about gay marriage.

I would like to say THANK YOU to Barack Obama and America for giving me the feeling for being welcomed on that planet! FOR TREATING ME AS A HUMAN BEING!

28th june: <3 falling in love with a tourist ...
... is just not fair

he was just for 3 days in Berlin ... with a group of friends .. for a trip ´15 european cities within 45 days´
we met eachother in the lobby of a hotel ... they asked me how to get a taxi because they went to the club Felix ...
about 30 minutes later that one special guy returned to the hotel ... he was alone ... immediatly we started talking ... he said to me how interessting I am to him ... and YES! he was interessting to me too ... we just felt good ... he made me smile with words such as ´I am mexican and I am eating chili every day´ and he impressed me that he knew all names of german football players ... he explained to me what it means to life in Mexico City together with more than 22 million people ...
... and I talked about art and the reasons why I life in Berlin

it was already 5 a.m. and at 7 a.m. they had to leave Berlin to go to Amsterdam. we hugged eachother in a very wonderful way ... I touched his smooth skin ... and a last time I watched his extraordinary beautiful face and eyes

probably we will never meet eachother again ... I know just his name ´ESTEBAN´ ... no facebook page, no adress, ... nothing left ... just a memory to some heartbeating
hours ... as I didn´t had them since a loooong time

2nd july: "there is a place for us ... somewhere a place for us ... " ... ooooh I am listening to that song almost eeeeeevery day ... several times ... since maaany weeks

I am happy ... and satisfied ... but ... but ... buuuut somehow I am still looking for that place ... named "SOMEWHERE" ...

2nd july: Patrick loves
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heart emoticon
... since yeeeeaaars he is my NUMBER ONE Austrian Philosopher ...
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Hermes Phettberg a living legend <3

3rd july: btw ... I am still looking for a
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kiss emoticon
heart emoticon

4th july: thoughts about GREECE:


pls let me describe it that way: my generation ... my parents generation and my grandparents generations used to travel to Greece ... Greece was and still is one the Germans most favorite tourist locations. THE GREEK became our best friends and BROTHERS & SISTERS ... The Greek made us sing and dance and laughing and gave us best food and drinks ... The Greek made our Germans life WONDERFUL
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a feeling which is impossible to understand for people such as Angela Merkel (who grew up in east Germany)


heart emoticon
heart emoticon

aaaaand a BIG THANK YOU TO: the wonderful greek diver who took me into the sea for diving ... when I was I little kid of 9 years ... I will never forget that and how the food did taste which we cooked all together ...
heart emoticon
the Greek family with the German/Austrian family <3

6th july: Patrick Bartsch paintings ... oil on canvas

* My Life * painting number 72 ´NO´

already my parents teached me, that ... sometimes ... when it is necessary ... then I have to say ´NO´

(from the serie " 100 paintings within 100 days ")

6th july: " Künstler mit Depressionen " <= in diese Gruppe gehöre ich ebenfalls dazu. Falls du dich auch angesprochen fühlst: Absolut lesenswerter Artikel ^^*

7th july: Patrick´s fashion: a 20 year old original Versace t-shirt (YES! from the time when Gianni
heart emoticon
was alive) and a basecap with bronze acrylic colors on it (yes! I put those colors there)


Sarah and Laura ... may 2015
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Brian´s siblings Sarah and Laura came to visit Berlin and meet some of Brian´s nearest friends. we went in a good restaurant.

wonderful evening*



some postings which I created on facebook 30th april 2015 - 3rd june 2015
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stories mix posted on facebook:

30th april: just prepared my flat/studio for the ´Gallery Weekend Berlin´ and I LOVE IT
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all Y O U R WONDERFUL ART looks PHANTASTIC here* it made me realize again how much LOVE I got from YOU during the past years* THANK YOU A LOT* I LOVE YOU
heart emoticon

... it starts with a CUTE drawing by Rosa von Praunheim Film , then continues with a FIERCE t-shirt by Mati Stache and will not end at the AWESOME portrait by Salomé
... aaaaaand: okokok a signed book by my mom is part of the show too
heart emoticon

you should really come here this saturday for the Open Studio and watch it by yourself*

3rd may: I don´t know how to use that touch screen thing ... I don´t know how to pic up my new phone since some weeks
frown emoticon

my dad bought me such a new Samsung phone. it´s the first time that I have something like that. but I am not into that touch screen technic
frown emoticon

when you tried to call me and I didn´t pic up the phone, then it is because I don´t know how to do it
frown emoticon

some people tried already to teach me, but it is still not working with my fingers
frown emoticon

I need help pls^^*

6th may: Patrick Bartsch paintings ... oil on canvas

* My Life * painting number 11 ´CADMIUM ORANGE´

one of the most beautiful colors I own. and the most expensive one. no fake! ... the REAL CADMIUM ORANGE ... the color which Edvard Munch used already in his Sceam painting. YES! those colors are like jewels ... there are veeeeery expensive ones.

heart emoticon

(from the serie " 100 paintings within 100 days ")

6th may: ... never underestimate the power of colors ...

