Open Studio every saturday 2014

George did already twice a reading at the Open Studio^^ it is wonderful having creative guests here who present their art*

here some words which I posted the day after his 2nd reading: yesterday´s Open Studio with George´s reading was very wonderful* I enjoyed it a lot ... with many beautiful people which did warm my heart and soul *THX <3 ... and sure I bought the book " I AM PROCESS " by George Keeling ^^ I am sure I will find in it some wise words which fit to me*


* Patrick Bartsch´s Open Studio *
every saturday from 3 p.m. - 10 p.m. at Kleiststr. 37a * see you <3



walks 10th december 2014
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I love that city ^^ ... and walk is something which I enjoy a looooot ... I can´t get enough of Berlin <3



some postings which I created on facebook 9th december 2014 - 30th december 2014
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stories mix posted on facebook:

30th dec: ... and 2014 was the year when <3 Brian <3 left this world ... but he will never leave my heart ... * when I fall in love it will be forever <3 *

30th dec: Patrick´s couch monologues:

question: *what are your plans for new years eve?*

answer: *I plan to stay at home and watch the people and fireworks from inside of my flat. ... it´s the dog inside of me ... I am not a fan of firecrackers and masses of people everywhere. my new years eve party will be in the morning when I eat 350 g alaska salmon (that´s a lot! =P) ... OMG how boring or I am just getting old ...*

29th dec: proud to be part of it ^^ Heart breaking even ^^ ... pls see my portrait of wonderful artist Oleg Tolstoy ... in oil on canvas ... opening on friday 16th january at HA HA Gallery in Southampton*

29th dec: John Irving´s book "The Hotel New Hampshire" is one of the most important reasons, why I live in a redlight area of Berlin. I read it in the age of 15 and I was phascinated of the second hotel in the book ... staged in Vienna and having a lot of prostitues in this story. ... I was phascinated while reading the book and found a beauty in being surrounded by prostitutes for the first time in my life. ... and now ... today ... I live since more than 10 years here ... isn´t that a beautiful photography which I took just right now* ... aaaaand WOW* the influence of books can be enormouuuuuuus ^^ never underestimate ... thx John*

28th dec: yesterday: a guy (28 years young): "of course I know you! of course I know Master Patrick! you are an institution of the Berlin nightlife. I always thought you are an absolutly out of control crazy STUPID freak!"

I love it when people have some nice words for me :) <3

... and as result we needed to talk about his words till late at night* it was wonderful :*

28th dec: yesterday´s Open Studio with George´s reading was very wonderful* I enjoyed it a lot ... with many beautiful people which did warm my heart and soul *THX <3 ... and sure I bought the book " I AM PROCESS " by George Keeling ^^ I am sure I will find in it some wise words which fit to me*

27th dec: to me this is a little big sensation, that in our todays world still people exist who write BOOKS ^^ ... something which is made for future generations and eternity ^^

25th dec: this is not a christmas story: * multiple personality disorder *

first of all: I wouldn´t name it ´disorder´ because it feels good*

in the past days I took a lot of selfies ... staged selfies. while creating those I take the person on the picture as another person ... I see myself on photographies and handle it as someone else ... a kind of puppet where I can decide what to give that puppet to wear, what to give that puppet in their hands, ... And many times when I go too far, then I let this "crazy out-of-control" puppet go, but take distance from it. sometimes I have fun creating those puppets of myself, but don´t want to be it by myself. (btw: I think only someone who has multiple personality disorder too, is able to follow those words :) )

there are a looooot of personalities which I let be alive: those masked ones, the serious one when I wear suites, and and and .... and the painter one too

the question remains: who am I, really!? ... I feel very close to the answer for that question, when I am alone in nature ... feeling gras and trees ... watching and listening to animals ... touching water and snow ... feeling wind and sun

I know it may sound weird when someone talks about that, because in our culture, that ´disorder´ is very close to ´being crazy´. in other parts of the world such as Africa, Asia,... this is very common and accepted

thank u for reading*

thoughts for my diary on 25th december 2014

25th dec: <3 Joe Cocker <3


when I was in the age of 17 (23 years ago) we went with some other kids from our school to a concert of Joe Cocker. this happened in Graz, which is a small city, what means it was a kind of a "private concert" ... during the concert: it was possible to walk around, to dance everywhere, going close to stage, ...
it was a concert which I will never forget ... it was beautiful, but the word which describes it best is: *** SEXY *** YES, SEXY! that´s the right word! everything has been sexy at that evening ... the whole band ... the audience ... and of course Joe Cocker himself

R.I.P. Joe ... your music, your voice and your spirit will be in my heart forever*

24th dec: *** Christmas ***

it´s almost christmas eve ... the streets are almost empty and it´s raining ...

