Patrick Bartsch aka FANTASY48 aka MASTER PATRICK


lesbian gay streetparty 16th + 17th july 2016
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being present with an own booth at the lesbian gay streetparty was very intense*

it was the first time, that I presented my paintings and myself as painter to an big audience as it happened here with about 350 000 people on that weekend.

B I G THX to eeeeveryone involved <3 :*

this is how it looks like in the innerside of the booth*



group exhibition at ´Rinaldo´s Salon´ at the gallery ´The Ballery´ 20th march 2015
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it was wonderful evening with wonderful guests* B I G THANK YOU to eeeeveryone <3

... and it was a very special pleasure to meet legendary director Rosa von Praunheim, who is also part of the group show* Rosa shows some very beautiful work*



solo exhibition at ´Over the Rainbow´ 15th november 2014
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the travel agency Over the rainbow and Gaby celebrated their jubilee and invited me to show some paintings. I brought there about 30 paintings which fit with traveling. it was a wonderful day with lovely music, a lot of food and wonderful guests. Thank You for that veeeeeery Berlin style event*

the travel magazine shelf:

if you can´t a afford a journey
then take a painting
you will experience similar results



group show " Jungbrunnen II " 4th april 2014
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" Jungbrunnen II " is the name of my second group show ^^ it is a very wonderful show with 21 artists and about half of them from China*

on the pic you see video artist Xi Lei in front of his screen. ... and yes some of the paintings in the back are worked out by Fantasy48*

B I G THX to gallery Avantgarde* pls visit the show*



group show " 5 x 5 " 9th march 2014
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YES! it was a BIG moment to present 5 paintings in public - for the first time^^

B I G THX to Marc Buscha who owns "JUST MEN BERLIN" and made that event possible*

5 artists presents 5 art works for the 5th anniversary of JUST MEN BERLIN




Exhibition "Berlin Years" 20th august 2009
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the opening of the Exhibition "Berlin Years" in the Werkstattgalerie has been G R E A T

I was the living Guestbook by myself and a lot of the about 300 visitors this evening signed on my body. to see on the back: director Christoph Eichhorn, legendary artist Salomé (left down), american writer Travis, ...

as guest artist Gio Black Peter from New York showed new works in an own room

F A B U L O U S opening speech by Rosa von Praunheim

aftershow party at SLUM

Exhibition of Master Patrick 10th +11th july 2009
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Pre-Opening (10th July) and Opening (11th July) of the Exhibition of Master Patrick in the legendary Tommyhaus (oldest occupied building in Berlin). the Exhibition is 2 c 4 about 2 months - Pls Enjoy It ^^

on the works it is 2 c works with bands playing live such as a bandphotoshooting

more then 10 bands played live. big T H X from here 2 ALL G R E A T AM A Z I NG bands such as: Billy Boys, Checkmates, Chock On A Cock, Damaged Dolles, Kolumbus Kill, Odd (with the singer Mati Gavriel; 2 c on the pic below), The Stash, The Wake Woods, Chuckamuc, Crack Sunday, Max Prosa & more