PORKparty 16th february 2014
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Travis Jeppesen invited to his reading session at PORKparty

readings on a party are rare and I liked it a lot ^^



portrait by Matt Lambert 8th february 2013
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what a wonderful Open Studio on the BERLINALE weekend*

spent some wonderful hours with director/photographer Matt Lambert and his partner.

... and we did a photoshoot too - one of the results you see above*
I like this portrait a lot, because it got my soul - sometimes feeling little, shy and confused ...

fantasy48´s Open Studio

fantasy48´s Open Studio happens every saturday from 3 p.m. - 10 p.m. at Kleiststr.37a in Berlin - if u r around pls join us*


some postings which I created on facebook 28th january 2014 - 18th february 2014
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stories mix posted on facebook:

28th january:
^^ Fantasy48 The Emperor of Art ^^ * Patrick Bartsch the living dead * I was just laying in the bath and started to get in contact with the soul of my mentor who died some weeks ago. It needs a certain time to find a soul. --- in the age of 5 my cousin died (he was 14 years young) and it was the first time that I was aware of that, that I got in contact with his soul (till today), then in the age of 9 my grandma died and it happened again; as teenager I got together with other people - with soul to soul. meanwhile it doesn´t matter if someone is dead or alive. by the way: this is nothing *new* or *special* - old tribes, native Americans, Aborigines,... do that kind of stuff since thousands of years. --- I have a special relationship with the soul in my body: first I shouldn´t have been born (too many medical complications) and second: I shouldn´t have survived the first weeks of my life (I got a full body blood change in the age of 2 weeks - something quite new 40 years ago). means: I wouldn´t have lived about 100 years ago - or even 50 years ago. my soul is in that body here on that planet, because my family, the doctors, the people who created those medical machines, ... wanted me to have here. --- (THANK U I LOVE IT HERE) --- but I felt all my life, that I am a kind of living dead - not really here on that planet and not really away from that planet. the human body and the universe are thaaat much complicated created and as much complicated created is the soul. for me there is just ONE SOUL (or name it energy) and we all share that soul and are part of that soul --- and for that reason every part of that soul is able to get in contact with another part of that one soul. thinking about that has something to do with infinity (btw: the number *8* in my artist name fantasy48) - but pls don´t think too much about infinity - many people became crazy because of that. (NO. I am not crazy - I don´t think too much about infinity - I just accept infinity.) --- yeah, this was another short story - yes, I made it short here, because I could write that much to fill a book - perhaps I do it in some years ... but for now: I need to find the soul of my mentor - I NEED HIM ^^

30th january:
^^ Fantasy48 The Emperor of Art ^^ 2 weeks ago: my dad said "they should build up Berlin as beautiful as it was before it got destroyed ... and when they don´t know how to do it, then they have to learn it!" hahah my dad is fierce* ...and the other thing my mom said "Patrick was always a dreamer." and I answered "yes, and you can see now how far those dreams brought me!" :)

30th january:
^^ Fantasy48 The Emperor of Art ^^ *many years ago I made the decision, that I will not work for a company anymore - I had always the fear that they are able to kick you out of the business - after 10 or 20 or even more years. and then there is nothing left. --- I don´t have a lot, but what I built up in the past 10 years - nobody is able to take away from me. I will always have my mask(s) - I will always have my photographies and my paintings and all other creative stuff I produced. my past years will never be lost and that´s a damn good feeling --- and YES! for me this is a kind of career

31st january:
^^ Fantasy48 The Emperor of Art ^^ ´s Meinung zum CSD: Warum nicht einmal im Jahr feiern, wofür man das ganze Jahr kämpft !!!??? Umbenennung: Warum auch nicht! aber dann bitte mit NOCH MEHR PARTY und NOCH MEHR GLAMOUR ... und deshalb schlage ich als Namen vor " JUDY GARLAND FOREVER " ( wer es nicht weiß: ihr Todestag war der Grund weshalb in New York die Stonewall Riots entstanden sind.) *** Judy hätte es so gewollt, das wir feiern! ***

