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14th sept: .... uuuuund hier nochmal auf deutsch: JA! die britische Luxusmodemarke VETEMENTS bietet ein modisches ÜbergrößenT-Shirt mit dem Aufdruck "FICKEN3000 SHARE THE BLAME" für 641 Euro an* Also ich finde das SUUUUPER :* <3 ... im Zeitungsartikel steht zwar, daß das T-Shirt zu viel ´Protz´ ist um es im Club mit demselbigen Namen zu tragen, AAAAABER SONNTAG NACHT PASST ES AUF AAAALLLLLE FÄLLE <3 GLAMOUR FOREVER <3

15th sept: pleeeeaaaaase is there anyone who picks me up at my studio at around 5 p.m. today and then we go together to the AMAZING GLAMOROUS FABULOUS OPENING of WOOOONDERFUL SEXY LOVELY ART SUUUUPERSTAR Andrej Dubravsky :* <3

16th sept: aaaand my vote for the best outstanding fabulous movie of the year 2017 gooooooes to <3 Tom of Finland <3

16th sept: ^^rich&sexy^^ looove those fierce sexy fabulous cars in front of my balcony :* <3

16th sept: ^^ a bad day ... as painter ^^

today I have a bad day as painter. the painting I created looked terrible.
on such days I tend to question all my work ... to question my life as painter.
never I learned how to draw and how to paint. I just started some years ago, because I thought, that someone has to create those paintings in oil on canvas ... which show the fabulous life in Berlin. I got some advices from professional painters and that´s it. never I have been at an art school ... to know how to draw/paint a face ... a body ... a landscape. I paint how I feel it should look like. that way of painting is like a lottery ... sometimes it works and sometimes not and today I didn´t work ...

16th sept: Patrick´s blablabla Meinung zu "Der Hipster in Berlin"

Vorab: Ich liebe Jurassica Parka <3 und ihre großartige Arbeit <3 Weiters vorab: Ich kann suuuuuper über mich selbst lachen, über Schwulenwitze lachen, ... und Ja! auch über Hipsterwitze lachen* In Jurassica Parka´s neuestem "Attraktiv - Das Starmagazin" Video wird ja ordentlich über die Hipster in Berlin hergezogen. Dazu möchte ich sehr gerne meine 50 Cent Meinung dazugeben: DER HIPSTER IN BERLIN gehört zu den bedeutendsten Figuren, welche Berlin in den vergangenen Jahrzehnten hervorgebracht hat! Für mich: In einer Reihe mit Bewegungen wie den Hippies der 60er und den Punks der 80er. Zu den Hipsters in Berlin gehören Menschen ... (vor allem Kreativschaffende und Kreativinteressierte) ... aus ALLEN TEILEN der Welt! Die Hipster in Berlin sind an Internationalität mit kaum einem anderen Ort in dieser Welt vergleichbar. Dass diese Internationalität eine eigene Ausdrucksform erschafft und zelebriert <= Das ist mehr als nur logisch. Für Aussenstehende (wie sich offensichtlich diejenigen des Beitrags in Jurassica Parka´s Video outen) scheint diese Ausdrucksform der Hipster in Berlin unverständlich, fremd, bis hin zu lächerlich zu wirken. ABER glaubt mir meine lieben Leser/innen: Diese Generation der Hipster in Berlin wird zu den Menschen gehören, welche die WELT VON MORGEN (<= und ich möchte es nicht minder beschreiben!) maßgeblich gestalten werden und dies zu Teilen bereits heute schon tun. Hipster in Berlin sind nicht ´irgendeine´ Ansammlung von ´verwirrten´ Menschen. Hipster in Berlin sind äusserst interessiert, hart arbeitend (<= man mag es kaum glauben, aber es ist so!), bestens vernetzt (<= und wie schon beschrieben: weltweit), im positiven Sinn: extrem risikofreudig, technisch auf dem aller aller aaaaaalller neuesten Stand, menschenfreundlich, tierlieb, ... und am Gestalten einer ´besseren´ Welt interessiert.
Durch bestimmte Umstände in meinen Jahren in Berlin, darf ich Teil dieser Hipster Szene in Berlin sein. Da die Hipster Szene in Berlin ENORM groß ist, gehöre ich natürlich nur einem Teil davon an und dies tue ich mit aller Lebensfreude und Begeisterung welche in mir steckt. Somit kenne ich die Hipster in Berlin und verstehe auch ihre Sprache ... ihre Kleidung ... ihre Frisuren ... ihr ´Gehabe´ ... ihr Lachen ... und ihr Weinen.

Diese meine Worte sind keine Kritik an Jurassica Parkas neuestem supertollen Video. Ich möchte mit meiner Meinung lediglich die Waagschalen auf die Wahrnehmung der "Hipster in Berlin" ausgleichen. ... und jetzt kann sehr gerne über die Hipster Szene in Berlin weitergelacht werden =D :* <3

17th sept: "my dad <3 " or better title: "this is how it looks like when a macho car mechanic visits his gay son in Berlin* " ... the 39th painting of the new serie "RELAX ... 100 paintings in oil on canvas Patrick Bartsch style within 100 days"

17th sept: knows summer is over, when: someone sings under my balcony "I´m dreaming of a white christmas" =D =D =D yes! really this happened today here =D

17th sept: GEMINI AND LEO WANTED =D :* <3 but Virgo and Capricorn fits too :* <3 pls come later to ICKYparty and we can talk about further details* :* <3 <3 :* <3

20th sept: did I mention already that I´ve been on a sport gymnasium at the age 10 - 14* I still love that sort of sport and YES! want to see moooore of it in public media*

"Booooom! Of course we have another #TUESDAYTRAINING video out.. let me know your thoughts people ????" by great Jay Thompson and his awesome team ^^*

20th sept: <3 Macron <3

I mean let´s be serious: today I watched the Amanpour interview with Macron and it´s really hard to concentrate to the content of his answers, because THAAAT PRESIDENT IS F*CKING DAMN SEXY =P :* <3 ... and it seemed, that Amanpour had bright eyes too for him and a veeeery sexy nervous body language while sitting with him together* <3

am I right?

20th sept: my life ... with flowers, Descartes and homemade plum cake <3

22nd sept: sad stories :( ... such as this one of leeegendary Matthew Rush (OH YES! he was one of my favorites some years ago) ... show me ... that it was the right decision to stop taking dr*gs one year ago.

it´s never too late to stop and I hope Matthew Rush wakes up too now!

22nd sept: Matthew Rush ...

... wasn´t just another p*rn actor! Matthew Rush was one of the most ultimative p*rnstars of the nineties / early ´00´s. it doesn´t matter if someone was into gay p*rn or not ... the sensational physics of Matthew Rush made him attractive for a whole generation of gay men. I remember how I was looking for eeeevery little picture and information to find about him ... similar as I did it as 10 y.o. kid with pictures of Michael Jackson.
I´m littleraly shocked about the tragic comedown of Matthew Rush. But at the same time I´m happy that he´s alive!
Somehow ... now ... he symbolizes a part of a whole generation of gay men who lost control over their lives becaue of dr*g abuse. that´s a tragic insight and the banal phrase "dr*gs are bad" ... gets ... for me ... a new meaning when I take a look at the latest dramatic mug shot of Matthew Rush.