... the tax consultant is still busy working through a labyrinth of bills
... the old artist who is almost always alone is also tonight alone
... the hot-sheet hotel is open and prostitutes with their punters go inside
... some young streethustlers are around on the street ... as always
... an obviously poor family with two little children and no presents in their hands are in a hurry in a direction to an unknown place
... some tourists are late and running with their suitcases somewhere

... each year when I look outside of my window ... I think:

*** Christmas did forget some people ***

23rd dec: *** MERRY CHRISTMAS *** to eee<3eeeeveryone:* my christmas message to you: IT´S CHRISTMAS! EAT AS MUCH AS YOU CAN <3 =P :* ... oh ... in my mouth: thaaaat´s oooooriginal BLACK FORREST ADLER HAM =P one of THE BEST HAM in Germany =P

22nd dec: it´s the first time that I see myself cry ... those tears and expression of that face mean: that I got loved and loved. and now: do not have the possibilty anymore just to say "Thank You" ... Thank you to many people who made my childhood and youth a wonderful one ... Thank you to my mentor Gunther R.I.P. ... Thank you to Brian R.I.P. ... those tears are for all of you ... and soon I will smile again, because I know that you always loved watching smile :)

22nd dec: dear diary,

almost the whole day I need to cry ... my tears won´t stop to flow over my face

I am not able to define the exact cause for my sadness

... perhaps it is that realized that I will never be young again (the legendary German entertainer Udo Jürgens died yesterday. he was a kind of the big symbols of my childhood and youth ... with his death I realized that my youth is over.)
... perhaps it is because christmas is coming soon and it reminds me that my parents divorced when I was 8 years young and since then I was never again able to enjoy christmas
... perhaps it is that I miss Brian endlessly and still are not able to understand what it means "Brian is dead."

I don´t try to stop those rivers of tears ... I just want to be alone ... perhaps do a little walk ... and just wait till christmas 2014 is over ... as I do it almost every year

22nd dec: ja Meeeeeensch GIANNI ^^ da sieht man sich auf youtube die GROSSE ZDF Geburtstagsparty mit und für Udo Jürgens an ... und entdeckt nen lieben Freund auf der Bühne: Gianni Meurer <3 (der Dunkelhaarige) in einer schwulen Version von "Das ehrenwerte Haus" ^^ TOLL ^^ GAAAANZ TOLL GEMACHT ^^ (bei min. 48:00) jetzt weiß ich auch weshalb ich dich länger nicht gesehen habe* GRATULIERE ^^

21st dec: ... es ist so viel was (ver)geht

Udo Jürgens Tod trifft mich sehr ... war er doch einer der Inbegriffe meiner Kindheit ... einer der Größten für meine Mutter und somit automatisch für mich auch

die Zeit vergeht und mit ihr die Menschen welche wir lieben

ebenso das Ende von Wetten Dass..? traf mich im Innersten. Gehörte doch auch dies zu den Highlights meiner Kindheit.

die Zeit vergeht und mit ihr die Dinge welche wir lieben

Wowereits Rücktritt zeigte mir, daß auch die schönste Traumwelt ein Ende hat und Berlin sich verändert.

die Zeit vergeht und mit ihr die Träume

... und nicht zu letzt Brians Tod im Sommer diesen Jahres welcher das Unvorstellbare wahr werden ließ und ein tiefes Loch in meine Seele riss.

die Zeit vergeht und mit ihr die größten Lieben

die Welt dreht sich weiter und ich frage mich: gehört all dies zum Älterwerden dazu!?

die Zeit vergeht und was bleibt sind Erinnerungen

21st dec: R.I.P. Udo Jürgens ... Udo was one of the GREATEST german speaking (born in Austria) composers and musicians. today he died in the age of 80.
THANK YOU for all those woooooonderful moments with your music which has been part all of my life <3

21st dec: just working on my new website ... oh, I create almost everything by myself: my websites, my flyers, cakes, ...

21st dec: oh Brian <3 just right now I am watching the tribute concert to Freddie Mercury and Axl Rose is singing with his awesome outfit by Stephen. I will never forget how you told me everything and everything and everything about the love of your life: Stephen <3 I wish that you both are at a wonderful place somewhere ... together again <3 this world misses both of you <3

20th dec: some thoughts in the middle of the night in Berlin:

"till now I created about 300 paintings in oil on canvas and I still remember the first one."
"I should speak french more often ... it is such a beautiful language."
"this year´s christmas I want to spend alone."
"I eat a lot those days and I am hungry again ... right now."
"Joe and Kim Dallesandro cause wonderful memories to me ... I love them."
"someone said, that I life in a "hole" ... is my flat really a hole!?"
"arte is my most favorite chanel in tv and I continue watching now ... something about tattoos just started there."

19th dec: <3 falling in love <3 ... it is kind of "normal" that I love almost everthing around me* but at the moment this feeling of love is muuuuch stronger as I used to know it ... I am falling in love with people around me, with people on fb which I have never met before, with food and drink, with Berlin, my cloths, ... I have no idea where those strong feelings of love come from right now ... *hmmm* ... I mean: it feels good <3

19th dec: I know that I reached the place in life where I belong to, when: I am working on my new website ... but DON´T CLICK ON IT ... I just started to fit one of my old websites into a new website ... okokok when I write again DON´T CLICK ON IT, then you will! ... but: there is nothing finished to see there yet * OH! and the title "Men out of this world!" was the title of the old website ... of course* ... and if you should find photographies: yes, those are some of the photographies which I created some years ago and will paint now in oil on canvas*

17th dec: everything looses importance ... when ... to have painful toothache *ooouuuuchhh that huuuurts :( *

16th dec: " nen echten Bartsch gibt´s für durchschnittlich 80 Euro ... Öl auf Leinwand wohlgemerkt! ... ja, wissen se: Ich male für die Menschen, da bekommt jemand mit ganz wenig Geld auch mal für 20 Euro nen Bild von mir. "

15th dec: just did a walk at the christmas market at Potsdamer Place ... those are that moments when I think "DAMN YOU LIVE IN BERLIN" ... even after 10 years it feels as a kind of dream ... living in Berlin ^^ that christmas market is AWESOME ^^

14th dec: sometimes I see people, places, ... which remind me of Brian <3

then I close my eyes for a moment and let Brian be alive in my memories ... I start to imitate his words and his gestic ... which makes the memories much more real

then I smile ... with closed eyes ... and sometimes I wish never again to open my eyes, because I am afraid to loose Brian again ... even in my memories

14th dec: ... once at PORKparty°° me saying "hey Brian, Michael Stipe is outside of the bar. does he needs to pay for the entry?" ... Brian looked at me with his special smiling face and said "EVERYBODY NEEDS TO PAY!" ... and this was how it happened: I made him pay. Michael obviously loved the party, because he came several times* he was one of us and that made Michael AWESOME beautiful <3

14th dec: Good-bye "Wetten Dass..?"