31st january:
^^ Fantasy48 The Emperor of Art ^^ * JUSTIN BIEBER * ... just watched some new videos of Justin - YES, I want to understand the hype ... *hmmm* while dancing he has a little bit of the sex object of a young Mick Jagger - he has of course Michael Jackson as influence - BUT he reminds me most of the YOUNG MADONNA - the voice of both isn´t really good, but Justin and Madonna are: PERFORMER ... and GREAT ONES - he is always smiling and seems always to be in a good mood --- I guess he will be on stage for the next DECADES ... as Madonna did it *hhhhmmmmmppppffff* so better be prepared *doublehhhmmmmppppfffff*

1st february:
^^ Fantasy48 The Emperor of Art ^^ okokok I tell it right now: I ordered a NEW GOLDEN MASK ^^ can´t wait ^^ it needs about one week - I ordered it - as always - at a turkish female tailor - as you know: turkish people & leather <= that works PERFECT ^^

2nd february:
^^ Fantasy48 The Emperor of Art ^^ ´s Meinung zu "Stonewall" und "Christopher Street": habe ich das also alles richtig verstanden: Jahr 1969: Die Schwulen in New York City in der Bar "Stonewall Inn" in der "Christopher Street" wurden regelmäßig durch Polizeirazzien drangsaliert. WAS HAT DAS BITTESCHÖN MIT HEUTE ZU TUN !!!??? in Deutschland nämlich GARNICHTS! Die Schwulen in Deutschland kommen sehr gut mit der Polizei klar. ... und deshalb: Wenn ein neuer Name für den CSD her soll, dann BITTE G A N Z EIN NEUER !!! ... und das bitte ganz ganz schnell!

...ich meine, man muß doch auch mal ein bischen mit der Zeit gehen und kann doch nicht immer in was-vor-50-Jahren-war steckenbleiben *grrrmmmllllhhmmppfff*

3rd february:
^^ Fantasy48 The Emperor of Art ^^ there is nothing better then having seeaaaahhhhxxxxs with a REAL BOXER =oP

4th february:
^^ Fantasy48 The Emperor of Art ^^ just got today´s "Radio Fritz Crown" hahahah =D they have every day the highnoon talk and today it was about "10 YEARS FACEBOOK" I talked about my friends from all around the world and the invitation to the Open Studio every saturday ^^ Happy B-Day Facebook :)

5th february:
^^ Fantasy48 The Emperor of Art ^^ Schluchsee - my home *it´s weird - I haven´t been there since more then 14 years ... and I have the feeling that it needs some more years till I will go there again ...

5th february:
^^ Fantasy48 The Emperor of Art ^^ to all collectors: I suggest you: buy original stuff of Versace from the time he was alive: china (not the new ones - the OLD ones), old cloths, old pillows, and and and .... I think it is far toooo cheap at the moment and it will be muuuuuuch more worth soooooon ^^

6th february:
^^ Fantasy48 The Emperor of Art ^^ TONITE TONITE TONITE JOOOOOHN WAAAATERS in Berlin at Sprüth Magers ^^ ... somehow feel close to him ... using the name "The Emperor of Art" and running around with a mask is BAAAAD TAAASTE TOOOO *HAHAHAHAHA =D

6th february:
^^ Fantasy48 The Emperor of Art ^^ ´s thoughts


The Beginning: a political carreer built up by lies, corruption and violence against the own people in a heavy way.

The Russians: people had real hope in a NEW RUSSIA some years ago, but Putin wasn´t able to satisfy those hopes.
the russians realized very soon that nothing has become "better".

The Sacrifice: Putin needed to SACRIFICE some people (a very old political strategy) and choose the gays. ... as victims! ... as BLOOD VICTIMS for the people.

The Result: NOW people and countries from all around the world solidariced with the gays in Russia ... in a way Putin didn´t expect.
he lost the respect from the western world and step by step he is loosing respect in his own country.

Game Over: the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi haven´t even started and it is already to realize that the Games of Glamour "Czar" Putin ARE already OVER, even before the games have started.

7th february:
^^ Fantasy48 The Emperor of Art ^^ just watching the opening of Berlinale at ZDF television --- THIS SHOW LOOKS AS WORST AS THE MOST GERMAN ACTORS AND MOVIES ARE *hhmmmpppffff* ... some years ago I worked at GAP and Anke Engelke was there many times with her daughter and how we (yes, many of the people who worked there) realized it, how she was pushing her (poor) daughter into a successful life, was just worst to watch! Mrs. Engelke wasn´t that funny nice person as she wants to be seen in Germany - she acted like a MONSTER AS MOTHER. THIS woman is wrong in the position of presenting the Opening Show of the Berlinale --- and YES, bad haircut and bad outfit too.