I know that every person is different ... and every person reacts different on dr*gs ... and I know that´s not easy for everyone to stop taking dr*gs. I stopped it almost exactly one year ago ... and would wish that more dr*g users would stop with dr*g abuse too. I don´t want a future world full of gay dr*gged zombies!

and for Matthew Rush ... I hope that this action was enough wake up call for him to stop taking dr*gs! We don´t want to have him ... our idols ... sick and dead! We want them healthy and alive! <3

22nd sept: OOOOH^^ btw T H I S is the ultimative health advice: collect some fresh chestnuts ... put them in a wooden box ... and walk on it barefoot for some minutes every day for the next weeks (till they dried out). T H A T health practice reaches eeeevery point inside your body. pls trust me* I come from the deepest black forrest and just know about such suuuuper healthy natural exercises* so pls go in the park ... collect some and start* <3

23rd sept: ^^rich&sexy^^ *DAMN* BAAAAM* today it´s glitzy fabulous oldtimer meeting in front of my balcony* leeegendary sexy Chrysler LeBaron cabrio meets leeegendary glamorous Mercedes Benz cabrio* :* <3

23rd sept: soon I´ll reach half of the serie "RELAX ..." <= this serie is one of the last parts of the self-renovation of my life.

the are several reasons for that serie:

1st: I needed to relax my mind and keep myself busy on a daily basis. and so far it works very good.
2nd: my working studio was packed with unfinished and unused canvases. actually about 100. to find a way out of that chaos ... I decided to finish one painting per day for 100 days. as result I´ll have an empty working space in 2018. a space to create new paintings and it´s planed to create bigger and more complex paintings.
3rd: of course I test new techniques while working on "RELAX". further more I get more sovereign with the using of my own painting technique.
4th: since I don´t work on my knees on the floor anymore ... this serie gives me the possibilty to get aquainted with me new sitting working position.

so pls sympathize with me, when not every painting of that serie seems to be a masterpiece. please see it as a sort of meditation which I do on a public way with posting it here on fb. sometimes it´s necessary to go one step backwards to have the possibility then to do two steps forward.

Thank You*


24th sept: ^^ life goals ^^

one of my millionaire friends ... yes, someone who has enough millions to buy a fierce flat in New York or a beautiful house in the south of France ... offered me several thousand Euro, when I can check for him a flat in the building where I live. He´s now 65 y.o. and prefers to live in an action flat the way I do it ... in a cheap, broken building created for poor people ... in the middle of one of the most dangerous neighborhoods of Berlin.

I don´t know what to think about that *hmmmppfff* because if I would have his millions, then I wouldn´t think one second about it to want to live at that place where I live ...

24th sept: if it snows this winter that much as it rained this summer ... we´ll have up to two or three meters snow that winter in Berlin #justsaying

24th sept: ^^WRONG^^ ^^WRONG^^ ^^WRONG^^ I knew there is something wrong with that action when Donatella is involved with it!!! *AAAARGHHHSSS*
WHY IS LINDA NOT THERE!!??? Gianni would have neeeeever accepted a show without Linda just because she´s not thaaaat much skinny anymore ... *hhhmmmmppppffff* either all or no one!

24th sept: okokok I´m going to vote now^^* when I watched CNN yesterday night ... I was confused a little bit, because they showed the moderator not in front of the Brandenburg gate ... instead she stood in front of one of the last pieces of the Berlin wall ! ... whatever that means ... it made me confused ...

24th sept: THANK YOU MERKEL! * yes! I voted for Dr. Angela Merkel. with domestic politics she´s perhaps not the best, but I appreciate her role in world politics: speaking out at the meeting with Putin against the torture and killing of gay men in Chechnya and standing strong against tyrant Trump. further more I voted for Tegel, because I think, it´s a treasure to have an airport directly in the city. we should make it easy for guests coming to Berlin. <3

24th sept: *Congratulations Angie* (Merkel) <3 now it´s time for me to paint the photographs which I took of you some years ago*

25th sept: this is how my flat looked like, when Brian & I lived together* <3 Brian-Tennessee Claflin my muse <3 when Brian jumped into my life and into my flat, then he said immediatly "this flat needs to be white!" ... and I made it white* later the floor too. we lived in a white cube* sometimes I was his assistent* I think that was in 2007

26th sept: ^^ Patrick Bartsch´s next exhibition ^^

I have no idea when it will be the next time, when I´ll get invited to be part of or do an exhibition somewhere ...

when you´re interessted to see some latest work in reality ... then pls join one of my next Open Studio Wednesdays, because this is a kind of exhibition ... an exhibition Patrick Bartsch style*


26th sept: when I was young I had that dream to live in a club ... literally to live there.
later a much bigger dream followed: the dream to live in a gallery ... literally to live there.
Today my flat is more a gallery than anything else. it´s crowded with art ... and somewhere in between there is a bed and a kitchen and a bathroom. But even the bed disappears when people are invited to come here.
I don´t have a ´flat´ ... I don´t live in a place which looks like a flat. my flat looks more like a gallery ... and I feel like living in a gallery ... in my very own gallery. and for that reason my dream to live in a gallery 24/7 became true


27th sept: just realized what I love about watching CNN: as I mentioned already I´m watching since some months CNN almost on a daily basis to improve my english. today I realized what I enjoy especially: to watch and to listen to all those different people: people of color, asians, latinos, whites, ... I like to see and to hear it how eeeeveryone acts the same. some are smart and some are idiots. some are loud and others are quite. some are mean and some are nice. some hate and others love.

in german television we don´t have that diversity of human beings ... Germany is from my opinion still very underdeveloped. many people in Germany still think, that people of color only live in Africa, asians only live in Asia and latinos in south and middle America. as it was able see it at the election some days ago in Germany.
in German television you see only sometimes a person of color and an asian and a latino ... and if you see them, then they have their ´special´ role which makes them look ´different´. the same is for gay/lesbian/trans people. I feel it that way that german television is 90 percent white and straight.

and I enjoy it while watching CNN ... to see there ´another world´ ... actually: the whole world in one channel


27th sept: Lana Del Rey, Kate Bush, Tori Amos, PJ Harvey, Santigold, ...

music is sometimes like a smell, ... when you hear a special song or see a name of a singer, then immediately you get reminded to a special event or a special person.
in 2017 it has been 10 years that from my balcony I saw that cute guy dancing alone on the street at 8 a.m. in the morning. I shouted in his direction to come to my balcony. he didn´t just came to my balcony ... instead he climed over my balcony into my flat. That moment changed my life forever. for seven years we had a great time together till he died in 2014. especially music was a kind of connection between us. Brian loved to talk through music to other people.
Today I still feel how much Brian is alive inside of me ... everytime when I hear a song ... or just see the name of singers such as Lana Del Rey, Kate Bush, Tori Amos, PJ Harvey, Santigold, ... and many more ... then immediatly I get reminded of Brian.

It´s a good feeling, because I love to get reminded of Brian and love to feel him alive inside of my heart.


28th sept: R.I.P. Hugh Hefner

OMG ONE OF MY BIGGEST IDOLS EEEEVER <3 looooove him and his phantastic life <3
btw WHERE IS MY PLAYBOY WITH LATOYA JACKSON IN IT!? I think I lost it somewhere between Paris and Vienna :(

29th sept: I <3 Berlin aaaand fabulous Andrej Dubravsky´s latest fierce exhibition at DITTRICH & SCHLECHTRIEM <3 check it out* :* <3

29th sept: very welcome in the world of paintings <3 Mr. Jim Carrey <3 ... and: don´t care about all those hater comments at the artnet posting ...

