Boxer Berlin 30th november 2013
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Opening of the new fetish shop BOXER


Brian took me there, after the Open Studio

I met a lot of people there

Jared did DJ there

on the pic you see Polly Fey from the band X-Rated Angels - FREAKY GREAT SHOW ^^



Benyamin Reich 28th november 2013
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Benyamin Reich belongs to my favorite photographers ^^

it was great that he did a tour with me through his new show "WHO SHOOTS REICH? - EINE DEUTSCHE WINTERREISE"

in Werkstattgalerie



some postings which I created on facebook 4th november - 5th december 2013
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5th december:
^^ Fantasy48 The Emperor of Art ^^ means * POOOOR KIDS * when I was a kid (age 9, 10, 11) then I wanted to be dressed like Michael Jackson, I wanted to sing as him (still have does tapes), I wanted to dance like him (for hours and days I tried to dance his moves) ... everything what a young boy does and wants in that age. AND TODAY!? what are doing the kids today with JUSTIN BIEBER !? * POOOOR KIDS *

4th december:
^^ Fantasy48 The Emperor of Art ^^ some thoughts *sometimes I think about my LIFE and what is happening after my DEATH. of course I work as artist to leave something after I my death - especially now when I create paintings in oil on canvas. sometimes I think about how it could b after I left this world - would people talk that way!? "do you remember that guy with the mask who lived in Berlin at the beginning of the century?" "yeah sure, I think he did paint some stuff too." "yes, a friend of mine has a painting of him." "he was quite a freak with too much partying, hanging around with streethustlers and always broke." "yes, he wrote some books about it, but I think they never got published." "oh yes, this was good old Berlin - it´s not existing anymore since decades." ---- It´s nice to have fantasies like that, but it doesn´t has any effect on my life, what is happing after my death ... the only chance I have is to make every day of my life a good day ... I feel good with my masks, with my paintings, with my parties, with my streethustlers (which are my neighbours, where I life), and yes, sometimes I feel good with my fantasies too :)

3rd december:
^^ Fantasy48 The Emperor of Art ^^ my soulsister KATE MOSS is now on the cover of PLAYBOY * CAAAAN´T BELIEVE IT ^^ we have exactly the same age (born on the same day in the same year) - means on 16th january Kate and I turn 40 ^^ THIS GIRL IS F*CKING FREAKING ME OUT <3 LOOOVE HER <3

1st december:
^^ Fantasy48 The Emperor of Art ^^ *there is nothing better than spending a whole night with my favorite streethustler ^^ yeah, that guy on this portrait ^^ OH I had a PHANTASTIC saturday night *

29th november:
^^ Fantasy48 The Emperor of Art ^^ beautiful cars created by awesome designers ^^ when I was 16 and in Monaco, then I went to a garage for such cars. the garage wasn´t for public, but they let me in, because I was a kid - YES, those cars are stunning!!! even when I don´t like to drive them, because I have fear of speed ;)

27th november:
okokok I am not used into that tradition of THANKSGIVING. pls let me try it: first of all I am thankful, that my parents are alive. I am thankful that a lot of creative people found their way to Berlin and have a good time here. I am thankful that Henning feels better after many months of operations on his foot. I am thankful Bruno Gloria Romy Chica and many others are active in the fights for gay rights. I am thankful that awesome people such as Brian-Tennessee Travis Michael Paul and many more bring a lot of American Spirit to Berlin, which one I love a lot. I am thankful that Isa´s health was good enough, that she could join her opening at MoMA in New York. I am thankful that Joe and Kim make me smile almost every day and show me, that love counts more than anything else. I am thankful for my neighbours such as Hans, Bernd, ... which are always there for me, when I need someone. and last but not least: I am thankful for facebook and all friends here, which became a wonderful part of my everday´s life. *THANK U* yes, this was my first thanksgiving writing - is this how to do it!? I hope so :)

25th november:
<3<3<3 HAPPY APPY BIRTHDAY Rosa Von Praunheim Filmproduktion <3<3<3 Rosa belongs to the most important people to me since I live in Berlin - Rosa believed in me from the very first moment and gave power and jobs - Rosa teached me many things while working with him together <3 I LOVE ROSA <3 THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING ! enjoy your B-Day :*