Ja, auch für mich war Wetten Dass..? als Kind eine Familiensendung für mich ... über Gottschalk war ich damas sehr glücklich, weil er mir doch regelmäßig zeigte, daß man einfach frech sein darf!

DANKE! für die schönen Momente ... damals ... und hier eines meiner Highlights: Wolfgang Joop zeichnet Madonna :*

12th dec: as I told you already some months ago: T H A T guy has everything to become a supermodel ^^ modern greek gods are very rare to find, and he is one of the best ^^ follow him Nikason Laios ^^

11th dec: OH WOWI <3 I WILL MISS YOU A LOOOOOOT AS MAYOR OF BERLIN ^^ you did respect me as working artist as no other mayor of such a big city ever would! THANK YOU 4 THAT

11th dec: * Open Studio with George * do you know George Keeling !? he is P H A N T A S T I C and you should meet him :* he is on tour with his NEW BOOK (in english) " I AM PROCESS " and will join the Open Studio this saturday from 4 p.m. till 5 p.m. ^^ see you <3

10th dec: OH, just remember that: I was an altar boy ("YES, REALLY!") when I was a kid ... I loved the church and the creative beauty there ... everywhere art! ... I remember those BIG paintings: 14 stations of the cross ... wonderful paintings! and yes, I thought at that time, that I would wish that I did create them.

and now: perhaps one day I really will ...

9th dec: as teenager I got teached to cook and now 25 years later I use that knowledge* today: roast veal with saffron rice, vegetables and port sauce =P ooooOOOOH it has been delicious =P





selfies 5th december 2014

OH^^ I love to take selfies:

above: first painting session while using an easel

below: with a duck ... I love to cook and eat =P



Rosa´s B-Day 25th november 2014
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Rosa von Praunheim´s b-day parties are always veeery special to me*

I love the crowd of veeery special people ... they are together in full harmony <3

there was a wonderful jazz band playing ^^

<3 Happy B-Day Rosa <3



some postings which I created on facebook 18th october 2014 - 8th december 2014
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stories mix posted on facebook:

18th nov: ^^ The national flag of the United States of America ^^

since some months I am working on the painting of ´Barack Obama in Berlin´. and since some weeks it kind of stopped. ... the next step is to paint the American Flag.

I realized, that it is not just blue, red and white. when I paint that flag then I paint a part of all my American friends, I paint the American history, I paint American Art, the mormons, Brian, McDonalds, MoMa, and and and ... I am completly aware of that. it will need all my energy to continue with that painting and to paint * The national flag of the United States of America *

19th nov: * Open Studio Invitations *


... there is a new limit with inviting people to events. that means: it is not possible to invite everyone personal on fb.

when you are around pls join the Open Studio* ... every saturday 3 p.m. - 10 p.m. ... in Kleiststr. 37a (this is directly at corner Eisenacher Str. ... close to undergroundstation Nollendorfplatz)


see you :*

19th nov: I love journeys, but more with my minds than with my body

each painting is a journey to me ... while creating it ... and when it´s finished, when I look at it. they are like movies to me and songs and books

only a part of my paintings is created by myself ... a good part of those paintings is created by another energy ... name it universe or god or ...

the result ... the finished painting is always a surprise (also because of the different techniques which I use)

to paint means to me: to ask for the universe and get answers from the universe

(explanation: I love to see and feel physically other destinations. but I suffer from different phobias, such as speed, hight, ... which makes it very difficult to use airplanes, cars, ... ... as result: all my life I was kind of trapped to the area where I life and this made me to perfect to find other ways to travel ... )

20th nov: oh Brian <3 ... Brian believed in us ... in each one of us ... and that unconditional love made Brian special ... very special

20th nov: +++ ATTENTION VIRUS ON FB +++ when you get a private message from someone with your name: such us: "Mr. X Private Video!"

don´t open it! otherwise you will get spamed with hundreds of messages

21st nov: ... my parents ... my old parents ... and their gay son

the older they are (both now almost 70 years and live in different areas with new partners) the more they are looking for a closer contact to me ... and it is very difficult to handle to me. on one side I know how old they are (and my father had heartattacks) and on the other side: I just have almost no time now ... I mean I am in the middle of my life (40 years now) and when I am not busy with my dreams now ... then when?

my parents never could handle a gay son ... my father never really wanted, that I come to the village where he lifes and my mom was busy with her mormon religion. ´without´ parents I grew up very free in the past decades ... I could life a live of my choice and had almost no contact with my parents ... this ´gay´ life of their son has been to complicated for them and for that reason they haven´t been interessted in it. my father just asked the same question "do you have enough to eat?" and when I answered "yes", then everything was fine to him. and my mom always said "you know that you can always come back, our doors are always open for you!" it was nice to hear that, but I told her (and she knows it) that I would never come back.