30th sept: Mataina Awisus <3 Spencer Reed <3 Destiny Drescher <3 maaany more, Patrick Bartsch aka Master Patrick and blu magazine <3 say "HAPPY BIRTHDAY SCHWUZ <3 :* <3 " ... the painting was inspired by Judy Garland´s "somewhere over the rainbow" ... where there is for sure SCHWUZ since 40 years* <3 HAPPY BIRTHDAY <3

2nd oct: "Eistee mit Weißwein plus 2 Eiswürfel" ... Icetea with white wine and 2 icecubes ... was my usual drink during the visits ... or pls let´s better say ´teaching lessons for life´ ... at my mentor Gunther´s place between my age 21 till 26 when I lived in Vienna*... the 54th painting of the new serie "RELAX ... 100 paintings in oil on canvas Patrick Bartsch style within 100 days"

4th oct: LOOOOVE THAT FAAABULOUS GREAT STUNNING MOVIE <3 eeeeveryone should see it* :* <3 Thanx to Mykki Blanco, Matt Lambert and eeeeveryone participating in and with that movie <3 (out of this world)

6th oct: Wir sind Friedensnobelpreis*

6th oct: Patrick´s Kommentar zu der antischwulen Bewegung in Ägypten:

es war ein Artikel in einer Zeitschrift, welcher mein Leben rettete ...

bis zu meinem 16. Lebenjahr wußte ich nichts über eine Schwule Community und überhaupt, daß es noch andere Menschen auf dieser Welt gibt welche sexuell in dieselbe Richtung orientiert sind, wie ich es war.
Meine Mutter war mit der Tatsache, daß sie einen schwulen Sohn hat vollkommen überfordert! Wie sie mir Jahre später erzählte haben ihr bereits als ich 9 Jahre alt war, Arbeitskolleginnen zu erklären versucht, daß ich vermutlich schwul sei. Dies war ein Albtraum für meine Mutter und sie versuchte während meiner ganzen Kindheit und Jugend dieses Thema in Gesprächen mit mir zu vermeiden. Was bedeutete, daß ich nicht nur keine Unterstützung von zu Hause erhielt, sondern absolute Ablehnung gegenüber diesem Thema zu spüren bekam. Dies resultierte in einer Einsamkeit. In der Grundschule und im Gymnasium wurde ich hart geschlagen und verprügelt, wenn ich es nur gewagt hatte nicht dem üblich männlich kindlich/jugendlichen Gehabe zu entsprechen. Mit ´hart geschlagen´ meine ich Dinge wie, daß mir z. B. die Beine weggezogen wurden und ich daraufhin mit meinem Kopf auf den Steinboden des Schulgebäudes aufschlug. Mit 14 Jahren wechselte ich, hauptsächlich aus dem Grund meinen Peinigern zu entfliehen, die Schule. Meine Mutter unterstützte meinen Wunsch auf eine Vollinternatsschule zu gehen, wohl auch aus Gründen, da sie immer die Schuld meines Schwulseins bei sich suchte und wahrscheinlich wohl auch hoffte, daß mir dies in einer der damals strengsten Schulen Österreichs ´weggelehrt´ werden würde. So elitär die Tourismusschulen von Bad Gleichenberg waren, so homophob waren diese auch. Dies wurde mir bereits in den ersten Tagen bewußt, als ich in den ersten Tagen einen ebenso neuen Mitschüler sah, welcher eine rote Handtasche in der Hand trug und gewollt feminin agierte. Er war nach wenigen Tagen nicht mehr an dieser Schule.
Um es nochmal klar auszudrücken: Ich wußte zu dieser Zeit nichts von anderen Schwulen oder sogar schwulen Gemeinschaften auf dieser Welt. Instinktiv suchte ich jedoch nach Menschen, welche so wie ich ´anders´ waren. Vollkommen auf mich alleine gestellt kämpfte ich mich durch meine Jugendjahre. Bis ich letztendlich in einer Zeitschrift (so eine Art "Stern") einen einseitigen Artikel fand in welchem es um etwas Schwules ging und darin die Hosi (Homosexuelle Initiative Österreichs) erwähnt wurde. In panischer Angst, daß mich irgendjemand beim Lesen dieses Artikels erwischen könnte, versteckte ich auch diese Zeitschrift, da ich diese Information ... dieses eine Wort "Hosi" als Ausweg aus meiner tragischen Situation erkannte. Ich tat alles daran um im darauf kommenden Sommer mein jährliches Sommerschulpraktikum in Wien machen zu können. Dort machte ich mich auf die Suche nach den Räumlichkeiten der Hosi. Es war abends und ich ging auf der anderen Straßenseite mehrmals nervös auf und ab, bevor ich es wagte die Türe der Homosexuellen Initiative zu öffnen. Es war gerade Filmabend, etwa 15 Menschen saßen in einem dunklen Raum vor einem Fernseher ... ich setzte mich auf einen freien Stuhl ... neben all die anderen ... schaute ebenso in diesen Fernseher, fühlte mich geborgen und vor allem gerettet!

Öffentliche, positive, schwule Berichterstattung rettet Leben! In Ägypten wurde dies vor ein paar Tagen verboten!

7th oct: Patrick´s private art university:

discussion with a very old fomer superstar artist:

me: "work something for your money! create new art!"
him: "hahaha =D I´m so out of the today´s art business!"
me: "sotheby´s auctioned a Wolfgang Tillmans photography for 500 000 euro some days ago!"
him: "who is he?"
me: "whatever! from the new generation I belong to best artists in Berlin!"
him: "why?"
me: "because I´m authentic! my art is authentic!"
him: "when an idiot creates art then it´s authentic too, but it´s bullshit art! great art is defined by quality! knowing how to create his work in perfection! when you create art which is based on quality, then it brings joy looking at it!"

okokok he did win again!

and YES! still I need to learn a looooot!

I love my private art university Berlin style <3

9th oct: "the dream of my life" ... in the age of 19 ... I had that dream, that when I will be older, that I will be ... a thinker ... or a writer ... or a photographer ... or a painter ^^ *WHOOOUUUIII* yesterday my mom was here and brought me some old almost forgotten pictures ... <3

9th oct: NOW finally I know the secret path to ´quality´ and ´perfection´

pls first let me take as example ´China´. you know the word ´China´ and now imagine a Chinese is coming into your life and starts to explain China and takes you by your hand and goes with you to China, where you see people and can smell the Chinese landscape. finally you will start to understand the word ´China´.

something similar happened to me with the words ´quality´ and ´perfection´. those words have been impossible to understand for me. it almost freaked me out, that those words seemed that much strange to me!
since 13 years I have the ultimative ´quality´ and ´perfection´ in front of my eyes on a daily basis ... with my genius neighbor Prof. Klaus Vogelgesang ... perhaps one of the best illustrators Germany ever had. probably you will not know his name, because since many years he is completly out of the art business. he was a worldwide famous art superstar in the seventies. (pls find his genius work on google. best by typing his name without title. just ´Klaus Vogelgesang´).
since 13 years he gives me hints for what ´quality´ and ´perfection´ means. for me it was a loooooong and hard way to get it! Finally ... just two days ago he gave me the missing piece of the puzzle with explaining to me very simple: ´quality in art brings joy to people when they look at it!´. NOW I GET IT! now all the scripts he gave me to read, all the words he told me, all the examples which he showed to me ... make sense! Now ´quality´ and ´perfection´ aren´t just words anymore! Finally I can feel them, touch them, smell them and yes! even use und work with them!