23rd november:
^^ Fantasy48 The Emperor of Art ^^ YES, I am obsessed with Isa Genzken. but why? since more then 5 years I may see her frequently, I may talk with her, touch her and see her smile. she is an outstanding woman to me: the way she talks and especially WHAT SHE IS TALKING ABOUT, is phantastic. yes, at the beginning I just knew that she is the ex-wife of Gerhard Richter and Joseph Beuys has been one of her friends. yes, I was curious about her and knew almost nothing about her art. in the years she opened a world to art to me, which I have never seen before that way. okokok I describe it in other words: I was running around in a world of fantasy and everyone said there are no unicorns existing anymore - and then I met Isa and I realized, that she is that wonderful unicorn I was looking for all my life. ...and YES, I believe that my grandma (who died when I was 8 years old) sent her into my life. I LOVE ISA <3 and I wish that the whooooole world is able to see what an phantastic woman and artist she is. and YES, I believe that Gerhard Richter wouldn´t be there where he is right now, without having Isa Genzken in his life. Her influence to the art world is ENORMOUS *

22nd november:
^^ Fantasy48 The Emperor of Art ^^ knows Christmas is coming soon, when: my mom is sending me homemade christmas cooookies =oPPP *mmmjjaammmyyyy* =oP

22nd november:
^^ Fantasy48 The Emperor of Art ^^ btw did I already mention: <3 I LOOOOVE ISA GENZKEN <3 OMG in the past 5 years she gave a loooooot to me: fun, joy, inspiration, suffering, wisdom, ...

17th november:
^^ Fantasy48 The Emperor of Art ^^ this goes to aaaaalllll MY HATERS: <3 I LOOOOOVE U <3 u give a loooooot of energy to me. when I try to make u love me, then I work on it to become better and better and better. Yes, I want u to love me and I think when I work more, then perhaps u love me. DEAR HATERS: WITHOUT YOU I WOULD BE LAAAAZY ! dear haters, thank u for reading this :*

14th november:
+++ HELP +++ I plan to travel to Hollywood ^^ I´ve never been in America and even don´t know how to use an airplane *hhhmmmmpppfffff* pls do I need a visa? pls how much is the cheapest flight and how do I get it? is there anything else I should know?

14th november:
^^ Fantasy48 The Emperor of Art ^^ *I love to live in the middle of the redlight area* isn´t it beautiful here :) yes, that´t the view from my balcony*

13th november:
*Manchmal muß ich einfach den Freddie sehen :) .. die alte Mercury rennt bei diesem Concert so viel über die Bühne - die glaubt die ist Model auf ner Modeschau =D hahaha =D <3 ICH LIEBE SIE <3

13th november:
^^ Fantasy48 The Emperor of Art ^^ this shows a part of one of my latest paintings (not finished yet). it´s the body of a man weight about 150 kilogramms. I mean I started with paintings in oil on canvas just 10 !!! months ago (without school or having teachers here). I think it looks good for a beginner. I put all my energy in those paintings which I photographed some years ago. can´t wait to create my first female nude paintings. ... and yes, the head has to be like that - small head makes a bigger body and this is what I want - to create a kind of fantasy in my paintings ... tomorrow morning 7 a.m. I will continue to paint ...

13th november:
^^ Fantasy48 The Emperor of Art ^^ hmmmm* when I watch that painting, then I know that my portraits (before I work them out with my special technique) are as much good or BAD as this one from Matisse - I mean the shadows on the body, breast, face just look worst ! ... and now u can hate me for writing that ;)

9th november:
*** Open Studio Today *** +++ATTENTION+++ the (new) door bell isn´t working here *hhmmmpppfffff* when u plan to join the Open Studio, then pls knock on the door (groundfloor) or pm and I send u my handy number. and: due to construction site: the entrance is difficult to find - even they put away the number of the building - when u have never been here before, pls pm and I will explain u again the way how to get in*

8th november:
^^ Fantasy48 The Emperor of Art ^^ means *they just "try" it *this way of promotion for the next world soccer championship - putting those guys in every important soccer game at the moment - that sucks on a way *what should b the message "football is evil!?" I think: football is fun and GREAT and I prefer a colorful promotion as we had it in South Africa and other countries before ...