and now they want me ... at least something ... something they have missed all their lives: their son! but nothing has really changed: they still can´t handle that "gay thing" ... what has as result, that: we are not able to spend a long time together ... maximum 2 or 3 days (every some years)

it´s difficult all for all of us, because we all know that the time is running

and the sad thing: in the past decades with almost no contact ... my parents became somehow ´strangers´ to me

21st nov: after aaaaaaallllll those years of fights and hate: finally: Arnie in Graz <3 Graz wasn´t happy at all, that he became governeur of a country, where death penalty exists. and then Arnie did forbid, that Graz to use his name ... they even had to rename the "Arnold Schwarzenegger Stadion". ... I lived in that wonderful city for many years and my mom still lives there today. Graz is a veeeery beautiful city with veeeeery beautiful people <3

21st nov: FIRST TIME using an easel* ... you know, that I am a beginner with creating paintings in oil on canvas. usually I paint on the floor, but tonite I used the easel ... for the very first time ... and it felt AAAAWESOME ^^

21st nov: ... inner monologs with Brian let me grow ...

today I wanted to paint a painting for Brian. I know what he likes. in that case flowers: the little ones ... with little leaves and little flowers ... and a lot of them

as always I started to paint on the floor ... all those little leaves. after a while my back started to hurt and an inner voice (which did sound as Brian´s voice) said to me "use the easel!"

I have a lot of respect of painters who use an easel. I have an wonderful easel here ... a present from a much greater painter. I never used it ... I just looked at it for the past months.

and today I did paint on an easel ... uncountable little leaves ... while working on the painting I did inner monolgs with Brian.

and now ... NOW I AM ONE OF THEM: one of those painters which create their paintings on an easel ... I felt as sitting for the very first time in a Rolls Royce ... it´s an adventure ... and today it was an adventure with Brian <3

21st nov: ^^ NACO PARIS ^^ my favorite fashion designer and artist star in Paris <3

23rd nov: Rolling Stones, Queen, U2, .... and today it is MUSE ^^ THE BEST BAND IN THE WORLD ... can´t stop to listen to all those live concerts on youtube ... and I am not the only one ... most of those concerts have million of views ... WHAT A BAND !!! ... btw: if you know someone who knows someone: I would LOOOOOVE TO HAVE V.I.P. ticket for a concert =D :* <3


perhaps you realized the latest interview of Will Smith´s children: WILLOW and JADEN SMITH ... it is very philosophical ... about time, universal power, asian mythology, and and and. They are not the only one. more and more this thinking becomes popular and especially in the NEW YOUNG GENERATION

BUT there lays a !!! DANGER !!! in it:

first it sounds all fierce and good, but it becomes dangerous when people start using it in wrong way: for example: when people start saying, that it´s someone own mistake, when someone is poor, sick, ... and/or is ´just´ a hard common worker.
with that universal power thinking, especially rich and/or successful people find an answer, why it is ok, that some people have everything (because they get in contact with that power) and some people have (almost) nothing (because they don´t get in contact with that part of energy).

I do that ´universal stuff´since many years, yes: since decades. I know how good it is, but only used in a good way.

24th nov: thaaA aaAAat many wonderful people at ICKYparty yesterday =D

it was aaaawesome to feel the love, joy and happiness of eachone <3

the music GREAT ^^ Mika Risiko is for sure one of my TOP FAVORITE DJ´s * what an energy and stunning style of music =D Mika made me dance for the first time at F3000 since Brian´s death in june. THANK YOU FOR THAT <3 I really needed it and Brian was watching me (yes, his photography is placed next to the entry door of F3000)

THANK YOU to everyone and everyone aaaand eeeeeeeveryone <3 Jared ICKY is BEST *applause* *applause* *applause*

24th nov: Patrick´s Stammtischpalaverbeitrag zum Thema

" David Berger das Männer Magazin und die DAH "

also kurz: David Bruno Rosa und gaaaaaanz viele andere verbindet vor allem eines: sie sind MACHER ... im großen Stil ... es ist gut was sie tun und sehr wichtig ... Die Schwule Szene und Deutschland wäre arm ohne sie und ihre Arbeit

Diese Menschen verdienen Bewunderung und keine Verachtung
Diese Menschen verdienen Dialoge und keine Ausgrenzung
Diese Menschen verdienen Unterstützung und keine gegen sie gerichteten Haßtiraden
Diese Menschen sind vor allem Menschen ... machen sehr viel richtig und manches falsch ... deshalb sind sie Menschen

Liebe und Ehre den Menschen welche sich mit IHREM NAMEN F Ü R eine Sache einsetzen von welcher letztendlich WIR ALLE profitieren.

24th nov: there exist a long tradition of painted water lilies ... some years ago I photographed them in the Berliner Tiergarten. and here is the interpretation of the photography as painting in oil on canvas ^^


I found some changes in my face ... my skin looks different ... and a lot more

then I did some research in the internet and guess what is written there:


I neeeeeeed to call Madonna and talk with her about HOW TO LOOK YOUNG FOREVER *LOL*

okokok just a joke ... I am getting older ... and I have to accept the fact, that my face starts to look different ... *hhhhmmmmpppffffff*

25th nov: *** HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROSA <3 <3 <3 Rosa belongs to the most important persons for me. from the very first moment Rosa believed in me ... gave me jobs and did feed me in my most difficult first years in Berlin *THANK YOU FOR EEEEEEVERYTHING * I LOVE YOU ROSA <3 <3 <3 wish you a wooooonderful day and see you later* I have some presents for you :*

27th nov: I remember when I asked Brian what that ´thanksgiving´ is about ... but somehow I forgot his answer :( ... whatever: ** Happy Thanksgiving to Everyone **

27th nov: <3 HAPPY THANKSGIVING <3

I am thankful, that I was part of Brian´s life for some years.
I am thankful for many wonderful moments full of endless happiness.
I am thankful for all the lessons Brian teached me.
I am thankful for Brian´s love.