Which means: pls be prepared that my art ... my paintings will start to look very different starting in 2018. I don´t want to use the word ´better´, because there is no ´better´ for me. it´s just another phase I´m reaching after creating more than 600 paintings in oil on canvas within the past six years. In future I will include in my new work my understanding for the words ´quality´ and ´perfection´. but of course it´s a way I have to go and everything will workout just step by step.

it feels good that the words ´quality´ and ´perfection´ are finally no more strangers to me.

THANK YOU for the patience Prof. Klaus Vogelgesang!


11th oct: ^^whooouuuiiiiiii^^ me cooking three liters mjaaammmmyy carrot soup is the 300th selfie on my instagram* =D :* <3

11th oct: on a certain point it gets boooooring reading art magazines ... when 90 percent in it are ooooonly about milionaires and bilionaires buying art ... such as: artnet.com ... scroll down and the first 10 articles are just about them ... *hmmmpppfffff*

11th oct: aaaaaand this friday at 11.55 p.m. on ARTE: glaaaaamorous Rebecca Goyette with LOBSTAPORN ... and yes! perhaps you will see me in that fabulous project too* :* <3

13th oct: of course I read THAT GLAAAMOROUS VETEMENTS article^^ ... the last time when I was interessted in a fashion label thaaaat much ... was with Versace, but at a time when Gianni was alive* :* <3

14th oct: <3 let´s talk about sex <3 aaaand here it is: fabulous Rebecca Goyette in LOBSTAPORN on ARTE-TV ... and if you´re looking for Patrick Bartsch in that clip: he´s the black lobsta with eight c*cks* :* <3

15th oct: OMG^^ BRITNEY SPEARS TURNED INTO A PAINTER^^ :* <3 ... and I love it* <3

15th oct: sometimes I think about Brian <3 and about things he loved* such as this picture* I think this was his most favorite picture of all my black leather mask pictures ... <3 (with Nina Hagen)

16th oct: Rosa fragt: " Wie wird man reich und berühmt?"
Patrick antwortet: "In dem man sich unter anderem auch mal von Patrick Bartsch aka Master Patrick hat fotografieren lassen! :* <3 "
... ja, ich durfte damals dieses Foto von Rosa machen. Das war in der Zeit vor der Malerei als die Fotografie die oberste Priorität in meinem Leben hatte.

... und nun natürlich: Rosa´s NEUESTES Buch kaufen und lesen* <3

19th oct: ^^ Open Studio N E W S ^^

sundays SUNDAYS sundays <3

okokok I got it: wednesdays afternoon is veeery difficult to handle for many people. this is why I decided to move it to SUNDAYS AFTERNOON ^^ :* starting this sunday* <3

see you soon at <3 Patrick Bartsch´s Open Studio Sundays <3

Berlinstyle* :* <3

... aaaaand yes! I will bake some eeeeextra mmmjammmmyyy cake* :* <3

19th oct: this is Buakaw ... perhaps the most legendary fighter alive! Buakaw IS Muay Thai! some years ago when he was in Berlin ... I went to see him too. I watched him fighting and let him give me an autograph on a thai fighter trousers. I avoided to touch him, because I didn´t want to give him bad energy which I had inside of me at that time. the way how he looked in my eyes and talked to me ... gave me positive power for months to handle my hard times in those years. meeting powerful people such as Buakaw did belong to the most touching moments since I live in Berlin. I love Buakaw <3 Buakaw is a non-stop inspiration to me ... for how to be and stay strong! ... and meanwhile my bad energies of the past are almost gone ... <3 Thank You Buakaw <3

20th oct: Lieblingstorte? Pls which one is your favorite cake?

yesyesyes* I´m looking for baking ideas for the next months *N E W Open Studios SUNDAYS* <3

20th oct: OH^^ today is Hustlaball Berlin* actually I planed to go too ... but for next year I will go there for sure again^^ some years ago ... when I was around with my black leather mask ... I was every year at Hustlaball Berlin. on the pic this was exactly 10 years ago ... in 2007 ... with glamorous, sexy Jesse Santana :* <3 ... <3 HAPPY HUSTLABALL BERLIN 2017 to eeeveryone there tonite* <3

21st oct: okokok* aaaand for tomorrow´s first Open Studio Sundays ... I decided to make it simple&classy with a Vienna style Guglhupf <3 if you are around in famous infamous Schöneberg ... then you´re welcomed here between 3 till 9 p.m. :* <3 see you <3

23rd oct: OOOH die Straße vor meinem Balkon ist schon wieder in der Zeitung^^ ... und kein Wort über die tollen Autos welche hier immer parken^^ ... und zur Kriminalität: meine Meinung: Diese Straßen auf jeden Fall meiden! garnicht durchgehen! und schon garnicht nachts! zur Zeit ist es hier nicht nur ein bischen gefährlich, sondern richtig gefährlich!

23rd oct: OH^^ soon I´ve created 700 paintings in oil on canvas ... 100 more and I´m on the same level as Vincent van Gogh^^ I mean with the produced number of paintings^^* =D :* <3



Lobstaporn with glamorous Rebecca Goyette 2017
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OFMG^^ what a great final of a three day shooting with glamorous sexy Rebecca Goyette <3 and her awesome lovely team <3 it was AMAZING ^^ <3 THAAAAT sort of action was exactly what I needed* :* <3 LOOOVE YOU* :* <3 LOBSTAPORN to see soon on ARTE and big art events all around the world* <3 and BIG SPECIAL THANK YOU to wonderful Tracey Snelling :* <3 for introducing me to that fabulous crowd* :* <3



mix april - september 2017
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sometimes I loooove to invite friends for dinner <3 ... especially when there is asparagus season*


OMG ^^ T H A T barbecue at very wonderful Frank Wilde´s place was G R E A T <3 what an amazing lovely crowd <3 for sure one of my B I G HIGHLIGHTS of summer 2017 :* <3 THANK YOU A LOOOOT* <3


DJ Warbear

a very good evening at Renate to support the homosexual victims in Chechnya

with Sado Opera


what a beautiful wonderful birthday party invitation of my lovely friend Matt Lambert <3

meeting my lovely friends is always a highlight of my life in Berlin


CSD Berlin 2017 <3



visit my father in Augsburg in july 2017
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it has been some awesome days together with my father in Augsburg and Munich.

it came from the deepest bottom of my heart to meet my father and say ´thank you´ for eeeeverything he did for me since 43 years.




some postings which I created on facebook 4th august - 12th september 2017
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4th aug: my fabulous glamorous glitzy fierce beautiful tarot card girl <3 Amber Khan <3 said, that I will meet the man whom I will marry ... THIS AUGUST^^

I mean: today is the 4th august already !!! wheeeeere is he !!????

=D :* <3

4th aug: Dieser Tage fand das VelsPol BUNDESSEMINAR 2017 in Hamburg statt. Dabei wurde unter anderem auch Corny Littmann mit einem Preis geehrt. Es ist mir eine besonders große Ehre und Freude, daß ich diesen Preis gestalten durfte. Das Gemälde zeigt Corny Littmann beim Zerschlagen eines Spiegels im Jahr 1980. Wo er damit bewies, daß sich dahinter Kabinen befanden in welchen die Hamburger Polizei die Klappen kontrollierte. Diese Aktion Corny Littmanns trug zu einem Umdenken bei. Vielen Dank an Corny Littmann, Marco Klingberg und das ganze VelsPol Team.

