my neighbours 14th april 2015
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a prostitute standing at the open windows. it´s an hot-sheet hotel named ´Pension Stockholm´. they are my neighbours on the other side of the street ... means: I see them every day and every night*



my dad in Berlin ... 7th april 2015
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my dad came to visit me for some days. we walked around a loooooot. it has been a very wonderful time. I <3 MY DAD

the construction site of the new Berlin castle



my studio april 2015


some impressions of my studio ... in april 2015



some postings which I created on facebook 25th march 2015 - 29th april 2015
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stories mix posted on facebook:

29th april: Patrick Bartsch paintings ... oil on canvas

* My Life * painting number 4 ´supermarket´

being confused in the supermarket ... THAT painting says everything. we don´t know what we eat and drink! that´s the truth ... and we ALL should be confused about it, when we go shopping in our favorite supermarket. btw.: this one on the painting is LIDL

28th april: some days ago a very beautiful woman has been in my flat ... after some hours she said "Brian is here!"

such words mean a looooot to me. thank you*

... and yes Brian is <3

28th april: Patrick Bartsch paintings ... oil on canvas

* My Life * painting number 3 ´post office box´

while the first years living in Berlin ... it has been important to me for having my address secret. for that reason I took a post office box. meanwhile I go there every week to pick-up my letters ... since more than 12 years. I like the design of those post office boxes ... many times with contents ´gone with the wind´ ...

27th april: Patrick Bartsch paintings ... oil on canvas

"My Life" painting number 2 ´....´ (sorry, but the title for that painting is my little secret*)
... I told you that I am gonna paint you* ... and it became a BIG size painting^^ I felt very privileged being that much close to you with my brushes*
love you <3

26th april: Patrick Bartsch paintings ... oil on canvas

* My Life * painting number 1 ´House Of Tears´

Markus Tiarks took 100 selfies within 100 days to show his love and named it "YOU LOOK FINE".
Ralf Schlegel wrote 100 poems within 100 days to show his love too and named it "Seelenselfies".
Now I would like to create 100 paintings within the next 100 days to show love too and would like to name it "My Life"

today I started with the number one and it is a depressive painting with the title ´House of Tears´

25th april: oh it has been a while that I posted a picture of "my food and me" or "me and my food" ^^ most of the time I like it traditional simple ... ´sausage with baked potatoes and sweet Bavarian mustard and ketchup´ =oP

24th april: ^^ Gallery Weekend Berlin 2015 ^^
* Patrick Bartsch as collector *

next weekend (1st till 3rd may) there will be the very popular Gallery Weekend in Berlin.
since about 12 years I live now in Berlin and meanwhile there exists a wonderful collection of art pieces here in my studio ... a lot of treasures from phantastic artists from all around the world. I bought some of them, I got some as present and some I traded.
I would love if you join my Open Studio next saturday (2nd may) and watch those art pieces from artits such as Salomé, Rainer Fetting, Henning Von Berg II, Rinaldo Hopf, Musk Ming, Slava Mogutin & Brian Kenny, Gio Black Peter, Andreas Fux, Ralf König, Brian-Tennessee Claflin, George Keeling, Travis Jeppesen, Stephan White and many many more

those GREAT pieces of art are made to be shown to the world*

and YES! everybody should have a collection of art*


some years ago I said to a famous photographer: "you are a GREAT photographer!" ... his reaction was saying: "I am not a photographer."
some months ago I said to a genius painter: "you are a GREAT painter!" ... his reaction was saying: "I am not a good painter."
some weeks ago I said to a writer: "you are a STUNNING writer!" ... his reaction was saying: "I don´t know how to write."

and now: let me tell you this: *HHHHHMMMMPPPPFFFFFFF* I WILL NOT PLAY THAAAAT OOOOOOOOOLD BOOOOORING GAME WITH YOU! ... I tell you something: ... this is what I am: one of THE GREATEST BERLIN BASED ARTISTS and PAINTERS ALIVE ! <= Take That! I mean it eeeeeexactly thaaaaaat way!

heart emoticon
love you all
heart emoticon
kiss emoticon

22nd april: okokok I am on my way to discover JOHN DENVER ^^ I would have never never neeeeever thought about it to listen to JOHN DENVER ... but I mean he´s got millions of fans all around the world ... and there must be a reason for that. so far: he is really good and really touches the feeling of TRAVELLING ... FAR FAR AWAY =D