7th november:
... Grand Hotel Vienna for homeless people * one of the best cooks of one of the best hotels in Vienna is cooking for homeless people. makes me proud, that I worked there for 3 years at the bar - some years ago. Thank U*

6ht november:
^^ Fantasy48 The Emperor of Art ^^ I see it that way: paintings are like books: there is a lot of space for your own fantasy. photographies are like movies. when I create an interpretation of my own photographies, then I give the viewer endless possibilities for his own fantasy <= this is my goal. when u know the photography, then the painting will always look different (similar with knowing the movie made from a book). the painting on the left, second row is painted after my portrait of Lady Bunny and while watching it, it could be thaaaat much more ... dreams & fantasy belong to my world and now I share it with you*


new colors new life 18th november 2013
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finally they finished to paint the building
and a little bit I will miss the workers in front of my windows

and I am very happy, that I am able to look to the street again*



ZIRKUSparty 2nd november 2013
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ZIRKUSparty is always FUUUUUN ^^ and that Halloween night was MEEEEEGAFUN =D

YES, it gets very hot under the mask, while dancing. and for that reason it is very rare that I am dancing, BUT when such GREAT BOYS invite me, then sure I was dancing with them on stage =D and I LOVED IT =D



Kim Dallesandro in Berlin 26th october 2013

what a GREATAWESOME afternoon and evening: Kim Dallesandro came to the Open Studio with a looot of presents from Hollywood: such as those trousers, THAT t-shirt, a mexican wrestler mask, that skull mask and a masonic ritual mask. we had a GREEEEAAAT time with Gaby (THANK U 4 that picture), 2 friends of Gaby, Brian, Mati, Jason and Aldo. we ended up in a Galery with photographies of Marilyn Monroe and then at midnight in the bar "Besenkammer" at Alexanderplatz.

with all that impressions of the Dallesandro family, I watched some days later a lot of videos of Joe Dallesandro and the whole movie "je t´aime moi non plus" in french language and ate a whole plate of Tiramisu - LOVE THAT MOVIE <3<3<3


when u are around in Berlin: the Open Studio happens every saturday in my studio
from 3 p.m. - 10 p.m. in Kleiststraße 37a pls ring at Bartsch/Fantasy48




some postings which I created on facebook 16th october 2013 - 4th november 2013
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22nd october:
^^ Fantasy48 The Emperor of Art ^^ today in the morning I asked the painters with an arabic accent "which color the house will get?" he answered "yellow." ... now I watched the building from outside and yes, it´s true: IT´S ARABIC YELLOW =D (it´s violett)

27th october:
R.I.P. LOU REED :( CAN´T BELIEVE IT ^^ just yesterday we listened a whole album of Lou Reed - I LOVE U FOREVER AND EVER AND EVER AND EEEEEEVER <3

28th october:
^^ Fantasy48 The Emperor of Art ^^ dear Lady Gaga, for you: a saying from my grandma (which one I never met, because she died before I was born). she always said "always beautiful is never beautiful" ... and every every EVERY EEEEEEVERY DAY wearing a new crazy outfit, is just boooooooring. dear Lady Gaga, just sit down a moment - take a deeeeep breath of fresh air and relax and :) YES, I love u :*

29th october:
^^ Fantasy48 The Emperor of Art ^^ dear Lady Gaga, running around in costumes - most of them designed by other artists (which got a story behind every outfit!) - isn´t "ART". what is your message doing it? where is the point? ... when someone is asking me "what does it mean, that you are running around with a mask!?" then I am able to answer " about 10 years ago I saw a documentary about a guy living in Paris, who burned his face at an accident with his bike and he needed to wear this mask. as loyalty to this one person, I started to wear my mask in public."

31st october:
^^ Fantasy48 The Emperor of Art ^^ this is my first painting in oil on canvas of a portrait which I photographed - in bigger size. till now I painted portraits in size 24 x 30 and this one is 40 x 50. of course it could b better and better and better, BUT this is my first one and I will always love it. and yes, it is still my first year in intense painting with oil on canvas. ... step by step the cakes grow :)

31st october:
so sad :( I remember it: 20 years ago I worked in a restaurant in Bavaria and a guest was reading the newspaper. I just took a look in it and read "River Phoenix died". I will never forget that shocking moment. and YES, it makes me ANGRY when there was produced a documentary about River´s life and almost nobody wanted to talk about it - MR. JOHNNY DEPP THERE MUST BE A REASON, THAT YOU DON´T TALK ABOUT THAT NIGHT IN VIPER´S ROOM - TILL TODAY --- RIGHT MR. DEPP I DON´T BELONG TO YOUR FANS!!! R.I.P. River ... you started to make this world better <3

31st october:
+++ River Phoenix +++ River is just about 4 years older than me. during the years as teenager, he was always like a bigger brother to me - someone I wished to have as friend ... as best friend. it was one of the most shocking moments till that time, when I read a little article in the newspaper "River Phoenix died" - I wasn´t able to understand it. till today - every time I read his name or see his pictures and movies, then I feel this shock inside of me. and yes, I am still looking for answers to understand it ... perhaps I never will. ... and only six months later my other hero died: Kurt Cobain