6th aug: Patrick´s Inner Monolgues

^^ walking in new shoes ^^

it was a loooong time ago when I bought new leather shoes for myself. in the past years it has been sneakers, espandrillos, ... which I bought. this week I bought again two pairs of new LEATHER SHOES. I forgot how painful it is to wear them the first days. somehow I enjoy this pain this time. those new leather shoes symbolize the new way I´m going now with my life. walking in new leather shoes feels good. I enjoy them how I enjoy my new life. those leather shoes look good. they are beautiful. leather shoes have that special style. it will need some days ... weeks ... till they fit perfect ... I´ve got time ... I´m not in a hurry. I plan to walk with them for the next years ... with my new life. walking in new shoes.


6th aug: it´s not just that I like Elvis ... I ADOOOORE HIM <3 perfect to prepare for tonite´s <3 3 YEARS ICKY <3 see you laaaaater* :* <3

8th aug: WAAARUUUUUM habe ich eigentlich erst gestern erfahren, daß vorgestern das Queer Summer Splash im Prinzenbad stattgefunden hat !!!??? *ggrrrmmmlll* *hhmmpppfffff*
aaaaaber zum Glück hat ja glamorous Jurassica Parka ein fabulous Video gemacht* :* <3 Danke Sehr* :* <3

9th aug: das Berliner Siegessäule Magazin ist kein Spaßblatt !

"verbittert" nannte mich Kaey Kiel ( <= <3 Happy Birthday <3 btw <= so viel Zeit muß schon sein* ) als ich darauf aufmerksam machte, daß mich das Siegessäule Magazin seit der neuen Führung nicht einmal erwähnt hatte. In keinem Nebensatz ... nicht mal auf einem Gruppenfoto auf den beiden Partyseiten. <= dieses absolute Ignorieren meiner künstlerischen Person und Maler hat mich dazu veranlasst das Siegessäule Magazin seit einiger Zeit einfach nicht mehr zu lesen.
Nicht nur dass Ich mich nicht darin wiederfand ... auch gaaaaaanz viele meiner Freunde und Bekannten fand ich nicht darin. Niemals! Das Siegessäule Magazin wirkte seit der neuen Führung äussert einseitig auf mich. Entweder man war mit den Siegessäule Machern befreundet ... dann gab´s auch Platz im Magazin ... oder man hatte die Arschkarte gezogen.
Das Berliner Siegessäule Magazin ist KEIN SPAßBLATT !!! Das größte und wichtigste queere Magazin MUSS (meiner Meinung nach) ALLE vertreten! Die GANZE QUEERE COMMUNITY MUSS in so einem Magazin Platz finden. ... und wenn mir jetzt ein Zeitschriftenmitarbeiter mit dem Spruch kommt, daß dies nicht möglich sei, dann kann ich nur entgegenen: "Dann üben Sie den falschen Beruf aus!"
Erstens ist dieses Magazin eine Art Zeitzeuge! Menschen darin nicht vorkommen zu lassen stellt ein falsches Bild für die Zukunft dar!
Zweitens: Natürlich ist man als queerer Mensch auch auf die Unterstützung der eigenen Community angewiesen. Wenn diese Unterstützun allerdings nur "Verlagsmitarbeiterlieblingen" vorbehalten ist ... dann läuft etwas falsch!
Drittens bezahlen die Werbepartner dieser Zeitschrift dafür, daß ALLE erreicht werden.
Viertens: Sollten sich die Mitarbeiter dieses Magazin der Wichtigkeit ihrer Existenz bewußt sein! Die Mitarbeiter sollen und müssen über den Dingen stehen: persönliche Befindlichkeiten haben keinen Platz!

Lieber einen Maite Kelly Hass Kommentar weniger ... dafür einen positiven aufbauenden Artikel mehr ... <3 LOVE RULES <3

Nun gut! Meine Meinung ist geäussert ... und damit soll es von meiner Seite aus auch gut sein ...

10th aug: *painting number 1 named ^^RELAX RELAX RELAX^^ 100 paintings within 100 days Patrick Bartsch style* it´s really time for me to RELAX ... I mean it´s really necessary to RELAX ... RELAX in many ways ... it will be a sort of meditation to create for the next 100 days a painting in oil on canvas ... every day. ... it´s time to RELAX <3

10th aug: <3 my cute little big spider pet <3

yesterday I needed to kick her out of my flat! I mean coming with her spinning thread down from the ceiling ... showing up in front of my face ... while I´m laying on my couch and chat on fb. THAT was too much! I kicked her out of my flat on the balcony. I mean she is welcomed to come back ... but really needs to stay at her place and NOT running around eeeeeverywhere in the flat^^ *hmmmpppffff*


11th aug: Patrick´s Nachtrag zu: "Die Siegessä... ... *ach, vergiss es!*

Jetzt habe ich doch tatsächlich eine Stunde in der Badewanne (hier kreiere ich sehr viele meiner Ideen) damit verbracht einen perfekten Nachtrag zu meinem Posting von vorgestern "Die Siegessäule ist kein Spaßblatt!" in meinem Gehirn zu erschaffen.
Als ich aus der Badewanne stieg und mich energiegeladen Richtung Laptop bewegen wollte ... schoss mir auf einmal in den Kopf, daß ich ja seit gestern beschlossen hatte ... mich, meine Gedanken, meinen Körper, mein Leben, einfach alles: zu entspannen!
Dies ist ein neues Gefühl und neuer Bestandteil meiner Komplettrenovierung (welche kommenden September genau seit einem Jahr andauert). Um dies zu unterstützen habe ich gestern mit der Gemäldeserie "RELAX" begonnen. 100 Tage lang plane ich jeden Tag ein Gemälde in Öl auf Leinwand zu erstellen ... und wenn möglich zum Thema "Entspannung". Mit 43 Jahren sollte ich es auch endlich mal lernen ... wenn es notwendig ist zu entspannen. Die Siegessäule Sache habe ich geäussert und damit solte ich es jetzt auch beruhen lassen.

... und in ein paar Wochen bin ich mit meiner neuen Entspannung hoffentlich schon so weit ... daß ich auch nicht mehr eine Stunde lang in der Badewanne über soetwas nachdenke ... sondern ganz einfach: über etwas Besseres!


12th aug: OOOH^^ they talk about me* :* <3 : " One art dealer I spoke with even admitted that the art you buy on the street is cheaper and often just as good. "

13th aug: I have that veeeery special dream^^ ... that veeeeery special phantasy ^^: being part of a group ... of sex hungry people ... as many girls with as many men ... and aaaaall wear LOBSTER COSTUMES^^ aaaand in the middle AAAAMAZING GLAMOROUS FABULOUS Rebecca Goyette <3 as the phantastic sexy lobster queen. ... aaaaand we all have a sort of special arty groupsex together ... we dance ... we sweat ... we scream ... and we all looove eachother <3
OMG^^ BIG THANK YOU GLAMOROUS Rebecca* <3 & lovely team <3 for that great LOBSTASEX <3 it was suuuuperfun* <3


and to eeeveryone else: see that glitzy movie sooooon at the next big art events* <3

13th aug: on my way to the third day of the fabulous LOBSTAPORN Berlin style shooting with GLAMOROUS Rebecca Goyette <3 and her PHANTASTIC LOVELY team <3

OMG I looooove that sort of art project* :* <3

13th aug: OMG^^ what a great final of a three day shooting with glamorous sexy Rebecca Goyette <3 and her awesome lovely team <3 it was AMAZING ^^ <3 THAAAAT sort of action was exactly what I needed* :* <3 LOOOVE YOU* :* <3 LOBSTAPORN to see soon on ARTE and big art events all around the world* <3 and BIG SPECIAL THANK YOU to wonderful Tracey Snelling :* <3 for introducing me to that fabulous crowd* :* <3