21st april: ´counting the years till the own life ends too´

almost eachone of us has lost someone ... ... someone we loved more than anything else

we all have to deal with that ... ... with that: going on living ... without that someone

but let´s be honest: it is impossible to deal with that ... ... to deal with death ... when it´s about someone we loved more than anything else

´counting the years till the own life will end too´

16th april: Diesen Samstag gibt es ein gaaaaaanz besonderes Highlight zum Offenen Studio: der wunderbare Ralf Schlegel wird eine Lesung halten ... mit Auszügen aus seinen Gedichten "Seelenselfies" ... Beginn der Lesung: 19 uhr *freue mich auf euch :)

15th april: at the doctor:

Patrick: " I couldn´t eat since some days. my throat hurts as hell. I need to cough non-stop. and and and ... "
Doctor: " hmmm. I really don´t know ... all of that doesn´t fit together ... "
Patrick: " my dad was here for some days. perhaps it has some psychological reasons. ... my dad is very dominant. "
Doctor: " ah ok I understand! and where is he now?"
Patrick: " he left Berlin already."
Doctor: " you don´t need any medications. just wait some days ... relax ... and within some days you will feel better."

... and this is how it happened. I mean: I have just that one dad and I love him and I want to get to know him. even when his dominance is veeeeeeery hard to handle with. it was good, that I spend 3 days with him and it is good too, that the next time I will meet him will not be before 2017. ... whatever my dad is ... however my dad is acting ... I just have that one dad ... and I love my dad
heart emoticon

... and I feel already much healthier ... *uffff* it needed more than 1 week to recover from spending 3 days with him ...

15th april: since about 1 week I was very sick ... couldn´t eat for some days and had a heavy cold. step by step I feel better now. the sun is still the best healer* ... and yes: I miss to paint ... and I miss to cook

10th april: life goes on ... with new paintings*

9th april: my dad left Berlin today. ... during the past days he teached me how to walk ... AGAIN ... in a way as only a father with his son is able to do it*

8th april: * the perfect MAN *

I know that not every gay guy has a father who does accept his son as he is. the more I appreciate it, when my dad said today " it is very difficult to find a perfect MAN " ... it was the first time that he said something like that ... he said " MAN "

heart emoticon

... and YES! it is veeeery difficult to find the perfect man*

8th april: had a good day with my dad* and took some new photographies which I plan to paint in oil on canvas* I
heart emoticon

4th april: Patrick´s Open Studio is open now °° HAPPY EASTER to EEEEEVERYONE <3

4th april: * Pasta Gypsy Style * pasta with mozarella, basil and salami
tongue emoticon
my bulgarian gypsy ex-boyfriend teached that to me: they aaaaalways eat some slices of salami with the meal ... and normally some bread and hot peppers too
tongue emoticon
it tastes delicious and you are aaaalways full after eating that*

4th april: Austrian coffee shop ladies would say " Na Jessas, a Buttercremetort´n " ... THAT´s a cake Old Vienna Esterházy style ... for sure one of THE BEST cakes of the time from Empress Sissy
heart emoticon
... aaaaand I would like to thank aaaall collectors & supporters of my paintings. your believe and yes: your money makes it possible that I am able to bake such *mmmmyyyummmmyyy
tongue emoticon
heart emoticon
°° ... and see you later at the Open Studio*

3rd april: on monday HE is coming to Berlin* ... the Macho ... the Bastard (born in the year 1945 as son of an unknown French soldier and a German girl) ... the Car Mechanic ... my dad ... *äääähmmm* ... MY DAD *^^* it´s the third time that I meet him during the past 12 years. He always loved and supported me ... even now as artist ... I remember when he said to me " I have been one time in a museum of Picasso and I liked it. " <= that was his way to express, that he accepts me as painter*

2nd april: just finished* this painting needed about 10 months ... the painting LOVE REVOLUTION with Romy and Brian hugging eachother
heart emoticon
... and it´s a BIG SIZE painting ^^*

2nd april: of course fb motivates me to cook BETTER
tongue emoticon
today: a BIG Irish Dry Aged Rumpsteak with Cognac Avocado Sauce and Baked Potatoes
tongue emoticon
that was gooooood =P

