Lesbisch Schwules Straßenfest Berlin 21. & 22. Juli 2018
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mit dem wundervollen Kriss Stahl und seinem Portrait mit ChiChi LaRue* <3

* etwa 110 Gemälde verkauft (70 am Samstag, 40 am Sonntag)
* etwa 60 % haben Frauen bei mir eingekauft und 40 % Männer.
* auslandsmäsisch gingen die meisten Gemälde nach Los Angeles und San Francisco.
* sehr viele (geschätzt etwa 40) nationale und internationale Künstler, Kuratoren und andere aus der Kunstszene lobten meine Gemälde als aussergewöhnlich gut. <= was mich natürlich besonders gefreut hat! Danke sehr* <3

Aber das aller aller aaaaalllllerschönste ist natürlich, daß ich hier an zwei Tagen gaaaanz viele liebe Menschen und Freunde treffe welche ich seit Jahren kenne* <3 … und natürlich sehe ich generell ALLE lesbisch schwulen Straßenfestbesucher als meine Familie und Freunde an und es gibt kaum Schöneres für mich als diese wundervollen Menschen mit meiner bezahlbaren Kunst glücklich zu sehen! Danke sehr! <3

... und nachdem ich in den vergangenen Tagen etwa 36 !!! Stunden gearbeitet habe (20 am Samstag und 16 heute) bin ich jetzt vollkommen geschafft und falle jetzt sofort um ins Bett!




"Oil & Canvas" 12th till 27th january 2018
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THANK YOU <3 Simon Williams <3 ... with having that exhibition ´Oil & Canvas´ in ´the ballery´ you made my dream come true* <3

THANK YOU <3 Rinaldo Hopf <3 ... it was a special honor for me to have this glamorous double exhibition with YOU together* <3

THANK YOU <3 Ralf Schlegel <3 ... your opening speech was SPECTACULAR* <3

THANK YOU <3 Kathi Vice <3 ... the artist talk with you was suuuuuper fabulous* <3

those two weeks meant a looooot to me! ´opening day´ and ´celebration of my 44th birthday´ and ´finissage with artist talk´

and most of all I want to THANK AAAAAALLLL GUESTS & FRIENDS for having been with me together during those veeeery special days of my life in Berlin* THANK YOU* <3 I LOVE YOU <3



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my suuuuuper aaaamazing night at the < GEGEN FUTURE > party:

before I moved to Berlin in 2003 ... I knew most of all two things about Berlin: the Brandenburg gate and KitKat Club ^^* ... and yesterday night: with my paintings being part of that leeeeegendary club was like one of my BIGGEST dreams became true* <3
it was STUNNING what happened there yesterday night*^^ In my life before: I´ve never been at a Loveparade party in Berlin and because of that I created my own illusions and phantasies about how the feeling must have been there. at Gegen Berlin I had that feeling to feel exactly that Loveparade spirit again and in such HUUUUGE dimensions ... with about 3000 wonderful people partying together ... in absolut freedom ... in wonderful peace. everybody there could be the person someone is and wants to be. The KitKat labyrinth is that much extended that it needed for me six hours !!! to go just one round* I came there already at around 11.15 p.m. ... started to discover the place at the swimming pool area ... then I moved from one room into another ... dancing in eeeeevery room ... with awesome sound of lovely great djs such as Larry Tee Thom <3, Gloria Viagra <3 , Jacob Meehan <3 , ... and when I returned to the swimming pool area again, then it has been 6 a.m. in the morning* :) :* <3 I loved to see those wonderful people being connected with my paintings which have been projected in the main lounge next to the swimming pool* further there was just one official photographer there and I saw no one else taking pictures there ... because no one wanted to destroy the atmosphere ... and so I didn´t want it neither. for that reason there exists only one picture ... one selfie which I took at the very beginning, where I sit in front of my paintings video installation* THIS night was for sure one of THE BEST nights which I ever experienced since living in Berlin* THANK YOU to the < GEGEN FUTURE > promoters for that PHANTASTIC invitation* LOVE YOU <3



exhibitions & mix july - september 2017
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it was a B I G pleasure and honor to me ... to be part of the group exhibition "ART IS RESISTANCE" at Werkstattgalerie. it was also the exhibition of the celebration of 10 years Werkstattgalerie *CONGRATULATIONS* <3

part of the group show have been stunning artists such as: Benyamin Reich, Luca Carboni & Gabriel Da Costa, Paolo Ghilardi, Pierre Jouve, Friedrich Lippe, Rudolf zur Lippe, Andrea Mazzola, Bruno de Panafieu, Naco Paris, Ingeborg zu Schleswig-Holstein, Rainer Splitt, Klaus Vogelgesang

I presented there my photographies of Barack Obama when he did his speech as presidental candidate in Berlin in 2008.

delicious salmon for the guests at the opening =P



my first promotion tour at "Haus der Kulturen der Welt" with my brandnew folders "Patrick Bartsch Painter"


for suuuure ^^^ one of the veeeeery best weekends of 2017 ^^^

for many maaaany months I was waiting for that weekend*
the weather was perfect. those 450 000 people ... my BIIIG family was awesome as every year* ... shocking has been the fact that for the very first time ... I saw heavy equipped police men with machine guns running around at the lesbian gay streetparty ... for the reason to protect us.
About 80 paintings found new owners ... for glamorous places in fabulous cities such as St. Petersburg, San Francisco, New York, Paris, Zurich, ...
maaaaany friends visited me at my booth. It warms my heart always when I meet friends ... which I haven´t met since a long time. <3
A special THANX* goes to my amazing friend Nathan Duc Koestlin <3 who supported me on sunday afternoon and evening. at a moment when my voice was almost gone. people have been phascinated by his professional & lovely way to present art* <3

THANK YOU* to eeeeeveyone <3
LOVE YOU <3 foreeeever :* <3

with a wonderful guest from France*

with amazing Nathan Duc Koestlin* <3


at the VelsPol BUNDESSEMINAR 2017 (the queer community of the German police) Corny Littmann got honored and I had the possibility to create the award in form of a painting which shows Corny Littmann destroying a mirror in a public toilet to proof that police men are behind it to control public toilets. this action was the start do create a new thinking within the police in the year 1980.



video exhibition "Mainstream or/and Underground" 28th june 2010
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here u c the video exhibition "Maintream or/and Underground"

most of my selfmade videos r dark and seem not-perfect - I just can say, that I like the style of my videos - I like the mystery which appears in those videos

pls find some more video here www.facebook.com/pages/Master-Patrick/237484826072?ref=ts

and pls see some more new stuff @ www.youtube.com/masterpatrick



Exhibition "UTOPIA MATTERS " in Deutsche Guggenheim 8th february 2010
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Exhibition "UTOPIA MATTERS" in Deutsche Guggenheim has been a VERY inspiring exhibition 2 me

the exhibition shows how the art and artists worked at this time together and what the message of their art has been - Arts and Crafts, Bauhaus,...

with works of Paul Klee, Wassily Kandinsky, Camille Pissarro (which i like a lot), ....


"Berlin Years" 1st september 2009
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today there has been a Guided Tour with the photoclub Mannsbilder in the Exhibition "Berlin Years"

has been good so I like to talk in front of people


KUNST-MAGAZIN-party 24th april 2009
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the biggest Artmagazin of Berlin the "KUNST-MAGAZIN" invited 4 the 3-years-party inclusive an exhibition


exhibition "my gay eye 5" 7th november 2008
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the actual group-exhibiton to the book "my gay eye 5" in the Werkstattgalerie. on the left side u can see 2 big coloured photographs of Rosa von Praunheim