Karla Stereochemistry @ PORKparty 12th august 2012
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VERY AWESOME concert by Karla Stereochemistry @ PORKparty




KOLUMBUS KILL at White Trash 6th april 2012
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GREAT concert of the band KOLUMBUS KILL at White Trash ^^

I know this band since some years and it is amazing to see bands growing



the final of schoolbandcontest 14th may 2011
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The Final of BMA´s schoolbandcontest @ WABE


6 bands showed the best of their show - every band could have been the winner!

the winner of the night is Monoton Polyphonm (on the pic)



3rd round schoolbandcontest 15th april 2011
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3rd round of BMA´s schoolbandcontest @ Werk9

G R E A T F U N NIGHT with C O O L G R E A T musicians

6 bands started such as the band "Those Lazy Vibrations" (on the pic)

the winners of the night are "The Same" and "The Earmuffs"



Europendent Rock @ Wabe 12th march 2011
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Europendent Rock @ Wabe - organized by BMA

with very special bands such as The Wars, Tinef, Charter AND THE MELLOWS (pic)


2nd round schoolbandcontest 11th march 2011
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2nd round of BMA´s schoolbandcontest @ Werk9


the jury with Salomé, Chris/BNB, Rene and Howie Yagaloo rocked as much as the bands ^^

SNAPSHOT OF MYLO is definatly one of my TOP FAVORITE BANDS here in Berlin - they seem as to be from another universe ^^ and they win together with the band "The Boys Next Door"


"5 YEARS MASTER PATRICK" 4th march 2011
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the audience @ Werk9 was V E R Y WONDERFUL
moderated by JOHN FAHBI CROW at its BEST

some of the bands I shared their ways since years - performed that night:

Chock On A Cock
The Wake Woods
Euphoria´s Cage


later that evening I did the performance "Isle Of Freedom" as intro 4 the WORLD PREMIERE of singing on stage with the MOST PHANTASTIC BAND ^^ on the pic below

Leo - Bass
M. P. - Voice
Malte - Drums
Domi - Guitar

the song "change" got written by Hannes and Domi
the lyrics are by M. P.

It has been one of THE BEST MOMENTS in my life being with that band on stage and performing that song. In that moment a dream became true - a dream which started in the age of 12 when I wrote the first time some lyrics about my bird and sang them.

it has been also the night of "3 Years BMA" - since 3 years we work together and about 100 bands got on stage because of BMA and I photographed all those bands

reasons enough 4 THAT AWSOME ROCK PARTY NIGHT ^^

on the pic: the performance - B I G THX 2 the helping hands TIMUR, TOM & BRUNO


1st round schoolbandcontest 18th february 2011
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1st round of BMA´s schoolbandcontest

G R E A T bands did rock a G R E A T night ^^

the winners are MONOTON POLYPHON (pic) and 4 AND AGAINST


Euphoria´s Cage @ Whirlpool bandcontest 14th january 2011
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the final of Whirlpool bandcontest

Euphoria´s Cage a GREAT band as always ^^


BMA charity concert for Amnesty International 27th november 2010
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Charity concert for Amnesty International @ WABE

relaxing evening with a lot of great singer songerwriter



Euphoria´s Cage @ Whirlpool bandcontest 15th november 2010
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A M A Z I N G show with masks & costumes of the band Euphoria´s Cage

they made the 2nd place at the Whirlpool contest *CONGRATULATIONS*


Razorlight concert @ LIDO 28th october 2010
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what a F I E R C E concert with Razorlight singer Johnny Borrell

he brought that much magic at the concert: unbelievablegreat ^^

at the pic he is singing in the middle of the audience


HELP Music Award @ Tempelhof 16th + 17th october 2010
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HELP Music Award with an A M A Z I N G SYMPATHIC LOONA (on the pic)

and with Eisblume, Killerpilze, ....

a 2 days music festival @ the old airport Tempelhof


4th BMA Europendent Rock @ WABE 18th september 2010
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4th BMA Europendent Rock @ WABE

Rock, Rock, ROOOOOCK

with the bands:

No Ones

Jim Kroft & Band

Dance on the Tightrope
(on the pic)

Kolumbus Kill



BERLIN MUSIC WEEK @ WABE 11th september 2010
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V E R Y COOL night with a looooot of GREAT music

with the bands:

Muddy Senses
(on the pic)

Radio Alaska





HARDCORE by BMA @ Tommyhaus 29th may 2010
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WHAT A G R E A T NIGHT with PALM (on the pic) from Osaka /Japan
with My City Burning from The Netherlands
with Blonk
with Under The Sunrise
with My Favorite Passion

that much headbanging YEAH that´s what I needed that night

the cool is, that the bands and I become friends 4 some hours, because I am there from the very beginning when the bands arrive, when the soundcheck is, backstage during the breaks of the shows, of course @ THE SHOW and then after the concert when we r drinking something together

in the past 3 years it have been about 100 !!! bands I got 2 know, photographed and become friends 4 some hours


The Blow Waves "BERLIN" 15th may 2010
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in summer 2009 the Australian band The Blow Waves produced their song "Berlin" and shoot the video also @ the opening of my exhibition "Berlin Years" - so u c M. P. 4 some seconds in the video - THX 4 the honour 2 b part of your video*

pls see some more new stuff @



EMERGENZA bandcontest @ SO36 7th may 2010
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EMERGENZA bandcontest @ SO36

on the pic u c the band Euphoria´s Cage

this is how it looks like while doing photoshooting on stage during a concert - on the left I am photographing in direction 2 the drummer

2 b between the bands and feel the power is ALWAYS an A M A Z I N G feeling ^*


Concert & Photoshooting with EUPHORIA´S CAGE 24th + 25th april 2010
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This weekend has been FIERCE ^^ together with the metal band EUPHORIA´S CAGE and BMA in Nagold near Stuttgart @ "ROCKNACHT"

on saturday night there has been the concert and on sunday we did an oldschool photoshooting on an old castle on a hill


BMA 3rd Europendent Rock @ WABE 20th march 2010
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BMA 3rd Europendent Rock @ WABE with bands such as Stakeout, Digit Starkid, The Perfect Pineapple, Stonefloor (CH)

moderation by Daphne Debaakel

very cool concert night

at this night there has been also the boxing fight with Klitschko, I bet that Klitschko looses and lost 10 euro :(


Performance "ARTIST ATTACK" @ Goodbye Galaxy Party 19th feruary 2010
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Performance "ARTIST ATTACK" @ the Goodbye Galaxy Party in Silverwings

@ the Performance I had a big collage of pictures of Katy Perry (which I took @ a show in Vienna) and taped the photographs - I have been VERY GLAD that I had 3 helping guys on the stage during the show - B I G THX 2 U

directly after the performance started the concert of the JIGSAW VS. HYDE (on the pic below)

it has been a M E G A F I E R C E night ^^ also with the shows of EUPHORIA and RUMMELSNUFF

THX 2 all guests & BMA

PS: the club Silverwings is VERY LEGENDARY because this club is in the old airport Tempelhof and after world war II the Americans had their parties and a lot of American stars from this time gave there concerts in front of the American Soldiers


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