31st march: morgen: 10. Todestag von Harald Juhnke ... er war Gast bei mir an der Hotelbar des Grand Hotel Wien . Harald war ein sehr angenehmer und sehr freundlicher Gast. Er rauchte gerne Zigarre. Als Barkeeper gehörte es zu meinen Aufgaben auch immer einen Zigarrenschneider dabei zu haben. Ich hatte einen alten ... einen sehr stumpfen Zigarrenschneider (einen Neuen zu kaufen, war mir damals zu teuer). Harald saß auf einer dieser wunderbaren Couches in der Hotellobby und fragte mich nach meinem Zigarrenschneider. Ich gab ihm diesen und ein paar Minuten später als ich wieder bei Harald vorbeikam. Gab er mir den Zigarrenschneider mit den Worten "Damit kannst du Elefantennägel schneiden!" zurück. Es klang eher lustig wie er dies zu mir sagte und ich konnte mir ein Lächeln nicht verkneifen. ... I will always remember you Harald
heart emoticon

29th march: ^^YEAHS^^ Yesterday I got my NEW laptop with an extra BIG screen* now I can see you aaaaaallll BIGGER & BETTER
grin emoticon
kiss emoticon
heart emoticon

29th march: BIG THANK YOU* to my fierce artdealer for T H A T *mmmyyyyummmyyy* easter present
tongue emoticon
heart emoticon

28th march: just finished: the premier with my NEW baking pan: of course a traditional ´Guglhupf´ *ready to eat: today afternoon with fresh whipped cream and coffee
tongue emoticon
caaaaan´t wait*

28th march: OH I missed to celebrate 2 years *Open Studio* ... it started on 9th march 2013

in those years before 2013 I was very lonley at home. almost no one came here. just a handful of people found the way in my flat.
I lived a kind of ´sick´ loneliness, even when I life directly next to the street ... groundfloor ... means I am able to handshake with people who are walking by.

I felt that I needed to change something. some months before I started to paint. it was a good reason to invite people to show those paintings in real size. ... and I knew that I am able to bake cakes*

for the 9th march 2013 I created my first invitation. we have been a small group of people and wonderful Henry de Winter was one of them. He brought a white lily ... which gave me a lot of motivation for my life at that moment. it was such a great evening, that I decided to continue with the *Open Studio*

at that time Brian-Tennessee Claflin was the most important person in my life. he encouraged me many times to continue with my paintings and the *Open Studio*. I remember beautiful evenings with Brian , Otfried Mueller, Jason Harrell with Isa Genzken on the other side of the street, with hearty Kim Dallesandro and Gaby Karstädt and maaaaaany more

the One Year Celebration I celebrated with Brian alone ... in march 2014. some months later he died. his closest friends came here to grieve ... on a saturday. Brian´s couch is still here and many other marks which he left.

it was hard to continue with the *Open Studio* without Brian.

I met new friends who started to join the *Open Studio* ... Ralf Schlegel Alexander Tiburtius Friedrich Lippe ... who helped me in those difficult months during a dark Berlin winter 2014/2015.

every week I bake some cake and put some pieces of my own heart & soul in it. I love all my guests ... from age 3 months till 89 years ... from all parts in the world.

You all made my life better* and I like to THANK YOU for that
heart emoticon

See you at one of the next *Open Studios* ... with some homemade cake
kiss emoticon
... and you know: to bake the Black Forest Cake (Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte) is my goal =P

25th march: pls I would juuuuust like to mention it ... otherwise no one will realize it
wink emoticon
: I washed my curtains todayy
smile emoticon
I woke up at 4.45 a.m. in the morning ... washed those curtains and worked about 3 hours on my blog website* *Have A Good Day to Eeeeeveryone
heart emoticon
... the reason why one eye is closed: it´s red ... I got some color in my eye, because I touched it while having color on my fingers


group exhibition at ´Rinaldo´s Salon´ at the gallery ´The Ballery´ 20th march 2015
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it was wonderful evening with wonderful guests* B I G THANK YOU to eeeeveryone <3

... and it was a very special pleasure to meet legendary director Rosa von Praunheim, who is also part of the group show* Rosa shows some very beautiful work*



my studio ... march 2015
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fantasy48 - paintings

some impressions of my studio and unfinished paintings ... W.I.P. Work In Progress*


------------- price for each painting of this serie: between 40 euro and 500 euro ------------



my neighbourhood ... march 2015
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what a beautiful wheather :) on the picture above you can see the Fernsehturm on the left side and on the photography below you can even see Teufelsberg*

above: the area around Nollendorfplatz
below: I live in that white building in front of that photography



selfies march 2015

and moooore selfies:

at the moment I am on a selfie rush ... I take selfies almost eeeeverywhere and in almost eeeevery situation:

"it is bad if something looks bad, but tastes good (as it happened with a cake some weeks ago), BUT THE WOOORST is when something looks goood and tastes TEEEERRRRIBILE *AAARRGGGHHHSSSSS* ... till yesterday I had no idea that there exist gelatine powder ... I used the regular gelatine and now there are eeeeeverywhere pieces of gelatine in the cake ... and when you eat it now, then you have always the feeling, that you bite on little pieces of car tire :(((("