2nd november:
^^ Fantasy48 The Emperor of Art ^^ now I reached more than 100 paintings - in my first year of intense painting with oil on canvas. you can see how I started with structures - then first humans - first landscape paintings. most of them are in a smaler size. my plan for 2014 is: to use bigger canvases. can´t wait! ^^ when u know my studio/flat, then u see that I live with and for those paintings*



fantasy48 *new paintings* 19th october 2013
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fantasy48 - paintings

painting in oil on canvas 40 x 50 *this is my first painting in oil on canvas of a portrait which I photographed - in bigger size. till now I painted portraits in size 24 x 30 and this one is 40 x 50. of course it could b better and better and better, BUT this is my first one and I will always love it. and yes, it is still my first year in intense painting with oil on canvas. ... step by step the cakes grow :) (<= this means: the cakes of the Open Studio grow as much as the paintings*)

------------------- price for each painting of this serie: 80 euro --------------------



since 10 years in Berlin 12th october 2013

on 10th october 2003 I arrived in Berlin

today at the Open Studio we celebrated this 10 years jubilee ^^

Scott and Oti had this phantastic golden trousers as present for me :)


when u are around in Berlin: the Open Studio happens every saturday in my studio
from 3 p.m. - 10 p.m. in Kleiststraße 37a pls ring at Bartsch/Fantasy48




some postings which I created on facebook 23rd september 2013 - 15th october 2013
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stories mix posted on facebook:

11th october:
my coming-out ^^ Fantasy48 The Emperor of Art ^^ today is international coming-out day. my coming-out lasted 21 years (perhaps even longer) - till that time I was straight, bi-sexual, a-sexual but NEVER gay. I understand everyone who has a fight with his coming-out. my mom found a picture where I do tongue kiss with my boyfriend in Paris when I was about 21. she said nothing, just wrote on the back of the picture "when u do such things, then don´t show it." from my macho dad I had always fear when he will know it, but his reaction was quite good - he just said "I can understand it." *Happy Coming-Out to Everyone*

11th october:
^^ Fantasy48 The Emperor of Art ^^ special moments in 10 years since I live in Berlin *my studio (on the pic in the year 2010) - every moment in my studio is a special moment :) and I life here since 9 years - the first year in Berlin, I lived in Wedding

10th october:
^^ Fantasy48 The Emperor of Art ^^ today on my living-10-years-in-Berlin-celebration-day, I made myself a little present, continued working on some paintings and finished four of them. I think my favorite one of today is the "Darkroom Angel" on the right down °°

10th october:
^^ Fantasy48 The Emperor of Art ^^ special moments in living 10 years in Berlin * YES, taking pictures - being backstage and on stage with about 100 !!! rock and hardcore bands was V E R Y EXCITING on the pic with the hardcore band PALM from Osaka

10th october:
*** 10 YEARS IN BERLIN *** ^^ Fantasy48 The Emperor of Art ^^ THE BEST what happened to me is that I MET YOU <3each one of you who accepts me as the one who I am <3 I came to Berlin with nothing and knew nobody here. a lot of wonderful actions happened and they have been possible because of some people believe in me and I am very thankful for that. I came to Berlin for the reason to work in the art industry and I may do it. In Berlin I am living my dream since exactly 10 years *THANK U* :*

9th october:
:) Germans should be happy :) ^^ Fantasy48 The Emperor of Art ^^ since some days I am thinking about the end of world war II and the winner countries America, Russia, Great Britain and France. they split up Germany into 4 parts and every German Federal Chancellor has to sign that contract to accept it, that Germany is owned by those countries till 2099. means Germany doesn´t exist and I will never realize a real country Germany. everything we have (gold (in the banks of America, Great Britain, France) money (owned by banks in America and Great Britain) knowledge (cars, airplanes, ...) (open to everyone of those 4 countries) ...) means: we have nothing (or better: are not allowed to have anything) and are nobody (because our grandfathers did that war - far before I was born. and made Germany just a "name", because "Germany" means "America, Russia, Great Britain, France"). the good thing is, that there exist FOUR !!! countries - means: everything what Germany does has to be in an interesst of ALL ! FOUR ! countries. for example: America and Great Britain are not able to take Germany into a war when the enemy is a friend of Russia ... Germany is in the middle and used as game ball. THEN: HERE IS MY SOLUTION: when we have nothing and have to work for others (yes, they are named "slaves" those people from the country who lost the war and are now owned by others) then at least let us be happy in Germany, let us be nice to eachother and accept eachother - let queer people marry if they want - let musicians play when they want - let dancers dance when they want - let us support the beautiful things in Germany and let us LOVE eachother <= that´s the only thing we have!