7th february:
^^ Fantasy48 The Emperor of Art ^^ okokok NOW I am into deeeep trouble - ANNA NETREBKO is performing tonite in Sochi *should I watch the opening or not or should I watch it or not * I mean * I LOOOOVE <3 ANNA NETREBKO <3

12th february:
^^ Fantasy48 The Emperor of Art ^^ Dear kids, when I was a kid, we destroyed thousands of glass bottles in a factory and set contruction sites on fire --- all of that was never dangerous - it was just STUPID, BUT jumping around on a 650 !!!! meters !!!! building is just .... OMG ... PLS HELP THOSE KIDS STAYING ALIVE !!!!! (comment for the video Shanghai Tower Climbing)

13th february:
^^ Fantasy48 The Emperor of Art ^^ ... when u take a look at the photographies I took for many years, then u will realize, that they look *different* ... the reason is simple: for many years I was wearing the black leather mask while taking pictures (yes, even on LIFEBALL, BERLINALE, concerts, clubs,... ) and many people did a way of interacting with me, the mask and the camera. it was a kind of *childish* game we played ... and I liked it a loooot ... especially about 8 years ago, when masks in public haven´t been not at all *usual* :)

13th february:
"diese" homophoben Menschen versuchen UNS SCHWULE wegzuleugnen und wegzuwünschen. ABER das geht nun mal nicht, weil IHR HETEROS (und ich liebe euch :*) uns gezeugt und zur Welt gebracht habt. Wir gehören auf diese und in diese Welt. Wir wollen nicht schlechter oder gar besser sein: GLEICHBEHANDLUNG ist es was wir wollen! ... und wie man mittlerweile sieht: sind wir auch bereit dafür zu kämpfen! ... und das ist auch gut so! ( *SCHMATZ :* an Wowi von hier aus, für diesen Spruch* )

14th february:
^^ Fantasy48 The Emperor of Art ^^ working on my paintings is PURE WELLNESS to me* the most relaxing thing I can imagine at the moment^^

14th february:
^^ Fantasy48 The Emperor of Art ^^ * VERWILDERTES BERLIN * Der Mensch ist eine BESTIE! Als ich vor etwa 10 Jahren hier in diese Ecke von Schöneberg in Berlin zog, da war alles verwuchert - überall in den Parks, in den Hinterhöfen von Häusern,... wuchs wildes Gestrüpp. Es wirkte und es war ungepflegt, ABER es beherbergte und gab unzähligen kleinen Vögeln und anderen Tieren Schutz - Schutz vor der Stadt und größeren Tieren. Sogar seltenste Tierarten wie der Mauersegler (eine kleine Schwalbenart) brütete direkt gegenüber in den Stuckecken eines Altbauhauses.

Zuerst wurde der Park (Eisenacher Str. Ecke Fuggerstraße) entwildert - das viele Gestrüpp mußte WEG! Das Gestrüpp wucherte so hoch, daß sich Menschen dahinter verstecken konnten - und das will man in einem "sauberen" Berlin natürlich nicht.
Als nächstes mußten die Nester der Mauersegler dran glauben - mit langen Stecken haben sie die Nester vom Gebäude geschlagen. JA, ein Gebäude muß von aussen schön und gepflegt wirken und ausserdem kacken diese kleinen Vögel ja auch <= dachten sich so manche.

Seit gestern werden die unzähligen Büsche bei unserem Haus im Hof entfernt - BRUTAL ABGESÄT würde ich es ausdrücken! unzählige Spatzenpaare (oder Sperling nennt man diese glaube ich hier) lebten, spielten und nisteten darin. Spatzen - diese Tiere an welchen man messen kann wie "rein" eine Gegend ist - Ja, Spatzen leben nur dort wo es umweltmäßig sauber ist - aber zu ihren größten Feinden gehören die großen Raben - diese holen sich die Neugeborenen Spatzen und deshalb ist dieses undurchdringliche Buschwerk so wichtig.