10th may: OOOOH I have a mom TOO ^^ I didn´t call her this year on mothersday. we are fighting!

... Why?

... *äääähmmmm* just because ...

(I called her in the evening)

13th may: today I ate some ^^kangaroo steaks with baked potatoes and a fierce herbal sauce^^ and it was very delicious* ... YES, I eat meat ... YES, I eat almost every sort of meat ... and YES, I am HUNGRY ^^*

14th may: Patrick Bartsch paintings ... oil on canvas

* My Life * painting number 19 ´Isa Genzken´

they are in my head, in my heart, in my soul,... every day and every second ... those fierce artists I spent time with in the past ... and learned from them. Isa Genzken was around me for the past 8 years.

heart emoticon

(from the serie " 100 paintings within 100 days ")

14th may: OMG WHAT A NIGHT ^^ while most of you do party tonight, I got a painting flash ... and created a HUGE FIERCE portrait of Isa Genzken. I did paint it around midnight ... for the serie ´My Life´ (100 paintings within 100 days)

I am sorry, that I wasn´t able to follow any invitations ... which you gave me for tonight^^* THANK YOU* I hope you have a wonderful night too*

kiss emoticon
and love <3

14th may: ´N E W stories from Schöneberg/Berlin´

some days ago I met a guy from QATAR ... a BIIIIIG BLACK MEEEEGA MUSCLE QUEEN ( you know which type of guy I am talking about
wink emoticon
) she ... *ääähmmm* I mean HE stays somewhere around the corner of my studio ... in the middle of Schöneberg*

when I asked him, if he is here for holidays, then he looked at me on a suprised way and answered ´holidays !? ... in Qatar we don´t have holidays. we work whenever we want to work. and when we travel somewhere, then we return when we want to.´

he planed to stay here for 2 weeks and now he is already here since more than 4 weeks ^*
I can imagine, that he will stay here foreeeeever =D

14th may: I AM SO HAAAAPPY
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with my NEW big painting which shows Isa Genzken* it was MAGIC to paint her last night^^* I LOOOOOVE HER THAAAAT MUCH
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I met her frequently during the past 8 years and toke some pictures of her. and now I have her in oil on canvas* the painting shows a lot of stuff which can be recognized by people who know her in a better way. YES! it´s actually my most favorite painting *
(pls find it in the album ´My Life´ 100 paintings within 100 days)

15th may: today `salmon with baked potatoes´ ... aaaand YES! sure I am looking for a boyfriend who enjoys my cooking skills too =P

20th may: +++ need support +++

what a FAAABULOUS journey ... to create every day a painting in oil on canvas^^ (´My Life´ 100 paintings within 100 days)
this is one of my most important projects so far. I love that project and I learn a lot from it.

all those canvases and colors need to get paid. pls support me with buying paintings ... meanwhile there are about 350 paintings (all oil on canvas) in my archive ... means: I am sure there is some work you like or/and perhaps you need a present for someone.

as artist I need support ... that is a fact ... and I am asking you for that*

22nd may : today at Patrick´s private restaurant ... some cod filets (Kabeljau) with baked potatoes and cocktailsauce* OOOH cocktailsauce fits perfect ^^ it gives you the feeling of sitting in a fabulous club =P

22nd may: I know: I should go out more often ... but I enjoy being at home ... sitting on my balcony ... eating Proscuitto Crudo with melon ... go to bed soon ... and tomorrow morning: I plan to paint a HUGE painting of one of Berlin´s symbols: The Memorial Church ... wish you all a very wonderful spring night*

27th may: ´windmills of your minds´ ... my SONG OF THE YEAR 2015 =OD

how is it possible, that I never realized that song!?

now that I´ve discovered it ... I am listening non-stop to that song ... 30 different versions and more .... everybody did sing it ... Dusty, Barbra, Petula, Nana, Jessye, and and and

Frank since you posted that song I am ADDICTED TO IT
heart emoticon
heart emoticon
heart emoticon

that version of Neil Diamond is one of my favorite versions*

28th may: inner monologs: sometimes ... since many years ... I have that special inner monolog ...
... I feel myself before I was born ... being ´somewhere´ ... and it was my turn to go to this planet earth again ...
... I had the wish to be an artist in that life ... I had the wish to get that life of Patrick Bartsch ...
... I knew before, that this life will not be easy ... BUT I WANTED IT! ...
... and now: I am living it ... I am in the middle of Patrick Bartsch´s life.

