Mr. Rainer Schael


manager Rainer is flying in his holidays 25th july 2008
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early in the morning i helped manager Rainer to carrie his bags to the airport. he is leaving to his holidays in Italy


departure of Futon-leadsinger Gene 21th july 2008
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after 3 weeks Gene Futon left Europe back to Bangkok. so we bring him to the airport to say "Bye Bye and hopefully see u soon"

on the pic u see the manager Rainer Schael, the director Detlev F. Neufert and Gene Futon


gay&lesbian streetparty Berlin 22th june 2008
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streetparties installations manager M. P. paintings

2nd day gay&lesbian streetparty. today it has been a lot of action. M. P. freed the prisoned painted woman.

M. P. has been photographed about 1000 !!! times in those 2 days. a big T H A N X 2 all photographers*

on the pic above u see 2 young art-interessted boys and the manager Rainer. behind the freed painted woman.

on the pic down Daphne de Baakel is moderating the stageshow.


Marlene Dietrich 25th may 2008
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celebrities manager

S E N S A T I O N A L fotoshooting with Marlene Dietrich 2008 at Hotel Adlon, Brandenburger Gate and in a freaky bar. in addition with Mr. Rainer Schäl.

the outfits have been P E R F E C T. the weather has been P E R F E C T. GREAT!

Mr. Rainer Schael is managing Master Patrick 11th april 2008
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it is time to work more professional. so i decided to ask the professional manager Mr. Rainer Schäl to manage me. he answered: "yes!".

we know eachother since some years and trust eachother.