16th aug: wearing my glamorous octocock for Rebecca Goyette´s fabulous new LOBSTAPORN movie* :* <3

16th aug: me: " I love Elvis ... he was capricorn too ... like me* "
David: " Jesus was capricorn too! "
me: "OMG ^^ really^^ I never realized that before* "
David: " ... so now everything makes sense! "
me: " YES! "

=D :* <3

20th aug: knows he got bored ... when ... searching on google ... stuff such as "why does everyone hate capricorns?" =D :* <3

btw: this works with eeevery sign* =D :* <3

... aaaaaand pls don´t take the answers toooooo serious* :* <3

21st aug: <3 my mom´s fabulous wisdom <3

yesterday my mom came here to visit me <3 she has always some wise fabulous new words for me:

she said: "every view into someone else´s eyes ... and every word from someone else´s mouth which reaches your ears ... and every touch ... changes your life forever"

I love my mom <3

21st aug: some "insider info" for friends who know me "better":

dragonblood (one of the best resin for love. love with the outside, the inside, the whole universe. just ultimative LOVE), Elemi (one of the best resin to eliminate bad energies) and Himalaya Ceder Wood (for being strong in general and finding the way back to stand with the own feet on the ground). <= those are the ingredients for my burn incense ceremony today*

normally I do that stuff only during the cold days of the year, but I have the feeling, that I really need it today too*
I do that stuff since about 16 years. people such Cleopatra did it too ... the difference is, that she needed to wait weeks and months till ships brought her new stuff and I need just go to an esoteric market and buy it ... but the results are the same: we both die because of the bite of a snake! <= OH* that wasn´t the thing I wanted to point out: I mean to inhale natural stuff has an AWESOME effect^^* ... and with about 80 different things I have more than Cleopatra ever had. such stuff used by Mayas, Native Americans, ... stuff from the Himalaya ... and all parts of Africa, Europe, ... and exotic stuff such as Eagle Wood <= actually the most expensive thing I own. I love that stuff and like to share my experience and knowledge about it with you too*

okokok ... I wrote enough ... and NOW I neeeeed to start my ceremony* <3 ... people who know me, know what I´m talking about* <3

of course I dope my life with natural stuff used by humans since they discovered the using fire*

have a GREAT AWESOME day everyone* <3


21st aug: R.I.P. Golo Gott

when I arrived in Berlin in october 2003 ... I knew ... let´s say: nothing about art. I didn´t know Caravaggio, never heard the name Gerhard Richter and knew nothing about the past and present world of art in Berlin. A group of stunning artists welcomed me in Berlin and teached me everything about art: knowledge and most of all: they shared their spirits and their visions with me. they made me understand what art means! one of those stunning artists was Golo Gott. I remember and will never forget: uncountable hours of talking and teaching: art, life, love, ... and muuuuch more. Today I realized that Golo Gott left our planet far too soon. I´m literally shocked about his passing. a part of his soul will continue to live in my art. a part of my art has his roots in the wild, beautiful, phantastic and lovely soul of Golo Gott! THANK YOU for that <3 I will never forget you <3

25th aug: of course it makes me very happy, when someone says/writes something beautiful about my weekly open studio* ... such as wonderful Rebecca Goyette <3 did it yesterday* pls find some beautiful pictures included with her words on her profile:

"I am so moved by this authentic, magical being Patrick Bartsch (many know him as Master Patrick)... Went to his weekly open studio last night, and enjoyed every second.. He takes the sexually free, insistently rebellious energy of Berlin from his location with a first floor balcony overlooking street hustlers and a pay-per-hour hotel, and his nightclub gigs and turns this into high energy, urgent painting.. He wore a wrestling mask for eight years straight as a symbol of empathy.. His couch is painted with Valerie Solanas's S.C.U.M. Manifesto... I met the Russian band Sado Opera who were also visiting for open studio.. And it just felt alive, the heartbeat of Berlin is with Patrick for sure.. He picked up my eight-dick octo-undies last week and just owned it as a lobsta porn star.. Not sexualizing but just being present.. He is of the moment.. I heart Master Patrick!"

Thank You a lot Rebecca <3

25th aug: see you on 1st september with an "GEGEN ART: PATRICK BARTSCH paintings video installation" at the ? GEGEN Future ? party* :* <3

26th aug: ^^ the book "the story of Master Patrick" ^^

some people asked me, when the book will be finished.
my answer: it´s finished. it just needs to be corrected and translated into english.
so far I put it in my archiv .... there are already four other finished (and not published) books ... which I wrote in my life.

right now I don´t feel, that it´s the perfect time to publish the book "the story of Master Patrick" and also not the other ones. Please bear with me.
the time will come, when the books will be published, but it´s not now.

now I love to concentrate to create more and more and mooooore new paintings in oil on canvas about the life and energy in and about Berlin.

Thank You* <3

27th aug: Patrick Bartsch´s Kommentar dazu: "es bedarf heutzutage an einiges um es in den Kreis der ´zivilisierten Gesellschaft´ zu schaffen ... und nicht unter den ´Unzivilisierten´ zu versacken ..."

27th aug: OMFG ^^ tonite I had a reeeeaaaallll shocking nightmare XoP I dreamed that one of my hoooootttttest friends here on facebook ... unfriended me ^^ AAAARRRRRGGGGHHHHSSSSS ^^

29th aug: Happy Birthday Michael <3 ... to see Michael Jackson at his BAD tour from the first row (and YES! about 50 000 people pushing against me from the back) was one of the most inspiring and perhaps important moments of my youth. I was 14 years young and the BIIIIGGGGEST Michael Jackson fan* <3

29th aug: yesyesyes* okokok* I did an workout break during that summer ... for about 10 weeks. but NOW I continue to do exercises again at home* ... I´m still skinny and still within the first year since I started to do workout ... my new slogan: *never give up* <3

31st aug: OMFG^^ T O M O R R O W <3 Gloria Viagra <3 Larry Tee Thom <3 Jacob Meehan <3 Warbear <3 and maaaaaany PHANTASTIC FABULOUS FIERCE GLITZY MOOOOORE PEOPLE <3 together at one place ... and I may be part of it too with a paintings video installation <3 T H A T NIGHT IS GOING TO BE AAAAAAAWESOME AT ? GEGEN FUTURE ? seeeee you aaaaaaalllllll <3 :* <3

1st sept: some thoughts for <3 my american friends <3

since about one year I watch CNN frequently ... while being at my regular nightshift job in a hotel. I started to watch it to improve my english. with languages I´m not really a talent ... it´s very hard to get new vocabularies into my head. but to watch CNN for hours really helped me AND it gave me a completly new look into the country of America and the people living there. I´m phascinated to see how people in America stand together against Trump. I´m phanscinated to see how much people care about other people in need ... especially now after hurricane harvey. I loved people from America already before but since I watch CNN I love Americans even much more* <3 YOU´RE GREAT ^^ <3
so far I´ve never been in America ... but I know tons of Americans from my years living in Berlin ... and hope that one day I can make it to America and visit your phantastic country with such many awesome people <3


1st sept: tbt in 2008:
me: "hey Brian, Rosa is shooting a short movie in a club named Ficken3000. I´ve never been there. Do you want to come there too?"
Brian: "I know that club! yes, I come there too!"