I know how many people suffer today, because they have to ´celebrate´ Thanksgiving without Brian. my thoughts are with you <3

30th nov: did you ever hear about THE SHIP BREAKERS OF BANGLADESH !!!???

*DAMN* I would name them "slaves of our world"

this world needs HELP !!! * Happy 1st advent *

30th nov: *** I save the world ***

since I am little child I want to save this world ... it started with the animals of the forrest where I grew up ... later I dreamed about the save the animals of the whole world.
then when I started with school, I tried to help those kids who needed help ... later I dreamed about to help all kids around the world.
always I tried to help people as much as possible ... today I dream about to help all people and animals on that planet.

the more I look at this world, the bigger and more cruel this world becomes ... meanwhile I feel helpless with my dream to help.
sometimes I dream myself away ... far far away into the universe ... an attempt to escape from that world. but when I open my eyes and look on the streets and in the internet, then I am back again ... back in that world which needs H E L P !

I can´t save the world ... and that fact makes me very very veeeeery sad

1st dec: 1st december *** World AIDS Day *** LOVE <3 to Klaus Nomi, Freddie Mercury, ... and all friends who died and still life with that terrible disease

2nd dec: <3 <3 <3 Happy Birthday to You Brian <3 <3 <3 oh, yes and it´s Britney´s b-day too =D

a present!?

sure I have a present for you:

there is a place in my heart which belongs to you ... 4ever

I love you <3

2nd dec: ^^ celebrating the deads ^^

we all know that, when birthdays of dead people got celebrated, such as 250th birthday of Mozart, 80th birthday of Elvis, ...

I didn´t know all those people and somehow it felt weird to me ... to celebrate a birthday of someone who died

now with Brian it is the first time, that I did know him ... his life and his work. Brian died on 5th june this year and today it is his ... his 34th birthday

it is the first time, that I feel and realize, that it makes sense to celebrate someone´s birthday ... even he is dead: because in our memories he is alive.

<3 it feels good to celebrate Brian´s birthday <3

I thought a lot about Brian´s mom too ... how she might feel today ... my thoughts are especially with you too Carlene <3 and of course Brian´s dad Todd <3 I would like to thank you for your son which brought that much joy in that many lifes ... Brian-Tennessee Claflin inspired all of us and we will never stop to celebrate his birthday <3

3rd dec: ^^ Patrick der Besserwisser ^^

seid oder seit

also das schreibt so ziemlich JEDER falsch und es tut einfach jedesmal nur weh! ... vor allem wenn man es non-stop bei "Profi-Schreibern" falsch geschrieben sieht.

also: z.B.: seiT 10 Jahren lebe ich in Berlin
und ihr seiD alle wunderbar

und okokok: klar, mache ich auch viele Rechtschreiberfehler, ABER ich bezeichne mich ja auch nicht als "Redakteur", "Schriftsteller", usw.

SO! das mußte jetzt mal raus *ggrmmmpppfff*

3rd dec: OH ^^ btw. °° HO HO HO °° soon there will be christmas:

when you buy presents:


we aaaaaaalllllll need your support^^

Thank You*

3rd dec: das muß jetzt doch auch mal erwähnt werden: also diese Frauke Ludowig kommt so süß und sympathisch auf facebook rüber ... sie lächelt immer so freundlich ... und sie verschenkt die ganze Zeit irgendwelche Sachen über welche sich viele Menschen freuen :) rischtisch zum Verlieben diese Frauke <3 :*

4th dec: today I cooked some fresh pollack with a loooot of potatoes =P I LOOOOVE TO EAT ... since I stopped smoking ... I mean: that´s the price of a big box Marlboro on the plate ^^ I need to reward myself for being sober*

4th dec: ^^ live/work space in Berlin ^^ needed for one of the most talented tattoo artists I know: Jose ... pls contact him when you can help

4th dec: ^^ I HAVE MY OWN STYLE ^^ *WWHHHOOUUUIIII* I would say "JACKPOT" =D

4th dec: detail of the (not finished) big painting "Barack Obama in Berlin" ... today I painted Mr. President Obama´s face ... it looks more like the face of a boxing fighter ... I think his job has a lot in common with a boxer/fighter ... the painting is not finshed yet ... a lot of details are missing ... and YES! I am 100 % pro Barack Obama
detail of the (not finished) big painting "Barack Obama in Berlin" ... today I painted Mr. President Obama´s face ... it looks more like the face of a boxing fighter ... I think his job has a lot in common with a boxer/fighter ... the painting is not finshed yet ... a lot of details are missing ... and YES! I am 100 % pro Barack Obama

4th dec: Patrick´s monologues:



*relax* *relax Patrick*

why are you thaaaat much obsessed with that!?

"it has been the time of my life"

... and to paint it ... this is my way to say *Thank You*

I left Berlin 3 times in the past 10 years ... I have been always here ... I have been everywhere ... Berlin has been the best place in the whole world to me ... I love Berlin and its Glamour :* <3

" okokok then go on with your plan and paint as much as possible from your 130 000 photographies which you took in that city!"