Viele Häuser wurden hier renoviert - es sieht sauber aus - die Wohnungen/Häuser werden immer mehr wert und die Mieten steigen. Der Mensch - DAS MONSTER - will es sauber und rein - da stören Horden von Spatzen für viele nur ...

Ja, ich vermisse die Mauersegler und bald werde ich wohl auch die wunderbare Musik der unzähligen Spatzen vor meinem Balkon vermissen ... dann werde auch ich darüber nachdenken (freiwillig) von hier wegzuziehen und meine Wohnung in dieser "sauberen" Straße den Marklerhaien überlassen

Berlin verändert sich

14th february:
^^ Fantasy48 The Emperor of Art ^^ *Good Night Everyone & enjoy Fullmoon* I will go to bed now - I love it to have a loooong sleep - wake up at around 3 a.m. - then eating breakfast, checking fb,... - and at around 4 a.m. I will start to paint again, when it is dark and peaceful outside (okokok in that area where I live it is NOT peaceful at that time on the street ;)). --- yes, of course I am able to sleep now, I am awake already since 3 a.m. in the morning :)

15th february:
^^ Fantasy48 The Emperor of Art ^^ one of the most asked questions "why do paint so small size paintings?" answer "it´s just the beginning of my 2nd year in intense painting with oil on canvas. I started with size 24 x 30 and today I paint already up to sizes 50 x 60 and I think this is already quite BIG :) "

16th february:
^^ Fantasy48 The Emperor of Art ^^ Teddy Award : my critic: it is ok, when the OLD creative people & their friends celebrate themselves at the Teddy Award - I mean you started it 28 !!! years ago ------ nobody NOBODY NOOOOBODY of my about let´s say 200 young creative international friends which are living in Berlin, posted exciting pictures of the Teddy Award !!! they haven´t been there and/or haven´t been invited !!! WHAT EVER IS WRONG WITH THE TEDDY AWARD - YES, WRONG! --- THE N E W YOUNG QUEER GENERATION IS NOT PART OF THE TEDDY ----- and THIS HAS TO CHANGE! IMMEDIATLY! ... yes, this is my opinion^^

.... and *HEARTFUL CONGRATULATIONS to one of my BIIIIIIG HEROES Rosa Von Praunheim * yes, this is a painting of your portrait, which I took some years ago^^ wild & rough :*

17th february:
^^ Fantasy48 The Emperor of Art ^^ * FOREVER YOUNG * pls may I present you a theory: I believe that the human body is not created for speed: driving with cars, trains and especially flying with airplanes! almost my whole life I JUST WALK ... I feel uncomfortable in airplanes, in cars, underground - yes, even on a bike. --- when they built up the first trains, there have been people they said: trains have no future because people become sick using them. <= I think there is some truth in those words! --- stewardesses are not allowed to work there in an old age <= this is for a reason! --- all this has something to do with quantum physik (<= a very intelligent friend of mine explained it to me when I was about 22 years <= since that age I have that in my mind: that speed & time is changing everything - EVEN A HUMAN BODY! --- I feel good and many people say, that I look a loooot younger. --- I JUST WALK! ... as many other people in Africa, Asia & South America. --- Not to forget this thing with bodies in highspeed vehicles is something very new in history of human beings. ---- of course the politics and other people will not say things like that in public - that just walking is THE BEST - because billions of money get earned with that industry. --- Imagine, when people start to stop using cars, trains, airplanes,... - or use it only when it is REALLY NECESSARY! --- enjoy the day :* ... and yes, I just walk ...

18th february:
^^ Fantasy48 The Emperor of Art ^^ *NEWS OF THE YEAR: BUAKAW is coming to Berlin 8th & 9th. of march* --- Buakaw is perhaps the most legendary working fighter ^^ Muhammad Ali iS boxing BRUCE LEE IS Kung Fu and BUAKAW IS Muay Thai ^^ he will do some show fight at the ITB at the Thailand booth *YEAAPPPAA* come too there & see you


fantasy48 *new paintings* 25th january 2014
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fantasy48 - paintings

step by step I get used into those bigger size paintings - 40 x 50

------------------- price for each painting of this serie: 80 euro --------------------