9th october:
^^ Fantasy48 The Emperor of Art ^^ special moments in 10-years-living-in-Berlin *being on stage at the Brandenburg Gate (behind me) and taking this picture of 600 000 soccer fans at the European Championship

9th october:
^^ Fantasy48 The Emperor of Art ^^ special moments in 10-years-living-in-Berlin * shooting a documentary movie for ARTE with directors Todd Verow , Rosa von Praunheim , painter Pascual & model David . in the movie: they came into my studio (on the pic) - I opened the door (of course wearing the mask) and then we did a tour ...

9th october:
^^ Fantasy48 The Emperor of Art ^^ on 10th october I will be since 10 years living in Berlin ^^ a lot of weird things happened: such as being around with a group of girls and waiting for Tom Cruise ^^ YES, it was fun :) and YES, I loved Top Gun :D

8th october:
^^ Fantasy48 The Emperor of Art ^^ had a SENSATIONAL weekend =D saturday afternoon Open Studio, then GREATFUNNY ZIRKUSparty on saturday night. on sunday night re-opening of GLITZY PORKparty and I returned home on monday evening *HOOOLLLLLAAAAAHAAASSSSAAAA* and slept the whole night and woke up early now on tuesday morning. YES, I neeeeded this weekend * BIG THX to everyone <3 on the pic with FABULOUS DJ LEGEND LARRY TEE :*

4th october:
^^ Fantasy48 The Emperor of Art ^^´s Meinung zum DEUTSCHEN FERNSEHPREIS --- es ist so LAAANGWEILIG SCHRECKLICH einfach FURCHTBAR - noch schlimmer als es die Presse bereits vorwegnahm. Deutschland produziert SCHLECHTESTES FERNSEHEN und ich weiß weshalb ich zu hause keinen Fernseher habe (bin jetzt gerade nicht zu hause), weiß aber nicht weshalb ich Gebühren für so einen Müll bezahlen soll! z. B.: ENGLISCHES, BULGARISCHES, TÜRKISCHES, ITALIENISCHES, und und und natürlich AMERIKANISCHES FERNSEHEN ist farbenfroh und großartig. Mein Lösungsvorschlag: WEG MIT DEN IN SICH VERKLÜNGELTEN VERALTETEN GELANGWEILTEN MENSCHEN WELCHE DIESE UNERTRÄGLICHE DEUTSCHE FERNSEHLANDSCHAFT BESTIMMEN/GESTALTEN - BITTE NEHMT EUCH GENUG GELD (was ihr ja so und so tut), GEHT IN RENTE UND LASST FRISCHEN WIND RAN ... dann hole ich mir auch wieder nen Fernseher nach hause ...

2nd october:
... some words about Joe Dallesandro * I am 39 years now and since I am a teenager I am fascinated by movies with Joe - movies which have found their place in history of movie making. as teenager I realized that many people died from that time and I was sad about it. I started asking people if they knew what Joe does and I got answers such as "he died on dru*gs" or "he is working as assistant for a dentist". some years ago Joe got announced at the Berlinale/Teddy Award and I thought "WOW JOE IS ALIVE AND HE IS COMING TO BERLIN!" - I was very happy about it =D since that time I realize his postings on facebook which are full of love and care for everyone. stars (<= and Joe is not just a "star" - Joe is an American Icon!) as Joe are very rare to find - only one other star who cares that much for her fans, comes to my mind: fabulous Cher <3 What we are able to read and see from Joe here on facebook is part of an awesome history. everyone who is just a little bit interessted in art and movies should realize it. we all should be very thankfull to Joe and his wonderful wife Kim for giving us that much attention. it is pure love and we all can learn a lot from both of them. THANK YOU * I LOVE YOU <3

1st october:
*** HAPPY APPY 60th B-DAY KLAUS *** YES, the Berlin Mayor Klaus Wowereit * I <3 HIM * we know eachother with and without mask. Klaus is greeting me in public with handshake - I mean an artist wearing a BLACK LEATHERMASK (now gold) - THAT`S AWESOME for a mayor of such a BIG city. Klaus respects artists and I respect him. and on the picture you see: YES, I was as much shocked as Klaus (standing on the right, wearing blue jeans), when all the photographers turned their cameras into my direction, when I just came there to take a picture of Klaus *hmmmpffff* ... I should paint this photography too*