5th dec: oh, it´s already the season ^^ highlights of the year ^^

let´s make it short:
my highlights 2014:

o every saturday Open Studio with YOU <3
o every sunday at F3000 with YOU <3
o celebrating my 40th birthday on 16th january =D
o meeting Muay Thai Legend BUAKAW =D
o creating more than 120 paintings in oil on canvas
o *äääööhhhmmm* being addicted to fb* LOVE YOU ALL <3

that´s it.

6th dec: okokok to be fair: I just watched the documentary about the "greatest architect alive": FRANK GEHRY

yes, I love the idea about how he is creating his work and yes, of course I know many of his buildings. they are special and have a kind of extraordinary beauty.

but that "THING" in Abu Dhabi doesn´t belong to my favorite works ... perhaps the project has been too big for Frank Gehry. ... I would be interested what Coop Himmelblau would have created there, which are to me the "greatest architects alive".

7th dec: Patrick´s saturday night full moon thoughts:

every 7 years the body is brandnew and every 7 years a new phase of life happens: from newborn till 7 (first steps) ...
from age 7 till 14 (school) ...
from age 14 till 21 (puberty) ...
from age 21 till 28 (Vienna,...) ...
from age 28 till 35 (the sober years) ...
from age 35 till now (party years in Berlin) ...

soon I will reach the age 41 ... close to 42 ... ... I can feel the end of a 7 years phase and I am able to feel already the pre-shadows of a NEW 7 years phase in my life

I am already excited about it ... and I hope and think, that it will be about "being a painter"

*knock on woods*


7th dec: some weeks ago I asked my friend from Mosul/Iraq : "how is that possible what is happening there right now!?"

7th dec: just watched a documentary about JEFF KOONS at ARTE TV... and yes, I got inspired

I realized that my warm-up period should be over at the end of 2014: in 2015 I need to put more seriousness, accuracy and professionalism into my work ... <= *patam* *patam* *patam* aaaaand here I have them: my goals for 2015

... aaaaaand be prepared: many years ago (okokok about 18 years ago) my first love said to me "do you know why I love you!?"
I answered "no ..."
he said "when you dream about something, then you make it reality!"
... till today this is one of the most wonderful compliments I ever got <3

2015 will be my third year of intense painting in oil on canvas

8th dec: WOW ^^ WHAT A ZIRKUSnight =D can´t wait for P H A N T A S T I C Gloria Viagra <3 ... aaaaand one of my MOST FAVORITE DJ´s Dickey Doo :* ... aaaand AWESOME MELLI MAGIC <3 ... aaaaand lovely Bork <3 ... the HOTSEXY barkeepers =P ... aaaaand all our loooooved guests <3 ...oooooh and I may host T H A T EVENT =D see ya on saturday <3 :*

8th dec: someone X: *hmmmm* who are those weird people which listen to classic music on youtube? and bring them millions of views

Patrick: IT´S ME! IT´S ME! I am one of them =D

8th dec: the last days of Mr. Klaus Wowereit as mayor of Berlin ... it makes me kind of sad :( ... was he THE reason, that I moved to Berlin that much fast ... about 10 years ago. :) and as you all know already: and now I paint those years in oil on canvas (I do that also for you Klaus*) ... that those years will be in humans memory FOREVER <3 I LOVE YOU KLAUS <3 see you on wednesday*

8th dec: zu David Berger :

sagt mal ihr David Berger Hasser und HassbotschaftenSchreiber: SEID IHR DENN JETZT ALLE KOMPLETT DURCHGEKNALLT !!! ???

Schonmal was von LIEBE gehört!? Ihr würdet David wohl am liebsten aus Deutschland verbannen wenn ihr könntet, um in glücklicher Gemeinsamkeit der "Deutschen Queeren Idee" gedient zu haben. Mir kommt das Kotzen bei eurem Gehabe!

David hat eine andere Vergangenheit als die meisten von uns, aber ist er deshalb ein "schlechter" Schwuler !? Antwort: NEIN ! ... auch ich habe während meiner ganzen Schulzeit mein Schwulsein verleugnet um keine die Fresse zu bekommen und schikaniert zu werden ... bin ich deshalb ein "schlechter" Schwuler, weil ich nicht loud and proud "Ich bin Schwul!" von mir gegeben habe. Antwort: NEIN !

Ihr schreit alle nach Akzeptanz und wisst offensichtlich nicht im Ansatz was es bedeutet dieses Wort selbst zu leben! Mit Liebe und Gefühl erreicht man Menschen. Reicht David die Hand wenn ihr der Meinung seid, daß er Hilfe in so manch queeren Angelegenheiten benötigt! ABER "NEIN!" ihr hängt euch alle zusammen und haut schön drauf ... jajaja in der Gruppe ist man ja noch stärker und es fühlt sich ja auch noch gut an! JÄMMERLICH SEID IHR DIE NICHTS ANDERES KÖNNEN ALS OPFER ZU SUCHEN UND DARAUF VERBAL EINZUSCHLAGEN!

... und ich liebe euch alle trotzdem, weil ihr meine Familie seid und es offenbar zur Zeit nicht anders wisst und/oder könnt.