Berlin 17th january 2013
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almost every time when I go around, then I have a little camera with me. yes, I still looking for new photographies, I plan to paint in oil on canvas - such as this one: when I was with my dad on the top of the Reichstag. you can see Berlin from above: pls find the Brandenburg Gate :)



some postings which I created on facebook 3rd january 2014 - 27th january 2014
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stories mix posted on facebook:

27th january:
^^ Fantasy48 The Emperor of Art ^^ thoughts *just thinking about the word "good weather" and "bad weather". the question is "how can weather be BAD !?". this is completly WRONG. there is rain or sunshine or storm or whatever. I´m sure that old tribes never use the word "bad" together with weather. weather is something ALWAYS good and we should LOVE IT! <3 and bring it back where it belongs to: to the good side of life :*

25th january:
^^ Fantasy48 The Emperor of Art ^^ knows he got bored, when: my fingers hurt because of non-stop surfing on facebook, youtube, ... *hhmmmmpppfffff*

24th january:
* my dad - the bastard * in 1945 in south Germany: my grand ma had sex with a french soldier. at that time an absolutly NO GO! my dad wasn´t just the black sheep of the family - he was the black sheep of the whole village - he was BORN AS BASTARD! he got no love from nowhere and that much rough was his childhood. he got the nickname of the profi boxer *Terrell* because he was fighting with almost everyone. but the universe gave him something too: beauty - from inside and outside. a tall man with dark hair and blue eyes - it is said that he was the hottest guy in that area and many girls wanted to get him, but he took my mother - a little girl from Austria, which wanted to stay just for some weeks in that village in the deepest black forrest. she stayed, they got married and got a child: that´s me. I spent a beautiful childhood with my family, till my parents got divorced when I was 8 years old. my dad was always that kind of rough but gentle macho and he loved me from the deepest bottom of his heart. he never had a dad and gave me all he could - even the best eduction possible in Europe. he wasn´t angry, that I decided no to go that way of career he was thinking about. he accepted it too that his son is gay - a theme he was never in contact with before. now I am painter, he visited me some days ago and was phascinated by those paintings and took photographies of almost all my paintings. whatever I do - my dad is proud of his son and this is the BIGGEST support possible to me.

23rd january:
^^ Fantasy48 The Emperor of Art ^^ step by step I am able to find myself in my own paintings: and one of the keywords is: ^^ SPEED ^^ ... when I look at my paintings, then there is a kind of SPEED in all of my paintings ... and when I think about my own life: YES, a big part of it was a kind of SPEED too *hhhhmmmmmm* ... I think, that I have to think a little more about that and that direction *WWWZZzzZZZOOOoooOOOMMMMMBBBAAAA^^

22nd january:
today I got the message, that MY MENTOR GUNTHER died in the age of 71. Gunther was born in Tyrol and as teenager he went to Salzburg. there he had his own fashion shop and bar ... and was part of the High Society with friends such as Helmut Berger, Lucchino Visconti, Elizabeth Taylor, ... he organized free rock concerts with Falco and other Austrian rock singers. in the age of about 43 he went to Vienna and made the club P1 to one the leading clubs. --- grown up as half-orphan he became a special human spirit and influenced a looooot of people with his way of thinking and living. --- 19 years ago Gunther picked me up from the street and teached me everything what my parents (car mechanic & tailor) haven´t been able to teach me. almost everything in my life is based on Gunther´s knowledge - the way I talk, the way I dress, the way I life, ... even the way how I clap my hands in a theatre. Gunther is gone now and a part of him will continue living in Patrick. THANK YOU FOR EVERTHING ^^ WE SPENT A G R E A T TIME TOGETHER AND I WILL LOVE YOU FOREVER <3

21st january:
^^ Fantasy48 The Emperor of Art ^^

I like winter*
I love snow*
I love the fresh air*
I like it, when it´s cold outside*
I love winter <3

21st january:
^^ Fantasy48 The Emperor of Art ^^ and ONE thing we have all in common: we all will die ... and I will belong to those people who will die with a smile on my face * ... and I am not sure if those 85 richest people will too have a smile on their faces in the last minutes of their lives ...