... then this short movie (24 h Berlin) happened.

about three weeks later:
Brian: "hey Trish (his nickname for me). I´m doing a party named PORK (named after Andy Warhol´s PORK theatre). pls come there too!"
me: "yes, sure! where is it?"
Brian: "at Ficken3000."
since then I spent almost eeeeevery sunday night in that glamorous club :* <3

OMG ^^ so great to see Brian again in that short movie* <3 pls don´t miss the end of that short movie, because Brian smiles into the camera ... <3

1st sept: "GEGEN ART: PATRICK BARTSCH paintings video installation" means:

as I meantioned already: when I came to Berlin ... I knew almost nothing about art and literally nothing about ´oil on canvas´. Within 14 years living in Berlin ... I took all the inspiration possible to get in Berlin ... when meeting awesome stunning artists ... such as Salomé, Henning von Berg, Isa Genzken, Pascual, Wolfgang Tillmans, many many more and last but not least Brian-Tennessee Claflin who teached me within a seven years friendship, that I don´t need to be afraid of being ´wild´. With all that knowledge I created my own style of art. My art life in Berlin went through photography, performance art and ended in creating paintings in oil on canvas. Tonite at < GEGEN FUTURE > there will be shown in a video installation how it looks like when someone takes for 14 years inspirations of Berlin. pls let me name it ´Original Berlin Art´

I´m very happy that I may be part of a fabulous glamorous night at the < GEGEN FUTURE > party in KitKatClub <3 I plan to be there already early ... at around 11.30 p.m. * see you later* <3 LOVE YOU <3

2nd sept: my suuuuuper aaaamazing night at the < GEGEN FUTURE > party:

before I moved to Berlin in 2003 ... I knew most of all two things about Berlin: the Brandenburg gate and KitKat Club ^^* ... and yesterday night: with my paintings being part of that leeeeegendary club was like one of my BIGGEST dreams became true* <3
it was STUNNING what happened there yesterday night*^^ In my life before: I´ve never been at a Loveparade party in Berlin and because of that I created my own illusions and phantasies about how the feeling must have been there. at Gegen Berlin I had that feeling to feel exactly that Loveparade spirit again and in such HUUUUGE dimensions ... with about 3000 wonderful people partying together ... in absolut freedom ... in wonderful peace. everybody there could be the person someone is and wants to be. The KitKat labyrinth is that much extended that it needed for me six hours !!! to go just one round* I came there already at around 11.15 p.m. ... started to discover the place at the swimming pool area ... then I moved from one room into another ... dancing in eeeeevery room ... with awesome sound of lovely great djs such as Larry Tee Thom <3, Gloria Viagra <3 , Jacob Meehan <3 , ... and when I returned to the swimming pool area again, then it has been 6 a.m. in the morning* :) :* <3 I loved to see those wonderful people being connected with my paintings which have been projected in the main lounge next to the swimming pool* further there was just one official photographer there and I saw no one else taking pictures there ... because no one wanted to destroy the atmosphere ... and so I didn´t want it neither. for that reason there exists only one picture ... one selfie which I took at the very beginning, where I sit in front of my paintings video installation* THIS night was for sure one of THE BEST nights which I ever experienced since living in Berlin* THANK YOU to the < GEGEN FUTURE > promoters for that PHANTASTIC invitation* LOVE YOU <3

4th sept: another wisdom by Brian-Tennessee Claflin <3 as capricorn I´m ... was ... superstubborn^^ Brian teached me within our friendship, that there is no reason to be stubborn. It´s absolutly ok to change his mind about something/someone. I remember very good how Brian said many times to me ... while having that special expression in his face ... "I´ve changed my mind!" ... and this is also the title of my 26th painting of the new serie "RELAX ... 100 paintings in oil on canvas Patrick Bartsch style within 100 days"

4th sept: " I´ve changed my mind "

now it´s exactly one year since I decided to change my life. In september 2016 I decided to renovate my whole body, soul and life. before I lived a very destructive life ... took every dr*g possible to get in Berlin ... and yes, the hardest ones too. and not just that I took them ... also I was on a speed way to become a regular member of the dr*g scene in one of the darkest corners of Berlin. it happened and I´m not proud of it and also I don´t want to blame Brian´s death in summer 2014 ... but also I don´t want to blame just myself that my life was about to end in a disaster, where I had moments where I wished to die by myself.

In september 2016 ... almost I burned down my flat with letting a pot on my stove for eight hours. I had to decide if I take that sign serious or I continue my destructive way of life and soon something worst would happen. I decided to change my mind ... from one second to the other second.

One of the first things was, that I bought washing powder boxes and started to workout. From the universe sent to me was Florian who gave me the advice to write a book. I took his generous advice and wrote a book within six weeks. further more Florian also gave me the advice to paint portraits. I took this fabulous advice and created so far about 40 portaits of wonderful people who visited me in my flat/studio since the past year.

In spring 2017 I renovated my flat ... from the floor up to the ceiling. I painted over those dark colors on my walls and replaced them with a bright yellow Vienna emperor style. I meditated a lot to get more and more my evil thoughts under control and to ban them out of my head.

A great friend of mine supported me with giving me as a sort of donation ... some bags full of designer sport cloths and some professional weights for my workout training. Further I went to the hairdresser every some weeks and even made it by myself to go to a fashion store to buy cloths by myself. (everybody who knows about mental problems, understands which big step it is ... to go for the fist time since years in a fashion store and buy new cloths.)

In july I visited my father to say thank you, that he supports me now since 43 years. and my mother visited me twice in Berlin and I avoided every topic which could end in a fight. it came from my deepest bottom of my heart to be that good son, which she always dreamed about to have.

Very important for me was also to become more serious with my paintings and to plan in every detail my art booth at the lesbian gay streetparty in july 2017. It resulted in a huge success with selling 80 paintings.

I didn´t waste one day to work on the renovation of myself. BIG and small things.The invitations of Rebecca and Francesco to be part of their projects did belong to the absolut hightlights of the past year. perhaps they have no idea how much it meant to me that they believed in me.

I want to THANK those handfull of people who stayed by my side within the darkest hours of my life and those people who supported and believed in me within the first year of my new life. The plan for the next year is to strengthen my situation.

if someone asks me today: "how are you?"
I can answer with my head held high: "thank you! I feel better ... much better ... I feel good!"


6th sept: ^^rich&sexy^^ looooove those fabulous glitzy cars in front of my balcony eeeeevery day :* <3 *DAMN* what a phantastic car that glamorous V8BITURBO monstrosity :* <3

6th sept: and heeeere you can get an impression on 146 pictures by fab Gili Shani ... how the faaaabulous glitzy ? GEGEN FUTURE ? party looked like ... and on this pic you can see a little bit, how my paintings video installation looked like (on the right side of the pic you can see a little bit of the video screen) <3 looove those awesome veeeery beautiful girls in front of it :* <3

7th sept: Patrick Bartsch´s Kommentar: natürlich ist die Wohnungsnot hausgemacht! bis ungefähr 2008 gab es in Berlin leere Wohnungen wie Sand am Meer <= das heisst dann offiziell ´der Wohnungsmarkt war entspannt.´. Ich habe meine Wohnung nicht gefunden ... sondern sie wurde mir quasi nachgeworfen, da zu dieser Zeit Wohnungsgesellschaften froh waren, wenn überhaupt jemand eingezogen war. das sah so aus: dass ich keinerlei Sicherheiten hatte und alleine für fünf leere Wohnungen in diesem Gebäude Schlüssel bekam um mir diese anzusehen. Doch DANN kamen die Jahre ab 2008 wo in Berlin Wohnungen zu zig tausenden an Großwohnungsgesellschaften (auch an einige mit sehr schlechtem Ruf!) verkauft wurden. <= Diese Informationen fanden jedoch keinen Platz auf den Titelseiten der Zeitungen, sondern fand ich zumeist: relativ klein im Eck irgendwo auf Seite 7 oder 8. Weiters: Dass die Stadt mit übermässigem Wohnungsneubau nicht gegen diese Großwohnungsgesellschaften spielte ... zeigte lediglich wie sehr diese unter einer Decke steckten. ... und somit: JA! Die Wohnungsnot in Berlin ist hausgemacht und meiner Meinung nach: sogar: Kriminell !

