Walt Disney movie shoot "Alles für Lila" 30th september 2009
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Anna Fischer & Kostja Ullmann in talk with director Marc Rothemund

since some years my wish has been to meet KOSTJA ULLMANN
Life is a mystery *urgs*

I mean Kostja woke me up because of heavy skateboarding - I thougt "DAMN I CANT SLEEP BECAUSE OF THAT NOISE" - so I went on my balcony took some nice pictures of this skateboarding guy, the nice girl, the director, the filmcrew - yeah, the pictures r looking like real Paparazzi-pics, but they r not because a Paparazzi is going to the stars and in this case the stars came to my balcony. so I smoked some cigarettes (yes, I started smoking again) - was annoyed because I came out of the bed - so I screamed to the street "What kind of movie r u doing" the skater answered "a movie 4 cinema" then I "a Skatermovie" and he "no, this is only one scene - it is a lovemovie".
Inside I felt it that I talked with Kostja (he wore sunglases - skaterstyle,...) but realized it much later and with a little bit internet googling I know now that the director is oscar-nominated Marc Rothemund, the girl is Anna Fischer and the Walt Disney Production has the name "Alles für Lila" ("all 4 Lila") (the movie got a new name " Groupies bleiben nicht zum Frühstück ", but I prefered more the other name) c u in september 2010 in cinema ^^

THX 4 waking me up *


10th First Steps Awards 25th august 2009
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what an adventure to be invited at the 10th First Steps Awards. at the beginning they stopped me walking over the red carpet with mask, because of the press

then somehow I got in to the awardshow at had a very good place in the 3rd row

aftershow party has been in the Mercedes Benz Atrium

with Senta Berger, Veronica Ferres (on the pic), Juergen Vogel, Artur Brauner,....


Berlinale - Teddyaward 13th february 2009
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59. Berlinale - 23rd Teddyaward

what an A M A Z I N G event - having fun with Oscarwinner Tilda Swinton, THE LEGEND Joe Dallesandro said before taken pictures together "I like this mask man", Joey Arias is definatley C O O L


Joana Zimmer in concert 22th june 2008
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the blind german singer Joana Zimmer with her G R E A T voice is performing at the lesbian/gay-streetparty

Joana reminded me with her look a lot of Barbra Streisand*


talk with Peter Paige & Oliver Feld 21th june 2008
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visit of a talk with Peter Paige/queer as folk and Oliver Feld

very gay - very queer*


fotoshooting with G R E A T Ades Zabel 20th june 2008
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what a G R E A T photoshooting with G R E A T theaterlegend Ades Zabel as Minni Mouse and Francesco as Micky Mouse

so difficult to make those new synthetic flags burning


Marlene Dietrich 25th may 2008
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S E N S A T I O N A L fotoshooting with Marlene Dietrich 2008 at Hotel Adlon, Brandenburger Gate and in a freaky bar. in addition with Mr. Rainer Schäl.

the outfits have been P E R F E C T. the weather has been P E R F E C T. GREAT!