19th january:
^^ Fantasy48 The Emperor of Art ^^ one of my best birthdays eeeeeever =D YES, N O W at my 40th birtday I celebrate life ^^ first: 3 days with my family <3 then 1 day with my friends and my paintings :* (<= this was yesterday) and tonite with my 4ever loved creative friends/family from all around the world at GLAM PORKparty =D ... and yes, BIG KISSES 2 Dr. ALBAN :* WHAT A SONG *hahaha =D

16th january:
^^ Fantasy48 The Emperor of Art ^^ I asked my mom, if she could bring some masks from the flat - and she brought some of the masks I grew up with ^^ as little child I wasn´t allowed to touch them, but I touched and played with them as much as possible - all my life :)

16th january:
^^ Fantasy48 The Emperor of Art ^^ I am happy that my dad loves my paintings ^^ he said that they look very good to him :) I said to him, that I plan to paint more landscapes in future and he answered "no one is interessted in landscape painting - do abstract paintings!" hahahha =D I LOVE MY DAD <3

14th january:
^^ Fantasy48 The Emperor of Art ^^ two more days till my 40th birthday: when I look in the mirror then I look much younger, also because I am skinny and believe me: since yeeeeaaaars I try to get a belly and look older, but it doesn´t work *hmmmPffff*ME TOO, I want to look like a MAN ! ... and when I look at the things happened in my life, then I feel muuuuuch older and this is fine ... I did a lot of things in my life and it´s a wonder that I am still alive ... really! ------ okokokok looking 40 years back - I can image looking 40 years forward .... I will see - or better: YOU will see it :)

14th january:
^^ Fantasy48 The Emperor of Art ^^ HAHAHAHA Jared Leto´s BAD speech (at Golden Globe) about the role he played a transexual with AIDS ... he said that he needed to wax AAAALLLLL his hairs from the body ... the point is: HE ALMOST HAS NO HAIRS *LOOOOL* yes, its true: ... I never liked Jared Leto and I think 30 seconds to mars is a bad band too *hhhmmmpppfff*

13th january:
^^ Fantasy48 The Emperor of Art ^^ of course it is a big moment in life when it´s about to turn into age 40 - it is planed that I will meet with my parents together - it will be the first time since 21 years that we are together for one evening - THIS WILL BE MY BIRTHDAY PRESENT AND I CAN´T WAIT FOR IT :) - I asked them what they wanna talk about - they want to talk about beautiful moments when I was a child - *fine* they should get it :)

13th january:
^^ Fantasy48 The Emperor of Art ^^ it´s not the fear about that what is going on after the age of 40 - I love to become older and I am happy watching into the future. it is the fact, that on thursday I will be able to look in the (inner) mirror and will be able to look back on 40 years on this planet. first of all I can say that I am thankful, that I reached that age and I lived my life always that way that I am able to look at myself with my head held high ... and this it what counts most to me

12th january:
^^ Fantasy48 The Emperor of Art ^^ I never use black in my paintings. but today I just felt about to use just black with 3 paintings. this should be enough "black" for this year :) it´s a kind of a limited edition^^

9th january:
^^ Fantasy48 The Emperor of Art ^^ the reason why I work on it to paint my photographies in oil on canvas: because THEY F*CKING DESERVE IT ^^ *DAMN* some of those photographies are AWESOMEGREAT ^^ ....... *hahahaha* sometimes it is just important to tell to myself, that I am goodm =D

9th january:
^^ Fantasy48 The Emperor of Art ^^ in some days there will be my 40th birthday *YIIPIIIEEE I am waiting for that moment since 40 !!! years =D * and for that I am thinking a little bit about my life. such as: WHEN DID MY PARTY START!? in the age of 15 I went out for the very first time. With some older friends I met at a fierce club where there have been live concerts of underground bands (such as New Model Army,...). at that time I drank alcohol already and smoked cigarettes and jo*nts. I came home at 5.30 a.m. in the morning. there has been no reaction from my mom and stepfather, and for that reason I never had the feeling, that I did something wrong and went out almost every weekend from now on. the only thing my mom did, was: in the morning she came into my room and took the smoke-smelling cloths and put them on the balcony. I enjoyed it a lot doing party at that age and there have been only few other people in that same age around me and they all have been kind of "special", such as that guy who was the son of a prostitute - his mother was fierce and the flat too =D he was the first guy I had sex with ...

