openings/presentations october 2016
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in the past years I did a break ... almost stopped going to openings, presentations, exhibitions. I got lost with myself and wild partying in Berlin.

in september I decided to change my life:
I became sober
and started to follow invitations:

8th october and I felt being like being at home again ... with all those wonderful people <3 <3 <3

the first invitation which I followed was an AWESOME evening at Florian Hetz´s presentation of his new book "The Matter Of Absence" ... which took place at Berghain ... where some of his phantastic photographies were shown too.


21st october: presentation of 2nd edition of KING KONG magazine

without any doubts Ali Kepenk (right) belongs to one of the best fashion photographers*
it was a special honor to me, when I got invited to that presentation*

wonderful evening where I met also my fabulous friend Tim Lienhard (left)


22nd october: opening "WINNER TAKES ALL" by Christa Joo Hyun D´Angelo

^^WOOOOW^^ A MUST SHOW for eeeeeveryone who is interessted in horse riding sports

WHAT A STUNNING SHOW *applause* *applause*


28th october: "South of Meaning"

first: ^^CONGRATULATIONS^^ to Travis Jeppessen (on the picture below)
for his brandnew Ph.D.

of course I followed that invitation of my oooold friend <3

together with Vivien Zhang
Travis invited for that evening
and besides showing his calligraphic artworks
he mesmerised us with his stories
about his latest journeys to Asia
and especially North Korea

and to meet there some other friends
such as Matt, Jannis, Bruce, Christa, Paul, Pietro, ...
made that evening PERFECT*


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