29th september:
btw: all my written postings are part of my latest BOOK. yeahs, I am writing a book in real time. there about 50 book pages (perhaps even more) till now which I have written here - with pictures there would be perhaps 70 pages. I don´t know how long I will continue written it here. I think a little bit more and then it is enough. when u belong to the readers, then u have already read the book before it gets published (I hope one day*). it is actually my fourth book.

my first one is about young boys (<= what I was at that time), red light and dr*ugs in Vienna.
my second is a book about chats - I did endless long chats with people when I was part of the fetish-SM-bondage scene in Cologne.
my third book is about Berlin in the zero years, the art world, the party world and the change in Berlin.
and now the fourth book is written: HERE ON FACEBOOK :*

29th september:
^^ Fantasy48 The Emperor of Art ^^ WHAT A FIGHT I HAD TODAY WITH MY PAINTINGS *UUUAAFFFSSS* it almost looked that I got knocked out by my paintings, but almost at the end - already laying on the floor - I stood up again and turned around the game. winner of the evening is: FANTASY48 and the 3 paintings look now AWESOME - I will post them in the next days. ----- this is why people such as Muay Thai Legend BUAKAW are important to me as heroes - they show me never to give up - even when the opponent is a canvas *

29th september:
^^ Fantasy48 The Emperor of Art ^^ today´s painting session wasn´t a WOW session at all. I´m not happy with the result today. on the left is a painting where I painted the first time a mask. the painting in the middle is "ok", but not more. and on the right: this one is a DISASTER! Gerhard Richter destroys paintings, when he thinks they are bad work. I will not destroy it - it´s fine with not being perfect - but I will store it somewhere in the very back of my studio - and I plan to paint it again.

29th september:
*** rituals before starting to paint *** ^^ Fantasy48 The Emperor of Art ^^ I have to bring my consciousness into a certain mood before I start to paint - very similar with a boxer before a fight. it is a difficult thing and needs a lot of training. at the beginning of the year (when I started to paint with oil on canvas), I needed about 8 hours to 2 !!! days to bring my consciousness into a mood, that I am able to paint for just 10 - 15 minutes. meanwhile I get from the same time ( 8 hours to 2 days ) the amount of about 2 hours energy for my paintings. of course: the goal is to have this mood 24 hours, but this needs years of training. my todays plan is: to continue painting on a black angel and the painting with a young man bondaged on a tree in the Tiergarten. YES, they need all my energy I am able to built up ...

27th september:
+++ ART DRAMA IN BERLIN +++ ^^ Fantasy48 The Emperor of Art ^^ in 2012 about 1400 !!! studios of artists got changed into luxury flats - in (2013 already about 800 !!!) - I remember some years ago about 650 !!! galleries did exist in Berlin - I don´t know how many of them are left today, but I realized a looot of galleries I knew have been closed in the past months. when I say and write again and again, that I am an poor artist, then I write it AS PROTEST, because I know that there are thousands and thousands of artists and creative people in Berlin which are poor too. BERLIN THE CITY OF ART FOR CREATIVE PEOPLE FROM ALL AROUND THE WORLD <= looks as if those years will be over soon. Berlin earned a lot of money from those artists, but gave almost nothing back to them. ... Berlin where are all your artists gone!? ...

27th september:
today I was allowed to join the opening of Rudolf zur Lippe* his art is absolutly fascinating and pure philosophie. Rudolf zur Lippe belongs to the most outstanding people which I may know here in Berlin. today he teached me not just to see the woman and the landscape in Leonardo´s Mona Lisa. he teached me to feel the energy in this painting and all other paintings. since today I am watching paintings from a different view. BIG THANK U RUDOLF* best art university

25th september:
^^ Fantasy48 The Emperor of Art ^^ I DON´T UNDERSTAND GAY MEN TODAY !!! why why WHY are they so obsessed with Madonna !??? there was a time - about 25 years ago - when gay men have been obsessed with Diana Ross, Tina Turner, Bette Middler, Barbra Streisand, Gloria Gaynor,... with FABULOUS voices of outstanding women! what happened with the gays today !??? pls pls PLS let us be obsessed with girls such as Lana del Rey and YES, Lady Gaga has a great voice too! pls all gay men: MADONNA IS HYPNOTIZING YOU! WAKE UP !!!



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