9th january:
^^ Fantasy48 The Emperor of Art ^^ RANT: in some days the BERLIN FASHION WEEK happens again ... and they will sing again - as every year - the old song of Berlin´s dream to be in one row with New York - London - Paris - Milan. THAT BORES ME . Berlin fashion people are like: being boring - creating boring fashion - having boring shows. and let me tell you THIS: Berlin´s fashion world will be worst: as long I don´t meet those "creative" fashion people at the right parties - at the right dark&bright places of Berlin and at the right invitations. RIGHT NOW: I just meet international creative people which find their ideas in Berlin (<= of course they find them HERE!!!!) and bring them right away to Paris - London - New York and Milan --- final message: don´t cry about how much Berlin is NOT a fashion capital, when you (YES, YOU FASHION DESIGNERS) are afraid of going there where the N E W ideas are ...

7th january:
^^ Fantasy48 The Emperor of Art ^^ just did a journey into my past: in the age of 15 I worked HERE *DAMN* had fun with the Royal Schwarzenberg Family and got in closer contact with 2 B I G Rubens Paintings *LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT WITH THOSE PAINTINGS* this Palais has a big park and is located in the center - again: IN THE CENTER of Vienna - hidden behind trees. yes, with 15 I finally realized what it means to be RICH ^^

3rd january:
^^ Fantasy48 The Emperor of Art ^^ whooouuuiiii* my 2nd year in painting with oil on canvas started =D yes, it´s a different energy flow to paint in winter, when it´s cold outside - I paint with open windows - hmmm* somehow I have the feeling that they don´t want to become dry when the weather is cold & wet :(



fantasy48´s Open Studio 21st december 2013
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every week happens

fantasy48´s Open Studio

every saturday is different and it is always an interessting day/evening

I enjoy it a lot ^^

on the pic you see: the painter Alexander C. Cornelius in front of some of my paintings.

fantasy48´s open studio happens every saturday from 3 p.m. - 10 p.m. at Kleiststr.37a in Berlin - if u r around pls join us*



some postings which I created on facebook 6th december 2013 - 2nd january 2014
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stories mix posted on facebook:

1st january:
^^ Fantasy48 The Emperor of Art ^^ how was your night? my tour: first I was invited at a PHANTASTIC New Year´s Eve party at Brian´s home - :* wonderful & love <3 at around 4 a.m. I went to BlueBoyBar *WHATaBAR* there we sang together German country music :) then there have been there some FIERCE draggirls^^ and the owner Hans (age 70) is just THE BEST :* at around 8 a.m. I went to BULL - there it was crowded, but I just stayed about 1 hour and then I went home *

28th december:
^^ Fantasy48 The Emperor of Art ^^ BUAKAW´s latest fight some hours ago ^^ OH YES it hurts when someone get a kick in his BALLS *OOOUUUCHH* (at min 10.58 <= I know u want to see T H A T) but be sure to watch the last round too - then u see the reasons why BUAKAW is THE BEST martial arts fighter alive! A LEGEND - A HERO - and one of my BIG ROLE MODELS ^^

27th december:
^^ Fantasy48 The Emperor of Art ^^ MONET IS FU*KING FREAKING ME OUT °° I LOOOOVE HIS WORK °° watching his work almost every day makes me always speechless ^^ he is definatly one of my BIGGEST IDOLS ^^

27th december:
^^ Fantasy48 The Emperor of Art ^^ something similar I got teached by Prof. Klaus Vogelgesang (he does huge drawings): he teached me: *once you reached a certain level of quality, you will never be satisfied with less* <= this is one of the reasons, that I was looking for a closer contact with artists such as Isa Genzken, Rainer Fetting, Rosa von Praunheim, ... I always thought *learn from the best*