7th sept: just made the decision, that my FOLSOM BERLIN weekend starts N O W <3 ^^Happy Folsom to eeeeeveryone^^ :* <3 see you in my lovely hood* <3

7th sept: just did a walk around my hood where Folsom is going to happen. I did wear a glowing red sweater and my new bright jeans. somehow I had the feeling, that I didn´t fit in that crowd of black leather and black rubber wearing people. further more most of them drink beer and I´m in the mood to drink strawberry milkshake. ... so I´m back home again ... and perhaps the best thing to do right now is ... just go to bed*

good night everyone :* <3

8th sept: one of my cameras doesn´t work. all the pictures look similar that way. somehow I started to like them ... and now I plan to paint them in oil on canvas ... :* <3

8th sept: ^^ Die Wahl ^^

natürlich mache auch ich mir Gedanken über meine Wahl am Sonntag den 24. September 2017:
Einfach nicht wählen zu gehen und lieber auf der Couch zu liegen <= dafür empfinde ich mich zu reif und auch zu "alt".
Natürlich ist mir bewusst, daß ganz egal was oder wen ich wähle ... es immer Menschen gibt, welche meine Wahl als "falsch" bezeichnen.
Ich schätze es sehr in einer Demokratie zu leben und möchte dies unterstützen und ausleben ... somit MUSS ich ganz einfach auch wählen gehen.
Parteien sind manchmal gut und manchmal schlecht. Deshalb wähle ich sehr gerne Personen bezogen. Seit jeher tendiere ich dazu Frauen als Führungskraft zu wählen. Fr. Wagenknecht galt lange als meine Favoritin ... ist es aber nicht mehr. Ich finde die Persönlichkeit von Fr. Merkel äusserst interessant. Wie sie privat lebt, wie sie sich kleidet, wie sie mit den Menschen in Deutschland umgeht. Kein Mensch ist perfekt und niemand ... und schon garnicht Politker ... machen immer alles richtig. Fr. Merkel hat bestimmt einiges falsch gemacht ... aber auch sehr viel richtig. Vor ein paar Monaten habe ich vor ihrem Bundeskanzleramt dafür mitdemonstriert, dass sie beim Treffen mit Putin die dramatische Lage der Homosexuellen in Tschetschenien anspricht. Und sie hat es getan und somit dieses Thema auf der Weltbühne nochmals unterstrichen. Dafür DANKE ich Fr. Merkel! Minderheiten sind ihr eben doch nicht egal! <= war die Botschaft welche mich durch ihr Tun erreichte.
Es wird wohl so aussehen, daß ich mich in der Wahlkabine auf meine Art bei ihr dafür bedanken möchte und ihr meine Stimme geben werde.


8th sept: okokok* aaaand H E R E are the details: the company name is Vetements ... the designer is Demna Gvasalia who works also for Balenciaga ... and Dover Street Market is the shop of Comme des Garcons. *DAMN* Brian-Tennessee Claflin look at THAT :* <3 THX Frank Wilde for teaching me the details about that GLAAAMOROUS GLITZY shirt* <3

9th sept: ^^ is that really true!? ^^

almost every morning when I wake up ... I remember my dream(s) of the night. I dream a loooot and colorful, intense dreams. today when I woke up, then I wasn´t sure if that £550.00 FICKEN3000 t-shirt was just another of my crazy dreams. But it seams very much, that this is my reality. I remember some months ago when Frank (the owner of the club Ficken3000) told me about a fashion show of "someone" in Paris and that he got invited to go there and that they would pay for the flight and the hotel. When Frank returned I asked him about Paris and he was suuuuuuper happy that people in Paris knew about his club and told him stories of how much they enjoyed the darkroom. I was very glad that Frank had a great time there. After being together with Frank almost eeeevery sunday night made us similar as being siblings ... we know eachother ... we understand eachother with saying just some words ... or just a glance. I asked him about the name of the designer or the label, but he couldn´t give me an answer. we are both not good with names. Many of those famous guests at Ficken3000 ... we both never heard their names before ... and sometimes it´s very good that way, because we treat every guest the same way ... Rufus Wainright, Amanda Seyfried, Michael Stipe, Wolfgang Tilmanns, Sean Lennon, and many more. the club Ficken3000 is Frank´s living room. he has that club because he´s not allowed to do parties at home ... at the place where he lives together with his husband since almost 30 !!! years. With the club Ficken3000 he created ... DESIGNED ... a place where he is allowed to do parties. this place is more than just a club ... it´s Frank´s soul ... in every corner ... every lamp got placed exactly ... every decoration piece got placed exactly ... and within all those years this club became legendary <= that´s exactly the right word ... even when Frank says that this was never the plan to become ´legendary´. With the help of fabulous Frank Wilde <3 finally I know the details about that glamorous glitzy shirt. the fierce company name is Vetements ... and the awesome designer is Demna Gvasalia who is also the chef designer of Balenciaga ... and Dover Street Market is the shop of Comme des Garcons and the price of £550.00 is real too.
Now I realize that this is not a dream* ... it´s reality with every word ... and it deserves to be reality ... because FICKEN3000 symbolizes a sort of freedom which almost doesn´t exist on that planet. straight, lesbian, transgender, gay, .... people celebrate there together ... in harmony and peace and most of all love. everyone in that club ... can be that one .... that one someone really is or wants to be. EVERYONE is welcomed in that club ... every age, every nationality, .... just EVERYONE <3 and I know it, because I may be at that glamorous glitzy door of that club ... every sunday night ... since more than eight years* :* <3 see you next sunday* :* LOOOOVE YOU AAAAALLLLLLL :* <3


12th sept: <3 I´M BACK <3 okokok* the real reason why I did a workout break for almost three months is: I HURT MYSELF! OF COURSE I HURT MYSELF! that´s my nature: I learn through experience ... and not through well-meant advices :( I hurt both shoulders while doing some wrong exercises and it was veeeery painful to sleep and to lay in bed with two injured shoulders :( ... and it needed really thaaaat much long to heal. and NOW I have no more pain ... try to do all my exercises the right way ... and to do workout again on a daily basis. <3 WELCOME IN MY SECOND YEAR of doing workout at home <3 ... and YES! I have idols ... such as ... do you know that 80 year old asian supermodel with the muscle body ... yes, that guy who started to workout in the age of 60 and looks S T U U U U U N N I N G in the age of 80. <= YES! I want to look the same way when I´m 80 years old* :* <3

13th sept: habe ich eigentlich schon erwähnt, daß Ernst Ludwig Kirchner einer meiner größten Vorbilder für meine Malerei ist. Sehr gerne möchte ich als eine Art Ernst Ludwig Kirchner der heutigen Zeit ... des heutigen Berlins wahrgenommen werden. Dies ist sozusagen einer meiner ganz großen Träume ...



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