<3 Liebe ist der Schlüssel zu Menschen und zum Ziel <3



solo exhibition at ´Over the Rainbow´ 15th november 2014
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the travel agency Over the rainbow and Gaby celebrated their jubilee and invited me to show some paintings. I brought there about 30 paintings which fit with traveling. it was a wonderful day with lovely music, a lot of food and wonderful guests. Thank You for that veeeeeery Berlin style event*

the travel magazine shelf:

if you can´t a afford a journey
then take a painting
you will experience similar results



Patrick Bartsch *new paintings* 14th november 2014
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fantasy48 - paintings

at the moment I paint a lot ... if it is possible almost every day

------------------- price for each painting of this serie: 100 euro --------------------



some postings which I created on facebook 29th october 2014 - 17th november 2014
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stories mix posted on facebook:

30th oct: (comment to a video) "ISLAM BELONGS TO GERMANY" <= this is what leading german politicans say! ... if Islam rules the place where I live, then: I WILL BE ONE OF THOSE BEHEADED MEN TOO! ... there is a video in this article which shows about 5 min. beheaded men ... and a kid holding a head in the camera! +++ THIS NEEDS TO STOP !!! +++ the world needs to know ... this is why I share that video and article

30th oct: oh YES! 60 ML oooooriginal ... no imitate! ... thaaaat rare CADMIUM ORANGE ... I bought it ... 43 Euro *DAMN IT* ... I neeeeeeded it ... T H A T same wonderful "orange" which E. Munch used for ´The Scream´ ... Cadmium Seleno Sulphide PR108 OLD-HOLLAND ... *happy now =D

31st: " a painting is a painting and a photography is a photography. and if a painting should look very similar to a photography, then there exist thousands of painters which are able to do that muuuuch better than I could ever do that." Patrick Bartsch 2014 " ... I mean come on: I grew up with the faces of Picasso and aaaadore Bacon <3 :* "

31st oct: vor etwa 6 Stunden habe ich ein Posting (muslime Eltern wollten ihren 15jährigen schwulen Sohn anzünden ... in Berlin) weitergeleitet und mein Kommentar passt offensichtlich nicht allen:

für diese hier ein Kommentar zu meinem Kommentar:

Wo ist der Protest von Islamischer Seite gegen diesen Gewaltakt!? ... Welche islamischen Medien verurteilen diese Tat öffentlich!? ... richtig! diesen Protest von Islamischer Seite gibt es nicht! also muß ich davon ausgehen, daß dieser Gewaltakt von breiter Islamischer Seite akzeptiert, wenn nicht so gar gewollt, wird. Islam tötet Schwule auf der ganzen Welt <= und da gibt es für mich nichts schön zu reden! ... ich bin kein Lamm welches seinen Schlächter in Schutz nimmt! <= Daran solltest du dich bitte gewöhnen, wenn du mit mir auf facebook verlinkt sein möchtest ... sonst bitte entfreunden! Danke Sehr!

31st oct: I am very happy that 3 little kids just rang at my door for trick or treat. okokok first I thought it´s a partyfriend of mine because of that heavy ringing. BUT then I realized it´s Halloween. Quick I grabbed a BIG chocolate and 5 euro and gave it to them. ... I did something similar too when I was a kid and I know how happy I was, when people gave something to me :) ^^ HAPPY HALLOWEEN ^^ to everyone <3

1st nov: Bork´s wooooonderland wooooonderful ZIRKUSparty ^^ the next one happens at 8th november aaaaaand I am very happy, that I will host the ZIRKUSparty in december ^^ stayed tuned with Patrick aka FANTASY48 :* I LOVE THOSE PARTYPEOPLE THERE <3 <3 <3

2nd nov: *** Patrick Bartsch Solo Exhibition ***
pls save the date: very wonderful travel agency Over the Rainbow (Knesebeckstraße 89) and lovely Gaby are celebrating their jubelee on 15th november and invited me to show some paintings* YES what an honor* it will be my very first solo exhbition just with paintings in oil on canvas. Pls join the event*

2nd nov: *** BAUER GESUCHT ***

Hallo liebe Berlinerinnen u. Berliner <3

es gibt doch bestimmt Bauern im Berliner Umland, welche Öffentlich plus etwa 1 Stunde Fußweg erreichbar sind.

Mein Stadtgroßeltern in Graz haben das immer gemacht: einmal pro Woche zum Bauern rausgefahren, dort lecker frisch gegessen und für zu Hause haben sie dann Eier, Gemüse, Fleisch,... mitgenommen.

So etwas wird es doch in Berlin auch geben!?

Kenne das Berliner Umland garnicht und bin für jeden Tip dankbar*

3rd nov: ^^ the artist ... the top athlet ^^

meanwhile my life is very similar to the life of an top athlet

working literally day and night for art

and I still feel how my energy is growing

all that is only possible with a looooot of discipline, training, and being sober

no alc, no cigarettes, no dr*gs since about 4 months

healthy food is more and more appreciated in my life

... what is on my list to do more in future: more sports!

stay tuned!

and BIG THANK YOU to everyone supporting me on my way* LOVE YOU <3 only together all this is possible to become real ^^

3rd nov: to paint in the evening means to me: to paint darkness, hell, fantasy,... and to paint in the morning means to me: to paint life, joy, happiness, ... YES, it is simple like that ... that is how I feel ^^

4th nov: (comment to a MoMa video) when Isa has been at my studio and invited me afterwards to go to her studio ... then I said "no" ... ... I think it was the right answer*


5th nov: ... those moments when the feelings of happiness beat the feelings of pain ... and causes little tears in the eyes

6th nov: (zum Bahnstreik) natürlich unterstütze ich diesen Streik ! NUR durch solche Streiks wird das Lohnniveau in Deutschland höher gehalten (weil nach und nach auch andere Firmen gezwungen werden sich dem Lohnniveau anzupassen). FREIWILLiG bezahlt so gut wie kein Arbeitgeber FAIRE Löhne und akzeptiert Grundrechte der Arbeitnehmer !!! also: BITTE WEITERSTREIKEN !!!