26th december:
^^ Fantasy48 The Emperor of Art ^^ 2013: first I like to say Thank You to all the invitations I got and SORRY! that I wasn´t able to follow them. yes, I was no where, beside of PORKparty and ZIRKUSparty. Thank You for your support this year to Brian-Tennessee and Bork .
I focused all my energy in my new work: being a painter. I produced more than 100 paintings in my first year of intense painting with oil on canvas. Pascual was the power behind it and teached me the lessons I needed to know.
2013 was also the year of the Open Studio. I enjoy it a lot having guests at my home on a frequent level. wonderful people joined the invitation and perhaps most of them don´t know how much they gave to me. at the end of 2012 a relationship broke up in a very dramatic way and I started 2013 with some bad depressions. especially those guests at the Open Studio are the reason that those depressions are almost gone. THANK YOU!
Scott and Otfried I like to thank in a special way, for being here almost all the year 2013.
and in 2013 the universe sent new friends into my life and I want them to know, that they are sunshine to me *kiss* to Kim and Jared

see you all in 2014 <3

25th december:
^^ Fantasy48 The Emperor of Art ^^ how was your christmas? everyone has a different feeling and way to celebrate christmas. mine was very short this year: it lastet about 5 minutes. I didn´t want to meet anyone this year and stayed at home alone. okokok I slept in the afternoon and evening :) but before at around 3 p.m. a streethustler friend visited me for 5 minutes. he did a lot of party :) and was awake since yesterday. I gave him 10 Euros and said *Merry Christmas* - he smiled and me, I smiled too. then he left and continued his party he was the only person this year to which one I gave a christmas present*

24th december:
^^ Fantasy48 The Emperor of Art ^^´s little christmas story *some years ago in the age of 27, when I lived in Cologne: on 24th I prepared something delicious to eat and in the evening (at around 7 p.m.) I went to the bar "Hühnerfranz" - a place where streethustlers are around. I took everyone there to my home and offered them the delicious food. at midnight we went to the cathedrale of Cologne <= it was the idea of the most dangerous hustler. we all - as little childs - joined the christmas event in the BIG cathedrale. we celebrated christmas for about 3 days and 3 nights and it was one of the best christmas I ever had. ... and to all haters: no, we didn´t have sex. - just christmas - when was the last time that you invited someone who doesn´t know where to go on christmas eve? *** MERRY CHRISTMAS ***

23rd december:
I see a lot of that stuff on fb (picture of a gay man burned alive) and normally I don´t share it, BUT: THIS IS N O T ACCEPATABLE! --- I AM AGAINST E V E R Y O N E HOMOPHOBIC! I am glad that Barack Obama and even the Queen are pro gays (btw SHAME ON MERKEL!) and I have to say/write: YES! THANK U TO ALL THOSE SOLDIERS WHICH ARE FIGHTING IN THOSE COUNTRIES FOR OUR RIGHTS! YES!!! I - as gay I am - support every american, israelian, britsh,... soldier who is fighting in war zones for our rights! THANK U EVERY SOLDIERS WHICH ARE BRINGING IS INTO A N E W WORLD* in this case: YES, I AM PRO WAR IN THOSE COUNTRIES.

21st december:
^^ Fantasy48 The Emperor of Art ^^ it´s the first time in my life, that I discover PINK FLOYD especially the beginning of the band with SYD BARRETT ^^ WWWOOOOOWWW I NEEDED 39 YEARS TO UNDERSTAND THAAAAT BAND *UUUUUAAAAFFFHHHHAAA*

14th december:
^^ Fantasy48 The Emperor of Art ^^ saturday morning: baking cookies since 2 hours aaaand it´s the best thing I can imagine what to do now ....- no party - no sex -..... baking cookies as best thing to do <= does that mean, that I am *äääähmmmm* old - again: O L D ^^ WOW °° THAT FEELS WEIRED BEING OLD * could have never imagined, that it would feel T H A T WAY XoP it´s kind of FUN =D

6h december:
^^ Fantasy48 The Emperor of Art ^^ this symbol (the 3 crosses) I paint since I am about 4 years old. I didn´t grew up in a religious way and had no idea what it means - but my neighbour friend (about 8 at that time) always drew it and I felt in love with it and started to draw them too. he died some years ago in a young age. It´s time to paint those crosses in oil on canvas ...


PORKparty 15th december 2013
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every sunday night I spend my time at PORKparty °°

different DJ´s and showacts are part of that fabulous party ^^

on the pic you see a live drawing session with artists and Brian as model **



fantasy48 *new paintings* 2nd december 2013
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fantasy48 - paintings

step by step I get used into those bigger size paintings - 40 x 50

------------------- price for each painting of this serie: 80 euro --------------------



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