acrylic-fingerpainted minimalistic 4th august 2008
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M. P. - paintings

after working out the minimalistic-serie with computer, i worked out 4 pieces in the oldest, most origin way to paint: with fingers. acrylic on jeans


minimalistic-serie is online 27th july 2008
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after many months work, the minimalistic-serie is online. some of the works are much more work then they look like. in original-size the pictures are so big, that it is possible to make big posters or print them in magazines

check it out at


minimalistic-serie 26th july 2008
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2 new works 4 the minimalistic-serie. this colored Union-Jack is a lot more work than it looks like. it needed some hours till this pic above has been finished.

i like it*

minimalistic-serie 7th may 2008
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since some months i am working on a minimalistic-serie. today i worked out some more works. above u can see one of them.