Yes, I believe in that, that everyone will be reborn that many times often, as a tree has leaves. (I think, that is a buddhist saying)

31st may: Salvador Dali used the factor ´time´ in his paintings ... aaaaand *äääähmmm* the factor ´time´ is a very important part of my paintings too*

I LOVE THAT FACT <3 yes, sure, Dali is one of my GREAT idols in history of art*

1st june: it has been exactly one year ago, that we were in contact for the very last time ... you said, that you will come to my place ... in the afternoon. but you didn´t show up here. after knowing eachother for about 7 years ... with giving to eachother all the freedom someone needs ... it was ok for me when Brian didn´t show up at my place ... I thought ´something else happened ... perhaps he met a friend ... or whatever´ I just thought ´fine, then we will meet eachother on tuesday or friday or next sunday´

we never met again

... sometimes I think about what I could have done different! perhaps I should have called him and asking where he is?


ICKYparty 3rd may 2014
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every sunday night I spend my time at ICKYparty in the club named ´Ficken3000´ (´Fucking3000´)

it is AWESOME there =D I LOVE IT THERE <3 the guests, the crew, the music, the light, ... <3

those wonderful people belong to my family :*


Gallery Weekend Berlin 2nd may 2015
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^^ Gallery Weekend Berlin 2015 ^^
* Patrick Bartsch as collector *

this weekend (1st till 3rd may) there will be the very popular Gallery Weekend in Berlin.
since about 12 years I live now in Berlin and meanwhile there exists a wonderful collection of art pieces here in my studio ... a lot of treasures from phantastic artists from all around the world. I bought some of them, I got some as present and some I traded.
I would love if you join my Open Studio next saturday (2nd may) and watch those art pieces from artits such as Salomé, Rainer Fetting, Henning Von Berg II, Rinaldo Hopf, Musk Ming, Slava Mogutin & Brian Kenny, Gio Black Peter, Andreas Fux, Ralf König, Brian-Tennessee Claflin, George Keeling, Travis Jeppesen, Stephan White and many many more

those GREAT pieces of art are made to be shown to the world*

and YES! everybody should have a collection of art*


Patrick Bartsch ´my life´ 100 paintings within 100 days. april 2015
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fantasy48 - paintings

Patrick Bartsch paintings ... oil on canvas

* My Life * painting number 1 ´House Of Tears´

Markus Tiarks took 100 selfies within 100 days to show his love and named it "YOU LOOK FINE".
Ralf Schlegel wrote 100 poems within 100 days to show his love too and named it "Seelenselfies".
Now I would like to create 100 paintings within the next 100 days to show love too and would like to name it "My Life"

today I started with the number one and it is a depressive painting with the title ´House of Tears´

* My Life * painting number 5 ´Berlin Subway´

of couuuuurse the Berlin subway is part of my life*

* My Life * painting number 6 ´Selfie on my balcony´

sitting in the sun of my balcony. since more than 12 years: I am sitting there and think about life ... and look for answers ... ´the answer my friend is blowing in the wind´


------------- price for each painting of this serie: between 20 euro and 500 euro --------------



Patrick Bartsch´s Open Studio 18th april 2015
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today a veeeery special event did happen: the reading ´Seelenselfies´ with wonderful Ralf Schlegel. Ralf did read some of his poems ... from ´100 poems within 100 days´

about 20 people joined the awesome event*

it was G R E A T ^^


Patrick Bartsch´s Open Studio

every saturday from 3 p.m. - 10 p.m. at Kleiststr.37a in Berlin - if u r around pls join us*



selfies april 2015

and moooooooooore selfies:

that Caviar has been a present from an art dealer friend. and I eat it that was as an other artist friend teached me to do it: take a full portion of Caviar (with fresh lemon) and just eat it!

on a rainy day in front of my studio/flat.

sometimes I am very hungry =P

text from fb: "of course fb motivates me to cook BETTER
today: a BIG Irish Dry Aged Rumpsteak with Cognac Avocado Sauce and Baked Potatoes
that was gooooood
=P "




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