7th nov: sometimes I LOVE to cook after I painted ... isn´t it similar: to mix delicious colors or food ingredients together and to create a painting or dinner ... yes, my prepared food should taste as my paintings look like ... for tonite: some soup ... OOOH I LOOOOVE TO EAT since I life a sober life

7th nov: sometimes I LOVE to cook after I painted ... isn´t it similar: to mix delicious colors or food ingredients together and to create a painting or dinner =P ... yes, my prepared food should taste as my paintings look like =P ... for tonite: some soup ... OOOH I LOOOOVE TO EAT since I life a sober life =P

7th nov: (with a pic of a homemade meal) *check* *check* *test* *test* ... sure, this is FOR YOU <3 many years ago I learned ´cook´ ... I know what I do^^ ... just had some years of break with cooking for others ... and now I plan to start to invite for dinner evenings again* but right now I need to train a little bit. this one at the picture is traditional austrian, but I am able to cook french and italian too ... I am able to cook almost eeeeverything^^ can´t wait for relaxed dinner evenings :* with U <3

9th nov: der Tagesspiegel titelt in seiner Sonntagsausgabe "25 Jahre Wahnsinn"

*äääähhhmmmm* wer hatte nur die Idee zu sooooo einer Titelseite!? "25 Jahre Wahnsinn" <= das kann man doch nur 2deutig verstehen

absolutly FAIL !

9th nov: I am very happy, that I know Berlin just WITHOUT WALL ^^ since more than 10 years I live here and I haven´t been in Berlin before.

for me: there doesn´t exist an east and west side

Berlin is to me: ^^ ONE CITY ^^ and I love that city <3


10th nov: 1969 ... NO, IT´S 2014 at ICKYparty*

seen yesterday a ICKYparty: a veeeery beautiful and lovely straight couple. they danced and kissed together ... as love in heaven <3 <3 <3 they have been there with some more friends ... after some hours the guy left with guy ... in a very happy way togehter <3 obviously they love eachother too <3 <3 <3 ... and the girl stayed hugging and kissing with a phantastic girl which stayed with her in the club ... obviously they loved eachother too <3 <3 <3

10th nov: *** this world will never be the same ***

now it happens frequently ... almost everywhere I am going ... I started looking at people in a complete different way ... while looking at them I PAINT THEM * ... I look where the ears are located, where the shadow of the neck finds his way, how the area around the eyes really exactly looks like, sure I am watching arms, legs too ... the whole body

it´s very similar with watching movies ... once you start to be part of the movie production, no movie will ever look the same to you. ... and NOW this world will never look the same to me

I can´t really say that I like that situation ... it feels as if I lost something, but at the same time I gained something ... this situation is new and belongs to my job now

12th nov: today I reached my goal 2014 and finished more than 120 paintings ... each month 10 paintings is my goal ... OH YES! I need such goals, otherwise I become too lazy^^

but what never changed is: with every new painting I am that much exited as if it would be my first one*

full energy & love ... in eeeeeeevery painting <3

13th nov: (at Over The Rainbow) today we put the paintings on the walls ... and yes, we had fun =D and this is how it looks like there right now* ... relax* yes, life is a party =D see you on saturday^^

14th nov: * Ich bin nicht schwul *

sexuelle Aufklärung den Eltern zu überlassen ist Schrott !!!

Als ich als kleiner Junge meine Mutter fragte was "Prostituierte" bedeutet, erklärte sie mir "Das sind Frauen, welche neben der Straße stehen und wenig Kleidung anhaben."
... und als ich sie fragte was "schwul" bedeutet, antwortete sie "Das ist wenn zwei Männer versuchen ein Kind zu machen." worauf ich sagte "wissen die denn nicht, daß das nicht geht!?" ... somit war klar "ich war nicht schwul, denn ich wußte ja ´schon´ wie Kinder ´gemacht´ werden ...

Ich war zu dieser Zeit ungefähr 8 Jahre jung und direkt vom Dorf (im Schwarzwald) in die Stadt Graz gezogen. Dort schnappte ich diese Worte auf ... eben, ich war 8 !!! ... es ist richtig sexuelle Aufklärung in diesem Alter IN DER SCHULE durchzuführen!



ICKYparty every sunday
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ICKYparty @ FICKEN3000

"are you still doing the party at Ficken?" "how is the new party?" "what means ICKY?"


for sure those belong to the most asked questions of the past months which people are asking me. pls here some answers:

Brian was PORKparty and with his death he took the party with him. Brian was unique and his party too! there is no way to copy Brian and PORKparty. Brian and PORKparty are history and there are people around which take care about it that it will never be forgotten!

NOW with ICKYparty a new chapter has started^^ Brian´s looooooong time friend Jared (on the pic above) runs the party. Jared is THE BEST one to do it! he takes as much care for the PORKparty guests (which still come here) as he takes care for the NEW guests. it is as it is: EVERYONE feels comfortable at the new party*

of course it´s a DIFFERENT PARTY! I realize it as:

... and YES! kind of a new FAMILY is growing there

the DJ´s and the music are PHANTASTIC

when you come there, then pls take some time ... mostly the party´s peak happens between 2 a.m and 3 a.m.

the adress: FICKEN3000 in Urbanstr. 70 (near Hermannplatz). for more information pls find the ICKY page on facebook

... and I am sure: Brian would join the party <3


with wonderful Jason <3




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