" *** tuna steak in Spanish dill redwine sauce with roast potatoes *** =P THAT WAS AWESOME =P today I went to the fishmarket and bought some tuna steak ... I said to the saleswoman that I am hungry ... she cut a piece of that tuna steak and said 13.50 euro. I thought *DAMN* that wasn´t the plan! ... but I bought it and at home I prepared a myummmy redwine sauce and potatoes with it. ... it´s an almost 20 euro meal! *WOW* I wonder how much that would cost in a restaurant!? btw: to everyone who is asking how I can afford that? here is the simple answer: some years ago I brought my money in nightclubs ... and today I bring my money to food markets =P "



selfies february 2015

at the moment I am on a selfie rush ... I take selfies almost eeeeverywhere and in almost eeeevery situation:

above: a ´50 shades of grey´ inspired selfie
below: during a walk in the area where I life



some postings which I created on facebook 17th march 2015 - 24th march 2015
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stories mix posted on facebook:

17th march: OH YES! many times, when I watch soccer games, then I see them ... DANCING * ... a ballet ^^

18th march: ... cheaper than 5 euro ... ^^ Salmon with Sauce Hollandaise and baked potatoes ^^ all bought at supermarket LIDL ... 2.90 for the salmon with a little bit dill and garlic ... the sauce hollandaise you find there too ... and some potatoes. it´s DELICIOUS tongue emoticon and easy to prepare ... and the LIDL salmon is really good*

18th march: it has been a good day* my paintings have got my own style and everyone can see that* and now it´s just about if someone likes them or not ...
... either someone likes Nitsch or not ...
... either someone likes Baselitz or not ...
... either someone likes Picasso or not ...
... either someone likes Bartsch or not ...

I got my own style and today was aware of that again :)

18th march: life is ... good <3 ... proofed by fb*

someone witnessed one of the most spectacular sunsets he has ever seen
someone spends a wonderful time in the fitness center
someone did a spring walk in a parc with her mom
someone did an interview with a wonderful artist
someone ate with a friend tons of oysters
someone is preparing his birthday party
someone is on tour with his band
someone painted all afternoon (okokok that was me smile emoticon )

life is good <3

19th march: * Berlin * I heart emoticon MY NEIGHBOURHOOD ^^ *DAMN* actually I am a poor guy from small village deep in the forrest ... AND I AM LIVING HERE ... since more than 10 years *** actually BEING GAY did lead me here in that city and that place where I am living right now ... yes, the Berlin Gay Ghetto is in the center of Berlin :*

20th march: ^^ EXCITING ^^ solar eclipse in Berlin today* it has been my second one and they have an huge impact on me. my first solar eclipse I realized in Vienna in 1999 ... that was the day when emotionally I ended up with Vienna and made the decision to leave Austria. ... and today ... I will see what this solar eclipse in Berlin will bring to me*

20th march: for the afternoon ... some OOOOOORIGINAL Austrian *Kaiserschmarr´n mit Zwetschgenröster* (oh, I don´t know that english translation. perhaps: pancakes with plums in Austrian Emperor style smile emoticon ) ... I made hundreds of them in the age of 15, when I worked as school practica in a kitchen in the Tyrol Alps* ... now I haven´t made them since years ... and today the first one really worked out and tastes DEEEELICIOUS tongue emoticon I should plan to do them for the Open Studio =P

20th march: it was a very wonderful evening* I enjoyed it a lot, being part of a groupshow with about 30 other artists and their friends smile emoticon B I G THANK U* to aaaaaall my friends and guests and to Rinaldo and Simon * ... aaaaaaand Henry de Winter for an AAAAAWESOME performance*

22nd march: <3 Brian my love heart emoticon those days ... when I wear my headscarf (which one I bought about 22 years ago in Paris) then I feel connected with you ... it makes you being alive for me ... at least just a little bit

22nd march: being huuuuungry for LIFE heart emoticon ... aaaaand for my lunch tongue emoticon today: ^^ Omelette with Cheese and a looot of Serrano ham ^^ ooooOOOOH it was *mmmyummmyyyyy tongue emoticon *Happy Sunday to Eeeeeveryone <3

24th march: ^^ backgroud day ^^ the sizes of the canvases become bigger and bigger ... meanwhile (after 2 years and 3 months of intense painting with oil on canvas) I feel comfortable with sizes of 1 meter



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